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Stop Running After Illusions In The Negotiating With Israel!

By Dr Salim Nazzal

07 August, 2013

In September 1993 the PLO committed the biggest political crime in the history of the conflict with Israel. It went into a negotiation without any international reference, in this case the UN resolutions. Which is a political suicide in the current unbalance of power between the occupied Palestinians and the Israeli occupiers.

It has become clear even to a six grade Palestinian pupil that Israel is using the negotiating as a cover. Its aim is to increase the settlements and the settlers to create a reality on the ground, something which Israel did and still doing.

In these years Palestinians went from negotiation to another, from Oslo, to Taba to Minneapolis.

In addition to the other hundreds of pre negotiations and negotiations, with different Israeli government and the result is still zero, but the result of settlement expansion has become monstrous.

The one who tries the same thing experienced and well known from before has a damaged mind, a Palestinian proverb says. But the Palestinian Authority does not seem to have heard of this proverb or chose so. They try again and again the same thing.

There is absolutely not one single factor playing for the Palestinian side at the moment: the major factor was and still, that the state of Israel has never heartily recognized the right of Palestinians to self determination. And the second factor that there has never been a serious international pressure on Israel to do that.

And in the current ultra right government the last intention of Netanyahu is to go into serious negotiations. Other factors such as the Palestinian divisions which Israel plays on all the time, and the current instability in the Arab region are not on the side of Palestinians to say the least.

The argument that says that Palestinians went to negotiations to avoid the American pressure is absurd. In fact Palestinians have nothing to lose of the American pressure. They can dissolve the PA, and let the US and Israel takes the consequences. And this undoubtedly is the worst scenario for Israel and the US.
But most importantly the PA must listen to the voice of its own people where the majority of Palestinians have no belief in this negotiation. They simply have zero confidence in Israel, and no confidence that the Us is a fair broker.

A Palestinian political analyst wonders if the Palestinians who went to this negotiation expect a miracle and Netanyahu and his team changed from land grabber to peaceful people over night!
Force the answer is obvious to anybody knows this man .Netanyahu represents a government of settlers which never believe of just peace.

So the question is, what has changed that Palestinians go into a negotiation everybody knows its results in advance? This is indeed the question most Palestinians asked when they heard about resuming the negotiation with Israel.

The fact remains that unless Palestinians stand firm in their position towards the UN resolutions as a framework for any negations with Israel the whole thing is a repeated corrupted show.

Dr. Salim Nazzal, a Palestinian-Norwegian historian on the Middle East, He has written extensively on social and political issues in the region.





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