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2010 Election: Referendum On Reality, Racism,
And Revisionist History

By Bill Noxid

29 October, 2010

It's an all but unfathomable situation President Obama has placed the American people in.  In a mere two years he has managed to squander the momentum and enthusiasm of the clear majority of this country, systematically discredit and disregard the voluminous grievances of the American People, continuously cede the moral and factual high ground to ignorance and hate, and ensure that the criminal elements that shredded the Constitution, killed millions in war crimes, and collapsed the global economy go into the 2010 midterm elections with more money, power, and influence than ever.

Given the horrendous crimes, lies, and manipulations committed by the Bush administration over the last decade (the most recent reminder being Wikileaks' 400,000 document disclosure detailing systemic torture), few could have imagined that our situation could get worse.  Unfortunately, that is precisely what has happened.  What was desperately needed after eight years of continuous crimes was a serious, sober, and honest investigation and criminal prosecution of those that invalidated everything this country claims to stand for.

What we got instead was a total and pathological denial of the crimes that had occurred.  While the people were demanding 9/11 investigations and prosecutions for war crimes, Obama just let them go on their merry way with their power, influence, and corrupt institutions all in tact.  Obama's failure to seize the opportunity to hold those criminal elements responsible for their false flag operations, fabricated justifications for war, continuous election fraud, and virtual elimination of constitutional rights gave these criminals free reign to continue their takeover of government and alleviated their fear of repercussions for their actions.

Exponentially compounding this problem is Obama's total denial of another fundamental reality in the United States – that being the foundational and institutionalized racism and ingrained fear of Black people. If there was ever any question about this country's inherent racism, the last two years have erased all doubt, and the only remaining question is whether the perpetrators are more in denial about it, or if Obama is.

Since well before Obama was even elected while he was fantasizing about a post racial county, the soon-to-be Tea Party was depicting him as a Ubangi Witchdoctor with a bone through his nose and hanging him in effigy .  From the moment Obama announced his candidacy a campaign of racist, ignorant and hateful disinformation was launched against him that made the lies of the Bush Administration look like a Truth Commission.

The explosion of vitriol was unlike any I have seen in this country – ever.

“I'm afraid if he wins, the Blacks will take over.  He's not a Christian! This is a Christian Nation! What is our country going to end up like?”

“When you got a Negro running for President, you need a first stringer.  He's definitely a second stringer”

“He seems like a wolf in sheep's clothing to be honest with you and I believe Palin is filled with the ‘Holy Spirit' and I believe she's going to bring honesty and integrity to the White House.”

“He's related to a known terrorist, for one thing.” “He's friends with a terrorist.” “He must support terrorists.  If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck, and that to me is Obama.”

“Just the whole Muslim thing and everything.  A lot of people forgot about 9/11, but I don't know. It's just kind of unnerving.”

“Obama and his wife, I'm concerned that they could be anti-White. That he might hide that.”

“I don't like the fact that he thinks us White people are trash, because we're not.”

Mind you, these quotes are from just one video , long before Obama was even elected.  None of these “fears” had or have any basis in fact, but they obviously expose the stereotypical beliefs a certain segment of white society still very much harbors.  The totally racist and vile delusions that McCain and Palin tried to get elected on were the foundation of Obama perception among the “hard-working (low-info) white people” and it became abundantly clear that the GOP was relying on good old fashioned American Racism and Black Menace fear to prevail in voter's minds.

Even in the face of such blatant racism, Obama and his handlers didn't dare call them out on this outrageous behavior, and that fact alone demonstrates this country's deep seeded denial.  This country's unwillingness to face how prevalent racism is, and the continued belief in archaic prejudices that have remained unchanged since slavery meant that if Obama was going to have any chance at all of being elected, he couldn't afford to alienate the “white voter” by telling him the truth about himself.

However ignoring it wasn't going to make it go away, and predictably it only made things exponentially worse .  Obama's failure to acknowledge the reality of and respond forcefully to these offenses not only gave them (and their apologists) license to continue this outrageous behavior , it countered and delegitimized those of us who were taking on the blatant racism directly.  “Just because we despise Obama doesn't mean we are racist” was and is to this day the cookie cutter response – topped off with “ Even Obama says so!

By the time Obama was inaugurated, the myriad ignorant and racist falsehoods that comprised the ‘hard working white' voter's understanding of Barack Hussein Obama were too numerous to count, and far too numerous to counter.  Obama had been successfully labeled as an Alien Socialist Communist Islamo-Fascist Muslim Nigger Monkey born in Kenya and schooled in Anti-Colonialism, bent on taking white people's guns, money (and presumably their white woman), and determined to bring Shia Law to America.  As racist and ridiculous as all of that sounds, I'm not making a bit of it up.

