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Gold And Oil Prices Soar, Dollar Slumps
By Barry Grey

Just two days after the Federal Reserve Board announced an emergency $200 billion debt-relief plan for distressed Wall Street finance houses, markets in the US and internationally were shaken by the collapse of Carlyle Capital Corporation (CCC), a publicly traded investment fund established by the Carlyle Group private equity fund.The Carlyle debacle was accompanied by other developments pointing to both recession and rising inflation. Crude oil prices hit a new record of $111, gold futures breached the $1,000-an-ounce mark, and the dollar fell to record lows versus the Japanese yen, the euro and the Swiss franc

Gas Prices In Hawaii, California Hit $4
By Jaymes Song

While the price of oil climbs above $110 a barrel, most Americans dread the day they will have to pay $4. On this tropical island and a few stations in California, $4 gas has already arrived, straining the pocketbooks of residents and businesses

Watching The Dollar Die
By Paul Craig Roberts

I’ve been watching the dollar die all my life. I sometimes think I will outlast it

Support The Palestine Chronicle
By Palestine Chronicle

Palestine Chronicle fund raising appeal

A Letter From A Mother In Gaza
To A Mother In Sderot

By Najwa Sheikh

After all of this do you think that my children deserve their pain only because they are born to Palestinian parents? Do you think it is fair that they are treated in this way? Is it fair to be subjected to the sanctions that your government has imposed on us? I hope you can understand my pain too

A Recipe For Israel's Security
By Ghada Ageel

Palestinians are entitled to dignity both in life and in death. Nowadays, due to Israel's blockade, Gaza is short of raw materials for manufacturing coffins. My grandmother is searching for a coffin for fear that the shortage will deny her a dignified burial in keeping with our religion and culture. All in all, this daily man-made humiliation must end. Palestinians must be recognized and respected as human beings

Obama’s Hope And Change:
The Alternative To Terror

By Ghali Hassan

If Americans care about their country and the world they live in, Barack Obama will be the next president of America. With Obama, there is hope for change. Fundamental change is the only alternative to terror and “endless war”

Food, Fuel, And Fascism: Their Election Or Your Life?
By Carolyn Baker

My questions to you, dear reader, are these: What are you doing to prepare for the "Three F's"? What keeps you hooked to the U.S. election charade, even when a part of you knows it is a charade? Why do you choose to put your energy there rather than putting it into survival? What do you fear would happen if you let go of your "hope" and stopped trusting an electoral process manufactured from start to finish by empire? What might happen if you stopped engaging in that process and started focusing instead on creating options?

13 March , 2008

Admiral Fallon Quits Over Iran War Report
By Patrick Martin

Admiral William Fallon, head of the United States Central Command, with authority over the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, submitted his resignation Tuesday after an article in the April issue of Esquire magazine portrayed him as opposing a Bush administration drive to war against Iran

Was Fallon Set Up?
By Chris Gelken

Analysts suggest a conspiracy to oust outspoken Admiral

Riding To War On A Poison Cloud
By Sharat G. Lin

How the Forgotten City of Halabja became the Launch Pad for War on Iraq. When the Bush administration went to war with Iraq in March 2003, the centerpiece of its justification for war was weapons of mass destruction. But its precise timing was driven, in large part, by the anniversary of the poison gas attack on the Iraqi Kurdish town of Halabja. On the fifth and twentieth anniversaries of these two tragic events, a study of the connection between them reveals a deliberate pattern of twisting and fabricating intelligence to meet policy objectives

UK, Israeli And US State Terrorism Vastly
Worse Than Muslim-Origin Non-State Terrorism

By Dr Gideon Polya

Enough is enough and it is high time decent people declared a War on Lies – and for starters we need to address the biggest Zionist-Bush-ite-neo-Bush-ite LIE of all, specifically that the World is acutely threatened by “Muslim terrorists”

If One State Is Impossible,
Why Is Olmert So Afraid Of It?

By Jonathan Cook

Without Zionism, the obstacle to creating either one or two states will finally be removed. And if that is the case, then why not also campaign for the solution that will best bring justice to both Israelis and Palestinians?

