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Tear Gas “Democracy”

By Thomas C. Mountain

02 July, 2013

CS gas, disingenuously called “tear gas” by the western media, is
poisonous and can, and regularly does, kill people. The use of
poisonous gas, toxic chemical sprays like mace, high velocity steel
slugs coated with rubber and if these aren't enough, bone breaking,
skull cracking police baton charges have become standard operating
procedures in to many “democratic” countries to list.

The very word “democratic” has been bastardized to the point where it
stands next to “terrorism” in the extent of its misuse.

“Democracy; government by the people, exercised directly OR through
elected representatives...Democratic; of or for the people in
general; popular...Believing in or practicing social equality”
(American Heritage College Dictionary).

In other words if a country’s leaders are not popular amongst its own
people and there is no social equality in the country then that
country is NOT democratic. Also one has to note that a country does
NOT have to have elections to be democratic if that country’s leaders
are in fact doing what their people want.

With the airwaves these days filled with brutal examples of tear gas
“democracy” in action it is surely past time for those of us who are
looking for a way out of this growing global crisis to begin
questioning the very definition of what a “democratic” system of life
is really all about.

We hear so much about “corruption” from those most corrupt themselves.
What is a “campaign contribution” of tens of thousands of dollars made
by a businessperson to a politician? Or a $100 million from a bankster
or financial terrorist to a human rights organization or ngo? A
contribution towards good government or for the good of humanity(LOL)?
Or is it just plain common sense that they want something in return,
influence or favors and are giving cold hard cash in exchange?

“Bribe; something offered or given to a person in a position of trust
to influence that person’s views or conduct” (ibid.).

Simply put, campaign contributions by those seeking a favor in return
is bribery, corruption in essence, no matter how many laws are passed
making it all “legal”.

The fact is without “campaign contributions”, a.k.a. bribery, western
style “democracy” simply cannot function. Could Obama, Merkel, Cameron
or any of the western (or increasingly third world) leaders fund their
multimillion (or $billion) national campaigns with out taking bribes,
engaging in corruption?

With western style “tear gas” democracy having taken over most of the
world shouldn't we be taking a second look at those countries that
take care of their people first and foremost and quit being
constipated with die hard beliefs in the sacredness of “elections”?
Especially when these elections are undeniably bought and paid for by
the anti social equality brigands known as the 1%?

There is so much tear gas democracy these days you can almost taste it
coming out of your tv screen and I can only be thankful that I live in
a country where I don't have to worry about such. For the police here
don’t have any poisonous gas, toxic chemical sprays, body armor and
riot shields, steel bullets coated with rubber or instruments used to
electrocute people such as tazers. As a matter of fact our police
don't even carry firearms, that's left to the army defending our

But then I live in a country that is reviled as “undemocratic” by
those who are bribed, or blinded by tear gas democracy.

Thomas C. Mountain is the most widely distributed independent
journalist in Africa, living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. He
can be reached at thomascmountain_at_yahoo_dot_com





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