Undeniable proof that this is nothing but subconscious, ingrained, and inbred American Racism can be found in the fact that no amount of proof can change these people's minds about any of it.  No amount of proof that Obama was born in Hawaii will dissuade these people (and even some military ) from their crusade to disprove his citizenship and eligibility to be President of the United States.  The only possible explanation for this birther boondoggle is that because they can't say what they really feel, this (in their twisted view) is a more justifiable way of saying “he isn't one of us,” when the evidence says he most certainly is.  The only way Obama isn't “one of them” is if skin color is a criteria.

No amount of education or explanation will sway these ‘hard working whites' from their belief that Obama is a Fascist Marxist Socialist – regardless of the fact that they are three entirely different political philosophies.  No matter how many times Obama gets down on his knees in their Church, or no matter how many times he openly, excessively, and embarrassingly praises their God, they cannot be swayed from their belief that he is a Muslim Islamist One Man Terror Cell born in Africa.

Obama had of course abdicated his right and ability to respond to these affronts long before he took office anyway.  Early on in the campaign when he had the choice of supporting the truth of his long time Pastor's words or stroking the American delusional ego, he chose to deny the truth and placate the fanciful and farcical version of American history in which Black people are not only forbidden to be outraged by the repercussions of 500 years of slavery , we have to be ‘grateful' to be in the situation we are in.

Once Obama ceded the reality experienced by Black people in this country every day and the history behind it, he was no longer in position to fight for or defend the truth.  Although this fact was evidently lost on Obama, it was not overlooked by his detractors.  Repeatedly Obama was maneuvered into having to choose between defending the reality of Black America (like the false arrest of Dr. Henry Louis Gates – aka banana eating jungle monkey ), and capitulating to the delusional beliefs of the racists in denial.  To date, it has been no contest.  Without exception Obama has surrendered reality and supported American lies – sacrificing decades of racial equality progress for the sake of political expediency.

Quite literally, I could write a book about the staggering and relentless racism over the last three years and the South rising again while Obama looks the other way, but believe it or not – racism is just the beginning of the problem.  Black Menace fear is a wonderful motivator for ‘hard-working white people,' but it doesn't (by itself) explain what has happened in the political environment.  Behind the ignorance and fear lies and extremely well organized, heavily funded, intricate campaign to capitalize on that hate and prevent any socioeconomic progress.

The four major components of this campaign (or operation) are as follows:

  • Stoke Racism and fear of the Black Menace to start the ‘wave' of outrage.
  • Use Social Networking to spread the lies, disinformation, and fear born from it.
  • Use MSM, skewed polling data, & unlimited corporate political ads to perpetuate the false narrative.
  • Use GOP owned unverifiable Electronic Voting Machines to validate the false narrative – i.e. steal the election.

The Social Networking 2.0 aspect of this campaign has developed at an extraordinary rate, and were it not for the fact that it is entirely driven by fear and disinformation , I would be applauding its creators for a phenomenal job.  Although the Obama campaign's use of the internet for fundraising and voter mobilization in 2008 was impressive at the time, it pales in comparison to what the likes of Dick Armey's FreedomWorks and the Tea Party Express have been able to develop since.

Contrary to popular belief however (or Tea Party wishful thinking and revisionist history) it didn't spontaneously spring up from some blog or miraculously manifest itself from Rick Santelli's rant.  Whether Americans are aware of it or not, they saw the prototype for these operations during the 2009 election in Iran.  Although the progenitors of that operation (and several others like it) spread the ludicrous cover story that Iranian kids suddenly developed corporate level understanding and proficiency in cross-platform social networking, advanced web 2.0 graphics & video manipulation, proxy server configuration & distribution, and Iranian Government security circumvention, the reality was a very different story .

The same was true for the Tea Party.  FreedomWorks was the first to take advantage of these new methodologies and the lessons learned from the successes and failures of the Iranian operation were implemented quite effectively.  In no time at all the operators had worked the ‘hard working white people' into a frenzy, gave them the tools & training to exponentially grow their social networks, provided them with mountains of disinformation to distribute, and unleashed them on society.

In the last two years this operation has branched out to innumerable offshoots, has established the perception of legitimacy through MSM pundits, and grown massive followings among the ‘hard working whites.'  As it stands, it is a singular accomplishment on the net with (in spite of the propaganda disseminated by them) nothing remotely comparable in the liberal, progressive, reality-based community.  If there was, I assure you I would know about it and would be an integral part of it.

