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Launch Of Indo-Pak Calendar And Discussion On Indo-Pak Friendship In New Delhi

By Mission Bhartiyam

20 December, 2013

Date: 21st December 2013

Time: 2 to 5 PM

Venue: India International Centre, New Delhi

Despite similarities in several respects, the Indo-Pak relations have always been fluctuating. 2013 also saw several ruptures but despite these fluctuations, the bond that connects and shall always connect the people of the two countries has not gone. Every year, we, a people’s initiative, Aaghaz-e-Dosti (lit. Start of friendship), celebrate this bond with our “Calendar for Peace and Love”.

An initiative of India-based Mission Bhartiyam and Pakistan-based The Catalyst - TC and Centre for Youth Development Activities, Aaghaz-e-Dosti, aims to create unwavering bonds of peace and friendship between India and Pakistan. The bonds that will survive the vagaries of troubles times. But these bonds will not be artificial ones, they rest on the belief and claim that people of India and Pakistan not only share the same language, culture, values and challenges but also the desire for peace and friendship. It rests on the belief that if there are people on both sides of the border who cannot and do not want to forget the past and do not want others to forget it, there are also people who want to forget the past and not just move on but move along to create a new chapter in history…of friendship and brotherhood.

And so, every year, Aaghaz-e-Dosti launches “Calendar for Peace and Love” that would remind us every day about these people. This is the second year of launch. The calendar with the paintings of an innocent and apolitical mind will remind us that mindsets have been constructed. The six paintings narrate the desire as well as need to bridge the gap for a happy and prosperous future. Together with the beautiful dreams of the young and innocent, the Calendar also has messages from people who have been actively working to nurture these dreams. This calendar is a collection of these shared dreams of peace and friendship. It serves as a hope shared by people who are just like us, in habit and struggle. With the turn of the pages to start a new month, the hope shall be renewed.

The Calendar will be launched along with a discussion or "Sharing of hopes for a peaceful and friendly co-existence" in both India(New Delhi) and Pakistan (Islamabad).

In the launch in New Delhi, our guest speakers include Sh. Pankaj Singh (Eminent Hindi Poet, He has extensively written on art, literature, cinema and international politics. His poems have been translated into Urdu, Bengali, English, Japanese, French, Russian and Polish.He is a member of SAARC Writers and Literature), Sonya Fatah (A Pakistani filmmaker and Journalist. She is a columnist with Times of India), Jawed Naqvi (Correspondent of Dawn Newspaper (Pakistan) in Delhi) and Dr. D.S. Rana (Chairperson of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital was originally established in Lahore in 1921). There will also be two students from Pakistan studying in India to share their views and experiences.

The discussion is open to anyone. Launch will be organized at Islamabad also and the proposed date for Islamabad launch is 24 December 2013.

We invite your presence as we share our hopes and desire to create a new history of peace and friendship.

For any more information/query contact:

Ravi Nitesh 9958907799

About Indo-Pak Calender Launch: This is second year of Indo Pak calender launch. This calendar titled as "Calendar for Peace and Love" is a collection of paintings of hope from school students of both India and Pakistan. We invite paintings from schools in both countries and then select six of them. The idea is that this calendar which will always be in front of us, throughout the year, will remind us of the fact that people on both sides are same not only by culture, language and ideals but also because of the shared desire of peace and friendship. This calender launch will be followed by a seminar named Sharing of Hopes wherein guest speakers and some Pakistani students (studying in India) share their experience and vision and send message of love and peace. The launch will also take place in Islamabad, Pakistan also on 24th December 2013 by our collaborators.

Last year, our guests included Sh. Pankaj Singh (member of SAARC writers forum, formerly associated with BBC London), Sh. Shivendra Singh (Special correspondent, ABP news who frequently traveled to Pakistan for sports coverage and wrote a book Ye Jo Hai Pakistan), Sh. Sirish Agarwal (Founder-Indo Pak Families Solidarity Association), Sh. Pankaj Chaturvedi (Noted Hindi columnist in leading hindi newspapers) and Prof. Dhananjay Tripathi (Professor of International Relations at South Asian University) along with some students from Pakistan. The initiative was also recognized by media on both sides. The news was covered in leading newspapers of India and Pakistan including The Hindu and The News International. For more details, you can visit: http://aaghazedosti.wordpress.com/our-initiatives/calendar-for-peace-love/

About us: We are a group named Aaghaz-e-Dosti. This group is an initiative of an India based organization named Mission Bhartiyam (registered vide 2124/2007 under SRA 1860 as NGO) that works in the field of Peace, Communal Harmony and Human Rights and The Catalyst (Pakistan). We all are students and young professionals and we are doing this without having any full timer with us. We do not receive any national/international funds for this campaign. Our members also writes articles on Indo-Pak Peace and it is widely published in many newspapers/portals of India and Pakistan.


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