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31 March, 2012

Death And Mayhem On Land Day
By Mazin Qumsiyeh

Over 150 people injured today by the Israeli occupation forces. Demonstrations were held in dozens of locations in Palestine and the border areas of Palestine. Mohamed Zakout, 20 year old was shot and kileld by Israeli forces in Gaza as he participated in a demonstration near the Erez checkpoint. In Jerusalem, Israeli occupation forces used horses to trample on people and arrested 36 individuals

Organizers Say Jerusalem March Achieved Goals
By Ma'an News Agency

Organizers of the Global March to Jerusalem commemorating Land Day say the march on Friday made big strides as most of its goals were realized

Happy Palestine Land Day: Israel Earmarks 10% of West Bank For Settlements
By Ben White

It has just come out that the Israeli military has earmarked ten percent of the land in the Occupied West bank for Israeli settlements. In addition, the Israeli government is moving forward with an outrageous plan that will mean the expulsion of tens of thousands of Bedouin citizens in the Negev desert

Why Land Day Still Matters
By Sam Bahour and Fida Jiryis

We view Land Day as an ongoing wake-up call to Israeli Jews and Jewry worldwide to understand that land, freedom and equality are an inseparable package − the only one that can deliver a lasting peace to all involved

Palestinian Land Day – 90% Of Palestine Ethnically Cleansed By US-Backed Apartheid Israel
By Dr Gideon Polya

March 30 is Palestinian Land Day (Yawm al Ard) on which Palestinians and all decent folk around the world mark the ethnic cleansing of 90% of Palestine by racist Zionist-run Apartheid Israel

Marwan Barghouti: Palestine's Mandela
By Uri Avnery

Uri Avnery views imprisoned Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti’s message to the people of Palestine, which he has sent from his prison cell, in which he calls for an end to the “peace process” smokescreen for continued Israeli land thefts and a total boycott of Israel

Afghan Witnesses Say Sgt. Robert Bales Did Not Act Alone
By John Glaser

Child witnesses to the massacre of 17 Afghan civilians by Staff Sgt. Robert Bales say there was more than one U.S. soldier party to the crime, contradicting the story told by the Pentagon

Christ Was Never A Christian But He Was Tortured By Occupying Forces
By Eileen Fleming

What got Jesus crucified was disturbing the status quo of the Roman Occupying Forces and teaching the subversive concept that Caesar only had power because God allowed it and that God preferred the humble sinner, the poor, diseased, outcasts, widows, orphans, refugees and prisoners all living under Roman Occupation above the elite and arrogant

Will J&K’s Omar Abdullah Deliver?
By Syed Junaid Hashmi

Land of political conspiracies, Jammu and Kashmir, is passing through a momentous phase of history. Man who promised to rewrite tattered pages of history, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, has grown old in his young days

A Reminder To The Sage Of Bengaluru
By John Dayal

You went to a Catholic college but most Indians must be Naxals, dear Sri Sri, because they went to government schools?

30 March, 2012

Violence Flares At Land Day Protests
By Ma'an News Agency

Israeli forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters across the occupied West Bank on Friday, as Palestinians commemorated Land Day and marched toward Jerusalem

Hana Shalabi Has Ended Her Hunger Strike
By Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association
and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel

In response to this evening’s reports in the media that Hana Shalabi has ended her hunger strike on its 43rd day and agreed to a deal in which she will be deported to Gaza for three years, Addameer and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-Israel) cannot yet confirm this news

"We Stand With You": Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Reiterates His Support For Palestine
Statement By Roger Waters

Events in Israel and the occupied territories are not widely or accurately reported in the west. The coming World Social Forum Free Palestine in Porto Alegre will help to break down The Walls of misinformation and complicity. I urge people of conscience to support this forum and help make it a turning point in the international solidarity with the Palestinian people

West Stonewalling Democracy in Bahrain
By Ismail Salami

The West blatantly pontificates about democracy in the Middle East and North Africa and shuts its ears to the excruciating cry for social justice in Bahrain. To crown it all, it provides the regime with every means to carry out its brutality and crackdown

Photo Trayvon Yes! Photos 9 Afghani Children Massacred No! No Interest - Change Coming
By Jay Janson

The news is filled with the story of young Trayvon Martin's tragic death in Florida. There is also news about the middle-of-the-night massacre of seventeen Afghanis in their homes, nine of them small children. The difference is, whereas, readers and viewers get to see the American kid's photo pretty much on every news publication and network news programs, there are no photos of the nine dead children when alive in US occupied Afghanistan

America's Love Affair With Terrorism
By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

America has had a long-standing love affair with terrorists. Support for terrorist groups and governments has been part and parcel of American policy

Democratic Rights At Home And Abroad: The Case Of India
By Rohini Hensman

Recent votes by India in the UN, censuring first Syria and then Sri Lanka for human rights violations, seem to indicate a new willingness to join initiatives by the international community supporting democracy in other countries. This is a welcome move. However, to avoid the charge of double standards, governments involved in such votes should be able to show that they respect the same rights in their own countries. Scrutiny of India’s domestic record does not support such a conclusion

Defence Preparedness: Learning From The Past
By Maj Gen S.G.Vombatkere

While the country's spooks are trying to find who caused the leak, it is necessary to look at what was contained in the letter to the PM, and why he chose to go to him over the head of the Defence Minister. What was revealed in his letter is that corruption is a serious factor within the defence procurement system, and that at present there are serious inadequacies and shortages of military hardware which make the army essentially unfit for war

Eradicating Hunger Requires Concrete Action, Not Hollow Promises
By Samar

The article attempts to dig deep into the reasons that produce and sustain hunger amidst plenty of foodgrain availability. The article also attempts to look into the reasons behind the failure of respective governments to deal with the issue despite repeated calls and admission of the problem as a national shame by the Prime Minister himself

Lethal Mines Continue To Kill Minors
By Zafar Iqbal

This year the international community is celebrating “Lend your leg for a mine-free world” campaign to mark its commitment to achieve a mine-free world. Campaigners are asking people to join them on the 4 th of April, a U.N. Day for Mine Action and Mine Awareness. On this day people all over the world are asked to roll up their trouser legs to show solidarity with the survivors of landmines and other explosive remnants of military conflicts

Sri Lanka: Feasible Recommendations
By Nilantha Ilangamuwa

The Government of Sri Lanka announced just three days after the UN resolution on Sri Lanka, adopted at the 19th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva that it will implement only feasible recommendations made in the report by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC)

29 March, 2012

In Wake Of Syria Peace Plan, US Steps Up Bid For Regime-Change
By Bill Van Auken

In the wake of the acceptance of a United Nations peace plan by the government of President Bashar al-Assad, the US, Western Europe and Turkey are preparing a meeting in Istanbul to escalate the armed campaign for regime-change in Syria

Computing Intifada: When Will Palestinians Revolt?
By Ramzy Baroud

After six decades of occupation, Israeli government strategists are yet to realize that the Palestinian people are not a singular body of blind followers who can be easily manipulated and controlled

On The Nature Of Self-Defeating Convictions: A Missive To An Estranged Southern Friend
By Phil Rockstroh

Still, I've learned, on an individual basis, I remain powerless against red state belligerent ignorance of the collective variety. My experiences as a southerner inform me the process of change will be difficult, because only cultural earthquakes alter the course of streams of surging stupid

A No Confidence Motion On Rio+20
By Gregory Vickrey

We, the undersigned, reject in full your process, and are not, in any form, represented by any entity or organization claiming to represent civil society at Rio or any other fraudulent gathering related to the global condition. In fact, we boycott Rio and hereby issue a call of no confidence in the process and the participants

28 March, 2012

Record Opposition To Afghanistan War As Killings Mount
By Bill Van Auken

An opinion poll released Monday shows nearly seven out of 10 Americans opposing the war in Afghanistan, a record level of antiwar sentiment since the US invaded the country over a decade ago

Koodankulam: PMANE Calls Off Hunger Strike
By Jeemon Jacob

Protesters say the strike is over for now, but their struggle will continue; Fishing and trade remain suspended

The Great Indian Nuclear Maya
By Saraswati Kavula

Our leaders, our bureaucrats, technocrats – all are trying to put us under this “maya’ or illusion, that come what may, Nuclear Industry in India is absolutely incident free and has a spotless record. While just in December 2009, 95 people have been affected by radiation impacts due to contamination of the drinking water with tritium at Kaigah NPP. The authorities dismissed that as “human mischief”. A flooding that occurred in 1994 in Kakrapar Nuclear Power Plant, contaminated the nearby lake with radioactive elements, as the dam of the pond where the spent fuel is cooled, was breached

Hana Shalabi Is Dying To Live
By Richard Sudan

Many people are already talking about Hana Shalabi, whether they are Jewish, Muslim, Christian or Atheist. The difference is that Hana Shalabi might die because she is Palestinian

Inside The Home Of Hana Shalabi Her Pain, Struggle And Absence Are Deeply Felt
By Linah Alsaafin

Hana al-Shalabi is on her 42nd day of hunger strike. She may suffer cardiac arrest at any moment

GM And The PM
By Vandana Shiva

To impose a failed technology with high social and ecological costs in the name of ‘science’ is anti-science and anti-democracy

Monsanto, A Half-Century Of Health Scandals
By Soren Seelow

The giant U.S. agribusiness Monsanto was found guilty on Monday Feb. 13, after being sued by a small farmer from Charente who had been poisoned by a herbicide. This event is a first in France. On the scale of the history of the one-hundred-year-old multinational, this sentence constitutes just one more episode in an already long record of court procedures.

Growth In World Contraceptive Use Stalling; 215 Million Women’s Needs Still Unmet
By Brigid Fitzgerald Reading

At least 215 million women want to prevent or delay pregnancy but are not using effective contraception. This “unmet need” for family planning may be due to poor reproductive health information, social pressures, or insufficient access to contraceptive options. In Africa, more than 1 in 4 women have unmet need—by far the highest rate of any region

Sustainable Economy: Keeping Wealth (Wellbeing) In Our Families And Communities
By Bryan Innes

Before industrialisation, economy mainly referred to local economy and household economy, based on cooperative and competitive processes. How can we shift from today’s centralised and global economy to a resilient local economy?

On Being In Time For Transition
By Sharon Te Apiti Stevens

When our stories of urgency and the material conditions that accompany them keep us from “thinking like a mountain”, let us at least respect a pace of change that allows us to think like a tree, rooted and aware of the slight changes in the wind and the seasons. If we do so, we are more likely, not less, to plant an orchard

Sacred Economics With Charles Eisenstein - A Short Film
By Ian MacKenzie

Sacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth

The Position Of The Arab Left In The Syrian Crisis
By Dr Salim Nazzal

And the question remains, would be there a political compromise which opens the road towards a sort of political solution which moves Syria towards the hopeful democracy? the certain answer is that there is no indication in the present time which points out to this possibility. The absence of a political compromise, means that the Syrian crisis would become more complicated which endanger the unity of Syria and opens the road towards the Iraqization of Syria

Partisan Confusion: Outside The Supreme Court
While The Health Insurance Mandate Is Debated

By Kevin Zeese

One thing the two parties in Washington agree on – they will protect health insurance at all costs. After-all, they are a great source of campaign contributions – as the two politicians responsible for forcing Americans to buy insurance, President Obama and Mitt Romney , well know

RPASDA Syndrome And Bangladesh Politics
By Mohammad Tanzimuddin Khan

A cycle has emerged in Bangladesh, which is well-captured through what I term the RPASDA syndrome: Ruling Parties Act Similarly Defying All. This cycle of RPASDA syndrome now rules all spheres of national life involving issues ranging from a staggering increase in the number of transport accidents, extrajudicial killings to the construction of the Tipaimukh Dam by India

Kahaani – “ About Second Name And It's H onour ”
By Rahul K Gautam & Nilesh Kadam

The authors try to represent Indian society with its caste system like a modern day corporate organisation

27 March, 2012

It’s Probably Too Late To Stop Warming
By Christopher Mims

Scientists have been saying for a while that we have until between 2015 and 2020 to start radically reducing our carbon emissions, and what do you know: That deadline’s almost past! Crazy how these things sneak up on you while you’re squabbling about whether global warming is a religion. Also, our science got better in the meantime, so now we know that no matter what we do, we can say adios to the planet’s ice caps

Extremely Hot
By Stefan Rahmstorf & Dim Coumou

One claim frequently heard regarding extreme heat waves goes something like this: ”Since this heat wave broke the previous record by 5 °C, global warming can’t have much to do with it since that has been only 1 °C over the 20th century”. Here we explain why we find this logic doubly flawed

A Letter of Apology to My Granddaughter
By Chip Ward

Across America this morning and all around the world, our better angels call to us, imploring us to rise up and be as resilient as our beloved, beautiful children and grandchildren, whose future we make today. We can do better. I promise

Please Stand Up in Support! Govt’s Crackdown in Koodankulam Is A Pointer,
All Peaceful Protest Would Meet This Fate

By S P Udayakumar

The simple question we want to ask all our Indian brothers and sisters is this: do we, Indian citizens, still have the right to oppose the government’s policies, programs and projects peacefully and democratically? If so, why does the Indian State want to destroy us all with cases of sedition, waging war against the State and so forth?

