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31 March, 2004

Three Generals, One Martyr
By Uri Avnery

The picture of Hamas as an inveterate enemy of all peace and compromise is not accurate. The picture is much more complex than meets the eye

27 March, 2004

A Journey To Rafah
By Jennifer Loewenstein

"We Will Destroy You, If Not in Death Then in Life"

26 March, 2004

Palestine Is Now Part Of An Arc
Of Muslim Resistance

By Seumas Milne

Ariel Sharon's decision to incinerate Sheikh Yassin will certainly go down as one of the most spectacularly counter-productive acts of violence in the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict

24 March, 2004

Why Israel Killed Yassin
By Jonathan Freedland

The key to the Hamas assassination is Sharon's plan to pull out of Gaza. But he has again strengthened extremism

The Chilling Implications Of
The Killing Of Sheikh Yassin

By Robert Fisk

Yet another Arab - another leader, however vengeful and ruthless - had been assassinated. It's getting to be a habit

23 March, 2004

Assassination of Sheikh Yassin
By Chris Marsden

Israel’s assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual head of the Palestinian Islamic militant group Hamas, is calculated to escalate the conflict on the West Bank and Gaza Strip

The Courage Of Teenage Refuseniks
A Beacon Of Hope

By Avi Shlaim

The refusal of five teenage boys to serve in the army is a beacon of hope for Israel

22 March, 2004

Bravo, Amigos!
By Uri Avnery

The Spanish people reacted differently to the big terrorist attack on their soil by throwing out their prime minister who took them to war in Iraq. When will the Israeli publics know the real meaning of terrorist attacks?

21 March, 2004

Remembering Rachel Corrie
The Wall Street Journal Way

By Joseph Kay

The Wall Street Journal, on its online opinion page, chose to mark the anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie with two vicious attacks consisting entirely of lies and slander

18 March, 2004

37 Years Of Occupation
By Nick Pretzlik

Thirty-seven years after Israel's military might rolled into the West Bank and Gaza the occupation of these Palestinian territories continues

17 March, 2004

One Year Later: "Rachel, My Mother"
By Yasmine Abu Libdeh

A young palestinian girl fondly remembers Rachel Corrie who was killed by an Israeli tank while protesting home destruction in Rafah exactly one year ago

12 March, 2004

The Unexplained Death Of Mohamed Aboul Abbas
By Robert Fisk

Perhaps Aboul Abbas will always be on the margins of Palestinian history. But he will be the first Palestinian leader to die in US custody, and thus is assured his place in "Palestine's" history

10 March, 2004

Death And Destruction In Rafah
By Chris McGreal

Over the past four months 210 homes have been bulldozed in Rafah, apart from the 200 destroyed in October.With the destruction have come dozens of deaths

08 March, 2004

Killing At The Fence
By Gideon Levy

Israel kills demonstraters protesting against the separation wall

06 March, 2004

No Arabic At McDonald's Israel
By Jonathan Cook

Discrimination against Israel's Palestinian citizens has been expanding to include a total ban of the use of Arabic language by workers. McDonald's bans its Arabic employees from speaking their language

The Ghetto Inside
By Uri Avnery

"It is easier to get the Jews out of the ghetto than to get the ghetto out of the Jews!" - this dictum of the early Zionists is now assuming a new meaning. Israel is cutting itself off from the world and enclosing itself in a ghetto, and not only physically

03 March, 2004

One Year Later, Justice Still Not Served:
Remembering the Death of Rachel Corrie

By Elizabeth Corrie

One year after the death of Rachel Corrie, neither the FBI, nor any other US-led team has done anything to investigate the death of an American, knowingly killed by an Israeli

25 February, 2004

Even if Palestine Wins At The Hague...
By Ali Abunimah

An ICJ decision on the separation wall in Palestine would be of no value unless it is accompanied by a determined Palestinian-led strategy to translate it into action