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31 Otober, 2011

November 2: General Strike In Oakland
By Farooque Chowdhury

The decision for city-wide general strike was passed by Occupy Oakland General Assembly by a 96.9% majority. The OO has urged other groups nationwide to organize similar events

Occupy Demands: Let's Radicalize Our Analysis Of
Empire, Economics, Ecology

By Robert Jensen

We demand that you stop demanding a list of demands. The demand for demands is an attempt to shoehorn the Occupy gatherings into conventional politics, to force the energy of these gatherings into a form that people in power recognize, so that they can roll out strategies to divert, co-opt, buy off, or -- if those tactics fail -- squash any challenge to business as usual

OWS Movement: A Down To Earth View
By Fred Magdoff

We demand that you stop demanding a list of demands. The demand for demands is an attempt to shoehorn the Occupy gatherings into conventional politics, to force the energy of these gatherings into a form that people in power recognize, so that they can roll out strategies to divert, co-opt, buy off, or -- if those tactics fail -- squash any challenge to business as usual

Occupying Public Space Is Just The Beginning
By Kevin Zeese

The Occupy Movement is not only resulting in the occupation of public space, but also in political space. We are already shifting the dialogue and the movement has just begun

A Master Class In Occupation
By Chris Hedges

The Occupy movement’s war of attrition will be long and difficult, that it will face reverses and setbacks, but will, if successful, ultimately tear down the decayed edifices of the corporate state

Imploring OWS To Protect Themselves By Hailing
Rev. King's Condemnation of Wall Street's Wars

By Jay Janson

OWS Oakland, anti-war demonstrating Iraq veteran head bashed in during police attack.If protesters had been holding photos of revered US national hero Reverend Dr. King and banners quoting King condemning Wall Street creating wars for "unjust overseas predatory investments while withholding investing in America at home," police would not have had the stomach or nerve to beat and attack with dangerous crowd control weapons

What’s Causing The Environmental Crisis:
7 Billion Or 1%?

By Ian Angus & Simon Butler

Ironically, while populationist groups focus attention on the 7 billion, protestors in the worldwide Occupy movement have identified the real source of environmental destruction: not the 7 billion, but the 1%

Amnesty International's Flawed
Syrian Hospitals “Investigation”

By Franklin Lamb

Amnesty International's conclusion from its “research” in Syria, which consisted significantly of collecting Al Jazeera and Al Arabia type media accounts including the dubious reports on the same subject by CNN’s Arwa Damon, and sundry anonymous U-tube clips is virtually identical to what it concluded from its investigation in Libya on the same subject

American Racism: The Giant
White Elephant in the Room

By Bill Noxid

It's time to face this country's and this planet's foundations in primitive religious racism, and evolve past an ignorance based global society. Until then, don't insult the reality of truth and intelligence by daring to call this delusion ‘Civilization.'

14 Pro-Israel Nations Boycott 2011
UN Durban III Anti-racism Conference

By Dr Gideon Polya

In September 2011 the UN held the Durban III meeting on racism (World Conference on Racism) at UN Headquarters in New York . 179 countries attended Durban III but 14 boycotted in support of genocidal, race-based Apartheid Israel

Say What? A Response To P. Ngigi Njoroge
"The Destruction Of Libya
And The Murder Of Muammar Gaddafi"

By Dave Fryett

A critique of P. Ngigi Njoroge's article published on Countercurrents

Argentina : Why President Fernandez Wins
And Obama Loses

By James Petras

What accounts for the monumental difference in voter preferences of incumbent presidents? A comparative historical discussion of socio-economic and foreign policies as well as responses to profound economic crises is at the center of any explanation of the divergent results

Cleanup Indian Politics Of Criminal MPs
By Syed Ali Mujtaba

One out of four MP in India face criminal charges. There are 162 MPs in the current Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament that has criminal records. Out of these, there are 76 MPs having serious charges against them

30 October, 2011

Why We Need A Financial Transaction Tax:
A Proposal For The G20

By Kavaljit Singh

Apart from revenue potential, there are several other justifications for the adoption of a global transaction tax. Such a tax could facilitate the monitoring of international financial flows by providing a centralized database on such flows, which is the need of the hour. This could be particularly valuable to the poor and developing countries where large information gaps exist

7 Billion Is Many Too Many: Time To Humanely
Limit Population Growth Is Now

By Steven Earl Salmony

Much more intellectual honesty, moral courage and humanistic action is needed. Tomorrow we will become a species of 7 billion overconsumers, overproducers and overpopulaters on a finite and frangible planet where resources are dissipating and environs degrading rapidly

Occupy The World.. And The Values Revolution
By Gary Corseri

There are four great reasons why the Occupy movement will not go away, why it will grow stronger as we advance into winter and next spring: 1. It is inter-generational. 2. It is international. 3. It is technologized. 4. It is life-saving and essential

Learning To Shine Through The Ruins
By Vincent Di Stefano

The Occupy Movement reflects a growing realisation that the processes of democracy that nominally serve to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals have been usurped by a corporate Behemoth that holds the invisible reins of governments everywhere. It also reflects the growth of an integral consciousness that is mindful of the need for freedom and autonomy for oneself and others

This Time It's For Real
By Timothy V. Gatto

The occupy movement is not just a passing fancy. People are pissed. When interviewed for the mainstream news they give relatively mild answers to why they are there. Out of the camera view, there is real anger toward the 1% that controls everything

The Syria Imperative
By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Syria 's presence in Lebanon and the 1991 Lebanese-Syrian Treaty of Brotherhood, Cooperation and Coordination, was a challenge to Israel and its diversion of water. When Syria replaced Israel as the dominant power in southern Lebanon in May 2000, Israeli fears grew that Syrian success in controlling the Golan and by extension, Lake Kinneret , would have a devastating effect on Israel

The Destruction Of Libya And
The Murder Of Muammar Gaddafi

By P. Ngigi Njoroge

The lesson for us self-respecting Africans? We can expect more horrors from these people who wield enormous military power. But we have a mighty weapon against them: building awareness about their intentions, crying out loudly against their grotesqueness and unfitness to claim the right to lead the world

The Opaque Brussels Deal Shows
Germany’s Upper Hand

By Farooque Chowdhury

German capital’s bold face and private bankers’ negotiating power are evident in the Brussels deal the euro-leaders have made on October 27

“Assange (Wikileaks) Condemns Australian Threat
To Free Speech: Falsehood Must Be Repudiated
Not Punished”

By Dr Gideon Polya

In a world of lies the truth must out and that requires untrammeled freedom of speech and authoritative, public repudiation of falsehood

The Scandal Of Formula 1 Motor Racing
By Vidyadhar Date

There are no footpaths for pedestrians in most parts of India and the roads are full of potholes even in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Yet, the Indian elite is patting itself on the back for creating a sophisticated track for the much hyped Formula 1 car racing at Noida near Delhi

Killing Pallars To Propitiate Thevars
By Anand Teltumbde

A fact Finding Report on Police Firing at Paramakudi

Unravelling The Truth
By Ram Puniyani

Book Review- Godse’s Children- Hindutva Terror in India by Subhash Gatade

27 October, 2011

Occupy Earth: Nature Is The 99%, Too
By Chip Ward

Degrading the planet’s operating systems to bolster the bottom line is foolish and reckless. It hurts us all. No less important, it’s unfair. The 1% profit, while the rest of us cough and cope. After Occupy Wall Street, isn’t it time for Occupy Earth?