Yassin Aref's Struggle For Justice
In Police State America

By Stephen Lendman

Yassin Aref is a 37 year old Albany, New York resident and one of many Muslim victims of police state justice in post-9/11 America. They've been hunted down, rounded up, held in detention, kept in isolation, denied bail, restricted in their right to counsel, tried on secret evidence and trumped-up charges, then incarcerated as political prisoners or deported to where they face possible arrest and torture

Of The Sin And The Sinners
By Syed Ali Safvi

As elections approach and poll fever grips the State of Jammu and Kashmir, political parties have started the blame game to win over the gullible public. The practice of blame game, however, cannot always prove productive. It may, at times, land you in trouble, and expose that part which you otherwise want to conceal or try to erase from public memory

Mangrove Man
By K A Shaji

In Kerala, Kallen Pokkudan is the last word on swamp ecosystems. He talks of a Dalit's oppression in the same breath as the slow death of an ecosystem

11 March , 2008

Childhood Is Dying In Iraq
By Dahr Jamail & Ahmed Ali

Iraq's children have been more gravely affected by the U.S. occupation than any other segment of the population. The United Nations estimated that half a million Iraqi children died during more than 12 years of economic sanctions that preceded the U.S. invasion of March 2003, primarily as a result of malnutrition and disease. But childhood malnutrition in Iraq has increased 9 percent since then, according to an Oxfam International report released last July

Iraqi Women Quietly Endure Horrors Of War
By Cyril Mychalejko

March 8 marks the 99th celebration of International Women's Day, a day to commemorate the political, social, and economic struggles and achievements of women globally. This year we should use the holiday to observe and reflect on the suffering of Iraqi women, who have become invisible "collateral damage" in our country's war in this now defenseless Middle Eastern nation. A good place to start would be by picking up and reading Haifa Zangana's book, "City of Widows: An Iraqi Woman's Account of War and Resistance."

Israel's Ultimate Plan For Gaza
By Jonathan Cook

Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai's much publicized remark last week about Gaza facing a "shoah" -- the Hebrew word for the Holocaust -- was widely assumed to be unpleasant hyperbole about the army's plans for an imminent full-scale invasion of the Strip.More significantly, however, his comment offers a disturbing indication of the Israeli army's longer-term strategy towards the Palestinians in the occupied territories

A Defeated Policy, Not A Defeated People
By Ali Abunimah

Is it not time for the rest of the world to step in and force Israel at last to understand the same thing, so that the senseless bloodshed can finally stop and all the people of the country -- Israelis and Palestinians -- can begin to imagine a future other than an endless parade of funerals?

Gaza's 'Bigger Holocaust'
By Fida Qishta

Violence and death bring more violence and death. Hope brings more hope. Despite everything, children in Rafah tell me they hope to play, have fun, travel, and meet Egyptian children. It is these children’s dreams that renew my spirit

The Seminary Students And The Israeli Bull-Dog
By Dr Marwan Asmar

The killings of eight religious students at the seminary in Jerusalem is to be expected in the light of what Israel has been doing in Gaza the previous week. Through its military bombardment of its towns and cities, where 138 people were killed in just four days and the 250-plus serious injuries meted out on Palestinians, mostly civilians, Israel could well expect to face more actions of this kind, seen as acts of desperation in the light the international apathy

Yes We can Bring Peace To Gaza
By Mike Ghouse

Israel owes peace and security to her citizens and it is directly dependent on the security and peace needs of the Palestinians. You cannot live in peace, when your neighbor's aren't. Finding a balance is the most difficult thing to do and both the nations are trying and failing. No wonder the phrase "love thy neighbor" plays such a crucial role in every society

‘Unwavering Commitment’ To Inequality
By Ramzy Baroud

For Israel the rockets are important as a pretext to maintain a state of siege against Hamas, and a low-intensity warfare that creates permanent distraction from the confiscation of Palestinian land and the expansion of illegal settlements – and also as justification for the slow moving ‘peace process’

Bush And Uribe v. Chavez And Correa
By Stephen Lendman

Call it another salvo in Bush v. Chavez with Ecuador's Raphael Correa as a secondary target and Colombia's Alvaro Uribe as a proxy aggressor. The Ecuadorean incursion was no ordinary cross-border raid. It was a made in Washington affair that escalates a nine year attempt to remove the Venezuelan leader and return oligarchs in the country to power

Our Roller Coaster Ride To Hell
By Tim Gatto

What we are seeing in the American political process is a one sided game in which the people supported by huge multi-national corporations will ultimately be the victors. This isn’t just my opinion; it is a stubborn fact of life. All who ride the “wave” of change that Senator Obama speaks of will get no change at all, maybe a kinder, gentler version of corporatism and war, but corporatism and war is what we will get