Koodankulam: Request From Ground Zero
By K. Sahadevan, Fr. Augustine Vattoli & Boora J Shailendra S. J

The local people are giving their best. Now, it’s our turn to do something immediately and effectively. As of now, there are a few protests happening around India. Other than these, eminent personalities like you may sit together and plan to intensify the struggle to pressurize the government. The protest that is non-violent lasting since eight months, if goes futile would give a wrong message to the nation. So. Kindly do the needful

Koodankulam: Demands At Talks With District Collector Today
By People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy

Demands of the protesting people again Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant

A Request To The Russian President On His Visit To India
By Thomas Kocherry

Remember Chernobyl Accident, Three Mile Island Accident and Fukushima Accident are frightening us. Are you not concerned about our future? We do not want to be victims of Nuclear waste, Radiation in and around Koodankulam, and an accident

Koodankulam: Manmohan Singh's Grand And Faulty Obsession
By Sandeep Pandey

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has invited foreign money and entities, including the Koodankulam plant, into India like no other PM and most of it is hurting the interests of local communities, says Sandeep Pandey

‘Nuclear India Will Become A Fascist India’: A Talk With Anand Patwardhan
By Rashmi Kohli

Nuclear India will become a fascist India. As more and more people oppose nuclear power, the government can only use repression to clear the land. The Jaitapur movement is closer to us. But we have to stop Koodankulam in its tracks if Jaitapur is also to be stopped. Once it’s commissioned, it’s too late. They don’t have the expertise to decommission, not here, not anywhere in the world.’

The Indian Oligarchs (PDF)
By Dr. Vandana Shiva

The rise of billionaires in India is wrongly hailed as the rise of India as Emerging global economic power. This booklet by eminent writer and activist Vandana Shiva traces the loot and plunder of natural resources during the era of neoliberal growth since the 1990s when crucial economic sectors such as power, telecommunications, infrastructure, mining and banking, including manufacturing sectors like iron, steel and ship building were opened up for private business ownership. All traditionally common property resources, public goods and services including water, electricity, telecommunications, health and education were steadily enclosed and privatised

Israel’s Occupation: Who Is Most “Out Of Touch With Reality”?
By Alan Hart

If more proof was needed (some of us think it isn’t) that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu lives in a fantasy world that exists only in his own deluded mind, his latest verbal assault on the UN Human Rights Council for its decision to appoint and despatch an independent international fact-finding mission “to investigate the implications of the (illegal) Israeli settlements on the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of the Palestinian people throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem” is it

A Modern American Lynching
By Li Onesto

What We Should Never Forget... and Never Forgive About the Murder of Trayvon Martin

The Massacre Of The Afghan 17 And The Obama Cover-Up
By James Petras

After the cold-blooded murder of the 17 Afghan villagers in Kandahar Province the US military and the ever-complicit Obama regime constructed an elaborate cover-up, exposing the Administration to charges of conspiracy to suppress the essential facts, falsify data and obstruct justice. All are grounds for criminal prosecution and impeachment

Corruption In Spain And The Judicial 'Framing' Of Judge Baltasar Garzón Real (PDF)
By George Venturini

"In 1977 ‘new’ Spain ratified all treaties and covenants which are now referred to as the International Bill of Human Rights. Judge Baltasar Garzón Real passionately believes in them. For old tools of the regime, Borbonic racketeers, revanchist neo-Francoists, high prelates, fraudsters, money launderers, gangsters, banksters, corporados, and members of the Spanish ‘high society’ (the few of them who are aware of those international obligations) they remain just a farrago of words - rhetoricians’ exercises, mountebanks’ tools."

“High Polluting Victoria , Australia , Scraps Carbon Pollution Target
And Increases Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Pollution”

By Dr Gideon Polya

The State of Victoria, Australia, is the worst polluting state in Australia which in turn is one of the worst counties in the world for annual per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution. However the new ultra-conservative government of Victoria is trying to increase GHG pollution in all kinds of ways and has just announced its intention to scrap an existing plan for "20% off GHG pollution by 2020"

Virtuous Obama Omits US Nuclear Terrorism History Threatens Korea Iran 
By Jay Janson

In To Win a Nuclear War: The Pentagon's Secret War, 1987, Prof. Michio Kaku, chronicled 12 acts of US nuclear terrorism since it terrorized Japan by A-bombling Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The stream of new revelations about U.S. nuclear planning fills in a picture of what North Korea calls "the increasing nuclear threat of the US," which it cites as the reason it developed its own atom-bomb program -- as a deterrent

Sarat: The Third Eye Of Resistance
By Countercurrents.org

"The Third Eye Of Resistance" is a documentary on the life and work of C. Saratchandran who passed away in an accident in 2010. It is a journey through the life of Sarat, as he was fondly called, who travelled constantly with the camera and cinemas. It is a journey through the vivid, living memories of the protesters at Chaliyar, Plachimada, Muthanga and Kathikudam; through the experiences of his friends and everyone who have travelled with him or parallel to his path

26 March, 2012

Koodankulam Protesters Appeal To IAEA
By People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy

Koodankulam is still tense. The indefinite fast of 15 protesters is now on the 8th day. One woman protester collapsed and was moved to a nearby hospital. Meanwhile, the Madras High Court refused to lift the prohibitory orders in place in Koodankulam. Here is a letter by People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy sent to IAEA, Nuclear Regulators and Human Rights Organisations

Bogey Of Maoism Raised Against Koodankulam Protesters
By V Geetha

A letter written to Justice Markandey Katju, Chairman , Press Council of India on the totally skewed reporting of the arrest of three protesters at Koodankulam

Indian Left And The Nuclear Hypocrisy
By A.Muthukrishnan

The Communist Party Of India, Marxist (CPIM) and Communist Party of India (CPI) are a part of the Konkan Bachao Samiti in Jaitapur which has a resolve of protesting against the world’s biggest nuclear complex is coming up at Jaitapur. The left parties are also part of the protest committee against the Kovvada plant in Srikakulam in Andrapradesh. But the same parties in Tamilnadu have been welcoming the Nuclear Plant in Kookankulam Nuclear Power Plant

US To Give “Non-Lethal” Aid To Syrian Opposition
By Niall Green

US President Barack Obama pledged Sunday to deliver “non-lethal” supplies to Western-backed anti-government insurgents in Syria. The announcement came as Kofi Annan, due to head a United Nations mission to Damascus, was in Moscow for talks with the Russian government on the crisis in Syria

Hypocrisy Of Humanitarian Aid To Syria
By Dr. Elias Akleh

The US would be better off helping its own people before helping other countries. The American tax payers are suffering from high rate of unemployment, homelessness, budget cuts on all social services including medicare and education, increase of crime rate, and millions of families living under the poverty line. The number of beggars; young and old, standing on major freeway exits in a metropolitan city of Los Angeles is on the increase. Where is Clinton 's humanitarian help for her own citizens?

The New York Times Exaggerates The Significance of Shale Oil
By Kjell Aleklett

In a number of articles The New York Times has shown that it is not concerned about Peak Oil. On 23 March it headed page 1 with the article, “U.S. Inches Toward Goal of Energy Independence” One can interpret the article as saying that the USA is now on the way to reaching energy independence but let us compare some of the statements in the article to what the USA’s Energy Information Agency (EIA) says

By Brent Blackwelder

Many people are unaware of the high environmental and social costs of our economic transactions. Even if we remain unaware of these costs, we still have to pay for them. We’d be better off eliminating the deception embedded in our institutions and making economic decisions based on knowledge of true costs including the environmental impacts of growth. As long as deceptionomics rules, fuzzy math will be used to justify incessant GDP growth, and one by one we must say goodbye to the Aral Seas of the world

There Ain't No Cure For The Recession Blues
By Tim Murray

One day it will dawn on us that this is no ordinary recession. This is not a fiscal or credit crisis. Another trough in the usual boom and bust cycle. This time Keynesian prime-pumping won't work (if in fact it ever did, contrary to legend). We cannot spend or inflate our way out of this one

Poverty In A Small Town
By Rosemarie Jackowski

Will the United States ever rise above the evils of classism and racism? Is 'poverty' the new black?

A Corporate Versus A People's City Budget
By Shamus Cooke

How are government budgets created, and in whose interests? In Portland, Oregon the city recently held the second and last of its public budget forums, where the community could offer feedback to help craft the city's budget. Over 200 people attended the meeting at Cleveland High School, much more than city officials anticipated

Real Health Care Advocates Should Support Repeal of The Insurance Mandate
By Kevin Zeese

Medicare for all is constitutional and simple to attain - just drop a few words from existing law and we will be on the path to joining the rest of the civilized world when it comes to health care

Freedom Is Not Class-Neutral
By Farooque Chowdhury

Freedom in all lands is captive to class interests. It’s historically impossible for freedom – freedom of will and of action – to get free from the clutch of its class content as freedom is not class-neutral. Economic content of freedom, moored in class interests, makes it biased, distorts its imagined universal appearance – a concept materialized only in utopia – and creates the need to anchor the concept in the solid base of science instead of a superfluous sand beach of imagination

Frederick Engels on Dühringian vs. Marxian Socialism: Distribution
By Thomas Riggins

In this penultimate chapter of Anti-Dühring Engels takes on Dühring's notions of how the social product will be distributed under his "socialitarian" system

Defense Minister Peter MacKay Blunders On And On…
By Robert Billyard

Taxpayers are being swindled by a cartel of profiteering arms dealers and irresponsible political elites. We cannot afford to sit back and see the public purse pillaged by corrupted and inappropriate military spending, especially so, when duplicitous and incompetent governments are preaching economic restraint

London Candle Light Vigil for Arrested Indian Journalist Ahmad Kazmi
By Free Kazmi Team

More than 500 Indian students in UK, holding candles, carrying banners, wearing black armbands and simmering with anger, held a candle light vigil outside Indian High Commission UK on March 23, to protest against the incarceration of New Delhi based prominent journalist Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi by Delhi Police’s notorious Special Cell

25 March, 2012

Koodankulam's Cry: Save Lives, Save Democracy
By Dr. S. P. Udayakumar

Letter from Dr. S.P Udayakumar Coordinator, of People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy, spearheading the movement in Koodankulam. He is on the 7th day of hunger strike

Safety Issues Of Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant
By Dr R Ramesh, Dr V Pugazhendi & VT Padmanabhan

The main points raised by Expert Committee of the Peoples' Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), spearheading the opposition against the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project are summarized here

A Message of Peace And Friendship From Iran
A Message From Iran

One of the speakers on Saturday at the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) conference in Stamford, Ct., was Leila Zand, Program Director, Middle East & Civilian Diplomacy, Fellowship Of Reconciliation. She said that rather than sharing her own views on the dangers of a war on Iran, she had asked friends in Iran what they would say. She read this message that they sent her

Corruption In Spain And The Judicial 'Framing' Of Judge Baltasar Garzón Real - Part I (PDF)
By George Venturini

Trial of Judge Baltasar Garzón and the state of democracy in Spain

"Back To Child Labor And Slavery?"
By John Scales Avery

Today, child labor accounts for 22 % of the workforce in Asia, 32 % in Africa, and 17 % in Latin America. Large-scale slavery also exists today, although there are formal laws against it in every country. There are more slaves now than ever before – their number is estimated to be between 12 million and 27 million. Besides outright slaves, who are bought and sold for as little as 100 dollars, there many millions of workers whose lack of options and dreadful working conditions must be described as slavelike

Ali Abunimah And Gilad Atzmon At The OK Corral
By Roger Tucker

Another defense of Gilad Atzmon

Delusions of Power: Obama Is No Gandhi
By Deepak Tripathi

Great people like Gandhi and Mandela use power to curb power. Barack Obama stands among those who use power to accumulate more of it. Therein lies the moral of any comparison in this debate

And Indian State Calls It As ‘Peace'
By Khalid Wasim Hassan

There have been many attempts by the Indian State to propagate the short periods of calmness as ‘peace' and ‘normalcy' in Kashmir. But, is it really the case?

