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Moscow Terror: CIA-Saudi-Mossad Operation?

By Feroze Mithiborwala

02 April, 2010

Mr. Putin vowed vengeance. "A crime that is terrible in its consequences and heinous in its manner has been committed," he said. "The terrorists will be destroyed." (March 29, Monday)

G-8 Foreign Ministers Meeting: Foreign ministers of the leading industrial powers and Russia discussed nuclear non-proliferation and Iran, at a meeting near the Canadian capital, Ottawa. The ministers, preparing for the annual G8 summit in Canada in late June, are urging "strong steps" to curb Iran's nuclear program. (March 30th, Tuesday)

U.S. President Barack Obama says he wants to see a tough new round of sanctions against Iran taken up by the UN Security Council "within weeks." (March 31st, Wednesday)

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has warned that imposing new sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program would be a very dangerous step. He suggested that new Iran sanctions might even lead to war. "We don't want to repeat in Iran what happened in Iraq" (March 10, 2010)


The Russians have been convulsed by a spate of three terror attacks targeting Moscow as well as the regions of Chechnya, Ingushetia & Dagestan. The immediate fallout has been a heightened phase of Islamophobia across the global airwaves.

It has also taken the focus away from the growing schisms within the US-Israeli tensions over the so-called ‘peace process’ with Palestine & Israel is busy as usual bombing Gaza, with Netanyahu venting his frustrations in a Freudian fit of rage.

During the same period, the G-8 Foreign Ministers Summit was being held in Canada, where the focus was on the threat of ‘International Terror’ & the ‘Iran Nuclear Programme’.

And remarkably now there is a growing consensus within the G-8 as well as China with regards to sanctions against Iran.

"China has agreed to sit down and begin serious negotiations here in New York... as a first step toward getting the entire UN Security Council on board with a tough sanctions regime against Iran," Susan Rice, the American ambassador to the UN, told CNN (Wednesday, March 31).

The terror attacks seemed to have achieved their political & strategic objectives.

But firstly let us analyse the terror attack itself. The Moscow Subway terror occurred on the 29th of March, a very significant day, which is the eve of the “Palestine Land Day” & the “International Week for the Boycott of Apartheid Israel”. Last year on the 30th of March, there was a high profile terror attack on the Manavan Police station near Lahore in Pakistan, which captivated the International media & their audiences, thus successfully relegating the global "Boycott Israel" mobilization to the background.

Thus, firstly this attack has well has been timed to counter the growing worldwide 'Israel Boycott Movement'. The strategic period & the timing of the terror attacks are a pointer to the powers behind the perpetrators.

And there are no coincidences in Politics!!

Soon after the terror attack, fingers of suspicion pointed towards terrorists from the ‘North Caucasus’ & Chechen terror groups were suspected. The attacks are believed to be the handiwork of two women suicide bombers of North Caucasian origin, called as the ‘Black Widows’. Someone as ridiculous as the ‘Russian Bin Laden’ also cropped up. More than a 100 false terror alerts were received, a suicide belt was 'found' near the FSB office (Federal Security Bureau, former KGB) & this continued to unsettle the Muscovites.

Soon the internet was raging with stories & animated chat room discussions of the possible hand of the CIA-Saudi Intel & the Mossad.

Thereafter, on the 31st of March Doku Umarov, who is supposedly the ‘Emir of the North Caucasus’, claimed responsibility for the attack.

There was also a denial by Shemsettin Batukaev, a spokesman for the ‘Caucasus Emirate’ organization who said that “We did not carry out the attack in Moscow, and we don’t know who did it. (Reuters)

On searching for the obvious & deep links that Chechen terrorists have with the CIA, one will find that Doku Umarov’s links to the CIA have been removed from the Internet!!

Shades of David Headley & Ken Haywood in India, I must add.

But fortunately Umarov's links to the Saudis are even deeper!!

Doku Umarov was named amongst the most influential Muslims of the world in the 2009 list of 500 compiled by the Prince Al-Valid ben Talyalya American Centre of Muslim-Christian Understanding (ACMCU) at the Georgetown University (USA).