Amidst Police Crackdown, Widespread
Public Support For Occupy Movement

By Joseph Kishore

Recent polls show widespread popular support for the Occupy Wall Street movement and its basic aims, centered on opposition to inequality and corporate domination of politics. The growth of support comes as local governments, implicitly backed by the Obama administration, are moving to shut down demonstrations in some cases, violently

Marine Down In Police Attack On Occupy Oakland
By Shepherd Bliss

Marine Scott Olsen made it through two tours in Iraq without an injury, but back home in the United States he was critically wounded by a police riot. Heavily-armed police injured Olsen and other unarmed citizens on Oct. 25 when they attacked the non-violent Occupy Oakland

We Shall Not Be Moved: Police Repression,
Official Mendacity And Why OWS
Has Already Overcome

By Phil Rockstroh

Officers, your guns, rubber bullets, nightsticks, pepper spray--the looming wall of blue intimidation that you brandish merely creates the illusion of strength. If you truly want to grow strong, meet us on these sidewalks, sans the display of empty power

Occupiers, Take Back Our Government --
Rein In The Robots

By Robert Wise

The first priority of the occupy movement should to eliminate corporate personhood, by federal statute. It would be a giant step towards getting money out of politics

U.S. Army Assaults Its Biggest Fan
By David Swanson

Aristine is now on her own, but has joined together with a growing crowd of activists opposing the entire direction in which our war economy is dragging our nation and the world. Many people are finding the strength to tell their stories, and finding power in joining them together with others'

Numbers Justify Occupy Movement
By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Delusional democracy breeds delusional prosperity. This is what the Occupy movement is all about. Help make it a success by supporting the petition at getmoneyout.com

Obama Supports Lynching Africans In Libya
By Thomas C. Mountain

The lynching of Africans in Libya has been so bad that African leaders across the continent have been forced to raise their voices in protest. When the President of Nigeria, the USA’s unofficial enforcer in West Africa leads an African wide outcry against the lynching of his citizens in Libya one would assume that it was heard in the Obama White House

Revulsion, Resistance And Angry Words
From Tripoli University

By Franklin Lamb

Watch what the Gadhafi tribe and my Waffala tribe do together in the coming weeks—but also starting today. Maybe NATO can be said in some ways to have won round one. But let’s see what happens in the many rounds to come

Iraq War Declared Over, But War Party Persists
By Ramzy Baroud

“The tide of war is receding,” said Obama. One has serious doubts

NGOs, Kiran Bedi, The Media:
Who’s The ‘Farest Of Them All?

By Farzana Versey

Kiran Bedi is indeed wrong, but when media persons sit to judge her it is a bit of a laugh. Clearly, they do not look in the mirror

24 October, 2011

Obama Announces US Troop
Withdrawal From Iraq

By Patrick Martin

US President Barack Obama announced Friday that the remaining US troops in Iraq would be withdrawn from the country before the end of December, following the collapse of talks with the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on extending the US presence into 2012

A Change In War Policy?
By Mark Vorpahl

After the destruction of Iraq's once strong infrastructure, the killing of an estimated million and a half Iraqis, the deaths of 4,400 Americans, and the squandering of nearly $1 trillion during a time of economic crisis, President Obama's announcement is more bitter than sweet

Afghan War Remains Endless,
While Obama's Iraq Plan Fails

By Jack A. Smith

This article will first discuss the situation in Afghanistan after 10 years, then take up the Iraq question and what the U.S. may do to compensate for a humiliating and disruptive rebuff

Taking Down The Curtain
By George Capaccio

As self-appointed defenders of humanity against the predations of corrupt rulers, they would do well to recall that Old Testament saying: As ye sow, so shall ye reap

Occupy Wall Street And The Celebrity Economists
By Michael Yates

Occupy Wall Street has opened up new possibilities for discussing and debating what is going on in the world and what we should do about it. We shouldn’t be complaining that the occupiers haven’t come up with a specific set of demands or developed a full-blown theory of social change. It is up to us, my friend says, to place our own ideas in the mix, organize around specific demands in our own locales, form our own political organizations

On Playing By The Rules –
The Strange Success Of #OccupyWallStreet

By David Graeber

If Occupy Wall Street has spread to every city in America, it’s because our financial overlords have brought us to such a pass that anarchists, pagan priestesses, and tree-sitters are about the only Americans left still holding out for the idea that a genuinely democratic society might be possible

Occupiers Have To Convince The Other 99 Percent
By Chris Hedges

The occupation movement’s greatest challenge will be overcoming the deep distrust of white liberals by the poor and the working class, especially people of color

Questions Relating To The Future Of Humankind
By Jason G. Brent

This essay is not intended discuss or debate the advantages/disadvantages, or the problems/benefits of coercive population control. Rather, the purpose of this essay is to show that humanity must consider and evaluate coercive population control because there is a substantial, but undefined, risk that voluntary action will lead to the horrific deaths of a substantial number of human beings in the very near future----probably before the year 2050 and almost certainly before the year 2100

Australian Immigration Illegally Imprisons
Indian Student For 509 Days

By Dr Gideon Polya

An Indian student who paid thousands of dollars to study in Australia was illegally detained at the Villawood detention centre, Sydney , for 18 months because of mistakes by immigration officers. The Australian Human Rights Commissioner Catherine Branson found that Prashant Cherkupalli, 31, should be paid $597,000 in compensation for the 509 days he was illegally detained between November 2004 and April 2006

Will Rick Perry Kill Another Innocent Man?
By Mary Shaw

Texas governor and Republican presidential contender Rick Perry has faced criticism from the left (and applause from the right) for his heavy-handed use of the death penalty. And Perry has said that he loses no sleep over the possibility that he may have executed an innocent man. This is despite the fact that it appears that Perry has done just that - and could very likely do it again very soon

Challenging The Old Boys Network In The Vatican
By Bill Quigley

Challenging the established order in Vatican

Weak Position Limits Cannot Tackle
Speculation In Commodities

By Kavaljit Singh

After months of delay, the US commodity regulator – Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) – finally approved new rules to limit traders’ positions on 28 physical commodity futures (and swaps) contracts

23 October, 2011

Gaddafi Captured And Killed
By Humanrightsinvestigations.org

Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi was reportedly captured and shot dead 20 October. As the evidence here shows the Libyan leader and his son Mutassim were summarily executed by the rebels, sharing the fate of so many Libyans in this conflict

Moving From A War Economy To A Peace Economy
By Mary Beth Sullivan

It behooves the peace movement to create a vision that the populace can get excited about – a vision that will capture people's imagination. A vision that sees skills and talents of our engineers and scientists creating the renewable energy infrastructure that is critical to surviving the 21 st Century; a vision that engages peace activists, environmentalists, labor, students, artists, food security folks in creating plans for how we will heat homes, feed people, transport people in the year 2040. This is the true security need for the U.S., and the world

Science Says World Must Stop
Coal Seam Gas Exploitation

By Dr Gideon Polya

Anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is threatening Humanaity and the Biosphere. In particular a huge threat is posed by the increasing exploitation of natural gas from coal seams (coal seam gas) as an energy source. Gas is dirty energy and set out below are 3 major reasons why the World must stop coal seam gas (CSG) exploitation

A Look At The Occupy Movement
In A Manner Neither Forceful Nor Foolish

By Ron Jacobs

Occupying is in itself a radical statement. Yet, as a veteran of numerous occupations/liberations I can honestly say that the fact of occupying can often become the raisin d'etre of a movement , thereby preventing further political action beyond that involved in maintaining the liberated space. Those of us with an anti-capitalist analysis would do well to involve ourselves in a manner that is neither forceful nor foolish

Imperialism And Democracy:
White House Or Liberty Square?