Being A Minority In ‘Secular’ India
By Syed Zafar Mehdi

The controversial arrest of Delhi-based journalist Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi by Delhi Police’s notorious Special Cell in connection with the recent attack on Israeli diplomat’s car in New Delhi has again brought to fore the issue of mindless witch-hunts and prosecutions of innocent Muslims in so-called ‘secular democratic republic’ of India

Why Dalits Have Slammed Mayawati’s Sarvjan Rule?
By S.R.Darapuri

Recently on the declaration of the results of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) Assembly Election 2012 Mayawati claimed that although her party Bahujan samaj Party (BSP) has lost the election but her Dalit vote bank is in tact. But if we analyze the election results her claim is found to be false and misleading

Srilanka : Extrajudicial Killings --- The Miserable Breakdown Of The Rule Of Law
By Nilantha Ilangamuwa

The people of Sri Lanka expect that the government of Sri Lanka will be encouraged in the Universal Periodic Review to take gradual action, not only at the legislative level, but beyond that to implement basic principles of rule of law, where complaints will be systematically investigated, and where crimes will be properly prosecuted, regardless of whether they were committed by state agencies or non-state actors

24 March, 2012

Koodankulam: Police Forces Withdrawn But PMANE Vows To Fight On
By Jeemon Jacob

The Tirunelveli district administration has decided to withdraw police forces from Koodankulam after the Madras high court ordered officials to reinstate supply of milk, water and power to Idinthakarai. However, leaders of the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) insist that the struggle will continue

The Roads Leading To Disaster
By Fidel Castro Ruz

This Reflection could be written today, tomorrow or any other day without the risk of being mistaken. Our species faces new problems. When 20 years ago I stated at the United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro that a species was in danger of extinction, I had fewer reasons than today for warning about a danger that I was seeing perhaps 100 years away

How Much Will It Cost To Save Our Economy’s Foundation?
By Lester Brown

Our natural systems are the foundation of our economy. We can roughly estimate how much it will cost to reforest the earth, protect topsoil, restore rangelands and fisheries, stabilize water tables, and protect biological diversity. The goal is not to offer a set of precise numbers but rather to provide a set of reasonable estimates for an earth restoration budget

Who Is Gilad Atzmon… And, Who Are We?
By Gary Steven Corseri

A review of The Wandering Who , by Gilad Atzmon.

Toulouse Massacre Lessons: Sideline Racist Zionists To End
Muslim Holocaust And Genocidal Apartheid Israel

By Dr Gideon Polya

The Toulouse Massacre in which 7 people, 3 of them children, were murdered in France by a crazed Muslim-origin gunman Mohammed Merah (a French citizen of Algerian descent) , has shocked all decent people. However reason must prevail over emotion and must determine how the chances of a recurrence of this awful atrocity can be minimized

Space-Based Solar Power
By Tom Murphy

I’ll take a break from writing about behavioral adaptations and get back to Do the Math roots with an evaluation of solar power from space and the giant hurdles such a scheme would face. On balance, I don’t expect to see this technology escape the realm of fantasy and find a place in our world. The expense and difficulty are incommensurate with the gains

Tom Murphy Interview: Resource Depletion Is A Bigger Threat Than Climate Change
By James Stafford

Rising geopolitical tensions and high oil prices are continuing to help renewable energy find favour amongst investors and politicians. Yet how much faith should we place in renewables to make up the shortfall in fossil fuels? Can science really solve our energy problems, and which sectors offers the best hope for our energy future? To help us get to the bottom of this we spoke with energy specialist Dr. Tom Murphy, an associate professor of physics at the University of California

The Peak Oil Crisis: Parsing The Bakken
By Tom Whipple

A recent pronouncement by a noted analyst says that America's "tight oil" (shale oil) production could reach 3 million barrels a day (b/d) by 2020 which will again put us among the top few global oil producers. On digging a little deeper into the issue, however, many have a problem with all the optimism

The 'Exceptional Character' Of The U.S Armed Forces
By Jack A. Smith

Few American chief executives have lavished as much praise upon the U.S. military as President Barack Obama. Yet day after day reports appear in the mass media about war crimes, atrocities, and abuses attributed to that same armed forces and its leadership — mostly on foreign battlefields but also back home

Is US Sanctimony on The Wane?
By Sean Fenley

Recent events would seem to belie the notion that United States is about high-minded, and lofty ideals, but it is rather the entity with the biggest stick, who will carry out its bidding — and that of multi-national corporations — with concern for respect, scruples, and moral human dignity receiving extremely little care

Agonizing Over Religions: My Way Out!
By Yoginder Sikand

So, if you were to ask me if I believe that a creator, omnipotent God exists, as Islam, Christianity and Hinduism claim, or if I think it’s simply a fanciful idea and a product of delusion, as Buddhism insists, honestly, I cannot reply. I’ve never seen or heard or felt or experienced (as opposed to imagined) such a God, and so I have to admit that I am not sure if She/It/He is indeed a reality

Pakistan: Dalits In Peril
By Chander Kumar

A brief overview of the condition of dalits in Pakistan

Urgent Redress Required in The Wake of
Another AIIMS Suicide

By Gurinder Singh Azad

On 3 March, Anil Kumar Meena, a tribal student Baran, Rajasthan, hung himself in hostel No. 6. The eldest amongst his siblings, Anil Kumar, was the son of a poor farmer. He scored 75% in Class XII and got second rank in the AIIMS entrance examination. However, his dream of becoming a doctor could not succeed in the unsupportive ambience of AIIMS

What Impedes Regionalism In South Asia?
By Aditi Paul

South Asian regionalism is impeded by elements that are within the institutional set up of SAARC; nationalist pulls and pressures; nature of leadership; domestic political, economic and resource problems; intra-regional political and economic relations; rise of terrorism; and extra-regional factors

The Disappearing Poor
By Smita Dakhore

The problems of the poor in India are far from disappearing. But the poor surely are. They have successfully disappeared from our lives & our minds, living their broken lives and sharing their shattered dreams – hoping for the change that might never come

Forest Dwellers Deprived of Livelihood And Facing Forcible Eviction in Assam
By The Barak Human Rights Protection Committee

The Barak Human Rights Protection Committee (BHRPC) has learnt that around 300 families of traditional forest dwellers in and around Patharia forest reserve in Karimganj district of the North Eastern state of Assam have forcibly been deprived of their sources of livelihood and now living under severe threat of imminent eviction

Jamia Students Protest Against Kazmi’s Arrest
By Syed Zafar Mehdi

A large mass of protestors, mostly youth, took out a rally this evening from Jamia Milia University to Okhla Head, in support of arrested journalist Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi

23 March, 2012

Koodankulam: The Situation Is Grim
By Dr. S.P Udayakumar

Letter from Dr. S.P Udayakumar Coordinator, of People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy, spearheading the movement in Koodankulam

What Is Illegal At Koodankulam: Protests or The Reactors?
By DiaNuke Correspondents

It is not only fundamental democratic rights and norms that have been violated with the construction of the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant but also other rules to do with the construction of nuclear reactors. There are at least eleven points of illegality

Of Manmohan Singh, Koodankulam Anti-Nuclear Struggle And The Politics of
Foreign Hand: Or, Who Is The Real Foreign Hand?

By Asit Das

With hundreds of thousands of farmers committing suicide, millions of hectares of land are forcibly grabbed; thousands are dying of hunger and disease. This accusation of ‘foreign hand' is a cruel joke on the hapless, millions of whom are suffering state repression and their land, resources, livelihood and dignity are being snatched away. The bogey of foreign hand has been played by post-independent rulers to divert the rising discontent of the masses

Heal The Planet!
By Satya Sagar

If Mother Earth were a patient in the hands of a good doctor what would the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis look like? Can the planet be cured of its ills at all and what would it take to achieve this? Is there an alternative to the path of willful suicide forced on all life forms on the globe by the blind greed and inhumanity of a few?

Journalists Rock! Journalism Sucks!
By Robert Jensen

Working journalists often do the best they can within institutions that place severe limits on them, in much the same way that teachers struggle. Journalists and teachers rock. The problem is the corporate and corporatized systems within which they work. Corporate-commercial news media and corporatized school systems suck

Costly 'Freedom' in Afghanistan: On Morbid Wars And Logic
By Ramzy Baroud

Do American soldiers even know what they are fighting for, or whom they are fighting against?

Robots Kill, But The Blood Is On Our Hands
By David Swanson

In her spare time, between nonstop peace activism and leading international exchanges, Medea Benjamin has somehow managed to write the best book yet on the most inhuman form of war yet. The book is called "Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control."

Occupy’s Disrupt Dirty Power Earth Month
By Shepherd Bliss

From New York to St. Louis to Los Angeles, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) buzzes with the awakening of spring activities throughout the United States. One of its many pending actions is to join forces with the environmental movement to launch Earth Month on March 24

A Little Unfinished Business
By Sherwood Ross

My question: Which of our presidential candidates, particularly those who dwell on their Christian background and virtues, are----given the foregoing-cited crimes---going to advocate Americans repay the aggrieved and robbed citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq for all that they have destroyed?

The Question The Jewish Community In Palestine Need To Answer?
By Dr Salim Nazzal

The Jewish community in Palestine needs to confront themselves with this question, have they come to Palestine to flee the horror which they had in Europe as they said and to live in equality and peacefully with native Palestinians and the region, or have they come to Palestine to be the masters of Palestine and the region? This in my view is the key question of the whole conflict

US War Machine Against Peace, Security And Development
By Anu Muhammad

It is said that US Special Forces are present in five South Asian countries, including Bangladesh , as part of capacity building in ‘counter-terrorism efforts'. US Pacific Commander Admiral Robert Willard informed this in a Congressional hearing, reports BBC online on March 2, 2012

21 March, 2012

Koodankulam Protesters Under Siege
By Concerned Citizens

The struggle against Koodankulam nuclear power plant has now reached a crucial moment of crisis: the ministry of the ruling AIADMK government has passed a resolution asking for the plant to be reopened. Following this resolution, the government of Tamil Nadu has rushed a large contingent of police to the area - ostensibly to ensure that work begins at the plant. The forces now stand guard outside the village of Idinthakarai, disallowing movement into and away from the area

State Terror Continues In Koodankulam: Idinthakarai Is Being Choked
By Lalita Ramdas, P K Sundaram & Nityanand Jayaraman

In the last 24 hours, the police in Koodankulam has been terrorising and choking the defiant villagers. After every 2 hours, the police tries to enter the village and then withdraws, provoking and intimidating the people. They have demanded that S P Udayakumar, Pushparayan and other leading activists of the Koodankulam anti-nuclear movements must ‘surrender’ to them’. Villagers have given a befitting reply by saying the police will have to arrest all 20,000 of them first to get to their leaders

On Arctic Sea Ice Melt And Coal Mine Canaries (PDF)
By Andrew Glikson

Despite peak global temperatures in 2005 and 2010, unprecedented in the instrumental record, a recent sharp plunge in volume of the Arctic Sea ice and a spate of extreme weather events, coal mining, coal exports and carbon emissions continue to grow, overwhelming any mitigation attempted by schemes such as the Australian carbon price

Would You Stop A Friend From Destroying The Earth?
By David Swanson

What would you do if someone had a button that could destroy the earth and they were walking across the room to push it? Would you stand in the way? Would you talk them out of it? Would you sit by and watch, maybe make a sarcastic remark or two? What if the button might destroy the earth or might just destroy part of it? What if it might leave most of the earth intact but kill millions of people, but what if you had no way of being sure how far the destruction would spread? 

