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Hush Money For HRW? George Soros And The $100 Million “Gift”

By Thomas C. Mountain

24 September, 2010

George Soros is a shrewd, ruthless, billionaire Western businessman. Heavy hitters like him just do not give away large sums of money, in this case, $100 million dollars to Human Rights Watch, out of the goodness of their hearts.

In some circles George Soros is considered to be a financial terrorist, who counts among his latest victims the PIGS family, as in Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. In the shadowy world of 21st Century finance, George Soros and his ilk can bring nations such as the PIGS to the brink of collapse, with their populations seeing their jobs, pensions and medical care disappearing into the offshore accounts of Soros and his fellow money mongers. This, of course, is nothing new, for Soros has been destabilizing and carrying out regime change for decades going back to his financial attacks on the Malaysian government for having the temerity, for amongst other things, to criticize Israel.

Far more sinister than the financial terror wreaked upon the world by Soros is the political havoc that he has caused under the guise of “democratic elections”. B,R or S its called, buy, rig or steal, George Soros has done it all. Under the code names of the “Orange Revolution”, the “Rose Revolution” and just plain “Unnoticed Revolutions” a long series of electoral coup d’etats have been carried out with the financial support of George Soros, all to often in close cooperation with the CIA.

One of his favorite targets has been the former Soviet Union states, though his electoral crime sprees aren't limited to such.

A sovereign nation such as Norway, even if it has troops in Afghanistan, has much less blood on its hands than the likes of George Soros.

So why does HRW take his filthy lucre, all $100 million worth? To start with, HRW isn't the only human rights group or non governmental organization to do so. For decades now George Soros has been spreading the loot around, buying good will and keeping the inevitable criticism muted or when impossible to silence, feeble and short lived.

All one has to do is go back over the history of George Soros involvement in political crimes and misdemeanors and you will find a serious hush falls over HRW’s coverage of the events.

Can anyone find any serious example of HRW every calling Soros out for his dirty deeds? Or Amnesty International for that matter?

For someone like George Soros, whose wealth puts him far above most of the nations in the world, $100 million tax deductible dollars is a cheap price to pay for a very effective peace of good public relations, and with the connivance of the corporate media in the west, hush money well spent.

Thomas C. Mountain
Asmara, Eritrea
thomascmountain at yahoo dot com