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The Winds Of Change

By Gulam Mitha

04 May, 2010

“Life must be lived forward, but understood backward” - Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)-- Danish philosopher and theologian

People ask: why should they care about what has happened in the past? As an answer I came upon this excellent explanation about importance of history. It is important to reflect upon the past to gain access to the laboratory of human experience and to learn from past mistakes.

I’ve always had a passion for history but over the past decade my attention has shifted to Muslim history, the one I was most ignorant of. An unbiased historical recount of Muslim history is contained in Syed Amir Ali’s book “The Spirit of Islam” written in 1891. Syed Amir Ali was a jurist, historian and philosopher. The book, among others, is a historical reflection of how, time and time again, Muslims have gone wrong after Prophet Mohammed (SAW) 1400 years ago. Amir Ali has also provided a historical background of how and, under what circumstances, the wrongs have been rectified. In Muslim history, the first wrong was committed by Yezid ibn Mua’wiya (645 – 683 AD) when he usurped the fundamentals of Islam after the death of his father Mua’wiya in 680 AD, only five decades after the passing of the prophet. Husayn ibn Ali (RA), the grandson of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) stood up against Yezid. Husayn was martyred in the battle of Karbala in 680 AD and 3 years later, Yezid died under mysterious circumstances. However what followed was that for several decades no Muslim leader ever tried to usurp the fundamentals of Islam.

Muslims have witnessed their nadir when corruption has crept into the souls of Muslim leaders due to material greed and when the teachings of Islam have been discarded. When that has happened the ummah (community) has suffered from the greed of leadership. Wrong becomes right in every respect and the teachings of Islam as per the Holy Quran and Prophet Mohammed (SAW) are given a wrongful interpretation by Muslim leaders for whom absolute power become fundamental. The worse sufferers under such leadership are those who’re scholars and pious Muslims. The leaders drive them underground, persecute or kill them.

The next best narration of Muslim history—past and present—has been provided by Mr. Zaid Hamid of BrassTacks in his video series based on the writings of a Persian visionary Naimat Ullah Shah Wali some 900 years ago. I consider Zaid Hamid as a honest scholar and historian besides being a geo-political defense analyst. Unfortunately a fanatical religious group in Pakistan has directly accused Zaid of their leader Jalalpuri’s murder without any evidence and Pakistan’s police have complied in naming Zaid in the FIR. Fact of the matter is that Zaid is not tolerated by Pakistani leadership because he has exposed their corrupt and evil ways .

The two groups of Muslims that are suffering the most—hunted and killed like animals in a slaughterhouse—are Palestinians, predominantly in Gaza and, Pashtuns in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I do not need to write about their sufferings as they are well chronicled. Let alone raising a voice against their plights by Muslim leaders, the unfortunate part is that Muslim leaders with the exception of Iran are complicit with western nations in causing their sufferings. Pakistan and Egypt are the most prominent example. In return for monetary aid which does not benefit the citizens, the political and military leadership is directly and indirectly abetting the mass genocide of its innocent civilians and of the Pashtuns and Palestinians by the Zionists forces under the guise of fighting terrorism.

How long will the genocide of Iraqis, Palestinians and Afghans continue? Never in history has darkness so much overshadowed the entire Muslim world as it has in the past 10 years. Never have Muslims been massacred as they’re today, genocide committed from within and without. Never has injustice and greed been so prevalent and never has Muslim leadership been so corrupt. Muslims are prisoners in their own lands, day in and night out living in fear asking one simple question: of what crime are we guilty of? Certainly not terrorism because they’re victims and not perpetrators of terrorism. Same question is being asked by the inmates of Guantanamo, by Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and by the freedom fighters, labeled as terrorists, whose land are occupied by criminals.

The change in the form of a revolution is bound to come. Conducting a geo-political analysis of the prevailing situation in Pakistan leads us to conclude that the US and NATO seek the denuclearization of Pakistan as a principal goal. The most probable modus operandi would be to cause anarchy with the help of the current corrupt political leadership who’re obviously willing partners. When that will happen, the only recourses for Pakistan’s military leadership would be to topple the political machinery from its roots or to let the nation disintegrate as was the case of Iraq. Certainly they cannot permit disintegration of Pakistan a second time. The military will act to save Pakistan and under such circumstances—saved from a near collapse and occupation—will not be capable of political control as they will need to regroup with the help of the one country which it can turn to. China. The helm of political leadership in Pakistan will have to be handed over to the nationalists while the military regroups. New alliances will have to be chalked out for ensuring national security under a military-politico leadership.

Pakistan will be the change. The US-NATO forces under the Zionist agenda will have to abandon Afghanistan following the change that will sweep the Muslim world. Iran will likely emerge as the strongest Muslim country and other Muslim countries will revolt against its western oppressors and occupiers. The winds of change will herald a new beginning for Muslims and a new Muslim leader will herald the re-establishment of Islam under the universal black flag. But, as in any revolution, there will have to be sacrifices and Muslims will have to be prepared for those sacrifices. The ones that will have to make the most sacrifices will be the affluent citizens.

When will the change happen? I don’t know but this is sure: that the ummah is suffering, specially the downtrodden while the rich are being protected by their wealth. The cries of innocent men, women and children who’ve lost their lives and those who continue to suffer under tyrannical Muslim leaders are not going to be unheard. We’d hope the change will be soon to alleviate the sufferings of Muslims. It is futile to blame the Zionist forces that are conspiring with Muslim leaders. If it’d not be for these tyrant and unjust Muslim leaders, no outsider can dare threaten Muslims. The first and foremost duty of any Muslim leader is to protect its people and ensure their rights are not usurped under a framework of Islamic justice.