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Social Justice And Gender Minority: On World Social Justice Day, 20 Feb

By Ravi Nitesh

19 February, 2013

Social justice, a term that get developed to recognize the need of equality and justice that is very required for harmonious society. In Indian context, social justice becomes more important , and it is because of its diversified culture, languages, caste and religion. These diverse culture, on one side make it unique in its formation as a Nation-State, on the other side it becomes a region of internal conflicts due to different interests of various groups. India adopted its constitution with provisions and laws that can help in building an equal and fair society. Government and Non Government organizations and individuals are paying their role to get the concept of equality in more practical ways. Though, in spite of all such efforts, we see the inequality on basis of gender and region, caste and religion and on economic basis, that still persists in our society.

Whenever we talk about equality on the basis of gender, we start debates over women rights and start looking over the provisions through which women can get equal status as men. However, we leave the third gender in this case. In the society as a whole, male and female consists almost full society on the basis of gender, but there is a tiny gap in making the number hundred percent, this gap is due to third gender, yes, people who are neither male nor female. Hence, on the basis of count , this third gender belongs to 'minority' on the basis of 'gender' . This 'gender minority' get sidelined by the gender majority (male and female gender together) and then again gender majority has its separation in male and female. At the time, when we demand the equality for women, we always forget that the we are not raising voice for the third part without which gender equality will not get completed.

Third gender persons are still could not get included with mainstream society. They are still trying to build their identity to get equal respect by all of us. We, as a society are least careful for them. The sad part is that even government(s) are not very much concerned about them. Though in major cities, we can see them as a successful one with various profession, but in fact these are very few, and in general, they are not getting the required status that they must get as a respected human being. We see that some of them , sometimes try to hide their identity just because of shame, we see that a common person many times make their joke.

On the social justice day, it must be a responsibility of all of us to understand the problems and to make efforts to include them in mainstream society. apart from efforts and measures of government, it must come from society itself as the real meaning of social justice will be fruitful when justice of equality, respect and rights will be provided within society by the society and for the society and society itself get formed with all human being with respect towards their individual / group identity and on the basis of mutual respect for each other without any discrimination.

Ravi Nitesh is Founder-Mission Bhartiyam www.missionbharatiyam.org
[email protected]





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