Umarov is presented in the list as "the head of Ichkeria Caucasian Emirate". The BBC adds that the title of the most influential Muslim of the world was awarded by the ACMCU, which is funded by the Prince Al-Valid ben Talyalya, to the King of Saudi Arabia. (Nov 28 2009).

The whereabouts of Mr. Umarov are not known & nobody seems to be asking the question. Is he in the Caucasus or in Riyadh or in Miami . . . ??

Doku Umarov is also very closely connected to Brigadier General Ruslan Saidov (head of the Istanbul Bureau of the External Agencies of the Republic of Ichkeria & the FAR WEST LTD, a front company based in Dubai). Ruslan Saidov was himself closely connected to the late Turki bin Faisal, who was the head of Saudi Intelligence & ambassador to the US. Saidov was also actively associated with al-Walid who was the Saudi intelligence operative in the Caucasus (Anton Baumgarten, editor of Left.ru).

Last September, Russian-backed Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov said that he had good reason to believe the US and Britain were covertly aiding the Chechen rebels: "We are fighting U.S. and British special services in the mountains.” (Reuters)

Further is the case of Rizvan Chitigov, the number three man in the Chechen insurgency. He was known as "the American", because he had lived in the US for years & "Marine" because he is said to have been trained & graduated from an elite subversive and reconnaissance school and had signed on to the marine squad. According to the Moscow News, "Chitigov had a green card — a permanent residence permit in the U.S."

The Russian government openly accused him of being a CIA agent. Aleksandr Zdanovich, head of Russia’s Federal Security Service Directorate for Cooperation Programmes, told "Russia Today", "Rezvan Chitigov, who I have named and whose photo I have shown you from the computer, lived in the USA for a long time. There are very serious grounds for suspecting him to be a CIA agent.”

American & Saudi presence in the North Caucasus region, as well as the deep Israeli presence in Georgia & Turkmenistan, have a measure of great strategic depth, more than sufficient enough to cause a major upheaval or a crisis for Moscow, whenever the need arises for Washington DC, Tel Aviv, London or Riyadh.

Also do note the relationship between the now-exiled Russian Zionist Oligarchs, who in the Yeltsin Vodka days, pillaged & monopolised the Russian economy. It was Putin who challenged their vice like grip & rescued Russia. The Zionist Oligarchs have very deep ties with Israel, America & Western Europe & within, ties with the Russian Mafia. There is also a strong connection between the Chechen rebels & the Zionist Oligarchs. Boris Berezovsky, Oleg Deripaska, Leonid Nevzlin, Roman Abramovich, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Arkady Gaydamask, Vladimir Gusinsky, Seymour Kislin & Michael Chernoy amongst others comprise this Russian Jewish Zionist global cabal & each of them have an axe to grind with Vladimir Putin & they are united in his destruction.

To further understand the situation in greater detail, I decided to speak to Mr. Israel Shamir, a Russian Israeli & a prolific anti-Zionist writer, who fortunately for me happened to be in Moscow. I requested him to offer his assessment of the terror attack & the political fallout, to which he kindly agreed.

Mr. Israel Shamir stated that “the first strategic objective of the terror attack was to weaken Vladimir Putin, as he has been the pillar of the Russian nationalist revival & has successfully countered the Americans as well as neutralized the Israeli Zionist Lobby in Russia & across the region.”

He also stated that “the economic travails within Russia are leading to an anti-Putin mood amongst the people & the terror attacks will also strive to drive a wedge between President Putin & PM Medvedev, though the two continued to enjoy a strong friendship, but they were forces at work, that sought to break this bond & thus weaken Russia.”

The second objective, he further said “is to create an atmosphere of Islamophobia, thus pressurizing Russia to join the sanctions regime against Iran.”

But Mr. Israel Shamir stated that the Russian people are basically committed to the struggle against the hegemony of America, Israel & Western Europe, but yet he was concerned.