07 March , 2008

Peak Oil? Peak Soil!
By Roger Doiron

Reasonable people can disagree on the causes and the implications of rising oil prices, but there seems to be a gathering consensus that the era of easy and cheap oil is over. If you don’t want to take my word on that, then take it from an oil executive

US Steps Up Pressure On India
To Wrap-Up Indo-US Nuclear Treaty

By Arun Kumar & Kranti Kumara

With less than a year remaining in the Bush administration’s term in office, the US political establishment is showing increasing signs of anxiety about the progress India has made in finalizing the Indo-US civilian nuclear treaty. Both senior Republicans and Democrats have hailed the treaty as the cornerstone of an Indo-US “strategic” and “global” partnership

The Forgotten Oil War In Sudan
By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

The forgotten oil war in Sudan is again in news. Fresh clashes between Sudan People's Liberation Movement units and fighters from the Misseriya community in the oil-rich Abyei region have left scores dead and the two sides trading blame over who was responsible for the latest skirmishes

It's Time We Reigned In Israel
And Called Them On Their Policies

By Tim Gatto

The 100 that died in the recent attacks over the last few days were also men, women and children, but I didn’t hear President Bush decry their deaths. It seems as if Palestinians are expendable while Jewish blood is somehow more sacred than the deaths of the people of Gaza. The report that the attacks were not even carried out in Israel by the Palestinians themselves speaks volumes

Fidel Castro, The First Superdelegate
By Greg Grandin

Fidel Castro hasn't been seen in public since July 2006, when a near-fatal stomach illness forced him into semi-retirement. In the U.S., however, he remains a contender, at least in terms of the hold he has on the imagination of candidates running for the White House. Here's a short history of Castro's long run in U.S. presidential politics

The Politics Of Non-Proliferation
By Mohammad Kamaali

If there was a time when Iranian analysts and decision makers would question the benefits of continuing to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency, it would be now. The IAEA has allowed systematic US intervention in Iran's nuclear file paving the way to a third round of sanctions against Iran's nuclear programme. But while US pressure on Iran in the knowledge that the IAEA has found no evidence of a covert weapons programme, is perhaps in the hope that it will finally force the country to leave the NPT in protest, Iran it seems is one step ahead and does exactly the opposite

Women's Day-Iraq: Surviving Somehow
Behind A Concrete Purdah

By Dahr Jamail

Iraq, where women once had more rights and freedom than most others in the Arab world, has turned deadly for women who dream of education and a professional career

Your Money Or Your Life? Stupid Question, Or...?
By Clinton Callahan

Thinking that it is reasonable to weigh the well-being of earth against corporate profits reveals the height of our psychopathic insanity. What value is profit if the planet has been sterilized of complex life forms by climate change?

What Else Is On?
By Tim Buchholz

How did we lose our faith? I think it had a little something to do with money. According to, George W. Bush raised $360 million for his 2004 campaign, and spent $306 million, which was $167 million more than he spent in 2002. John Kerry raised $317 million and spent over $240 million. That’s over half a billion dollars just for one political office, and that is just what was released publicly. Imagine how many mouths could have been fed with just one attack ad, let alone the 40 we see each day until not so Super Tuesday

Protect The Children
By Simona Sawhney

On Feb 29, Hillary Clinton launched an advertisement in Texas that may indeed have contributed to her success in that state. The ad attempts to persuade viewers that Clinton will do a better job of keeping American children safe in a “dangerous world.” Who exactly are these “American” children?

The Undervalued Need For Diplomacy
By Leigh Saavedra

We must find a president who can step outside his own ego and make peace with the world

Australia's Hidden Empire
By John Pilger

Like the conquest of the Native Americans, the decimation of Aboriginal Australia laid the foundation of Australia's empire. The land was taken and many of its people were removed and impoverished or wiped out. For their descendants, untouched by the tsunami of sentimentality that accompanied Rudd's apology, little has changed. In the Northern Territory's great expanse known as Utopia, people live without sanitation, running water, rubbish collection, decent housing and decent healt

New Lawsuit Filed Against Defense Secretary Over
Fundamentalist Christianity In Military

By Jason Leopold

An Army specialist who served two tours of duty in Iraq sued Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his supervising officer Wednesday for allegedly trying to force him to embrace fundamentalist Christianity and then retaliating against him when he refused

Trashing The First Amendment
While Professing To Uphold It

By Mirza A. Beg

Unlike past wars in our nation's history, in the absence of the draft, the Iraq war is being waged primarily on the backs of less well-off and less educated soldiers. The military has reluctantly admitted that unable find enough volunteers, it has lowered its standards for recruitment

