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Israeli Troops Withdraw - Fail To Reoccupy Gaza. The Palestinian Resistance Has Triumphed Once Again!!

By Feroze Mithiborwala

07 August, 2014

So now all Israeli soldiers have withdrawn from Gaza. The Israeli Offence Force (IOF) claims to have accomplished its mission of destroying tunnels. Though they caused far more human damage with more than 1800 dead, of whom 80% are children & women, another 10,000 grievously maimed and injured, the total destruction of Palestinian social infrastructure with more than 300 schools, 6000 homes, water & sewage pipelines, electric cables & stations - all utterly destroyed.

Yes, but what have they achieved?

Yes, they have destroyed tunnels - which will be built once again within the next 6 months . . .

Yes, they have killed many innocent children, whose pure souls will now go to heaven and further convince God to help their people end the Israeli occupation and grant the Palestinian People their freedom.

The Israelis' have not been able to ethnically cleanse, conquer & occupy Gaza as was the original plan. They have failed to do so by waging a series of war since 2008-09, then in 2012 & now again in 2014.

The Resistance has refused to yield & agree to a mere cease-fire, but have stated that the "Siege of Gaza" has to end, as was mutually agreed upon in the aftermath of the Israeli war of 2012. The Resistance stood by its agreement with relative peace for the last two years, whereas the Israeli's refused to end the siege. The siege must be brought to an end whereby the basic human-rights of the 1.8 million Palestinian-Gazan population is guaranteed. The Resistance has also offered a 10-year truce, which again the Israeli's are clearly not interested in.

The Israeli's are neither interested in any serious & lasting peace process, leading to a Two-State Solution. Those, in their sheer ignorance who continue to blame the Palestinians for not making the hard compromises, are entirely unaware of the simple fact, that the Palestinians have already made a historic compromise wherein they are willing to settle only for 22% of historic Palestine, namely, only the West Bank & Gaza - with East Jerusalem as the capital.

There is no further compromise that can be expected from the Palestinians. The solution stands right there & it is basically for Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders & agree to the establishment of Palestine.

This even as the Zionists cabal in Tel Aviv, continues to build Settlements across the West Bank, with more than 500,000 Jewish armed & crazed zealots based across the occupied lands. This even as the 750 km long Apartheid Wall continues to imprison more than 25 lakh Palestinians within the West Bank, as are the 18 lakh Gazan population. The Palestinian populations live in the largest open-air-prison & are veritable Nazi concentration camps.

But yet, the Resistance has once again proved its strength & resilience in the face of overwhelming odds, due to the very asymmetrical & skewed nature of the balance of power, both in terms of the advanced armaments, as well as the political & economic power of their Western backers & regional collaborators.

The Resistance will not surrender & will not be defeated.

Israel has lost more friends & allies in the last 20 odd days and more and more people and nations across the world are now clear & determined in their opposition to Israel & full well understand the Apartheid-Fascist character of the Judeo-Nazi Occupation. There have been unprecedented & massive sustained protests across practically every nation across the world. The Bolivarian nations of South America have led the way, where Bolivia has declared Israel as a terrorist state.

That even as Western Jewry, increasingly shameful of Israel's genocidal nature, are increasingly disassociating from Israel's war crimes, by stating - "Not in Our Name". The Jewish people with their own memories of the Nazi Holocaust are drawing clear parallels between the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the resistance & plight of the Gazan people.

We have also witnessed unprecedented protests across the length & breadth of India and clearly once again the Indian people are mobilising to support the Palestinian freedom struggle, which has always been a part of India's anti-colonial tradition. Thus both at the UNHCR, as well as the resolution by the NAM, India's has signed on to both resolutions that essentially support the Palestinian position. This is despite the fact that today we have a right of centre government in New Delhi. Clearly India's founding principles are abiding.

Thus apart from the Imperial powers and the Transnational Corporate-Military-Industrial-Media Complex, Israel has no friends in the moral world, or rather in the true "international community"!

And now for the next phase of the struggle - a massive & sustained Global Intifada calling for the total isolation & boycott of Apartheid Israel.


We will continue to march, protest, demonstrate, speak, light candles, distribute pamphlets, boycott all Israeli, US & EU products, lobby with our governments & elected representatives, with the UN, NAM and all international bodies.
We will continue to organize land convoys & flotillas to end the Siege of Gaza.
We will continue to march till the Apartheid Wall finally Falls & all the Check-Points are dismantled.
We will continue to march till all the prisoners are released.
We will continue to march towards Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine.
We will continue to Resist - till Palestine is Free.

In Solidarity with the Global Intifada!!

Feroze Mithiborwala is the, Founder-General Secretary, India Palestine Solidarity Forum - IPSF)
Coordinator of the First Asian Convoy to Gaza & the Asian People's Solidarity for Palestine (APSP)
Central Committee, Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ)



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