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Dear Nepal, We Are With You!

By Ravi Nitesh

25 April, 2015

Dear Nepal,

In this moment of grief, sitting far from you, I can just feel the pain with which you are passing through. In this time, it is only you, each and every person of Nepal, who are in our mind and in our prayers. We are not praying for you just because you are a friend or neighbour, instead primarily because you and we are not different. We are same, as we belong to one family, one community, human community.

As our human community has so many divisions on various basis, and even political and national identities are different, but there are also history of efforts where we come to each other, share our success and failures and most importantly, stand united and move together. One such effort is providing us an identity of South Asians, Though, on the large spectrum of human history, it may not be ultimate identity, but for being united in this region that we call South Asia, is definitely a challenge and an opportunity towards a larger objective of being human in real ways, experiencing a member of human community and connected with each other.

As more than 700 people have reported officially till now who lost their lives, I can see what can be unofficial figures. I can see numbers of injured persons and loss of property. There are efforts by people, organisations and even governments to minimise the damage, to save lives, to provide treatment to people, to re store networks of communications. All these post disaster operations are really require lot of support and assistance from many more institutions including governments.

For India, you are an immediate neighbour also, you are a friend and you are very well connected through cultural, geographical, economical relations and therefore people in general here are more concerned for you. There are people in so many cities of India, whose some relative or friends are in Nepal. Tremors in Nepal, were felt in Indian states also geographically and were mapped on Richter scale, but there are tremors in hearts of people here, unmapped, untold.

My purpose of writing to you is to promise you for standing together with you and to promise you to assist in best manner for your help.

I also hope that South Asian Governments will stand together in this moment and will extend their support through joining hands for assisting you in relief work. I also see that such actions need to be prompt and can be helpful in not only rebuilding a Nepal with its infrastructural support, but on the strong foundations of fraternity, cooperation and unity. Such steps will be real measures of South Asian identities. I also hope that such cooperation may extend to an extent where a joint network of disaster risk reduction and relief can be created, operated and maintained to help in Disaster risk management.

I convey my deepest condolences with people who lost their lives. I convey my prayers with all who are affected with disaster.

Your friends from India,

Ravi Nitesh
Founder-Mission Bhartiyam, Convenor- Bharat Nepal Paraspar Samvaad, Secretary- South Asian Fraternity
Connect with My tweets @ravinitesh | My blog @ ravinitesh.blogspot.in







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