By James Petras

A war on Iran would shatter the US Treasury. Deficits would spiral out of control. Unemployment would double. This likely sequence of events would trigger a massive democratic movement and a decisive struggle between an emerging republic struggling to give birth and a decaying empire threatening to drag the world into the inferno of its own demise

Throw Them Out With The Trash
By Barbara Ehrenreich

Why Homelessness Is Becoming an Occupy Wall Street Issue

A World United For Human Rights
By William A. Cook

Should Americans join with their brothers and sisters around the world to force their governments to meet the ideals enunciated by Roosevelt in his second Bill of Rights, marking the need to address them first as necessities and second as responsive to the unique cultures of each nation, then the last three articles of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights can be met and the ultimate goal of a world at peace might be possible

Why The Far Right “Supports”
The Occupy Movement

By Shamus Cooke

Placing the Occupy Movement firmly on the Left with working class-specific demands will strengthen the movement while expelling fake populist intruders who would love to derail this movement

Outside The Box: Occupy Wall Street
By Rand Clifford

Change we can believe in? It will only come from outside the system, outside the box. And the dream is alive. Corporatocracy does their worst to kill the dream; but again, how do you kill an idea? Surely, they are working overtime on that problem. The rest is up to us

A Rebuttal To S.Anand's Critque Of Periyar
By Dr. Iniyan Elango

A rebuttal to S.Anand's 2004 article on Periyar, "Iconoclast, Or Lost Idol?"

21 October, 2011

Gaddafi Was Captured Alive And Murdered
By Al Jazeera

On Friday, as videos continued to surface showing the fugitive deposed leader being captured alive by a crowd of NTC fighters, the United Nations' human rights office called for an investigation into how he died

The End Of History
By Paul Craig Roberts

With Libya conquered, AFRICOM will start on the other African countries where China has energy and mineral investments. Obama has already sent US troops to Central Africa under the guise of defeating the Lord’s Resistance Army, a small insurgency against the ruling dictator-for-life

Will Seif al Islam Gaddafi Survive
To Have His Day In Court?

By Franklin Lamb

The next few days will be a major test for the international community and whether the application of international law will be applied to Libya. The outcome will also likely signal whether Libya descends more deeply into civil war involving as many as six African countries who are reportedly organizing troop units to be sent into Libya to help protect civilians from NATO forces

Gaddafi And Western Hypocrisy
By Reza Pankhurst

The best lesson that the common man may draw from these events is to never trust a Western politician, and that the only way to alter the status quo is through radical change

How To Frame Yourself: A Framing Memo
For Occupy Wall Street

By George Lakoff

The Tea Party solidified the power of the conservative worldview via elections. OWS will have no long-term effect unless it too brings its moral focus to the 2012 elections. Insist on supporting candidates that have your overall moral views, no matter what the local issues are

Tea Party And Occupy Wall Street Don't Fight! Unite!
By Irving Wesley Hall

This is a full presentation of personal appeals to the author's fellow Tea Party members that appeared in Central New York newspapers in mid-October 2011

7 billion: Understanding
The Demographic Transition

By Sharon Astyk

On the 31st of October we will officially reach 7 billion people on the earth. Over the next week or two we'll be talking a lot about population issues, and I wanted to start by doing a light revision of an article I wrote some years ago about a concept a lot of people don't grasp very well - the idea of demographic transition and what it means

The Mass Extinction Of The Human Species
By William Kotke

Heroines, what is it worth to you to save our species? Will you take the chance? Happily, the beginnings of a new culture has already been created that intuitively responds to that question. We have guidance and resources. Thousands of ecovillages exist around the planet. Permaculture can produce more food per acre than the industrial system while building soil and increasing species diversity

The Energy Trap
By Tom Murphy

Our reaction to a diminishing flow of fossil fuel energy in the short-term will determine whether we transition to a sustainable but technological existence or allow ourselves to collapse. One stumbling block in particular has me worried. I call it The Energy Trap

Everybody’s Son
By Uri Avnery

The most sensible – I almost wrote “the only sensible” – sentence uttered this week sprang from the lips of a 5-year old boy. After the prisoner swap, one of those smart-aleck TV reporters asked him: “Why did we release 1027 Arabs for one Israeli soldier?” He expected, of course, the usual answer: because one Israeli is worth a thousand Arabs. The little boy replied: “Because we caught many of them and they caught only one.”

Celebrations In Middle East, But For How Long?
By Ershad Abubacker

The Egyptian brokered prisoner swap deal between Hamas and Israel meant that the world would witness an extremely rare moment in the history of Middle East when the people in Israel and Gaza celebrate for the same cause at the same time

Kashmir, Ultra Nationalists And
Path To Peaceful Solution

By Ram Puniyani

The condemnable attack on Supreme Court Lawyer and ‘team Anna’ member Prashant Bhushan on 12th October 2011, threw up many a questions. To begin with the attackers were congratulated by ‘ultra Nationalists’ like Bal Thackeray of Shiv Sena, showing the gross intolerance around certain issues in our society, more particularly those related to Kashmir

20 October, 2011

Gaddafi Killed
By Al Jazeera

Footage obtained by Al Jazeera shows the body of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi following his death in Sirte

The Son Of Africa Claims
A Continent’s Crown Jewels

By John Pilger

With Libya secured, an American invasion of the African continent is under way

"This One Could Take Them All Down"
By Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges on #OccupyWallStreet movement

Occupy Wall Street Visited
By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Much of the information about the Occupy movement in downtown Manhattan is seriously misleading. Most ludicrous are criticisms by many politicians and media pundits that specific policy proposals are missing. The clear success of the Occupy movement as evidenced by an explosion of similar groups in countless US and foreign cities is a testament to its success, not to mention endless media coverage

The Occupy Movement Builds
Democratic Learning/Action Communities

By Shepherd Bliss

A report on what is ongoing in Santa Rosa, Northern California. Oct. 15 gathering in Santa Rosa with some 3000 people was described by the New York Times as the sixth largest in the U.S.

Dispatch From Rome: Insurrection
And Invisible Powers

By Gaither Stewart

Let’s list and take a look at the background and reasons for the insurrection in Italy last October 15 and compare them to, let’s say, to socio-political events in the good old USA

Let Them Worry About Us
By Timothy V. Gatto

This isn't the Democrats time, and it sure isn't the Republican's time. This is the people's time and our voice will be heard. We really are the 99%. Let them worry about us

The Keystone XL Pipeline:
Will Humanity's Survival Interests Prevail?

By Dr. Peter Custers

The climate dangers heralding from tar sand oil extraction are twofold: a massive loss of Canadian boreal forests which presently act as a reserve of CO2; plus dramatically increased emissions of greenhouse gases. Hence, if the project be approved, Canada will surely default on the obligations it undertook under the Kyoto Protocol. And any commitments Obama has made will become meaningless

The Real ‘Theater Of The Absurd’:
Netanyahu And His Endgame In Palestine

By Ramzy Baroud

During his deliberately offensive speech on September 23, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the General Assembly as “the theater of the absurd.” Israel’s few friends at the United Nations – led by the US delegation - listened gleefully and applauded as Netanyahu heralded a steady stream of insults

India: Where Food Adulteration
Is The Most Paying Business

By Devinder Sharma

Shocking reports of adulteration and spurious sweets/dairy products is pouring in from across the country. Food adulteration certainly has become one of the biggest proliferating industry

The Children Of Ralph And Ron
By Niranjan Ramakrishnan

Some people’s contributions stand out. Others make their impact so deep that they are not even recognized. Two individuals in current day America can be counted in this second category: Ralph Nader and Ron Paul

18 October, 2011

US Hawks Behind Iraq War Rally For Strikes Against Iran
By Jim Lobe

Key neo-conservatives and other right-wing hawks who championed the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq are calling for military strikes against Iran in retaliation for its purported murder-for-hire plot against the Saudi ambassador here

Sirte Destroyed By NTC-NATO Offensive In Libya
By Chris Marsden

The Libyan town of Sirte has been all but destroyed and its inhabitants turned into homeless refugees. This situation has gone largely unreported, but those press reports that have emerged paint a picture of a city being reduced to ruins by attacks of the National Transitional Council (NTC) “rebels” and NATO bombing raids against which it has no defense

I Was One Day Old When My Father Was Jailed
By Shahd Abusalama

A very confusing feeling passes through me after hearing about the exchange of 1,027 Palestinian detainees for the only Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, who was held captive by the Palestinian resistance fighters. I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad

Letter To A Dead Man About The Occupation Of Hope
By Rebecca Solnit

Dear young man who died on the fourth day of this turbulent 2011, dear Mohammed Bouazizi, I want to write you about an astonishing year -- with three months yet to run. I want to tell you about the power of despair and the margins of hope and the bonds of civil society

The Rome March Of Indignant Youth,
Exasperated And Furious: Two Anomalies

By Gaither Stewart

The “Black Blocs” represent a challenge to the system and the larger Occupy movement itself. And although the corporate media are already painting the violence as “reprehensible” and “unacceptable”, and many Occupy groups committed to nonviolent protest seek to distance themselves from those who choose to express their pent-up rage in more aggressive ways, “the hooded unknowns” clad in black may be simply ahead of their time

We Are 99%. We Need To Free Our Countries FromThe Occupation Of 1%,
It's Time To Change The Direction

By Anu Muhammad

It is for Bangladesh , it is for the world. We are 99%, this World is for us, we cannot let it remain occupied by thieves, thugs and killers. To come out from destruction, war, plunder, cruelty and inhuman occupation we need to reclaim and occupy our world very fast

Chris Hedges - A Man Of Our Times
By Jim Miles

Chris Hedge’s work is now in my pantheon of knowledgeable powerful voices who speak truth to power - Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, and Robert Fisk among the best known. I would urge all readers to pick up one of his books, (“The World As It Is” is most appropriate for the OWS movement) and search him out on Youtube. A brilliant down to earth writer and humanist

Victimized A Second Time: State-Sanctioned Forced Evictions Of
Haiti’s Displaced Earthquake Survivors

By Bill Quigley & Lauren Carasik

How did the survivors of Haiti’s earthquake go from being the focus of an historic outpouring of solidarity and support in the days and weeks after the earthquake, to being victimized again – this time by human actions?

An Open Appeal To The Chief Minister Of West Bengal
By Concerned Citizens

In the election campaigns made by you and your party, promises were made of the withdrawal of joint forces from the Jungle Mahal region, and you made the pledge to release all political prisoners unconditionally. To our dismay, we see that under your government also, state terror has been let loose on the people, people are being detained illegally, tortured, women have been humiliated and a large number of the sons of the soil have been incarcerated

Telangana: A struggle or A Movement?
By Prakash Kona

In its quest for identity, the Telangana struggle continues to be a struggle refusing to become a movement that could attract wider sections of people rather than disenchanted groups such as students and government employees

The Yatra No One Talked About
By Syed Ali Mujtaba

Much hullabaloo was made of Anna Hazare’s fast against anti corruption, so was about Narender Modi’s fast for communal harmony. LK Advani yatra too has attracted a great deal of attention, has anyone heard about the communal harmony Yatra (travel) that concluded in New Delhi on October 16, 2011. I guess very few

17 October , 2011

End-Of-Growth Uprising Goes Global
By Richard Heinberg

The only thing that could stop the uprising is a return to growth—which would generate new jobs, higher tax revenues, and solvency in the financial industry. But instead the world economy seems poised on a precipice perhaps more dangerous than the one it faced in 2008. This means the protesters likely aren’t going home anytime soon. For governments, there are only two realistic responses: repression or major reform

Next Steps For The Occupy Movement
By Shamus Cooke

The Occupy Movement represents a turning point in history. But in order to achieve its potential, it must reach out to the 99% and draw the majority into its ranks. Then it will have the power to change the agenda of this country, redraw the political map, and create a government that will operate in the interests of the vast majority, not the 1%

A Movement Too Big To Fail
By Chris Hedges

Hope in this age of bankrupt capitalism comes with the return of the language of class conflict and rebellion, language that has been purged from the lexicon of the liberal class, language that defines this new movement

Inside Occupy Wall Street's Nearly Last Night
By Olivia Rosane

On October 14, the month-old citizen occupation of New York City’s financial district faced its first major threat of eviction. Olivia Rosane sends this report of what it was like to be in Zuccotti Park during the tense night and morning reprieve

Limits To Growth – Forty More Years?
By Herman Daly

I must confess surprise that denial has endured for forty years. I think to wake up will require something like repentance and conversion, to put it in religious terms. It is idle to “predict” whether we will have the spiritual strength and rational clarity for such a conversion

Are Scientists Our New Enemies?
By Ugo Bardi

Climate scientist Hans Schellnhuber is threatened with a noose while giving a lecture. . Are scientists our new enemies, the target of a new crusade?

Can Margaret Atwood's Environmental Message
Reach A Broad Public?

By Kurt Cobb

The Year of the Flood does offer an interesting blueprint for the successful environmental/resource/climate-change story. And, for that reason it would behoove all those who are searching for ways to reach the broader public about these important issues to read this remarkable work

America’s Secret Empire Of Drone Bases
By Nick Turse

Its full extent revealed for the first time

US Deploys Special Forces Troops To Central Africa
By Eddie Haywood & Alex Lantier

US President Barack Obama has deployed roughly 100 special operations troops to central Africa, as part of an offensive targeting the leadership of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The LRA is a rebel group that has engaged in fierce battles with the Ugandan government for over two decades

U.S Can Demand Arbitration
Over Alleged Iranian Plot

By Sherwood Ross

“If the Obama administration truly believes it has credible evidence that Iran was behind this alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi diplomat on the streets of Washington D.C., then it must invoke the Protection of Diplomats Convention(PDC) and demand arbitration of this claim with Iran,” a distinguished American authority on international law says

About The Prisoners Exchange With Israel
By Dr Salim Nazzal

I am shocked that the Palestinian negotiating team has accepted the principle of deportation, knowing how this word is extremely sensitive in the Palestinian psychology. And all of us do not forget for a moment that the Russian polish defacto Zionist state is based from A to U on the question of deporting Palestinians from their homeland

Unveiling The Monument But NOT King's
Condemnation Of U.S. Wars for Wall Street

By Jay Janson

Regarding the Official Unveiling Ceremony of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington DC

Hemp Versus The Status Quo
By Rand Clifford

Hemp offers many thousands of superior products that perpetuate living systems, instead of killing them as the fossil-energy empire is doing—a whole new industry of vast scope, creating value, virtually independent of the corporate fossil empire. Only hemp has such fantastic potential to wrest power from the parasites and spread it among their victims. Hemp could turn Power to the People from a trampled cliché, into glory!

G20 Defers Decision On FTT
Despite Global Support

By Kavaljit Singh

The G20 finance ministers and central bankers have put off an immediate decision to weigh up a global financial transaction tax (FTT) proposal at the forthcoming G20 Summit

How To Push GM Crops
By Strangulating Regulations

By Devinder Sharma

Gullible Indians are already being usedas guinea pigs by international pharmaceutical industry which conducts itsclinical trials here without following the required protocol. BRAI Act will ensure we serve as guinea pigs for GM crops too

16 October , 2011

Organizing The Occupy Wall Street Movement:
An Inside View

By Fritz Tucker

The people's movement grows every week, the number of participants peaking on the weekends. At the same time, the movement’s largest organization weakens, rendering the movement vulnerable to being co-opted by those who are better organized

The Democratic Party: An Insidious Threat
To the Occupy Wall Street Movement

By Prof. Ismael Hossein-zadeh

In light of their unsavory record of undermining the revolutionary energy of social movements, projections of sympathy for the anti-Wall Street protesters by the White House, the Democratic Party officials and union leaders can be viewed only with suspicion

Jesus Blesses "Occupy Wall Street"
By Gary Corseri

Gary Corseri meets Jesus at Times Square in the middle of Occupy Wall Street movement

Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant Is Destined
To Reset The Nuclear Priorities In India

By Buddhi Kota Subbarao

Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant is destined to reset the nuclear priorities in India. Decisions on Koodankulam nuclear plant in the east coast would shape the things in the Jaitapur nuclear plant on the west coast of India in Maharashtra State

Koodankulam Struggle: Spotlights On
India's Nuclear Porgram

By Dr. Peter Custers

Because the Koodankulam project is closely intertwined with plans for expansion of the Kalpakkam complex, the struggle is bound to reverberate throughout the state of Tamil Nadu and beyond