Underestimating Rafael Correa
By Fidel Castro Ruz

Absolutely no one has the right to kill in cold blood. If we accept that imperial method of warfare and barbarism, Yankee bombs directed by satellites could fall on any group of Latin American men and women, in the territory of any country, war or no war. The fact that this happened on undisputed Ecuadorian territory is an aggravating circumstance

The Grim Reality of Economic Truths
By Pablo Ouziel

I remember the time when General Motors Corp. was considered a pillar of the American dream, a fundamental of the economic miracle. Now, after reporting a quarterly loss of $722 million, compared with a profit of $950 million a year earlier, and offering buyouts to all of its 74,000 United Auto Workers employees, GM is clearly not a part of the sound fundamentals which President Bush likes to describe

This Election: The Magic Word Is Change
By Ronald R. Cooke

In this election, most Americans will go to the polls with a vague fear that something is wrong. If our political institutions fail to deliver meaningful leadership on the issues of change, then voters will go to the polls in 2012 with a sense of outright desperation. And if our politicians, - be they democrat or republican, liberal or conservative - fail to deliver meaningful reform by 2016, then I predict we the people will be looking for alternative political institutions

Travels In A Militarised Society – Part II
By Prasanna Ratnayake

In 2008 Sri Lanka celebrates 60 years of independence from the British. Of these 60 years, half have been consumed by civil wars; North and South, we have specialised in killing each other. Many people excuse this distortion of national development by pointing to JR’s constitution as the source of these problems. Yes, the executive presidency was a mistake, the ‘open economy’ another error; but the man is long since dead, there have been plenty of years to correct the problems, why should we still blame him for the horrors of the present?

A River Reborn
By K A Shaji

The mighty river Chaliyar, which regained its pristine glory, is quite flowing westward through the terrains of Mavoor and Vazhakkad, no more polluted by the pulp factory of Grasim Gwalior Rayons. Gone are the days when people lived on both sides of the river had fallen victims of cancer and respiratory ailments. As far as the locals are concerned, the swelling fish wealth of the river is a clear indication of its recovery from a 40-year-long spell of toxic effluent discharge. The river which once turned black and tar-like has already regained its crystal clear waters

06 March , 2008

Israel’s Illegal Assault On The Gaza “Prison”
By Media Lens

Since last Wednesday (February 27), 112 Palestinians have died under Israeli air attacks and ‘incursions’ by Israeli troops. The dead include many women and children, such as four boys who had been out playing football and even babies killed in their homes. Last Saturday alone saw the deaths of 60 Palestinians under Israeli attacks. Three Israelis have died — one a civilian killed during a rocket attack by Hamas last Wednesday and, since then, two Israeli soldiers

Israel’s Right To Terrorism
By Ghali Hassan

A “holocaust” will not bring peace to Palestine. Peace will return to Palestine only if Israeli leaders end their genocidal policy and the illegal occupation of Palestinian land. Under the international Genocide Convention adopted in 1948 after the defeat Nazism, incitement to genocide is punishable war crime. Hence, Israeli leaders should abide by international laws and revoke terrorism and violence

Gaza’s Descent Into Darkness
By Chris Gelken

Since when did the shooting death of a two-week old baby not make headline news? Imagine the absolute horror of seeing, of feeling your child die in your arms of an easily preventable disease. The necessary drugs are just a few kilometers away, but for all that, they might as well be on the moon

It's Still The OCCUPATION, Stupid!
By Eileen Fleming

After failing to anticipate Hamas’s victory over Fatah in the 2006 Palestinian election, the White House cooked up yet another scandalously covert and self-defeating Middle East debacle: part Iran-contra, part Bay of Pigs. With confidential documents, corroborated by outraged former and current U.S. officials, David Rose reveals how President Bush, Condoleezza Rice, and Deputy National-Security Adviser Elliott Abrams backed an armed force under Fatah strongman Muhammad Dahlan, touching off a bloody civil war in Gaza and leaving Hamas stronger than ever

Canada’s Response To Israel’s Actions In Gaza –
Biased, Ignorant And Ineffective

By Jim Miles

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier issued a news release expressing his concern about the escalating violence in the Gaza Strip. It does nothing to help resolve the situation and only demonstrates that the Canadian government is only putting out more face-saving rhetoric for the international community and to placate the home crowd with platitudes about the non-existent peace process. It is an empty statement, devoid of any real suggestions to improve the situation in Gaza

Do You Want The Military Industrial Complex
Counting Your Votes?