The Bradley Manning Prosecution Is Incurably Infected
By Government Misconduct, Dismissal Is The Only Option

By Kevin Zeese

The bizarre and unfair behavior of the government in the prosecution of Bradley Manning likewise offends a sense of justice and has incurably infected the possibility of a fair trial and a just result. Short of outright dismissal it is hard to see how justice can be done

Preparing Israel For war
By Neve Gordon

Recent raids on Gaza were not just about allocating more money to defense - they were also about war with Iran

The Unions, The Millionaires Tax, And The Road To Success
By Ann Robertson & Bill Leumer

Students, teachers, and social service workers in the Occupy Education movement are not wavering in their commitment to the Millionaires Tax. They have already succeeded in mobilizing thousands on March 1 and 5 in support of this measure. They are courageously shining a light on the way forward for the labor movement. It is only a matter of time that organized labor itself will have to follow their lead

The Last Days Of The Lilliputians
By William T. Hathaway

The uprising began in the Muslim world because they are under the most direct imperialist attack. It has spread to the NATO countries. They will try to divide us and make us fight one another. They will jail us. They will even kill some of us. But if we persist, holding to a militant rather than a reformist course, we will eventually free ourselves of them and build a system that emphasizes the humane in humanity. This is our time, an historic battle for liberation

Wind Energy or Windfall?
By GOI Monitor Desk

Indian corporates are earning carbon credits by claiming to be environment friendly but reality is quite different. A research report, 'The Indian CDM : Subsidizing and Legitimizing Corporate Pollution' elaborates on how the supposedly clean businesses have dirty backyards. The report analysed 34 such clean development mechanism (CDM) projects spread over the country and came up with startling findings

Unkept Promises And Politics of Abduction
By Paramjeet Singh & Preeti Chauhan

People's Union For Democratic Rights (PUDR) expresses concern at the abduction of the two Italian nationals by the CPI (Maoist) in Kandamahal-Ganjam region of Orissa on March 14

20 March, 2012

Capitalism: A Ghost Story
By Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy tells the story behind the much hyped "Indian growth'' and how protest movements are muffled, so that the ruthless Indian coporate juggernaut move ahead unopposed

No One Form Of Resistance Is Going To Succeed: Arundhati Roy
Diana Mavroleon in conversation with Arundhati Roy and Professor Robert Biel

Transcript of a radio interview conducted on 8th June 2011

Fun With Trends
By Richard Heinberg

How will the world look like in 2050, 2100, 2200?

Interlinking Rivers: The Spectre Rises Again
By S.G.Vombatkere, PhD

On February 27, 2012, the Supreme Court directed the Centre to implement the ambitious interlinking of rivers project in a time-bound manner and appointed a high-powered committee for its planning and implementation. But, it is an incredibly stupid idea

Obama Apologizes For Kandahar Massacre: But Not His Own Killings
By Sherwood Ross

How shall the world view the apology by President Obama for the massacre of 16 Afghan villagers allegedly by a lone U.S. serviceman in Kandahar Province when the President is himself personally responsible for the extra-judicial killing of hundreds of civilians by means of drone aircraft strikes whose crime he defends?

Unveiling Canada's Role In Chile's Environmental And Political Conflicts
By Cyril Mychalejko

A new report reveals the Canadian mining industrial complex's responsibility for social discord and environmentally-destructive policies in Chile's Patagonia region

Throwing Money At The Pentagon
By William D. Hartung

If you’ve been fretting about faltering math education and falling test scores here in the United States, you should be worried based on this campaign season of Republican math. When it comes to the American military, the leading Republican presidential candidates evidently only learned to add and multiply, never subtract or divide

The Future Is Ours If We Want It
By Timothy V. Gatto

One thing should be obviously apparent to everyone; the Republicans don’t stand a chance of defeating Obama, no matter who the eventual nominee is. If the GOP ends up with a brokered convention and becomes deadlocked, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jeb Bush drafted. That is probably the Democrats worst nightmare. I know it’s mine

News From Syria And France
By Farooque Chowdhury

News on Syria is being disseminated in a charged style. A news tilted as part of disinformation signifies preparation for deeper and more forceful involvement by external actors in the Middle Eastern country. At the same time, Turkey’s plan for a buffer zone inside Syria, the war game in the region, and incidents in France, far away from Syria, are no less annoying. Are not these preludes to a gathering storm in the Middle East?

Andre Beteille’s Dream World: Caste Today
By Gail Omvedt

A recent article by Andre Beteille, “India's destiny not caste in stone” argues that caste in fact is dying down, that it lives on mostly in consciousness, and that this is a result of the manipulations of the media during elections. The piece shows that elite social scientists are living in a dream world of their own making

The Politics of Knowledge And Caste
By Braj Ranjan Mani

Brahmanism cannot be sent to jail; it can only be banished from our minds and hearts, replacing it with a better ideology. We cannot ban or banish a bad idea, it can only be buried by a better idea. The way to defeat bad books is to write good books

Sri Lanka: Charades And Its Price
By Nilantha Ilangamuwa

The dream world of Rajapakse will suffer a setback if India supports the resolution. Or Rajapakse has an option of continuing his ruffian attitude with help from China. Perhaps then he can call for a boycott of Indian products. However, the focus of only the Tamil issue by India is questionable since that could also encourage separatism without addressing the core concerns that eventually led to the Tamil issue, which is the complete destruction of the justice apparatus in Sri Lanka

Corruption In Pakistan: Past And Present
By Nazia Nazar

It is said, ‘corruption is the mother of all evils’; it looks true if we go through the past 60 years’ history of Pakistan

19 March, 2012

Questions Mount Over US Account Of Afghanistan Massacre
By Patrick Martin

Within 48 hours of the Pentagon’s confirming the identity of the US soldier arrested for the massacre of 16 Afghan civilians, including nine children, there are mounting questions about the official explanation of the bloody events of March 11

Murder Is Not An Anomoly In War
By Chris Hedges

We kill children nearly every day in Afghanistan. We do not usually kill them outside the structure of a military unit. If an American soldier had killed or wounded scores of civilians after the ignition of an improvised explosive device against his convoy, it would not have made the news. Units do not stick around to count their “collateral damage.” But the Afghans know. They hate us for the murderous rampages. They hate us for our hypocrisy

Will Obama,"Bring Full Weight of The Law To Bear On Anyone Involved!" Himself Too?
By Jay Janson

Who on this blessed Earth is more primarily "involved" than the Commander-in-chief himself, who sent this poor devil who is accused of this insane mass-murder, which is only one of many reported since he took office

Israel Threatens Iran, Continues Air Strikes Against Gaza
By Jean Shaoul

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has insisted that Israel would take action against Iran even if Washington objected. Speaking to the Knesset last Wednesday, Netanyahu said that a key aim of his talks with US President Barack Obama had been to have Israel’s right to launch a military operation against Iran if it sees fit, acknowledged

Resistance To The Zionist Massacre In Gaza
By Sukant Chandan

How this battle relates the regional liberation struggle

Disavowal: “…A Mental Act That Consists In Rejecting The Reality Of A Perception”
By William A. Cook

A defense of Gilad Atzmon against attack on racism and anti-semitism by Palestinian writers and activists

Economic Theology: Angels Dancing On The Head of A Pin
By David A. Jones

I consider mainstream (neoclassical) economics a kind of modern day theology, and the question about angels is akin to the question, “How much economic growth (GDP growth) can our ecosystems cope with?” For the economic “theologians” the answer is once again “as much as you like,” because economic growth can supposedly be decoupled from physical impacts

The Unstoppable Legacy Of The War On Terror
By Karen J. Greenberg

Here and elsewhere, it looks like we can expect the Obama administration to continue to barrel down the path that has already taken us far from the country we used to be. And by next year, if a different president is in the Oval Office, expect him to lead us even further astray. With that in mind, here are five categories in the sphere of national security where 2012 is likely to prove even grimmer than 2011

Police State Blues: "Our Rights Do Not End
Where The Caprice Of Authoritarian Bullies Begins"

By Phil Rockstroh

At mid-evening, on Saturday, March 17, upon the six-month anniversary of the occupation of Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, the NYPD initiated another brutal operation to expel OWS activists from the premises. Why? Because they view OWS as a rival gang -- not a force of democratic passion and outrage

Low Morale of Gujarat Police Needs Remedial Action
By R.B Sreekumar

A letter written by former DGP of Gujarat R.B Sreekumar to P.Chidambaram, home minister of India

Let The Linguistic-Liberty Speak!
By Neelesh Jain

So, we all have to graduate to linguistic maturity and should let the people communicate in that very language in which they feel comfortable and find solace. Then only true creativity will germinate and bloom otherwise freedom of expression that is enshrined in almost every civilized constitution will be muted and mooted forever

Sri Lanka : Dum spiro, spero, dum vivimus vivamus
By Nilantha Ilangamuwa

It is only when a government is able to tolerate rational criticism against unlawful acts, a country can achieve a common national goal based on tolerance, equity and fraternity. Until that is possible in Sri Lanka the present regime should at least accept this, 'while we breath we hope, let us live while we live'. In another words, dum spiro, spero, dum vivimus vivamus

18 March, 2012

US Forces Raped Two Women In Kandahar Carnage: Parliamentary Commission
By Press TV

The Afghan parliamentary mission investigating the recent massacre of 16 civilians by US forces in Afghanistan says two women were raped during the deadly incident, Press TV reports. Two members of the fact-finding mission, Hamidzi Lali and Shakila Hashemi, told the general meeting of Afghanistan’s parliament on Saturday that the American troopers raped two Afghan women before starting the massacre

The U.S. Empire’s Achilles Heel: Its Barbaric Racism
By Glen Ford

The latest atrocities in Afghanistan are just par for the course

Rogue Soldier? Rogue Superpower
By George Capaccio

The massacre may not be representative of our soldiers’ “enormous sacrifices,” but it certainly represents the unabated savagery of the U.S. military and the suffering it has inflicted on the people of Afghanistan and Iraq over the past decade

Afghanistan: The Children Of A Lesser God
By Roqayah Chamseddine

In Afghanistan the dead are made to die twice; first at the hands of a drove of “rogue” soldiers and later at the hands of those who see them as degenerates

UK Channel 4 Videos On Sri Lanka: Background Is Essential
By Brian Senewiratne

The Channel 4 News videos on the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka are about the most important contributions to apprise the world of what has gone on, and is still going on, behind the closed and censored doors of Sri Lanka. There are now two documentaries, Sri Lanka's Killing Fields released in June 2011, and Sri Lanka 's killing Fields. War Crimes Unpunished released in March 2012. They contain crucial evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity, if not Genocide of the Tamils. The world needs to see these

How Many Violations of US Arms Laws Are Too Many?
By Franklin Lamb

On March 6, 2012, the US Congressional Research Service released a report to the US Congress concerning Restrictions on the use of American weapons by recipient countries. For those who have followed the subject there was not a whole lot new in the CRS study, yet it is instructive in identifying Israel once again as far and away the most egregious violator of virtually every provision of every US law which purports to regulate how American weapons are used

“Multiculturalism” And Australia 's Great Divide
By Ghali Hassan

While most Australians rightly believe that Australia is a multicultural nation, in reality multiculturalism is encouraging divisions, discrimination and racism. Australia needs an inclusive multicultural policy to dismantle “white” dominance and unite Australians

Occupy Media Grows
By Shepherd Bliss

“Occupy.com, which means to occupy the commons, will go online later this month,” reported Michael Levitin, a 35-year-old founding editor of the Occupied Wall Street Journal. He spoke on March 16 at an event in Santa Rosa, California, hosted by the forthcoming Occupied Press—North Bay/Prensa Ocupada—Bahia Norte

Mother Tongue Is A Fundamental Right
By Protik Bardhan

This is our bounden duty to help the tribes living in the Chittagong hill tracts area to speak and preserve their own language. Only three tribes of the area have their written form of language. We now have an international mother language research institute; it should conduct adequate researches to help the tribes develop their alphabets and written form of their languages

Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited Not Paying Its Own Workers
By Dave Fryett

Public Sector Undertaking Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL) is 51 per cent owned by the government of India. According to India's state Press Information Bureau, BHEL has failed to pay the wages of Indian nationals working at the Kosti thermal power project in Sudan and at another worksite in the Central African Republic

17 March, 2012

Upto 20 US Troops Executed Kandahar Massacre: Probe
By Outlook Afghanistan

A parliamentary probe team on Thursday said up to 20 American troops were involved in Sunday's killing of 16 civilians in southern Kandahar province. The team spent two days in the province, interviewing the bereaved families, tribal elders, survivors and collecting evidences at the site in Panjwai district. Hamizai Lali told Pajhwok Afghan News their investigation showed there were 15 to 20 American soldiers, who executed the brutal killings

More Than One US Soldier Involved In Massacre: Afghan President
By Al- Akhbar

Afghanistan's president Hamid Karzai suggested on Friday that more than one US soldier was involved in the massacring of 16 Afghan civilians in two villages last week. Karzai pointed to one of the villagers from Panjwai district of Kandahar province and said: "In his family, in four rooms people were killed – children and women were killed – and then they were all brought together in one room and then set on fire. That, one man cannot do."