The Real Enemy Of The Palestinians
By Dr. Elias Akleh

Successive American Administrations, since President Woodrow Wilson up to President Barak Obama, are the real enemy of the Palestinians

Despite Newfound “Friends” Lebanon’s Palestinians Require UN Action To Obtain
Civil Rights

By Franklin Lamb

It has become clear that Lebanon’s Parliament is unwilling and incapable of acting on its own and those international sanctions may be the only path to encourage Lebanon to meet its international obligations to her refugees pending their return to Palestine

The Assassination Plot & Argentina
By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

News wires are abuzz with the extraordinary allegation of an Iranian “plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the US ”. In yet another bizarre twist, according to Haaretz , a few months ago prior to the “plot”, Saudi officials told Argentina about a possible plot against Saudi and Israeli embassies in Buenos Aires . Curious as this seems, there is reason for this new rumor

Communal Violence (Prevention) Bill
By Ram Puniyani

The communal violence prevention bill has based itself on the observations of the past six decades. So why this opposition? The reasons can clearly be seen in the vested interests of the bjp and its supporters who want to promote their political agenda with the continuation of existing patterns. By identifying the targeted group and bypassing existing weaknesses, we will definitely be able to control communal violence in the future

Not Rational, Not Feminine:
Sexualized Narratives Of Violent Women

By Akanksha Mehta

Women who engage in violence are often depicted through sexualized narratives that view violent behavior as an aberration from normal (‘peaceful') feminine traits. These sexualized narratives deny agency to violent women, excluding them from the realm of rationality and viewing them as non-women

8th Oct, A Look Back And Its Aftermath
By Sheikh Saaliq

It was truly called the 17th deadliest earthquake witnessed ever in records. Killing almost 75,000 people, injuring people in thousands and making millions homeless, the earthquake of 8th Oct 2005 still haunts everyone who witnessed it. Muzzafarabad, Pakistan being the epicenter of this earthquake was the mostly hit area but on other side of the border, Indian Kashmir didn’t’ remain un-affected. Almost 2,500 people were killed on this side too with thousands homeless

Maruti Suzuki Employees Union Seeks Support
By Shiv Kumar

Appeal letter to all trade unions, organisations and individuals

12 October , 2011

Boston Police Arrest 100
Anti-Wall Street Protesters

By Kate Randall

Boston Police carried out an early morning raid on anti-Wall Street protesters Tuesday, arresting 100 people in a violent attack on the Occupy Boston protest. The police operation began at about 1:20 a.m., when officers in uniform and riot gear moved in to clear protesters from a section of land in the city’s financial district

How 99% Prevented Senators
From Working Yesterday

By David Swanson

We can prevent work in one congressional office building or another, day after day, without necessarily having anyone arrested. At this point I'm leaning in that direction. Unless, of course, Congress discovers the need to end the wars and tax the rich

Rumble From The People
By Ralph Nader

When the corporate and political bosses hear the rising roar from the people, they start sweating. Now is time to turn up the heat without pausing

What're You Gonna Do?
Beyond A Demanding Occupation

By Niranjan Ramakrishnan

Four weeks into its life, Occupy Wall Street has already confounded both its critics and its well-wishers. Far from twittering away its energies after an initial burst of enthusiasm as predicted (or feared), it appears to have touched something in average Americans in every corner of the country

Nightmare On Wall Street
By Radha Surya

No longer does it seem hopelessly naïve to think that meaningful change is coming to America. The struggle for economic justice has been launched in a decisive way

Gandhian Values For Sustainable Futures
By D. Jeevan Kumar

Gandhism challenges the basic assumptions that the Western model of development makes about the use of Nature and natural resources, the meaning of progress, the ways in which society is governed and also about how public policy is made and implemented

Liberia; Nobel For President,
No-water For Residents

By Thomas C. Mountain

The most likely ex-President of Liberia has been given a share of one of the western worlds most prestigious awards, the Nobel Peace Prize yet the residents of the capital Monrovia have not had running water for the full 6 years of her term in office

The Price Of Torching Mosques
By Jonathan Cook

Jewish far-right groups responsible for a series of arson attacks on West Bank mosques over the past year broke dangerous ground last week when they turned their attention for the first time to holy places inside Israel. A mosque was torched, followed days later by an attack on Muslim and Christian graves

New SCOTUS Decision In Abu-Jamal Case Is Good,
But Not Enough

By Mary Shaw

On October 11, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a request from the Philadelphia District Attorney to overturn a federal appeals court decision declaring Mumia Abu-Jamal's death sentence unconstitutional. Abu-Jamal had been convicted and sentenced to death for the 1981 murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner

Canada Pursues U.S.-Style
Security And Foreign Policy

By Dana Gabriel

Under the influence of a declining Anglo-American Empire, Canada has shed its peacekeeping image in favor of a more aggressive and militaristic doctrine. In the coming years, Canada will be expected to contribute even more to global security including participation in future U.S.-NATO military operations

Butchery Of Dalits In Paramakudi
By Dr Anand Teltumbde

Summary of fact finding report by Centre for Protection of Civil Liberties on the killing of dalits in Paramakudi

Why Turn Punjab Into A Fire Ball
By Devinder Sharma

Aware of the resulting impact on human health and environment, in a few days from now, on October 13, over 20 lakh school children will take out awareness walks in all Punjab villages to educate farmers about the destructive fallout of burning paddy stubbles in their crop fields

Global Forum On Sanitation Begins In Mumbai
By Marianne de Nazareth

From 9-14 October 2011, the Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene in Mumbai , India , will serve as a platform to discuss and advance issues of sanitation to billions of people

Remembering Prof.Iqbal Ansari
By Mahtab Alam

One of the most visible Civil Liberties' activists in India , Iqbal Ansari took up a variety issues, ranging from Communalism, Religious freedom and Communal harmony to Minority Rights

11 October , 2011

Egyptian Junta Massacres Peaceful Protesters
By Johannes Stern

On Sunday evening the Egyptian military launched a brutal attack on protesters in Cairo, killing at least 36 and injuring hundreds. The crackdown happened after a peaceful demonstration by 10,000 protesters headed from Shubra, a working class suburb of Cairo, to the state television building in Maspiro in downtown Cairo. Most of the demonstrators were Copts protesting the ruling military council and demanding religious equality for the Christian minority in Egypt

On The Cusp Of Collapse: Complexity, Energy
And The Globalised Economy

By David Korowicz

Our understanding and expectations of the world have been shaped by our experience of economic growth. The dynamic stability of that growth has habituated us to what is ‘normal’. That normal must soon shatter. Our species’ belle époque is passing and its future seems more uncertain than ever before

What Are Your Demands?
By Richard Heinberg

A movement needs one or two simple but key demands around which everyone can unite. Let me suggest these (and they are by no means original): 1. Get money out of politics. 2. Strip corporations of legal personhood

Freedom Plaza Is Now Ours
By David Swanson

And we're never giving it back. Our permit for Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., expired, we refused to leave, and the Park Police has just proposed to let us stay for four more months. We've agreed. We have not said that when the four months are over and the American Spring is here we will leave

Obama At The General Assembly:
Sacrificing Palestine For Zionist Campaign Funds

By James Petras

There are two views of Obama’s speech to the General Assembly on September 21, 2011, and his opposition to the recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state and its admission to the UN. The common opinion of foreign policy experts was that Obama led the US to an ignominious diplomatic defeat, deepening US isolation in the international system

US Must Stop Funding Israeli Crimes
An inerview with Dr. Franklin Lamb

Dr. Franklin Lamb says that the US cannot continue to supply arms or economic aid to Israel which yet again is under international pressure for its atrocities against humanity

My Presbyterian Cult
By Robert Jensen

Does a religion help connect people in loving community? Does a religion challenge our prejudices and help us face our fears so that we may love more fully? Does a religion help us recognize our limits as it also helps us reach our potential? And, most importantly, does a religion teach us to take care?