By Kevin Zeese

Major Player in Military Contracts Seeks to Buy Diebold Corporation. Diebold’s main business is ATM machines but, it is the manufacturer of election equipment under the name Premier Election Solutions. Its software is responsible for counting votes throughout the United States

Peak Oil - True Or False
By Stephen Lendman

The arguments are so one-sided, it's practically a given that "peak oil" is real and threatening. Or is it? This article examines both sides. It lets readers decide and deals only with supply issues, not crucial environmental ones and the need to develop alternative energy sources

The Elephant In The Room
By Norman. J. Church

Given the fact that our world's carrying capacity is supported by oil, and that the oil is about to start going away, it seems that a population decline is inevitable. The form it will take, the factors that will precipitate it and the widely differing regional effects are all imponderables

Once Again The New York Times
Protects Us From The News

By Case Wagenvoord

Some say the media is liberal; some say it’s corporate. The truth is, it’s none of the above. Neither profit nor ideology drives the media. Anxiety is the real motivator. The media fears the possibility that a word, a phrase or a sentence might be construed as implying, suggesting, insinuating, or alluding to an opinion or value judgment that might offend our oligarchy. It has nothing to do with corporate ownership. The simple fact is that our media is as cowed by an increasingly authoritarian state as the rest of us

Waiving Of Loans: Not In The Right Direction
By K.Jayaram

There is no long term measures in the budget to make farmers debt free. No measures were proposed to eliminate the root cause for indebtedness. This can be better adressed by increasing public investments but there is no concrete measures to increase the public investments in agriculture

04 March, 2008

UN Approves New Iran Sanctions
By Aljazeera

The UN Security Council has voted to impose a third set of sanctions on Iran over its refusal to suspend its nuclear power programme. A resolution sponsored by Britain, France and Germany won the backing of 14 of the council's 15 members. Indonesia abstained

Iran In The Crosshairs
By Phyllis Bennis

Despite the NIE, the possibility of a U.S. military strike on Iran remains a very real threat. Neither operative intelligence estimates nor actual facts on the ground would have much sway over the ideologues in the Bush White House

Is Peace Even On The Agenda?
By Chris Gelken

Washington seeks confrontation not reconciliation with Iran

Half New Orleans Poor Permanently Displaced:
Failure Or Success?

By Bill Quigley

Government reports confirm that half of the working poor, elderly and disabled who lived in New Orleans before Katrina have not returned. Because of critical shortages in low cost housing, few now expect tens of thousands of poor and working people to ever be able to return home

Gaza’s Holocaust
By Dr. Elias Akleh

The Zionist leaders’ justification for allowing the Jewish holocaust to continue was that “The European Jews must accede to suffering and death greater in measure than the other nations in order that the victorious allies agree to a Jewish state at the end of the war” (5). I wonder what is the Arab leaders’ justification for allowing the Palestinian holocaust to continue

Hamas 1988-2008: Between
Negotiation And Resistance

By Agustin Velloso

2008 marks the 20th anniversary of Hamas as a political movement in Palestine, involving two decades of continuous struggle against Israeli occupation. Most importantly, Hamas has confronted not just the Middle East's most powerful army, equipped with state of the art weaponry and nuclear arms, but also the most powerful Western countries. These have supported Israel, completely contravening international law in relation to the Occupation. In addition, Hamas has been abandoned to its fate by neighbouring Arab regimes

Colonial Realities
By Nimer Sultany

Once again Israel defies an impotent international community which offers nothing but timid calls for ceasefire on "both sides." And once again Palestinian suffering and death tolls continue to break records in the territories occupied by Israel since 1967

The Welch Club Ups The Ante In Lebanon
By Franklin Lamb

Bush dispatches a flotilla to the Eastern Mediterranean

New Massive Survey Of Muslims Belies
Bush Rhetoric "Why Do They Hate Us?"

By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

Why do they hate us? President George Bush posed this question to the American public shortly after 9/11 terrorist attacks. And in a strong affirmation of the power of propaganda, he replied: "They hate our freedoms -- our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other." Tellingly, the presidential rhetoric stands refuted and exposed by the latest survey of 500,000 Muslims in more than 35 Islamic states

The Truth On Obama, The Bomb
And Martin Luther King Jr.