Obama Menaces Iran With Military Threat
By Peter Symonds

US President Obama issued another menacing threat to Iran during a joint press conference at the White House with British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday. He warned that the Iranian regime needed “to seize this opportunity of negotiations with the P5 plus 1 to avert even worse consequences for Iran in the future.”

Netanyahu v Obama – What Next?
By Alan Hart

Given that he does not want Obama to have a second term, what now are Netanyahu’s options? I can see three possibles.One is to watch and wait and hope that there will be a downturn in the American economy between now and November that will assist a Republican presidential candidate to defeat Obama. Another is to launch a unilateral attack on Iran’s nuclear sites. Third one is to commission a Mossad false flag operation – an attack on a vital American interest or interests for which Iran could be and would be framed

The Story Of The Commons
By Jay Walljasper

An interview with Annie Leonard

How Boulder Freed Its Electric Company
By Valerie Schloredt

Running their own utility means sun and wind energy instead of coal

K Damodaran: An Unfinished Chapter
By K.P. Sasi

A tribute to the eminent communist leader K Damodaran, by his son

15 March, 2012

US Afghan Strategy In Tatters
By Bill Van Auken

The political reverberations continue to grow from last Sunday’s US massacre of 16 Afghan civilians, the majority of them children, in Kandahar province. Thursday saw the Taliban breaking off talks with Washington and President Hamid Karzai demanding that US-NATO forces withdraw to their main bases. Together, these actions threaten to leave key elements of the Obama administration’s Afghanistan strategy in tatters

The American Spring: A Time for Occupy To Blossom
By Kevin Zeese

National Occupation of Washington, DC Will Bring Occupiers Together to Share Experiences, Educate Each Other and Build an Independent Movement to Shift Power from Concentrated Wealth

Occupy St. Patrick's Day/M17 (#OWS @ 6 Months)
By Mickey Z.

This year March 17 takes on a whole new meaning: the six-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street (OWS). With that mind, I'd like to share a St. Pat's-related tale that lives up to the OWS vibe

Why Labor's Rank And File Won't Campaign For Obama
By Shamus Cooke

A surreal fog hangs over U.S. labor unions’ enthusiastic endorsement of Barack Obama. When AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka announced the labor federation's recent endorsement, the exaggerated pro-Obama comments likely surprised union members everywhere. Has President Trumka paid any attention to the labor policies of President Obama?

Can There Be “Good” Corporations?
By Marjorie Kelly

When companies are owned by workers and the community—instead of Wall Street financiers—everything changes

Israel’s Willing Executioners: AIPAC Invades Washington
By James Petras & Robin Eastman Abaya

The week of March 4 to 11, 2012 will go down in history as a week of national humiliation; a time when legions of fanatical American Zionists took over Washington; when the entire Cabinet, led by President Obama, groveled before the officials of a foreign state - in the heart of Washington DC

Barack Obama Is A One-Term President: Yvonne Ridley
By Kourosh Ziabari

An interview with the British journalist Yvonne Ridley

Challenging Religious Bigotry In The Birth Control Debate
By Katherine M Acosta

We need to challenge religious leaders to elaborate their beliefs beyond the simple notion that sex is just for procreation. We need press them to justify the potential consequences of proscribing birth control

Carbon Blood Money In Honduras
By Rosie Wong

With its muddy roads, humble huts, and constant military patrols, Bajo Aguán, Honduras feels a long way away from the slick polish of the recurring UN climate negotiations in the world’s capital cities. Yet the bloody struggle going on there strikes at the heart of global climate politics, illustrating how market schemes designed to “offset” carbon emissions play out when they encounter the complicated reality on the ground

Sri Lanka: President J.R. Jayewardene Failed To Understand What Nations Live By
By Basil Fernando

A discussion on the current abductions and the debate at the Human Rights Council on accountability and reconciliation

Sri Lanka : Sincere Ignorance And Conscientious Stupidity
By Nilantha Ilangamuwa

A draft resolution on Sri Lanka by the United States of America has been submitted to the United Nations HRC in Geneva. In less than 330 words, this resolution has pointed the finger at the Government of Sri Lanka and its half cooked proposal of reconciliation and accountability. Instead of understanding the context and dealing with it diplomatically, the ruling party has divided the public into two sections to get political advantage from the nightmare thus causing a stalemate at government level

Sri Lanka: Militarization And Colonization In The Name Of National Integration And Reconciliation
By Athithan Jayapalan

Protest has proliferated since the war's end opposing the increasing power concentrated in the Rajapakse family. Sadly many of the protests from south seem to isolate the structural violence experienced by Tamils exclusively to the current Rajapakse regime. That for the past four decades successive Sinhala dominated government has made its presence in the traditional Tamil homeland as an oppressive state, is conveniently forgotten

Budgetary Allocation For Aadhaar/NPR-UIDAI Is In Contempt of Parliament
By Gopal Krishna, Vinay Baindur & Anivar Aravind

Union Budget allocation of Rs. 14,232 crore for Aadhar-UID demonstrates a contempt of Parliament as it seems to ignore the recommendations of the report of Parliamentary Standing Committee (PSC) on Finance on the National Identification Authority of India (NIDAI) Bill 2010

15 March, 2012

Infiltration Of Political Movements In USA
By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

Infiltration of U.S. political movements is the norm, not the exception. When the long history of political infiltration is reviewed, the Occupy Movement should be surprised if it is  not  infiltrated.  Almost every movement in modern history has been infiltrated by police and others using many of the same tactics we are now seeing in Occupy. 

A Response To Ali Abunimah & Co.
By Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon's response to charges of racism and anti-semitism levelled against him by Palestinian writers and activists

1970: The Peak of Everything
By Peter Goodchild

The bad news about oil was that US domestic production in 1970 began a permanent decline. The bad news about oil globally arrived not a great deal later: "peak oil" in the absolute sense was a few decades in the future, the "peak per capita" was in 1979, at 5.5 barrels of oil

The Peak Oil Crisis: Surging Gasoline
By Tom Whipple

Global oil production is peaking. Once this threshold is crossed we (the press, the administration, political candidates, and the body politic) can begin a meaningful discussion of our options for the future

Occupy’s Growing Pains--Reflections Of An Insider
By Shepherd Bliss

My reflections emerge from nearly half a year “being on the ground” within Occupy. I seek to deal with the good and the not-so-good, or even bad. The good and the bad often arrive together, or follow soon upon each other

American Poverty, 50 Years Later
By Barbara Ehrenreich

How we cured “The Culture of Poverty,” not poverty itself

Iraqis In Syria: The Loss of A Last Refuge
By Serene Assir

But one year on from the start of the uprising, life in Syria has changed dramatically for Syrians and non-Syrians living there. Many face a worsening security situation, disruptions to social services, increased impoverishment, and uncertainty in the face of the future

Occupied Lives: Switching Off Hospitals
By Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

The reality generated by Israel's longstanding illegal closure, the international sanctions against Gaza’s authorities, and political in-fighting between the Ministries in Gaza and Ramallah, has resulted in a fuel and electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip. Consequently, water and sanitation installations, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities are facing severe difficulties in providing basic services to the people of Gaza, undermining the right to health and the right to life

War, Occupation, And Massacre
By Rosemarie Jackowski

The latest massacre in Afghanistan is just one more in a long history of US atrocities. Most of these acts by US troops go unnoticed - hardly rating a mention on the nightly news. Why has this news report broken through the wall of silence? And why is there a media reaction to it? The media has ignored so many other atrocities

Guantanamo Prison's True Secret
By Angola 3 News

Jason Leopold in conversation with Andy Worthington

Why Israel Attacked Gaza: Bibi Stirring Trouble
By Ramzy Baroud

To answer the question, one needs to make a quick stop in Washington. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had recently tried to articulate a case for war against Iran there. Unlike the successful effort to isolate and strike and invade Iraq in 2003, the Iran war campaign is not going according to plan

Pro-Zionist, Pro-war, Anti-Asian Australian Labor Government Threatens Anti-racist Jews
By Dr Gideon Polya

Australia 's ruling Australian Labor Party (ALP) is now an Anti-Arab anti-Semitic Labor Party, an Anti-Jewish anti-Semitic Labor Party, an Anti-Semitic Labor Party, an Anti-Asian Labor Party and an Anti-African Labor Party. Pro-Zionist Labor requires national and international censure for its anti-Semitism and the threat it poses towards decent, anti-racist Jewish Australians

An Historic Opportunity For Akhilesh Yadav In Uttar-Pradesh
By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Akhilesh has enormous good will of the people and one sincerely hope that he would be able to deliver if he overcome all the prejudices of his party in the past. Uttar Pradesh welcome him with open arm and great hope for future

14 March, 2012

New Bid For UN Resolution Aimed At Syrian Regime-Change Fails
By Chris Marsden

On Monday, Russia and China refused to sign a new draft resolution put before the United Nations Security Council condemning the regime of Bashir al-Assad, on the grounds that it could be used to justify military intervention in support of the Syrian opposition

Rick Santorum – An Amoeba’s Hind End
By Jim Taylor

Santorum’s recent victories in Missiissippi and Alabama puts him back into the running as Republican candidate for President, and makes me fear for the future of the United States

Palestinian Writers, Activists Disavow Racism, Anti-Semitism Of Gilad Atzmon
By Many Authors

Granting No Quarter: A Call for the Disavowal of the Racism and Antisemitism of Gilad Atzmon

They Almost Killed My Grandmother
By Rana Baker

Everything my teta went through is Israel’s fault. Israel kills indiscriminately. And I can’t but think of those who lost their twelve-year old son. The other boy who went to school and never returned. The sixty five-old man who was murdered. Are they all terrorists? I’m tired; I have asked this question hundreds of times but never received anything but condolences. Action is required

Not Just Our Soldier But You And I Mr & Mrs US Citizen Murdered Those 17
By Jay Janson

This US soldier, cannot be morally prosecuted separately from those who sent him, maintained him and ordered him to kill anyone in opposition to his being there frightened for his own life: we US citizens!