Why In The World Are They Spraying?
By Michael J. Murphy

The American Association for Aerosol Research Conference Provides More Clues about Chemtrail/Geoengineering Programs

10 October , 2011

US Afghanistan Invasion 10th Anniversary:
5.6 Million War-related Deaths

By Dr Gideon Polya

As of 7 October 2011, the 10th Anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan , the human cost of the Afghan War has been estimated as about 1.4 million violent deaths and 4.2 million non-violent avoidable deaths from Occupier-imposed deprivation, a total of 5.6 million war-related deaths

Protests Building Momentum
As They Enter Fourth Week

By Kate Randall

The anti-Wall Street protests continued to spread over the weekend, with new protests being organized in cities across the US, including Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and many others. According to the web site Occupy Together, as of Sunday evening “meetups” to plan protests had been set in more than 1,100 cities

It’s Now, Occupy World Wide
By Farooque Chowdhury

Across oceans and covering continents people around the world are struggling. There are protest marches, demonstrations, occupations. It’s now global, a globalization of struggle for democracy, for a decent life. It is One Earth One Humanity One Loved, as a placard in the Occupy Wall Street Movement announces

Why The Elites Are In Trouble
By Chris Hedges

Even now, three weeks later, elites, and their mouthpieces in the press, continue to puzzle over what people like Ketchup want. Where is the list of demands? Why don’t they present us with specific goals? Why can’t they articulate an agenda? The goal to people like Ketchup is very, very clear. It can be articulated in one word—REBELLION

The Warning Occupy Wall Street Has
For President Obama

By Tom Engelhardt

In those hours marching and at Foley Square amid the din of so many thousands of massed people, I saw one sign that said “Obama = Bush” and another that went something like “The Barack Obama we elected would be out here with us.” That was it. Sayonara

We Danced Waiting For The Police
Who Never Came

By Kevin Zeese

Now the police are telling the media that our permit ends today at 2:00 –the time the permit allowed for clean up. But, today at noon the Constitution will still say: “Congress shall make no law abridging” . . . and the occupation will continue. Join us

Why The Occupied Wall Street Movement
Scares The Democratic Party

By Mark Vorpahl

We are witnessing the birth of a social movement that has the potential to win economic justice. Having only recently exploded onto the scene, there are many directions this movement may take. The only certainty is that, since the conditions that fueled it are not going away any time soon, it is, at the very least, a harbinger of larger struggles to come

A Little Off The Top—Some Clear Message
For Occupy Wall Street

By Rand Clifford

The following three demands offer clear initial focus: 1) End corporate personhood 2) End the Fed 3) End military adventurism

Daly's Steady-State Economics
By Barath Raghavan

A review of Herman Daly's notion of how to build a steady-state economy

The American Dream: Myth or Reality?
By Syed Roman Ahsan

Is it time to end our romance with the “American Dream”? All hope is not lost though. Many American activists are themselves exposing the lies of the US government. We just need to realize that on the one hand there is falsehood promoted by the global media which is in the hands of elite forces, on the other hand we cannot ignore truth

09 October , 2011

The Split In Europe
By Farooque Chowdhury

The sovereign debt crisis now burdened with downgraded rating of Italy and Spain, the third and fourth largest economies in the euro zone, needs financial power of the two European giants, Germany and France, to salvage it. But the giants were split on the question of salvage approach. They have unity of aspiration in rescuing interest seeking capital. But they differ on the rescue path

Borrowing The Future
By Vinay Bhat

In a world ridden with this ailment we call debt, perhaps this is the time where society must re-align itself out of necessity and not ideology. Taking a truly individualistic view as well, perhaps co-operating between neighbors is what paves the path forward. Co-operation, morality, assistance and contributing to society must abstract themselves from this extractive mechanism that capital presents

Panetta To Netanyahu:” Israel May Not Survive
The Current Arab/Islamic Awakening”

By Franklin Lamb

The CIA Report predicted the demise of Israel within 20 years, if present political trends in the region continued. The CIA intelligence analysts concluded that it was unlikely that Israeli leaders would grant even minimal concessions in order to achieve a settlement with their neighbors, which comprise increasingly disillusioned and rapidly growing dignity and justice seeking populations

Here's To Truth And Reconciliation
In Israel-Palestine

By Diane V. McLoughlin

In comments following news articles and op eds these days (for example, here), the denial that there even exists a Palestinian people at all grows more prevalent. Palestinians continue to be squashed under foot with similar contempt in the Occupied Territories by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Jewish squatters - literally, as well as figuratively

Vote 1 Socialist Or Green To Save
Humanity And Planet

By Dr Gideon Polya

Sensible, pro-environment, pro-Humanity Australians – and indeed like people worldwide - have little choice but to vote 1 Green or to vote 1 Socialist

Introspect Indian Media
By Burhan Majid

I applaud your crusade over, to name a few, Anna Hazzare movement, Arushi murder case, 2G scam and so on. But we hope you grow mature and objective and show the same attitude and fervor when it comes to Kashmir. Thus we wait

08 October , 2011

European Union Prepares For
Greek State Bankruptcy

By Peter Schwarz

The European institutions have clearly changed course in relation to Greece. Instead of the “rescue” of the country, they are now discussing its bankruptcy, and reducing the risk of contagion. The euro rescue fund, supposed to guarantee Greece’s solvency, is being used to secure the creditor banks against the consequences of state bankruptcy

Plans For Anti-Wall Street Protests
Spread Across US And Globally

By Kate Randall

Anti-Wall Street protests continued to spread yesterday to cities across the US. According to the web site Occupy Together, as of Friday evening “Meetups” to plan protests had been established in more than 900 cities

Where The 99 Percent Get Their Power
By Sarah van Gelder

Why is this protest spreading when others have fizzled?

"For A Free Nature "
By Javier Sethness-Castro

Javier Sethness-Castro's address to the 2011 Marcuse Society Critical Refusals Conference. It is a presentation of and set of reflections on the paper "Critical Theory, Social Ecology, and Post-Developmentalism: Towards a Free Nature,'" written in 2008

God Gave Them Someone Else's 'Land Of
Milk & Honey' To Conquer Twice?

By Jay Janson

We wince when Jewish celebrations through another year's high holidays have featured the retelling again of a less than candid and complete history that will undermine future efforts to expose and curb a dangerous fanaticism in favor of a Greater Israel forcibly encompassing all the lands of the bible as God given

Steve Jobs: A Visionary Who Translated
Buddhist Philosophy Into Technology

By Shura Darapuri

A visionary who translated Buddhist philosophy into technology will be remembered for generations to come

07 October , 2011

Anti-Wall Street Protests Spread Across The US
By Bill Van Auken

On Thursday, new Occupy Wall Street protests sprang up in a number of major cities, including Philadelphia, New Orleans, Washington, Tampa, Dallas, Houston and Austin. They came on the heels of the largest demonstration so far in New York City, where an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 marched through lower Manhattan Wednesday night

Occupy Wall Street: The Most Important Thing
In The World Now

By Naomi Klein

The longer, uncut version of the speech that Naomi Klein gave at Occupy Wall Street on Thursday night

Occupy Portland Is Born
With Ten Thousand Strong

By Shamus Cooke

On October 6th, in Portland, Oregon, ten thousand people assembled at noon at Waterfront Park on a workday in anticipation of the non-permitted march, which would make a pit stop before ending at its official, secret "Occupation" spot

Occupy Wall Street: "The Last Time We Saw
A Global Moment Like This Was 1968"

By Tom Engelhardt

The Wall Street demonstrators deserve a small, hopeful cheer for their efforts. They may not be the perfect size and shape for the movement of everyone’s dreams, but they’re here and, right now, that says the world