By Dominic Jermano

We are facing a choice between Obama who is black that came in strength from the legend of Martin Luther King. As we know Martin Luther King was against using violence. What has Obama said about nonviolence? ZERO! What has he said about eliminating nuclear weaponry arsenals in America? Absolutely nothing ¨Czero. What has he said about reducing the military? He wants to increase it. He simply has no conscious for Martin Luther King and his legacy, yet wants to use his legacy to power to increase and support the nuclear apparatus to the Military Industrial Complex just because he is black!

Reflections On The Importance Of
International Women’s Day

By Lucinda Marshall

As women throughout the world gather to observe International Women’s Day on this, the 100th anniversary of the New York City Bread and Roses March, they do so in the face of a seemingly intractable culture of impunity that enables increasingly horrendous acts of violence against women

Two African American Students Under Suspension
Over Chewing Gum!

By Kendra Perry

A teacher overheard Marcus speaking with another student, Stacy Guess (also a Black student), and him mentioning that he made money selling candy and that teacher notified the Principal, resulting in both students’ suspension. Neither of the two students was caught selling anything on school grounds, nor were they found to be in possession of any candy or gum. Because of the implication of said action, the school felt it was necessary in suspending both children for 5 days off hearsay and speculation, and not the result of a particular action or inaction

Polluters Rewarded
By Ramesh Agrawal

From the very day of its installation Monnet did not care to comply with even a single condition imposed by the CECB. As a result, pollution has been rampant, with the villages around the plant bearing the brunt. Just a few meters away is the ‘Jawahar Navodya Vidyalaya’ a central government residential school with 600 students and teaching staff. The students here have been complaining of ailments like Asthma and other respiratory problems, headache, eye problems and skin infections

Small Bandaids For Big Wounds
By Viajayan MJ

The arbitrary takeover of land is one of the country's biggest faultlines today. New legislation proposed by the government does little to fix this

03 March, 2008

Israeli Extra-Judicial Executions
By Stephen Lendman

The latest report from the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) indicates the following: 101 documented deaths since February 27, including 49 unarmed civilians. They include 25 children and five women. In addition, more than 250 people have been injured, mostly unarmed civilians, and many injuries are serious. Further, there's been widespread destruction of homes, other buildings and property throughout Gaza

The Time For Worldwide Boycott Is Now
By Omar Barghouti

On Friday, 29 February 2008, Israel's deputy defense minister Matan Vilnai threatened Palestinians in Gaza with a "holocaust," telling Israeli Army Radio: "The more Qassam fire intensifies and the rockets reach a longer range, [the Palestinians] will bring upon themselves a bigger holocaust because we will use all our might to defend ourselves."

Holocaust Ok, Gaza!
By Marwan Asmar

At last Israelis are coming out of their military-chauvinistic closet and having no qualms about using such words as the Holocaust to describe what they are doing or want to do to the Palestinians

Israel Keeping True To Its Racist Words
By Rami Almeghari

Following Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai's Friday warning that the Gaza Strip faces "a holocaust" if homemade rocket fire continues, Vilnai's aides rushed to downplay the remarks, claiming the minister did not mean a holocaust exactly

Abbas Needs A Miracle
By Ramzy Baroud

Time is running out for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Although both men are still committed to their risky venture of marginalising Hamas at any cost, the latter’s obduracy and recent events in Gaza point to the inescapable conclusion — the undertaking was doomed from the start

"A Culture Of Death And Destruction"
By Emily Spence

Each and every one of us needs to critically examine the ways that we go about our lives and make adjustments as needed. If we do not, we will have not only put our own generation in peril, but will have condemned future ones -- humans, other animals and plants alike -- to be at risk for never existing at all. Since there would be no one to take any responsibility at that point, it is up to us to take full responsibility for our actions right away. Without any equivocations what so ever, let us begin now

ICC Complaint Over Australia And Aboriginal,
Iraqi, Afghan And Climate Genocides

By Dr Gideon Polya

A complaint filed to the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court over Australian involvement in the ongoing Aboriginal Genocide, Iraqi Genocide, Afghan Genocide and Climate Genocide

Academic Freedom? Not For Arabs In Israel
By Jonathan Cook

In the strange world of Israeli academia, an Arab college lecturer is being dismissed from his job because he refused to declare his “respect for the uniform of the Israeli army”. The bizarre demand was made of Nizar Hassan, director of several award-winning films, after he criticised a Jewish student who arrived in his film studies class at Sapir College in the Negev for wearing his uniform and carrying a gun

Stop Calling Me A Jew!
By Remi Kanazi

Barack Obama and the Politics of Xenophobia

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