Interestingly, he said that the general discussion amongst the Russian people was the plausibility of the involvement of the CIA-MOSSAD-SAUDI INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES in the Moscow subway terror attack.


Soon after the attack, Gordon Duff who is a very prolific writer & a Marine Vietnam Veteran, advocating the rights of 23 million veterans, made the following three points.1) The Article was titled: Terrorism, Always Suspect A False Flag First. 2) "Who benefits from today’s attack on Moscow?" 3) "Intelligence agencies are, in actuality, the biggest terrorist organizations in the world."

Certain excerpts are reproduced below:

“An educated guess is that 75% of terrorist attacks we hear of were staged, never happened or were done by “radical groups” that were first infiltrated, then controlled and eventually financed and supplied by intelligence agencies. Intelligence agencies are, in actuality, the biggest terrorist organizations in the world. The CIA has blown up more buses, airplanes and markets than any almost anyone else. The Mossad may be number one, followed by, well, everyone, the RAW, ISI, MI-6, IRA and dozens of others.”

“We now use terms like “Low Intensity Conflict” and “Surrogacy Warfare” to describe terrorism operated by governments against either foreign governments or, more often, their own people. Most “false flag” attacks are used to influence elections or to push through “Patriot Act” and “FISA” type legislation or to justify acts like the invasion of Iraq. Control of both the press and any potential investigation makes such operations a mainstream effort of national policy, so commonplace that those who work in intelligence or at the highest levels of law enforcement automatically write off major terrorism incidents as staged.”

“The primary groundwork for terrorism is control of the press and the molding of public opinion. With foreign governments with highly suspect intelligence agencies infiltrating the press, as they have in the United States, there is little doubt that providing cover for “false flag” terrorism is in the cards.”

And I might add that the above statements hold true for India, as they would for practically the overwhelming number of nations across the world.


Undoubtedly the greatest strategic target is the neutralization or the destruction of Iran, with the attendant 'Regime Change' & this is the shared objective of the USA, Israel, Western Europe & Saudi Arabia.

The reasons are primarily two-fold.

1) Israel's expansionist & hegemonic designs, which include the total ethnic cleansing of all of the Palestinian population from all of historic Palestine &

2) Iran's Natural Gas Resources, which are a threat to the existing international energy architecture.

As for the first point, the total transfer of the Palestinian population to Jordan has been a stated objective of all the dominant political, military & religious leadership across the spectrum within Israel, as well as within the rabid Zionist diaspora. It is clear that they cannot achieve this objective as the Israeli military could not defeat the Hezbollah (2006) or even the Hamas (2008-09). The Israeli's have realised & rightly so, that the only major stumbling block, or rather nation that stands between them & their diabolical objectives is Iran & thus the Iranophobia that is being sought to be created.

For Israel to achieve this objective, they will have to drag in America into the war, which they successfully achieved in the case of Iraq.

Israel has not only neutralized the other major Arab powers in the region, but Saudi Arabia, Egypt & Jordan are clearly part of the Israel-US alliance.

Israel's deeds over the last few years have made their objectives very clear. The ever increasing Settlements in East Jerusalem & the West Bank, the continued inhuman blockade & bombing of Gaza & the very threat to the Masjid-i-Aqsa & the Dome of the Rock have clearly indicated the Israeli gameplan. Netanyahu's oft repeated claims about Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Eretz Israel leave no doubts in the minds of billions of people across the world.

In this objective, Israels' allies are the Neoconservatives & Christian Zionists within both the Democratic & the Republican parties, as well as within the Military-Intelligence apparatus. The Israeli Zionist Lobby & their myriad organizations cajole & pressurize the Senate & the Congress to support Israel, even over the interests of the USA.

Though that may be slightly cracking. This is mainly due to the resolute resistance of the nations occupied by the USraeli-Nato forces & the both the military losses faced by the American military & the resultant financial drain are weakening the US politically & strategically. US is clearly a superpower on the decline.