Meanwhile, the same MSM (Mainstream Media) that permitted and propagated endless Bush Administration lies about the false justifications for two humanitarianly criminal wars, NSA vacuum cleaner surveillance of telephone & internet traffic, policy driven rendition & torture, and a plethora of others atrocities has (but for one or two exceptions ) remained the enemy of reality and the American people.  Since before Obama took a single action as president, MSM has allowed and perpetuated the false narrative about “buyer's remorse.”  For two years, the illusion of a Republican wave taking over congress (as if the previous decade hadn't even happened, or had been erased from the country's consciousness) was repeated ad nauseam, convincing anyone without the strictest commitment to reality that it is a foregone conclusion.

This baseless false narrative has dominated the airwaves for months, and MSM so-called ‘analysis' the midterm elections has focused less on who is going to win or what horrendous lies have been disseminated, and more on how Obama is going to deal with Speaker Boehner.  The complete lack or reality and responsibility of the MSM continues to be a blight on the concept of the Fourth Estate, and continues to perpetuates the state of American Ignorance .

Exacerbating this disinformation campaign is the Citizens United conspiracy .  As if invisible corporate funding, influence, and manipulation of the political process and American psyche were not invasive enough before, the sudden and conveniently timed (particularly for people like Clarence Thomas's wife Virginia and her Tea Party group) unlimited anonymous donations have turned this midterm (yes, midterm) election into the most expensive in history – now having reached the 4 billion dollar mark.  The explosion of extreme and invisible 527s that have sprouted up in the last few months is simply staggering, and combined with GOP obstruction of improved disclosure rules have turned our already woefully corrupt election process in a corporate driven farce.

Bear in mind of course that Obama is responsible for the existence of these 527s (like Karl Rove's American Crossroads ) to begin with, as well as the fact that they have all of this money to spend buying the 2010 midterm elections.  If he had prosecuted and jailed these criminals when he took office instead of proclaiming that the country needed to "move on," Rove wouldn't be around to continue the methodology of the last eight years.  If Obama had held the banks and financial institutions responsible by investigating and jailing these criminals instead of refinancing them to the tune of 24 Trillion dollars, they wouldn't have that money to use against the American people now.

Finally (and most importantly as far as the election is concerned), how is it even possible that after a decade of suspect elections, the American people are forced to vote on GOP owned Electronic Voting Machines with proprietary software that no objective entity has ever examined?  In the last year alone there have been at least three cases of unexplainable election outcomes that should have instantly called for a thorough Justice Department investigation into these machines, the companies that make them, and the political affiliations of the owners.  Time after time they have proven to be easily hackable, but the much bigger concern is WHAT THEY ARE PROGRAMMED FOR.

Anyone with rudimentary programming or computer knowledge should be able to understand how easy it is to say – flip every nth vote for a certain candidate through very simple code, yet our faith-based voting system ‘assumes' that the same people who would kill millions over lies wouldn't cheat in an election.  The voters in this country that yearn for relief from the mountainous injustice and corporate slavery that they suffer not only have to fight past racism, disinformation, and voter suppression, they have no guarantee their vote will be counted anyway.

So here is where we stand at the precipice of the 2010 midterm election. Further from reality, further from equality, and further from progress than we have ever been in my lifetime.  While Obama keeps imagining the America he described in his Colonial Inaugural Address , the people are more in need a reality-based leader than ever.  Obama's failure to address ANY of the injustice he was elected to confront has left the people in a more dire situation than before we elected him, and based on his appearance on the Daily Show, he still doesn't understand.  Since the false narrative of ‘the wave' has been accepted by almost everyone (including the Obama administration) the people are going to have to turn out in numbers even greater than 2008 to have any hope at all of overcoming the fix.

So to those of you (and rest assured you are the true majority) who believe in real human progress, I will simply say this.  Vote with all your might, vote with your entire family, vote with all of your friends, video document all of the obstruction you are guaranteed to encounter, and when it is all over – regardless of what happens – demand a recount in every single race.  There is zero probability that the owners of our election systems will refrain from their usual tampering after spending all of this time, effort, and resources creating the wave illusion, and they need to be caught once and for all.

Remember, for there to be any chance of progress (after two years of the most outrageous GOP obstruction) the Democrats must maintain the majority.  The alternative is two years fraught with investigations of everything from where Obama was born, to whether he ‘disqualified' himself by momentarily stammering when taking the oath of office.  Although the Democrats have clearly failed us by capitulating to the demons that brought us to this place to begin with, the GOTP want to return to the good old days of Jim Crow and no regulation on criminal corporate enterprise.  Should we all be fortunate enough to survive this latest assault on the future of humanity, the next mission will be smacking the Democrats into REAL action against these criminals, but that won't be possible if they steal back the majority in congress.

Bill Noxid http://billnoxid.wordpress.com/


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