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Let's Defeat Communal Agenda : Take A Resolution For New Year

By Ravi Nitesh

31 December, 2013

Arrival of new year often comes with few resolutions for many of us. These resolutions many times attach with the failures we had been faced in past months. Just like an individual, a society/ community/state also can plan to adopt few resolutions to rejuvenate itself in most of the areas.

In India, lot of things are in need of such resolutions. With one year passing and another coming, we must think of something that connects our hearts and minds together to take a common resolution. Issues are endless but one thing that is probably most required is doing our best efforts to make ourselves as good human being. It is said here because the year 2013 witnessed lot of inhumanity. So many communal clashes were reported and the last one of Muzaffar Nagar was so horrible. It was a very high intensity communal violence like 2002 Gujrat riots.

We all know and must have heard about Muzaffarnagar. It is a district in Uttar Pradesh that came in the news a few months back. The reason was shameful and reflected the cruel reality of the so called "21st century" human civilization. In the communal violence that took place in Muzaffarnagar, many lives were lost. People were brutally murdered, raped and displaced...the trauma, the pain that they went through is unimaginable. But what is worse is that the violence has not ended.. as a result of the shameful incident, still many are living in camps..still many are struggling for their life and honour.

All those organizations, government representations and individuals who are regularly visiting there to assess the loss, to make a framework policy of rehabilitation, to draft fact finding reports, provide for legal solutions, education and other forms of help and support that they all need, deserves a salute.

This incident must be known to every human being of our society (particularly Indian society) so that we all learn about and understand the pain, the trauma and the unrecoverable loss because of this violence. At the time, when we talk about 'development', scientifically and economically, we must understand that without adopting the value/path of ‘humanity’ in the core of all development, everything will be null and void.

We must know that stopping such things are only possible when people themselves are ready for change. This change includes change of thoughts and mentality, removal of misconception. Unfortunately, Indian politics is witnessing communal agendas that in turn affects thoughts and behavior of people. These riots and clashes are reflection of that. A land (India) that is very famous for its unique unity in diversity feature, that is famous for its endless examples of communal harmony, peace, non violence and sacrifice and upon which a common India is proud of, has also witnessed these shameful incidents where inhumanity came on front to destroy the social bonds.

No matter, whether it is a political agenda or a social phenomenon, we all must have to stand up against all such things that are largely against the humanity. We must understand that in the larger role of inhumanity , we all will be victims and no one will be spared. We all must know that it is a time when we have to think deeply and positively to defeat all communal agendas, whether it is inside us, or around us. Lets take this resolution this new year that we all will try to proceed towards being human to make our society civilized in real sense.

Ravi Nitesh is a Petroleum Engineer, Founder- Mission Bhartiyam, Core Member- Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign
follow on twitter: www.twitter.com/ravinitesh Blog: www.ravinitesh.blogspot.com


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