Kandahar ‘Killing-Spree' Militarism
By The Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

The Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers question the presumption that the U.S. military strategy in Afghanistan is necessary for American or Afghan peace

Soldiers As Terrorists: The Smaller Afghan Wars
By Farzana Versey

The sun had not risen. In the dark, a man walked into homes of people and killed nine children, four women, three men. This is what criminals do, what terrorists do. But the western mainstream media has found a nice term: “rogue US soldier”

Afghan Massacre; Lone Gunman Vs. Just Another Night Raid
By Thomas C. Mountain

Some real journalist did their job, witness’s got interviewed, the interviews got out and even Euronews satellite channel confirmed reports that it was a US military unit during 7:00-10:00 GMT news broadcasts on March 12

The Art of Lying, A Phrase For All Reasons
By Niranjan Ramakrishnan

Watergate was probably the last time anyone high-up was held accountable in the USA. After that we've had Arms for Hostages, a stolen election, 9/11, unprovoked war, warrantless wiretapping, a financial meltdown, trial-less official executions...Not one person of consequence has been punished; in many instances the culprits are not even identified

Why I Must Speak Out About Climate Change: James Hansen
By James Hansen

Top climate scientist James Hansen tells the story of his involvement in the science of and debate over global climate change. In doing so he outlines the overwhelming evidence that change is happening and why that makes him deeply worried about the future

Reclaiming The Commons: Taking Human Lessons In The Era Of H.R. 347,
Corporatism And Perpetual War

By Phil Rockstroh

Unless we start to see the world and our role in it with new eyes, we will be unable to alter the structure of the present system. Withal, it is imperative to be in full possession of one's humanity when facing the desperate, dehumanizing forces of an order that has grown ever more brutal in direct proportion to its rapidly declining purpose and legitimacy

Perceptions Of The Syrian Uprising From Shatila Camp
By Franklin Lamb

The uprising in Syria has re-opened some old wounds in Shatila camp and between the Baathist Assad regime, now in its 41st year, and Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees. Today the Palestinian refugee community in Lebanon appears divided over the credibility of pledged “regime reforms” and whether more patience is warranted

Tahrir Not Twitterati: The Future Of Indian Middleclass Movements
By Siddharthya Swapan Roy

If it has to actually challenge the powers that be, the movement must move to real grassroots work and not canvass on astroturf

The Death Of Anil Meena
By Anoop Kumar

Suicides by Dalit and tribal students is a story of discrimination

Assange: Pentagon Attempts To Stifle Reporting With "Espionage" Charges
By Sherwood Ross

The Pentagon is attempting to quash coverage of its activities by alleging that any reporter seeking classified information is collaborating with the source and guilty of conspiracy to commit espionage, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says

Mr. X, Bombing An Iranian Scientist And Sexual Violence
By Mary Hamer

This essay is dedicated to Mr. Roshan who was 32 years old & who was married with a young son. I apologize to Mr. Roshan for the violence done to him by someone on a motorcycle who threw a magnetic bomb at his vehicle and killed him

Capital Doesn’t Spare The Disabled
By Farooque Chowdhury

Capital doesn’t even spare disabled labor from its appropriation “adventure”. The business goes on in all lands, from the metropolis to the poor periphery in the world system

A Perimeter Approach To Security And The Transformation Of The U.S.-Canada Border
By Dana Gabriel

Through a series of bilateral meetings, U.S. and Canadian officials are busy working out the details of the perimeter security action plan. This includes a recent joint crime forum which dealt with border and law enforcement issues. These various discussions are part of the implementation process which when finished would bring about the complete transformation of the northern border and another step closer in the creation of a fully integrated North American security perimeter

At The Wagah Border: My Little Peace Plane
By Hamid Golpira

I was in Wagah, Pakistan on December 20, 2011. It is a village on the border with India. Actually, the border goes straight through the village and half of the village is in India. It’s just another example of how international borders are often drawn arbitrarily

Apartheid Is The Only Face Of The State Of Israel
By Dr Salim Nazzal

"Many faces of Israel" is the title chosen by the Zionist propaganda machine to counteract the solid fact that Israel is an apartheid state. The goal obviously is to wash down the ugly Zionist face. For that reason Israel formed a team of hundred propagandists which included two Arab woman apparently cultural collaborators to help in misleading the world that Israel is a democratic state!

Fukushima: Government Lies, Tokyo Radioactive, And Three Out-of-Control Reactors
By Alex Smith

Hear a speech by nuclear expert Arnold Gundersen to Vancouver conference "The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster One Year Later" March 11th, organized by Physicians for Global Survival

Kony 2012 Promotes US “Humanitarian” Intervention In Africa
By Bill Van Auken

The campaign launched around Kony 2012, a 30-minute video targeting the leader of Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army, Joseph Kony, is aimed at furthering US military intervention on the African continent under the guise of humanitarianism

13 March, 2012

Israel, Gaza Militants Agree To Truce
By Nidal al-Mughrabi

Israel and militant factions in the Gaza Strip have agreed to an Egyptian-brokered truce to end four days of cross-border violence in which 25 Palestinians have been killed, a senior Egyptian security official told Reuters on Tuesday

To My Unborn Children
By Nader

I know you probably won’t be there to read this. Maybe I would be dead before you see the light. Or rather, witness how very inhumane and so unjust this world has become. I’ll just write anyway, maybe at least your elder brother or sister witnesses all that and read this

Hillary Clinton, Gaza And The Right Of Civilians To Self-Defense
By Ali Abunimah

Clinton was explicitly supporting the right of Syrians to use armed struggle to resist the government, and even claimed that such armed struggle is morally superior. Very well. What did she say about Gaza, which has been under unprovoked Israeli bombardment for five days killing more than twenty people and injuring dozens?

Why High Oil Prices Are Here to Stay
By Michael T. Klare

Oil prices are now higher than they have ever been -- except for a few frenzied moments before the global economic meltdown of 2008. The principal cause of higher prices -- a fundamental shift in the structure of the oil industry -- cannot be reversed, and so oil prices are destined to remain high for a long time to come

Serious About Climate? Throw Out The Free-Market Playbook: Naomi Klein
By Solutions Journal

If you want to get serious about climate change, really serious, in line with the science, and you want to meet targets like 80 percent emissions cuts by midcentury in the developed world, then you need to be intervening strongly in the economy, and you can’t do it all with carbon markets and offsetting. You have to really seriously regulate corporations and invest in the public sector

India Gears Up To Occupy Koodankulam On 15th March
By DiaNuke

Koodankulam has become a rallying point for struggle to save Indian democracy from the neo-liberal theocracy. Concerned citizens and activists from all over the country are on their way to Koodankulam. Former Naval Chief, Senior Jurists, Engineers, Professors and Students, Women Organisations, Lawyers and Human Rights Activists have joined this crucial battle where common people are fighting the a mighty state and its nuclear obsession

Celebrating International Women's day
By Noor ul Haq

When the world was celebrating International Women's day on 8th March by organizing programs, seminars, public events and conferences, thousands of women were beaten, murdered, raped and humiliated. Some jailed, some denied the rights and some forced to live their life all alone

Candle Light Vigil For Arrested Journalist
By Syed Zafar Mehdi

Thousands of protestors gathered in support of Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi who is an accused in the attack on the Israeli diplomat’s car in New Delhi, and vowed to fight for truth and justice

12 March, 2012

Massacre Continues In Gaza
By Ma'an News Agency

Israeli airstrikes killed five more people on Monday, bringing the death toll since Friday to 23. The dead included a father and daughter and a 15 year old school boy

"Mowing The Lawn": On Israel’s Latest Massacre In Gaza And The Lies Behind It
By Ali Abunimah

Whenever you hear Israel’s tired hasbara refrain about rockets, rockets, rockets, remember to ask the question Yousef Munayyer recently asked: Why don’t Israel’s spokespeople ever tell us how many rockets, missiles and bullets Israel has fired on Gaza? In one 18-month period between September 2005 and May 2007 in which Palestinian armed groups fired 2,700 rockets toward Israel killing four people, Israel fired 14,617 heavy artillery shells into Gaza killing 59 people, including at least 17 children and 12 women. That report dates from 2007, but in the years before and since, thousands more Palestinian civilians were killed and injured in Israeli attacks, by what must be tens of thousands of Israeli munitions. This included the 2008-2009 assault called “Operation Cast Lead”

Israel Facing "Existential Threat" From Within As Decmocracy Erodes
By Sherwood Ross

Israel is facing an “acute” existential threat from reactionary elements within as “a profoundly anti-democratic, even racist, political culture has become endemic among much of the Jewish population in the West Bank, and jeopardizes Israel proper”

Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities
By David Swanson

THE OCCUPY GENERAL ASSEMBLY proclaims THIS UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RESPONSIBILITIES as a common standard of practice for all people, to the end that every individual and every organ of society, keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by energetic use of creative nonviolence to promote the actual observance of what have never been but indeed should be made universal, equal, and inalienable rights and freedoms

Climate Change: An Emergency But For Denial
By Bill Henderson

My argument as a climate activist and in my last forty or so op-eds is that scientifically we are so obviously in extreme climate change danger that we should be in emergency mode; but our awareness of climate dangers and all our mitigation planning remain completely within - ideologically trapped within - business as usual: the present socio-economy in which we are all so fortunate to live

The Politics of Teaching Palestine To Americans
By Jim Miles

Book Review- The Politics of Teaching Palestine to Americans - Addressing Pedagogical Strategies By Marcy Jane Knopf-Newman

The 0% Doctrine
By Tom Engelhardt

Obama breaks new ground when it comes to war with Iran

McCain's Call "Bomb Iran And Syria" In War Championing US Not Prosecutable?
By Jay Janson

Which side of the fence does is the reader on? The side of McCain, hailed by media as a hero bomber, and all those elected and would-be-elected politicians calling for bombing of yet another small nation? Or on the side of law, the Nuremberg Principles, the General Treaty for the Renunciation of War, both integral parts of the US Constitution, and a prosecute campaign? Most war-funding tax payers are sitting on this fence

India: Dynasty, Corruption And Plunder
By Arun G. Mukhopadhyay

Could there be an Occupy Movement for the metaphoric ‘99 per cent’ of Indians waiting in the wings?

11 March, 2012

Gaza Under Attack: 18 Killed, Including Children
By Activist Groups

Over the last 48 hours, Gaza has been bombed by Apache helicopters and F16 and V58 fighter planes. 18 civlians have been killed in Gaza City, Jabalya, Rafah, and Shejaaiya. In the latest attack on Jablya, 12-year old Aamer Asaleyah, was killed as a result of an Israeli air strike which targeted a group of children on their way to school

Israel’s Bogus Case For Bombing Gaza Obscures Political Motives
By Max Blumenthal

Almost as soon as he limped back to Jerusalem in frustration, Netanyahu gathered with his generals to gin up a case for pounding Gaza. The Gaza Strip, with its warehoused population of stateless refugees, would serve as their punching bag and pressure release valve. They could not have their war on Iran — not yet, at least — but they could assault Palestinians in Gaza without fear of repercussions from Washington

US Soldier Kills 17 Afghans In Shooting Spree
By Al Jazeera

A US soldier has killed 17 civilians in a shooting spree in southern Afghanistan before being detained

Fukushima, March 11 2011: Things Will never Be The Same Again
By Lalita Ramdas

So, as we all prepare to observe Fukushima day with solemnity, let us also see it as a symbol of hope and courage. The sheer grit and tenacity of the Japanese people as they struggle back is inspiring. Even more so is the rise of powerful local and global resistance movements against Nuclear Energy, with many of them working together to forge a totally new Energy Road Map based on renewables, on conservation and cutting consumption

Investigating Fukushima And Learning Lessons
By M V Ramana

Almost without exception, they have not learnt any lessons that flow from investigating what happened in Fukushima. They have continued to construct (or plan to construct) multiple reactors at a single site, whether at Jaitapur or Koodankulam, Kakrapar or Rawatbhata. They have not engaged with members of the public who live in the vicinity of current or proposed nuclear plants about plans for emergency evacuations and other contingencies for accidents. They continue to believe in the absolute safety of nuclear power, at least in their countries

Israel-US Relations: Blockhead And The Judge?
By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

As Americans are being crushed under the weight of sanctions and oil embargo, in demanding action from the government, they should bear in mind that Israel is no friend, and Iran is no fly

Arrested Journalist's Family Fights For Justice
By Syed Zafar Mehdi

The arrest of Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi, a Delhi based urdu journalist working for Iran’s state broadcaster IRNA, in connection with the recent attack on Israeli diplomat’s car in Delhi, clearly smacks of a sinister conspiracy. As the 20 days police remand continues, his family fears he might be tortured, interrogated and forced to confess to the crime

Demand To Release Journalist Kazmi Grows Stronger
By Mahtab Alam

In a rare show of solidarity from different quarters, the demand for the immediate release of noted Urdu journalist Syed Mohammed Kazmi is growing stronger and stronger

10 March, 2012

Pentagon Prepares War Plans For Syria
By Bill Van Auken

In testimony before a Senate committee Wednesday, the Pentagon’s civilian and uniformed chiefs confirmed that they are drawing up war plans against Syria at the request of the Obama White House