Sharing Power: Building A Solidarity Economy
By Cheyenna Weber

We all recognize that sharing is good. Sharing, lending, and borrowing help connect neighbors, encouraging isolated individuals to create community by consuming less. But most of the latest sharing projects focus on wealthy neighbors. What if I’ve never had too much? How do we address social inequity? How do we redistribute power to the majority who live without it? To transform an economic system which fails to meet community needs, we have to move from a sharing economy to a solidarity economy

Economics Is Not A Social Science
By Brian Davey

We need to create a movement that feels well informed enough about economics thinking to be able to challenge it – particularly as regards the self serving and flawed way that mainstream economists typically dismiss issues of social justice and ecological survival

The ‘Getting’ Of Assange And The Smearing Of
A Revolution

By John Pilger

It is not the Swedish judicial system that presents a "grave danger" to Assange, say his lawyers, but a legal device known as a Temporary Surrender, under which he can be sent on from Sweden to the United States secretly and quickly

Obama: The Assassination Of
Anwar Al-Awlaki By Fiat

By James Petras

Obama’s murder of Awlaki has profound, long term significance because it puts political assassinations at the center of US foreign and domestic policy

Report From Haiti: Where’s The Money?
By Bill Quigley

Where has the money raised for Haiti gone? What about the Red Cross? What about the US government? What about the money raised in France, Canada and across the world? What about the pledges to the UN? Where is the money? The people of Haiti continue to be plagued by the earthquake of more than 20 months ago. They are our sisters and brothers. They deserve answers. They deserve help

Dance With People: A Choreographer's Creation
By Farooque Chowdhury

Narciso Medina, internationally renowned Cuban choreographer, principal dancer, considers dancing not as a performance, but as a space of coexistence

Here Is What I Am Saying To The Indian Feminists
On Conflict And Feminist Movement’s Response

By Inshah Malik

Inshah Malik's response to a discussion on her earlier article “Kashmiri women stand for peace?”

06 October , 2011

The Peak Oil Crisis: Turmoil Erupts
By Tom Whipple

There is a definite possibility, if not a likelihood, that the innumerable debt crises when coupled with high and ever increasing energy costs could evolve into a major economic depression. Such a depression would result in large declines in the GDP of many if not most countries

The Peak Oil Initiation
By John Michael Greer

All this, in turn, provides one answer to the question I posed at the end of last week’s post—whether it’s possible to shake our society out of its collective trance and get it to pay attention to the reality of the crisis looming up before us. Initiation is very much subject to readiness factors

Sustainable Means Bunkty To Me
By Tom Murphy

Only by looking at the sober possibility that we risk reverting to a low-tech existence after the fossil fuels are spent can we make honest plans for our future. Those honest plans may well involve a substantial ratcheting-down of the lifestyle to which we have become accustomed. And that same honesty suggests refraining from using the term “sustainable” until we better understand what it actually means

Memo To The #Occupied Movement
(A Post-Growth Economy)

By Richard Heinberg

You courageous people in the #occupy movement are absolutely right in saying the system is broken, greedy, and unfair. But when our discussion turns to replacing the current system, we’ve got to embrace a bigger view of reality than the one held by stock traders and politicians. It's not just our wealth they want to control, it's our vision for what is both possible and necessary

The Wall Street Occupation Wants YOU!
By Frank Rummel

Somewhere in this country there must be someone who wants to be a true agent of change, that one person who can make the critical difference between triumph and defeat and push this movement over the tipping point to epic success... Is it YOU?

King Would Be Marching On Wall St.
Where Wars Are Made - Not In Washington

By Jay Janson

Martin Luther King Jr. would have been moved by the occupation of Wall Street. He condemned Wall Street's wars maintaining "unjust overseas predatory investments"

With The Keystone Pipeline, Drawing A Line
In The Tar Sands

By Bill McKibben

For environmentalists protesting the Keystone XL pipeline, the battle is about more than just transporting tar sands oil from Alberta. It’s about whether the United States — and the rest of the world — will finally come to its senses about global warming

The Day America Died
By Paul Craig Roberts

September 30, 2011 was the day America was assassinated. On that day Obama used this asserted new power of the president and had two American citizens, Anwar Awlaki and Samir Khan murdered. Khan was a wacky character associated with Inspire Magazine and does not readily come to mind as a serious threat

US Foreign Policy: Hypocrisy At Its Most Naked
By Alan Hart

US criticism of Russia and China’s veto of the UN Security Council resolution which condemned Syria over its brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters is hypocrisy at its most naked form

The Syria Veto
By Chandra Muzaffar

The China-Russia veto was a rejection of regime change with the connivance and collusion of foreign elements. It reaffirmed the right of people everywhere to determine their own destiny, without outside interference

Angelina Jolie; Hollyweirds “Good Will” Ambassador To Africa
By Thomas C. Mountain

Angelina Jolie has been one hell of a “goodwill ambassador” for the UN in Africa. You know, demand the USA declare war and bomb Sudan and then turn a blind eye to starvation and disease in Ethiopia. All the while your colleagues in the UNHCR oversee the “humanitarian” slow starvation of a million refugees next door in Somalia and Kenya

Arrest of Sanjiv Bhatt:
Urgent Intervention Requested

By Coalition Against Genocide

Coalition Against Genocide letter demands action over the arrest of whistle-blower cop Sanjiv Bhatt

Preventing Sectarian Violence
By Ram Puniyani

Need for a bill to prevent Communal and targeted violence

Protecting Investors’ Rights: An Assessment of
EU’s New Mandate on International Investments

By Burghard Ilge & Kavaljit Singh

On 12th September 2011, the General Affairs Council of the European Union (EU) officially approved negotiating mandate for investment protection measures under the proposed free trade agreements with India, Singapore and Canada. The secretive manner in which the negotiating mandate was approved raises several legitimate questions about the entire process

In Custody: Kashmir
By Farzana Versey

Did Saeed Mohammad Yousuf's kidneys/lungs/heart fail because he had accepted a bribe and admitted to it? Or was he killed because, as his family alleges, he knew too much about the Abdullahs since he was close to them?

05 October , 2011

Unions Join 'Occupy Wall Street' Protest
By All Headline News

On Wednesday, several unions in New York endorsed "Occupy Wall Street" and plan to join the protesters on city streets. In Boston, in a protest dubbed "Occupy Boston," a citywide college walkout is scheduled. The Massachusetts Nurses Association reports that hundreds of the city's nurses will rally with the "Occupy Boston" protestors

Why I'm In Solidarity With #OccupyWallStreet
By David Korten

It is time to establish democracy in America and build a national system of Main Street economies owned and accountable to people who have an inherent interest in building healthy communities with thriving local economies and healthy natural environments for themselves and their children. By the calendar it’s autumn, but for many it is the beginning of the American Spring

Congress Looks Abroad To Distract From
Wall Street Protests

By Shamus Cooke

Working people must demand that the attention stay fixed on domestic issues, and that domestic corporate criminals be brought to justice. Taxing the top 1 percent at a 90 percent rate is a sure fire way to disarm the rich, preventing them from inflicting further damage on the economy and on working people

Occupying The Heart Of The Beast
By Phil Rockstroh

Observations, impressions and images from amid the multitudes In Liberty Plaza

US Congress Blocks Palestinian Aid
After UN Statehood Bid

By Jean Shaoul

In a provocative move, the US Congress has blocked nearly $200 million of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people, intended for food, health care and development initiatives

Eyes In Gaza
By Ellen Cantarow

Review of Eyes in Gaza , by Mads Gilbert and Erik Fosse

The Syrian Uprising: US Follow A Failed Path
By Ramzy Baroud

The economically frail and militarily compromised US cannot be an effective player in shaping the political landscape in Syria - or anywhere else in the Middle East. Ultimately, the future of the Syrian people will be determined by their own fortitude

An Ode To A Muslim Traveller
By Dr. Nath Aldalala’a

A young muslims first hour in the Land-of-the-Free.

