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Mr. Modi! Don't Discriminate Sufferings On The Basis of Religion

By Ravi Nitesh

26 February, 2014

With all efforts to showcase himself like an animal- Lion (as ‘advertised’ by BJP ‘workmen’), Mr. Narendra Modi have been condemned for his action, objective, ideology and many ‘fake’ claims of development. In the long but important run of Prime Ministership of the world’s largest ‘secular’ ‘democracy’, this candidate is trying his every possible effort to woo ‘hindu’ voters.

Everybody knows that India is divided in states, in cultures, in religions and castes and proud to have its cultural diversity. It sends a message to the world, of ‘unity in diversity’. To protect its diversity and to protect and to nourish values of humanity, India adopted ‘secular democracy’ and constitutionally provides equality on the basis of religion. It further, through various sub arms of government and non government agencies, promote communal harmony, cultural bonds and peaceful existence for all.

Now, at the time, when India has moved ahead on the path of this objective, it is also true that India faced many communal clashes as well, sadly almost all, for getting political benefits. So, clashes on the basis of religion, happened in a secular country due to ‘political motives’ while politics itself is objectively serve function of secular governance.

Unfortunately, recent speech of Mr. Narendra Modi, Present chief Minister of Gujrat (an infamous state for 2002 riots where thousands of people lost their lives in communal clashes and state was allegedly involved in these clashes), who is in the race of Prime Ministership, if his party, BJP comes in power in next elections, comes in the way that seems to be a very idea against the India that we are proud of.

Mr. Modi told that any ‘hindu’ in any country is welcomed in India if they are suffering and when he told that all Bangladeshi 'Hindus' in India must be welcomed and settled by all states of India but Bangladeshi 'infiltrators' need to be detected and deported.

With these statements, he perfectly resembled the indecency as he favors 'inequality' and 'biased' for a particular religion. Even this 'biased' view and approach will not help of anyone.

it is against the very objective of 'unity in diversity'.It is against constitution as well and a form of discrimination. It is a form of corruption, to woo the voters, to make your mindsets corrupt, to destroy your cultural and religious diversity, to make you differentiate between the sufferings of pain of Hindu and non Hindu. He also forget to recognize the pain of refugees and migrants at large who migrate from their home country in search of security, employment, better living etc. He also forget to recognize that such migrations are all over the globe and apart from morality and humanity, it is also accepted as per international law where it was told that there is need to provide shelter to those who are leaving their home countries and migrated to other.

Amazingly, when I shared only few lines and condemned this speech of Modi ji on social media (at my facebook wall), few supporters came to comment, and even told that it is only hindu who are coming to India as refugee because they are threatened with the forced conversion of religion. Comments also told that as Bangladesh is muslim dominating country, therefore hindus are getting such threats. I really feel sad for such many people, who are still unable to think beyond the box. I feel sad for such people because they see migration and refuge only because of one cause, i.e. forced conversion, and they at this understanding fail to recognize other problems of these migrants. They also at the same time become fascist as they favored all hindus on the basis of their religion and opposed all non hindus again on the basis of religion. How can they consider all hindus who are coming are just because of threat and not for any other motive, and how can all non hindus are coming with some ‘bad’ motive and not because of safety, security, stability, poverty, hunger etc?

In my view, no one should be authorized to differentiate between the pain and sufferings of Hindus and Non Hindus and it must not be expected from a prime candidate of primeministership of the world’s largest secular democracy.

I condemn infinite times for this. Do you?

Ravi Nitesh is a Petroleum Engineer, Founder- Mission Bhartiyam, Core Member- Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign
follow on twitter: www.twitter.com/ravinitesh Blog: www.ravinitesh.blogspot.com



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