The rise of Iran is also the revival of Nationalism in the region & the spread of democracy, which is a clear threat to the existing monarchies & dictatorships. In other words, it is the entire culture of Resistance & National Self-Respect, due to which the Muslim & Arab masses, as well as the rest of the Third World look upon Iran with admiration & hope.

The second core issue is the politics of Energy & the Pipelines.

Here again Iran is emerging as the centre of the future energy market, both in terms of the incredible reserves that it holds, as well as for it's very geographic location. Natural Gas is progressively replacing Crude Oil as the energy of the present & near future, both for Industrial & Public needs. Natural Gas is more cleaner, cheaper & has a higher calorific value.

According to Finian Cunningham, within the Middle East, Iran is the undisputed top holder of Gas Reserves. It's South Pars Gas field is the world's largest & would dwarf the reserves of the Saudi Ghawar Oil-field. Soon he says "Iran will replace Saudi Arabia as the world's beating heart for energy."

Iran will become the major supplier to Europe via the Nabucco pipeline, which will include Turkey, as well at to China via the CIS countries & to India, either via Pakistan or by a direct pipeline across the sea. Both Qatar & the UAE will export their Natural Gas via these pipelines.

Thus Iran becomes the centre, both as the dominant global supplier & the central node for the pipelines.

Currently the Chinese are developing the South Pars fields & will be the largest consumer of Iranian Gas.The Russians who have a monopoly over their Gas supplies to Europe are a bit worried as well. We all know that it is the Russians who are the major providers of nuclear & military hardware & technology to Iran. It is obvious that both the Russians & the Chinese have great economic & strategic stakes in standing with Iran & keeping the US & NATO at bay, but only time will tell. Thus the US fears & rightly so that it will continue to play a diminishing role in the years & decades to come. The Saudis are a mite terrified. Israel is extremely anxious & impatient, just waiting to push the button & usher in Armageddon to the glee of it's maniacal Judeophobic Christian Zionist supporters, who are committed to the belief that requires the genocide of untold millions, if not billions, so that their Messiah will come & rescue a world destroyed by an "Apocalyptic Nuclear War". Unbelievable, but true!


Iran stand encircled on all sides with 32 US bases stationed across the region in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan. The US military buildup is an ongoing process. Israel is conducting aerial sorties as practice runs that will target the Iranian Nuclear reactors. They are conducting these exercises in Arab airspace & I believe that both Saudi Arabia & Jordan will provide them the permission for the aerial route. Mubarak's Egypt has allowed an Israeli Dolphin submarine to make it's way up the Suez Canal.

The "Grand Chessboard" is ready, all the pieces are in place, Mr. Brzezinski.

The American-Israeli sanctions regime will be two-fold. One which will include the consensus at the UNSC & whereby China & Russia will ensure that the sanctions will be specific to the Nuclear issue. But this for the US is important to build international support & isolate Iran. A second sanctions regime that is currently underway will include the dominant Western powers & their cronies & attempt to cripple & thus weaken Iran, prior to the impending war on Iran.

As soon as Iran is attacked & the 'USRael' have identified more than 10,000 targets that include the nuclear, industrial & military-strategic locations to be hit within the span of a few hours.

Iran will promptly respond & firstly block the Strait of Hormuz through which flows 40% of the world's crude supplies. This will send the prices rocketing, crippling the world economy. It too will attack all the US bases across the region with it's short & long range missiles. It's allies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Hamas & the rest of the Palestinian Resistance, Syria & the increasing probabilities of Turkey, will join the war against the US-Israel-Nato forces.

Both the American & Israeli political leadership have publicly threatened Iran with the use of Nuclear weapons, which they will use.

In short WW III !!!

The other Asian, African & South American nations too must stand as one. The people of Europe & America too must rise up against the fascists mass murderers that control their nations.

The region & the world are preparing for this eventuality. The response of Iran & her allies will prove catastrophic to the US-Israel Imperial forces & will sound the death knell of the Empire.

The next two years are critical to the very fate & existence of humanity & the world as we have 'known' it.




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