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Inequality In Right To Vote: Migration And Vote

By Ravi Nitesh

08 February, 2013

Right is something that must be available to us in all conditions. When we talk about democracy, we favor rights to be followed for sure. In theory, there are many things that should be, while in behavior, many things get changed and lacked the execution of its theoretical part (or an ideal part). In any democracy, vote is the most powerful to be proud of. It is the tool through which people can elect their representatives. In other world, because democracy is a system for the people by the people of the people, people are in core of democracy and their participation get ensured through cast of vote. Vote is the base of any democracy. People vote and form the (their) government. 

Now, in another side, here in India, we all know the process of formation of this democratic (?) government. People have their right to vote but they never understood its as duty. It is the government and non government groups who always try to aware people to cast their vote for making their representation stronger. There are various other things where we lack, these things are: Less percentage of voting or in other words , no voting by many citizens, Vote on the name of caste and religion, corruption during vote. These things are pre-voting problems however post voting challenges are also many. 

Now, if we will talk about first pre voting challenge, we will get the point of less voting. Obviously, there are people who do not vote. Some claims that voting must be made compulsory and then atleast people will vote. Some claims that when they do not see any candidate eligible and good then why and how they can vote? and part of these people actually demand right to rejection option. Some challenge the whole system of vote and claims through mathematical equations that actually after vote , the person who get victory as people's representative is actually representative of only 30 to 40% of total people in constituency and therefore actually this person is not a representative of 60% of people. On this basis they claims the loopholes and ineligibility of democratic voting systems. 

Vote is our right and we think this right must be available to all if they want to vote. Actually it is, but what about those who are migrated? 

Large number of people migrate from their place to big cities in search of employment, higher education, opportunities etc. At the time of vote, these people cannot go to their home district to cast their vote. Other means available to vote (such as postal ballot system ) is too complicated to use. Then how can they participate in voting? In our general discussion about this, we get points :

Why you are worrying about these people, why do not you work for people who are still there in district but not casting vote?  Actually it is because what i am saying is about right. If someone is there in that district, he/she can vote and can use right. It depends on his/her wish whether he/she use it or not but how can anyone who are living in other city but desire to cast the vote? How can he/she will use right to vote? is it not denial of this right?

Why do you think that they should get right to vote in other city? why do not those who want to vote, come to their district on the day of vote? It is because people who are living outside get their leaves with difficulty. They also spend money in travelling long distances. 

Infact . all questions re necessary to address to make our democracy stronger. We all have to work together for this. But can we really get any solution for these migrated people to ensure their vote as per their wish and desire? Actually, presently we are not doing this. But it is really something like denial of right. It must not be there. Our election commission still could not provide any such solution to get it fulfilled.  Are we really agree in lack of expertise? No, we do not. Its actually lack of determination. We must get involved the think tanks to start brain storming over the issue and certainly we will get the result. We , as a country have every capability to do that, from expertise to get the idea till its execution and technical developments. 

Ravi Nitesh Petroleum Engineer | Founder-Mission Bhartiyam  www.twitter.com/ravinitesh  |  www.ravinitesh.blogspot.com  | [email protected]





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