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Palestine Celebrates Hope

By Dr Salim Nazzal

22 December, 2011

On the eve of Christmas the PLO made a Youtube video about the general view of Christmas in Palestine. The name chosen for the Tube is beautiful,” Palestine Celebrating Hope”. Therefore I chose it to be the title of this article.


It is about a Palestinian child who watches the Zionist culture of fear in Palestine, which is the daily arrests, attacks, brutality, and the land grabbing. The Cutting down of Palestinian trees in order to build a racist wall, that turns Bethlehem and Palestine into a massive prison. The message of the Zionist is clear: it was expressed very well by an Israeli soldier who told Palestinians at a checkpoint, “you are animals and you should be locked in”!!


The Palestinian child watches the tanks go around Bethlehem, as all Palestinians do on a daily basis, but today we need to remind the world yet again on this Christmas eve when millions of humans chant for peace on earth, there is still no peace in Palestine. The apartheid state of Israel is still terrorizing a whole nation and is still escaping international punishment. However, at the end of the U tube the child opened a hole in the racist wall and sees the real view of Palestine. She sees the grand mosque standing alongside the great churches. This is the Palestine fundamental Zionist Jews seeks to destroy. Our view of Palestine is that all can live and coexist regardless of faith, but the Zionist view is based on excluding all non Jews, and that is the reason for the conflict in Palestine.

Therefore let me remind the Israeli Jews who are oppressing my nation in Palestine that you are on the wrong side of history. Your oppression and occupation gave you no results because Palestinians will never give up their right to live as a free nation. Your racist ideology only leads you from war to war and from conflict to conflict. Try to learn from the white South Africans who realized they are fighting for the wrong cause. They face the truth bravely and they now live in harmony with other South Africans.

From this general picture of Palestine under the Zionist terror we go to an ordinary story of a Palestinian lady.

On the 19th of December Samira the wife of the Palestinian ambassador in London Manuel Hasaseian lost her life.

According the Maan news agency Israeli authorities forced the wife of the Palestinian ambassador to the UK to return to Jerusalem to renew her residency status at a time when she was going through chemotherapy treatment, British media reported on Friday.

Samira Hassassian died aged 57 after she contracted a virus on the return flight to the UK in the midst of her cancer treatment, her husband Manuel told The Guardian newspaper.

For any who is wondering why Samira had to go to Palestine to renew her residency, it is because she is from Jerusalem. According to the Israeli apartheid law any Palestinian who leaves Jerusalem for more than two years he or she loses their rights as a Jerusalemite. The Zionist goal is very clear; it is to make Jerusalem a city only for the Polish, Russian, and American Jews, but not for its native Palestinian citizens.

Imagine if Europe applied this law on Jews, any Jew leaving London for over two years loose his right of being a citizen of London. Imagine France applying this law on Jews. Any Jew leaving Paris over two years loses his right to be a citizen of Paris. You all know what the Zionist reaction would be. Zionists would use all their propaganda to say the “whole world” oppresses the Jews (which is typical Zionist expression!).

But after about a century of confronting Zionists, Palestinians know that Zionists are not only occupiers, thieves, liars, but also the best of deceivers. Yet luckily we now begin to see hope. The Zionists ugly face has become more known. This indicates as the stars of Bethlehem told us that a new era will be born. It is enough to say that the extreme right movements in Europe are now the only friends to the state of Israel. From your friend I know who you are!

Let me say few words to Palestine ambassador in London. Dear Dr Manawel: I express my warmest condolence, and I tell you few words you know it very well. Samira paid the price of being Palestinian in the Zionist brutal age. But one day, I am sure that Zionism and Zionists will be only a black page in the history of Palestine.

Lastly I quote from the great Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish

“Here on the slopes of hills, facing the dusk and the cannon of time
Close to the gardens of broken shadows,
We do what prisoners do
And what the jobless do
We cultivate the hope”

Merry Christmas and happy New Year

Dr. Salim Nazzal, a Palestinian-Norwegian historian on the Middle East, He has written extensively on social and political issues in the region.




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