Slash Top Federal Salaries
By Joel S. Hirschhhorn

Here is the insanity that should drive Americans nuts: Over 20 percent of the 2.14 million federal workforce makes over $100,000, which equates to about 500,000 people making enormous salaries in these tough economic times. Besides ludicrous job security they also have incredible fringe benefits. Is this your idea of public servants?

How To Save Punjab Agriculture
By Devinder Sharma

At a time when Punjab’sagriculture is at the cross-roads, it needs a radically different approachdrawing from the lessons of its recent past. Here is a six-pronged strategythat can sow the seeds of revival of Punjab’sagriculture

Kashmir And Good Governance
By Tahir Ibn Manzoor

One of the basic cause of Kashmir conflict is mis-governance, utterly corrupt,impotent and non-performing governments of the State for the last several decades. It is responsible for the persisting tragedy

03 October , 2011

Fuel For Occupy Wall Street's Fire
By Shamus Cooke

All movements either grow or shrink. A large Occupy Wall Street march across the Brooklyn Bridge on October 1st resulted in 700 arrests. Through such tactics the police intend to chip away at the movement until they feel strong enough to strangle it. The Occupy Wall Street movement must attract a growing number of allies or face an inevitable smothering

Labor Supports The Occupy Wall Street Movement
By Farooque Chowdhury

Labor is extending support to the Occupy Wall Street Movement. With arrest of hundreds of the protesters and their release, the protesters’ uninterrupted brave presence, increasing support to them from wider society, and spread of the movement to other parts of the US the Occupy Movement is facilitating widen public space in political life

Inspired By Wall Streeet Protests,
Boston Economic Protest Gains Steam

By Maria Sacchetti

In Boston, the protests on Friday swelled to about 1,000 in Dewey Square. Police arrested 24 people on trespassing charges when they refused to leave the Bank of America building nearby

How Did It Take This Long For Courage
To Get To Wall Street?

By Rand Clifford

Courage versus Malignancy. Life versus death. Our most courageous have given us a spark that I believe will be the last of such sparks of hope, our final chance. Whether or not enough courage exists in America to keep the spark from going out

"Drilling Down": Tainter And Patzek
Tell The Energy-Complexity Story

By Gail Tverberg

Joseph Tainter and Tadeusz Patzek are authors of a soon-to-be-released book called Drilling Down: The Gulf Oil Debacle and Our Energy Dilemma. This book is part of Charles Hall’s Briefs in Energy series with the publisher Springer. The new book, Drilling Down, is not simply the story of the Gulf oil spill (although it does tell this story, quite well). Tainter and Patzek use the story of Gulf oil spill as the background for discussing the energy-complexity spiral, and its relationship to this accident

Tough Oil: Five Public Health Challenges Of
Petroleum Scarcity

By Mike Field

The five key areas that follow illustrate the potential health fallout of petroleum scarcity. 1. Economic Instability 2. Food Scarcity 3. Clean Water Decline 4. Transportation Challenges 5. Environmental Effects

iProve: Climate Change And Post-Truth Politics
By Bill Henderson

We need a different 'common platform' for communicating our climate change predicament and it is a competition forum with 'box scores' and 'standings' that are undeniable. Proving - more practically disproving - not just explaining. This is possible

Chickening Out In Iraq
By Peter Van Buren

How Your Tax Dollars Financed “Reconstruction” Madness in the Middle East

Black America And Obama: The Cost Of Silence
By Frederick Alexander Meade

The Black masses must find the political will to place demands upon their cherished leader for it is through this enactment pieces of the dream may be realized

Dear Farmer, Your Eviction Notice
By Devinder Sharma

With 70% of the 60-crore farming population officially not required, the world's biggest environmental displacement is going to be witnessed on the farm in India in the decades to come. Not realising that what India needs is a production system by the masses , and not for the masses

The Unmarked Graves Of Kashmir
By Sheikh Saaliq

Having a look from outside these small mounds of soil may only look like buried with mere human bodies with most of them torn by bullets or mortar shells, but in fact these small pieces of land carry a long story of pain and grief for decades to narrate

Kashmiri Women Stand For ‘Peace’?
By Inshah Malik

Women visualize peace in much different way than the ones in the seminars. Peace for Zainab who lives in front of the army camp and her daughters move through the surveillance of army and have to hear sexual remarks as usual, is nothing but “AZADI”

The Causes (Events) Leading To Senkodi's Death
And The T.N Assembly Resolution

By Athithan Jayapalan

Thoughts on the mass protest in Tamil Nadu, over the hangings of Rajiv killers, and senkodis self immolation

Raid On Kavita Srivastava’s House Is A Case Of
Intimidation By State Of Chhattishgarh

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

It is shocking to hear the news of the raid by the Chhatishgarh police at the house of Kavita Srivastava, the National Secretary of People’s Union for Civil Liberties, in Jaipur. Those who have known Kavita and her work can vouch that her work goes beyond the work of PUCL and her concern for the common people and human rights in the country

02 October , 2011

A View Of The Occupy Wall Street Movement
From The inside

By Fritz Tucker

A Participant’s Critique of the Occupation of Wall Street

#OccupyTogether: The Best Among Us
By Chris Hedges

There are no excuses left. Either you join the revolt taking place on Wall Street and in the financial districts of other cities across the country or you stand on the wrong side of history

Chomsky On “Occupy Wall Street”
And Israel's Imminent Collapse

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

In an interview with RT’s Marina Portnaya, prominent scholar Professor Noam Chomsky gives his take on some of the world’s political hot topics

Gandhi’s Lesson for Today
By Kathy Kelly

Gandhi’s solitary sunlit path, his path against the sky, was by far the less precarious. As we may learn through occupations of town squares across the U.S., truth, and only truth, can keep the balance

UK Rewrites War Crimes Law At Israel’s Request
By Richard Irvine

In response to Israeli protests the UK government chose to change its laws rather than see Israelis arrested. In a move condemned by Amnesty International, the UK government amended the law on universal jurisdiction so that in future only the Director of Public Prosecutions can authorize the arrest of a suspected war criminal

Beyond The Palestinians’ Crisis: A Larger Conflict
Is Now In Process

By Dan Lieberman

The closer the Arab nations get to achieving nationalist aspirations and political acceptance of their Muslim Brotherhoods, the more intense becomes their conflict with Israel. That trend has happened, and with it the conflict's trajectory becomes predictable

The 66 th UN General Assembly Session
Will Remember Obama's Deplorable Tactics

By Dr. Habib Siddiqui

President Obama should reflect upon the fact that if the U.S. government vetoes Palestine 's bid for recognition by the U.N., it would be against America 's own declaration of independence which says that if people are denied equal rights and representative government, they have the right to resist their oppressors

Latin America: Growth, Stability And Inequalities:
Lessons For The US And EU

By James Petras

As in Latin America during the first years of this decade we need a popular rebellion: we need a profound regime change; we need to think of productive public investments not monumental loss of capital via Wall Street speculation and the waste of public resources via expenditures in weapons of destruction

Floods Exacerbate Pakistan’s Woes
By Zafar Iqbal

Trapped in decade long Taliban and Bloch insurgencies and economic and energy crisis Pakistan is facing another natural disaster caused by monsoon floods which so far has killed 434 people, destroyed or damaged 1.5 million homes and affected 8.9 million people in Southern provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan

Modi's Martyrdom Via Sanjiv Bhatt?
By Farzana Versey

While everyone was assuming that Narendra Modi will be busy fasting and watching disco dandiya during the Navratri festival, he quietly got his band of stick-wielders to arrest former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt. As we all know, Bhatt says he was present when directions were issued by Modi to let Hindus “vent out their anger” and teach Muslims a lesson

How Can You Live For 365 Days On 100 Day
s Assured Employment?
MNREGA Activists Need To Explain

By Devinder Sharma

Will the activists demonstrate the relevance of 100 days assured employment in a year? If the poor are expected to be doing other things for the remaining 265 days, we can also allow you the same benefit. But please show us if you can live for a year on just 100 days employment?





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