Women In Parliaments: Contested Geographies
By Manuela Picq

Examining female participation rates in parliaments reveals a new picture of women's rights across the globe

Obama: Strategies Of Deception
By William T. Hathaway

To get a preview of Obama's strategies for winning a second term, we just need to read the liberal press. They are giving lip-service praise to the current protests while trying to steer them in a direction that serves the Democratic Party. Seeking to restore the fading illusion that the Democrats work in the interests of the 99%

Holding Onto The Joy In Teaching
By Robert Jensen

We are the best teachers when we aren't afraid of the dark. When I began teaching, I went into the dark with the biggest flashlight I could find. That light allowed me to see many things, but the intensity of the beam obscured other things, in the shadows. That light allowed me to feel smart, but these days I am less reassured by being smart. The older I get, the more I realize that being smart isn't going to get us all the way home

UN Somali “Surge” vs. Al Shabab Expansion
By Thomas C. Mountain

In a worrying sign for the powers that be in the west the Somali national resistance under the umbrella of Al Shabab has made its first major breakthrough in the northern region of Somalia by bringing into its folds the Islamic Resistance in Puntland

Baloney 2012: Imperialist Propaganda Film Making Waves On YouTube
By Sean Fenley

Uganda is undoubtedly rife with resources for Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron, et. al. to plunder, otherwise why would a viral film like Kony 2012 be popping up on YouTube? And the unwitting, or perhaps even duplicitously savvy shill's film — and its Hollywood accomplices — are certainly making ample headlines

Global March To Jerusalem: March 30, 2012
By Concerned Citizens

The whole world is marching to Jerusalem on March 30, 2012. Join the world to demand real change! Statement by the advisory board

75 Years of Bhonsala Military School Militarising Minds, Hindutvaising The Nation
By Subhash Gatade

Platinum Jubilee of an educational institution is definitely a moment of celebration. For all those people who are associated with it or have played role in its nascent emergence it is a moment of triumph and also an occasion to revisit the journey so far. The platinum jubilee of Bhonsala Military School, which was founded in 1937 by the Hindu Mahasabha leader Dr B S Moonje who also happened to be founder member of RSS, present before us a similar occasion

Need For Radical Electoral Reforms
By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

The author calls for radical electoral reforms in the context of the recent elections held in five states of India

Condemn The Arrest Of Senior Journalist Syed Mohammad Kazmi
By Concernrned Citizens

The undersigned condemn the arrest of senior journalist Syed Mohammad Kazmi by the Delhi Police Special Cell in connection with the attack on Israeli diplomat last month. Mr. Kazmi’s arrest is reminiscent of the arrest and false allegations against another veteran journalist, Iftikhar Gilani, several years ago. We fear that Mr. Kazmi may be made a scapegoat in order to please an international lobby

Bicycle Treated As A Party Symbol, Not A Vehicle Of Democracy
By Vidyadhar Date

In a way the victory of the bicycle in Uttar Pradesh election is symbolic in that it shows that the slow and steady wins the race. In real life too a bicyclist often races ahead of the motor car on our crowded roads. Yet, it is treated with scant respect by planners and the traffic police

Terror Acts Investigations And RSS
By Ram Puniyani

Supreme Court slammed the RSS Sarsanghchalak, Dr. Mohan Bhagwat for stating that Karakre had told him that he was under tremendous pressure to nail the RSS in unsolved cases of terror acts like, Malegaon, Ajmer, Samjhauta Express blast. As per the Chief of RSS, he knew Karkare well and Karkare had solicited his cooperation for solving these cases, and in the context of that had told him about the pressures being put on him

08 March, 2012

Should The Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant Be Commissioned Or Abandoned?
By Buddhi Kota Subbarao

Commissioning Koodankulam nuclear power plant on the east coast of India in Tamilnadu State , keeping in view Rs.14,000 crores, would create for India a situation where more than Rs. 5,00,000 crores would be committed for nuclear electricity. Commissioning Koodankulam plant is a green signal for other proposed Nuclear Power Parks at Jaitapur on the west coast in Maharashtra State , at Kovvada on the east coast in the State of Andhra Pradesh and other places in the country

Don't Bank On The Bomb - Companies Financing Nuclear Weapons Producers
By Tim Wright

Don't Bank on the Bomb is a 180-page report identifying more than 300 financial institutions in 30 countries that invest heavily in companies involved in the US, British, French and Indian nuclear weapons programmes. It was published by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons in March 2012. Here is chapter 8 on financial institutions

International Women's Day: Uphold The Rights Of Women In Struggle
By Women Against Sexual Violence and State Repression

Statement by Women Against Sexual Violence and State Repression on International Women's Day, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day: Zionist And US Censorship Hides Bereavement Of
Millions Of Muslim Women

By Dr Gideon Polya

On this International Women's Day remember the as many as 12 million Muslim women bereaved in the over 2-decade, racist Zionist-promoted US Alliance War on Muslims that can also be seen as a cowardly and racist War on Women and Children or more specifically a War on Asian, African, Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and non-European Women and Children

Can Russia Save The Day?
By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

" You are my creator, but I am your master—obey!" So said the Monster to its creator Frankenstein. As with the monster and its creator, we witness once again Israel telling America to obey – to start yet another war of choice and massacre Iranians

Obama, Netanyahu And Esther
By Gilad Atzmon

The Biblical Book of Esther that was given to President Obama by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday was far from being a cryptic message. The Book of Esther is a genocidal recipe. It is there to educate Jews how to infiltrate into foreign administrations

Arrest of Journalist Kazmi: A Mere Pawn In A Sinister Game?
By Syed Zafar Mehdi

It looks like a classic case of gratuitous police witch-hunt and framing of innocents on dubious, unsubstantiated charges. The arrest of Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi, a Delhi based urdu journalist working for Iran’s state broadcaster IRNA, in connection with the recent attack on Israeli diplomat’s car in Delhi, clearly smacks of a sinister conspiracy

What America Lost When Dennis Kucinich Lost
By John Nichols

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a two-time presidential candidate who for the past decade has been the most consistent critic of war and militarism in the US House of Representatives, was defeated Tuesday in a Democratic primary that pitted him against fellow progressive Marcy Kaptur

07 March, 2012

Obama Reiterates War Threats As Iran, Major Powers Agree To New Talks
By Barry Grey

Following a bellicose speech before the principal pro-Israel lobbying group on Sunday and a White House meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, President Barack Obama reiterated the readiness of the United States to go to war against Iran at a press conference on Tuesday

China: Rise, Fall And Re-Emergence As A Global Power: Some Lessons From The Past
By James Petras

The study of world power has been blighted by Eurocentric historians who have distorted and ignored the dominant role China played in the world economy

Back To Basics In Palestine: Redefining Our Relationship To A People’s Struggle
By Ramzy Baroud

Where do we stand in relation to this conflict? Are we on the side of the armed Brooklyn settler, and the US-armed Israeli soldier? Or are we on the side of the bearded old man holding tightly to his broken olive branches, conveying a profound mix of despair and hope? The choice is yours. And the consequences of your choice could redefine history

Constitutional Amendments That Occupy Wall Street Should Consider
By Roger Copple

United States constitution, which was written during the summer of 1787, and implemented in 1789, needs, at the very least, to be updated and written in a simple and clear way, so that citizens can be empowered. Much of our current constitution deals with matters that are no longer relevant, such as the embarrassing references to any slave as being counted as 3/5 of a person

Poverty In America: From Riches To Rags
By Vincent Guarisco

The reality on the ground is grave. People are homeless and way too many bread baskets are empty. All walks of life are affected, including children, the elderly and the disabled. Inequities continue to widen and people are without crucial medicine, dental, vision or other basic healthcare needs. For the penniless, the sick and the disfranchised -- government policymakers are definitely not up to snuff when it comes to serving our best interest

Indian Defence Ministry Bans Israeli Military Industries For 10 Years For Corruption
By Dr Gideon Polya

The Indian Defence Ministry has banned for 10 years some defence contractors for corruption, notably Israeli Military Industries which supplies weapons, ammunition and military technology to the Israeli military, including the Uzi submachine gun used by criminals and mercenaries around the world to kill people

Sri Lanka: Needed -- A Ministry of Truth
By Nilantha Ilangamuwa

The situation in Sri Lanka is ranked third in-terms of concern by the international community after Syria and Egypt. Some quarters claim that Sri Lanka is the country where wide a range of massacres have occurred in recent times. In this situation, what answer does the ruling party have?

Rejection of Congress's Hand Symbol, A Vote Against Aadhaar/UID/NPR And Biometric Profiling
By Gopal Krishna , Vinay Baindur & Anivar Aravind

Electorate in Uttar Pradesh have rejected the proposal of the Indian National Congress to allow themselves to be identified with their biometric data like iris scan and thumb impressions. Rahul Gandhi campaigned in UP using the Aadhaar as an election agenda. Now that he has taken responsibility of his party’s defeat, he should call for stopping Aadhaar project because the verdict is against it

06 March, 2012

Obama, Netanyahu Discuss Iran War Options
By Patrick Martin

US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a two-hour meeting at the White House Monday, including a half-hour one-on-one discussion with no aides present. Their talks focused on the joint US-Israeli drive to target Iran for economic warfare and military assault

Threats, Aggression, War Preparations...And Lies—
U.S. And Israel Accelerate Campaign Against Iran

By Larry Everest

Just what is it the U.S. and Israel are really defending and seeking to preserve? They're working to preserve U.S. domination over this whole region in service of a global empire of exploitation imposed and maintained by massive violence. And if there's a debate among them, it's over how to best pursue that reactionary and criminal aim

Is Israel Driving The Threat of War?
By Larry Everest

Bottom line: Israel could never even think about attacking Iran without U.S. aid, arms, military collaboration, and the all-around U.S.-led assault on Iran—and the preservation of Israel and its security is a key U.S. imperialist objective

Linking Weird Weather To Rapid Warming Of The Arctic
By Jennifer Francis

The loss of Arctic summer sea ice and the rapid warming of the Far North are altering the jet stream over North America, Europe, and Russia. Scientists are now just beginning to understand how these profound shifts may be increasing the likelihood of more persistent and extreme weather

Deny Global Warming, Intimidate A Scientist, And Pocket Some Money
By Farooque Chowdhury

Denying the fact of global warming is “not” a sin. Intimidating a scientist providing facts on global warming is “not” an offence. These are in the interest of a bigger interest: an economy warming up and periling the world, and in eternal wish of perpetuating status quo. A section of the world masters clutch this pattern of praxis

The Saga Of Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, And Wikileaks, To Be Put To Ballad And Film
By William Blum

If Manning had committed war crimes in Iraq instead of exposing them, he would be a free man today, as are the many hundreds/thousands of American soldiers guilty of truly loathsome crimes in cities like Haditha, Fallujah, and other places whose names will live in infamy in the land of ancient Mesopotamia

BP Settles For $7.8 Billion In Gulf Blowout
By Tom Eley

Oil giant BP will pay only $7.8 billion to settle with victims of the 2010 Gulf oil blowout, the result of a deal between the oil firm and plaintiffs’ attorneys worked out Friday in advance of a Federal District Court case in Louisiana

No Moore, No Moore: #DeOccupy The Phony Left
By Mickey Z.

