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"A national alliance of Indian social movements & people's organizations for the cause of Palestine " 

“International Conference for

Justice & Peace in Palestine ”
Mumbai-India, November 17 th 2012 . 

Venue: Shahir Amar Sheikh Sabagraha, University Club House, “B” Rd, Churchgate Station (West), Mumbai.

Time: 10.00am to 8.00pm

"But in my opinion, they (the Jews) have erred grievously in seeking to impose themselves on Palestine with the aid of America and Britain and now with the aid of naked terrorism. Why should they depend on American money or British arms for forcing themselves on an unwelcome land? Why should they resort to terrorism to make good their forcible landing in Palestine ?" - Mahatma Gandhi (1946)


""When the Palestinians are free, our struggle will be complete." –

Nelson Mandela (1994)

The IPSF is an alliance of Indian social movements & people's organizations that are organizing a conference in solidarity with the courageous Palestinian people in their struggle for an independent nation. In keeping with our rich historical anti-colonial traditions, it is now our collective national endeavour to consolidate & build a Palestine solidarity movement across India .

This is the very national alliance that has been instrumental in successfully organizing the First Asian Convoy to Gaza , as well as the Global March to Jerusalem . This was also possible due to the collective effort of our Asian allies, namely the Asian People's Solidarity for Palestine (APSP).

The Theme & Focus of the conference: "Peace & Justice for Palestine "

a) The Occupation of Palestine , a historical perspective.
This will also deal with all the different forms & strategies of the occupation & the resistance. Here we will focus on the Right of Return, Settlements, the Apartheid Wall, the Siege of Gaza, Control over the water & destruction of farmlands, the check-points, targeted assassinations, the prisoners & their struggle & finally - the destruction of the universal heritage of Jerusalem .

b) For a just & peaceful solution for the people of Palestine & Israel . Here the solutions for an amicable solution will be discussed at length, within the framework of international law & justice.

c) Programmes, Structure & Resolutions.

d) Leaders of Political Parties & Members of Parliament, will state their policy & active solidarity for Palestine . Here we have planned to draw in representatives of all the major political parties.

Thus this conference is part of the larger struggle against Zionism & Imperialism that are now an increasing threat to our national sovereignty & world peace. This conference holds the promise & potential of building a  nation-wide network. Delegates & friends from many Asian & Western nations have confirmed their presence. 

We thus appeal to all our Indian socio-political activists to confirm their attendance at this conference.

Dr. Suresh Khairnar (President), Feroze Mithiborwala (General Secretary), Com. Sanjay Singhvi, Prof. Rakesh Rafique, Dr. Tasleem Rehmani, Sandeep Pandey, Dr. Sunilam, Ambarish Rai, Kavita Srivastav, Meraj Siddiqui & Kishore Jagtap (National Vice-Presidents)

Arif Kapadia, Pooja Badekar, Farha Iman, Siddharth Ugade, Sajjad Hussain, Shujaat Ali, Kuldeep Kumar, Aarti Badekar, Badar Khan, Anoop Shramik, Raghib Bahadur, Vineet Maurya, Mustafa Zaidi, Laxman Singh, Syed Faheem, Jasbir Mustafa & Azhar Khan. (National Youth Committee)

Contact: +91 9820897517/9324514101/ 9224412022 / 9953977097

Email: indiapalestinesf@gmail.com






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