Michael Moore makes movies, writes books, produces TV shows, and has built-in pacifist radar. But that's not the extent of his varied skills

05 March, 2012

Obama Hardens Threat Of War Against Iran
By Peter Symonds

In his most explicit threat against Iran to date, US President Obama declared yesterday that he would “not hesitate to use force” to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons. The speech was pitched not just to his immediate audience—the pro-Israeli American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)—but to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who he meets today

U.S Special Forces In India: Sovereignty Issues And The Military
By S.G.Vombatkere

Having U.S troops on Indian soil in an operational role is especially hazardous, for if any of them are killed in operations, it will form cause for USA to augment its military strength on Indian soil. These U.S troops would remain under U.S PACOM command and control, the Indian military having no say in their deployment or operational role. There have been precedents for such action in the past across the globe. Besides, the presence of foreign troops on Indian soil in an operational role is a slight on the Indian military and upon Indian sovereignty

Uneconomic Growth Deepens Depression
By Herman Daly

Does growth now increase illth faster than wealth? This is a threatening question, because if growth has become uneconomic then the solution to poverty becomes sharing now, not growth in the future. Sharing is frequently referred to as “class warfare.” But it is really the alternative to the class warfare that will result from the current uneconomic growth in which the dwindling benefits are privatized to the elite, while the exploding costs are socialized to the poor, the future, and to other species

Amory Lovins Lays Out His Clean Energy Plan
By Fen Montaigne

For four decades, Amory Lovins has been a leading proponent of a renewable power revolution that would wean the U.S. off fossil fuels and usher in an era of energy independence. In an interview with Yale Environment 360, he talks about his latest book, which describes his vision of how the world can attain a green energy future by 2050

Shell Wants To Sail With A Record That Is Totally Stale
By Subhankar Banerjee

Shell can indeed clean up a spill in the Arctic Ocean, if and only if they employ top magicians, and also top public relations firms—Exxon did that for the Valdez spill in Alaska, and Union Carbide did that for the Bhopal kill in India. A June 25, 2010 Union of Concerned Scientists press release states that “the same PR firm that represented Exxon after the Valdez oil spill,” also represented “Union Carbide after the Bhopal chemical disaster.” Yes, magicians and PR people working together can clean any spill, anywhere, including in the harsh, frozen arctic seas

How To Fund An American Police State
By Stephan Salisbury

The chances of an American dying in a terrorist incident in a given year are 1 in 3.5 million. To reduce that risk, to make something minuscule even more minuscule, what has the nation spent? What has it cost us? Instead of rebuilding a ravaged American city in a timely fashion or making Americans more secure in their “underwater” homes and their disappearing jobs, we have created militarized police forces, visible evidence of police-state-style funding

Comprehensive Climate Change Inaction By Pro-coal,
Pro-gas Gillard Labor Australian Government

By Dr Gideon Polya

Pro-coal, pro-gas Australian PM Julia Gillard has an appalling record of climate change inaction falsely dressed up as the opposite. The biggest and most outrageous untruth of Gillard Labor is that it is "tackling climate change" for a "clean energy future", as systematically set out below

The Best Reason For The Very Rich To Be Paying A LOT MORE in Taxes
By Paul Buchheit

Before getting into the best reason, here are some of the usual -- and always good -- reasons. First of all, For every dollar the richest 1% earned in 1980, they've added three more dollars. The poorest 90% have added ONE CENT

Political Psychology Of Annajees
By Anil Gokhale

Despite seeming decline of Annajee's movement, it has laid bare the receptivity for a ‘self observing psychological totalitarian agency' within mental framework of mass of middle classes and the mass psychology for an invitation to Military dictatorship in times to come. The irrational movement of Lokpal, worked exactly in opposition to the spirit of Egyptian revolution , its forward, globalizing and upward push, which tirelessly works for overthrow of henchman of neo liberalism Hosni Mmubarak and Military Junta, both

Filming Osama And Indian Denial of Pakistan
By Farzana Versey

Is there any difference between rightwing Hindutva and Islamist groups? Both have objected to the shooting of Kathryn Bigelow's film on Osama bin Laden. The director would, for obvious reasons, not be permitted to shoot in Abbotabad, so the natural choice seemed to be India. She chose to recreate the garrison town and other areas in Chandigarh and Patiala

Left Wing Punjabi Writer Sukhbir Singh No More
By Vidyadhar Date

It is a pity that the recent death of Mr Sukhbir Singh, a prominent progressive Punjabi writer, went virtually unrecorded in the Indian media which shows the scant respect meted out to regional language writing in the country. He actively participatated in agitations of the Communist party of India in the 1950s and was in jail with another progressive writer, Ali Sardar Jafri, in Nashik in Maharashtra

Impunity As The Flip Side Of Normalcy
By Paramjeet Singh & Preeti Chauhan

Civil society is outraged at the brazen claim advanced by the Indian Army that let alone sanction for prosecution, no civil administration can even register a FIR against army personnel without sanction of the Central government

04 March, 2012

Declining Arctic Sea Ice Affecting Winter Snowfall
By Jiping Liu, Judith A. Currya, Huijun Wangb, Mirong Songb & Radley M. Hortonc

The recent decline of Arctic sea ice has played a critical role in recent cold and snowy winters, concludes a new study

Climate Change Is Screwing Up Bird Migration
By Jess Zimmerman

According to UNC Chapel Hill researchers who just crunched 10 years’ worth of data, climate change is throwing bird migration patterns just a tiny bit off-kilter — and that small disruption could have major effects on the health of bird populations

Australian, Canadian & US Oil & Gas & Coal Threaten
Great Barrier Reef , Humanity & Biosphere

By Dr Gideon Polya

Australian, Canadian and US oil & gas developments, as well as existing huge coal exploitation, are threatening Humanity, the Great Barrier Reef of Australia and the Biosphere

Two Scenarios for Our Post-Petroleum Future
By Peter Goodchild

Even those who admit the existence of a problem with petroleum decline are a small minority of the human race, but working within that framework we can nevertheless say that there is quite a spectrum of opinion. In the general absence of established liturgies, creeds, or canons, no absolute definitions are possible, but there seem to be two intellectual poles

Losing Constitutional Competition
By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Americans should wake up, stop their delusional thinking and recognize that the US Constitution needs to be updated through reform amendments. We the people must pressure Congress to convene the first Article V convention. Otherwise the Supreme Court will continue to make interpretations that are more political than legal in nature and the federal government will continue to erode personal freedoms and liberties

Netanyahu Solicits Canadian Support For Iranian Position
By Jim Miles

While on his way to Washington Benjamin Netanyahu stopped in Ottawa to confer with his patriot in arms, Stephen Harper. Following their morning meetings, of which we know little, the two held a very brief ‘press conference’ that simply highlighted the double standards under which the two operate, especially Netanyahu

The Haunting of Daniel Pipes By Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart”
By Franklin Lamb

Pipes and his ilk, which appear to tally on a daily basis the Nakba refugees and their families are horrified that Palestinian victims have refused to die off or forget the al Nakba crimes committed against their families while at the same time the global community is beginning to support the Palestinians right to return

Women's Day Is A Day of Solidarity With The Administrative Detainee Hana Al-Shalabi
By Janan Abdu

A call for women's and feminist organizations to announce Women's Day to be a day of solidarity with the administrative detainee Hana Al-Shalabi and all female prisoners and women in the families of Palestinian prisoners

Ideology Behind Military Rape in ‘United Sri Lanka’
By Karthick RM

It is obvious, as quite some Eelam Tamil feminists have pointed out, that the liberation of Eelam Tamil women is impossible without the liberation and complete decolonization of Tamil Eelam

Romancing War
By Neerja Dasani

India’s defence budget last year was Rs. 1.5 trillion ($32.5 billion). This figure is more than double of what it spends on education and health combined. Mohandas Gandhi’s country now has the dubious distinction of being the world’s largest arms importer and is expected to hold on to its spot for a while

The Norm of The Patriarch
By Ram Puniyani

While porn watching BJP ministers may not be the only ones’ in doing what they did, there is a need to look at the attitude to gender which is on display due to the politics of RSS, the Hindutva

Another Anti-POSCO Activist Arrested
By Prashant Paikary

The reign of terror has once again been unleashed in our POSCO targeted villages, since 2nd March, 2012. Umakant Biswal of Dhinkia village was arrested on 2nd of March

02 March, 2012

Ocean Acidification Rate May Be Unprecedented
Press Release By Columbia Univeristy Earth Institute

The world’s oceans may be turning acidic faster today from human carbon emissions than they did during four major extinctions in the last 300 million years, when natural pulses of carbon sent global temperatures soaring, says a new study in Science. The study is the first of its kind to survey the geologic record for evidence of ocean acidification over this vast time period

Boom Goes The Reef
Australia's coal export boom and the industrialisation of the Great Barrier Reef.

Australia is on the verge of an unprecedented coal boom. The epicentre of this expansion is the yet to be developed Galilee Basin in Central Queensland. Galilee is the proposed site for a series of mega mines that will cause Australia’s coal exports to more than double within a decade. The creation of mega mines in Central Queensland, the accompanying export infrastructure and increases in shipping traffic, as well as the burning of the coal they produce, place an incredible burden on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

How “Drill, Baby, Drill” And “Yes We Can” Got Married
By Subhankar Banerjee

So why did Obama make the 180–flip? The obvious reason is that he wants to get reelected, and so he is going where the money is flowing (read: Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Coal). But it’s more than that—US has decided to stay firm on the coaley–oily–gassy path when it comes to energy, rather than make the hard choice of taking the path of clean energy and create real jobs

Heartfelt Letter To The Farmers, Seed Growers And Farm Groups
Whose Court Battle Was Dismissed Against Monsanto

By Jack Adam Weber

This is an open (hearted) letter to the more than 300,000 organic farmers, seed growers, and members of farming and agricultural organizations (collectively “OSGTA”) challenging Monsanto’s patents on genetically modified seed, who today, after suffering through months of deliberation, tediousness and preparation, had their case against Monsanto dismissed by Judge Naomi Buchwald in Federal District Court in Manhattan

There Is An Alternative
By Charles Eisenstein

Book Review: "Debt: The First 5000 Years" covers a vast sweep of history, anthropology, and political economy, arguing not so much for a single thesis as for a braid of complementary ideas

Occupy's 'Shut Down The Corporations' Action: Success or Failure?
By Shamus Cooke

The action, Shut Down the Corporations, cannot be a blueprint for future organizing in the Occupy movement. A path to the wider 99% must be found fast before Occupy activists become demoralized by their dwindling relevance. Occupy has amazing potential in its ability to coordinate actions across a vast country, but the only way to draw in the broader working class is to listen to their issues and fight to achieve their goals. Any other path unnecessarily wastes precious movement fuel

Americans Are Punks:Ten Years Murdering Afghanis As Before Iraqis, Vietnamese, Koreans
By Jay Janson

Someday Americans will count up the millions of their fellow Earthlings who have fallen in harms way of American soldiers, marines and airmen in their own beloved countries, and come to see themselves for what they are: Less than intelligent, less than honest, less than kind and less than sane in prosecuting all these sixty years of war on vulnerable third world populations without concern for such a massive taking of lives, maiming and destruction

The National Counter Terrorism Centre (CTC): A Plethora Of Violations
By S. Mohammed Irshad

The ‘software’ of CTC is The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 1967. According to the act state can declare any act of citizen as unlawful

01 March, 2012

Hamas Aligns Itself With US Imperialism Against Syria, Iran
By Sahand Avedis

Hamas leader Ismail Haniya delivered a speech last Friday at Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo endorsing the Western-backed opposition in Syria and thereby confirming speculation in recent months that the Palestinian Islamist movement has found new patrons among the most reactionary regimes of the Middle East. These apparently include the military junta in Egypt, the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf and Turkey

Between Politics And Principles:Hamas’ Perilous Maneuvers
By Ramzy Baroud

Despite all of Hamas’ assurances to the contrary, a defining struggle is taking place within the Palestinian Islamic movement. The outcome of this struggle – which is still confined to polite political disagreements and occasional intellectual tussle – is likely to change Hamas’ outlook, if not fundamentally alter its position within a quickly changing Arab political landscape

Questioning The Syrian “Casualty List”
By Sharmine Narwani

The casualty lists up close: some stories behind the numbers

Sistema Threatens To Invoke Bilateral Investment Treaty
By Kavaljit Singh

On 28th February, Russian conglomerate Sistema JSFC sent a formal notice to Republic of India threatening international arbitration proceedings under the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) if the government fails to settle the dispute related to revocation of its 21 telecom licences in an amicable way within six months

Indira - Sheikh Acccord of 1975
By Abdul Majid Zargar

It is worth mentioning here that Abdullah never disputed the contents of the accord during his lifetime. He assumed power, enjoyed it and then passed it on to his son solely because of the accord. That being so it does not behoove of his inheritors to say now that nothing was settled in 1975 accord. That right vests with people who were not part of the accord

Sri Lanka : Drama On The Ah
By Nilantha Ilangamuwa

Justice cannot be undermined by the victory in the battlefield. What we have to understand is that now the country is sitting badly because of the abuse of power through positions above the law, and the people who have the ultimate power must cover the country's exposed thighs




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