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31 March , 2011

Groundwater At Nuclear Plant 'Highly'
Radiation-Contaminated: TEPCO

By Kyodo News

More signs of serious radiation contamination in and near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant were detected Thursday, with the latest data finding groundwater containing radioactive iodine 10,000 times the legal threshold and the concentration of radioactive iodine-131 in nearby seawater rising to the highest level yet

Washington Prepares To Escalate
The War In Libya

By Bill Van Auken

The ongoing public debate in Washington and the American media on “arming the rebels” in Libya points to a dramatic escalation of the US-led war

Corporations At Tax Time: Who's Good
And Who's Bad (And Who's Really Ugly)

By Paul Buchheit

The top 100 companies, with $5 trillion in 2010 revenue and $500 billion in pre-tax earnings, paid less than 10% last year in non-deferred federal taxes. If these 100 companies had paid the 35% tax designated by U.S. tax law, an additional $140 billion would have been collected in federal taxes in just one year. This is approximately equal to the total budget deficits for all 50 states

The Making Of Al-Qaeda Member
By Professor Sattar Kassem

This is the story of my nephew who is alleged to be a member of al-Qaeda. If that is true, I accuse the Americans of pushing him toward al-Qaeda. How?

Japan's Nuclear Crisis: Genesis Of An
International Catastrophe

By Dr. Peter Custers

As the failures of the nuclear complex’s owner, TEPCO, to timely re-establish the functioning of the cooling systems in all four damaged reactors is all too apparent, - there is an increasing likelihood that the crisis will turn into an international catastrophe

On The “Humanitarian Intervention” In Libya
By Zahid Makhdoom

The central question is: What is the likelihood that a military intervention by the powerful is ethical or moral? In other word, is there a likelihood of ethical or moral intervention?

Denying Bradley Manning Exercise:
A Ploy To Weaken His Mind

By Sherwood Ross

The object of denying Bradley exercise is to weaken both his body and his mind so that if the Army ever decides to bring his case to trial, it will be trying a human vegetable, perhaps a distraught man even incapable of understanding the charges against him, incapable of assisting his lawyers in his defense

The ‘A-Word’ In Hebron
By Letty Cottin Pogrebin

If one opens one’s eyes to the truth, the unmentionable becomes unavoidable — “A” for arrogance, and yes, for apartheid. It hurts me just to write that word. Justice-loving Jews cannot keep denying what is happening under Israeli auspices in Hebron; we can never say we didn’t know

Why I'm A “Truther”
By Paul Carline

There is no future for a world which is complicit with a lie out of fear for its own psychological and material comfort - especially when the lie has brought death and misery to so many

Return To Wisconsin: The Beginning or The End?
By Andy Kroll

That, of course, was the labor movement that, after a decade-long struggle, helped bring down the Soviet Union. Who knows what could happen here if Bird and his compatriots, awakened by the spark that was Madison, were to keep at it for 10 years or more? Who knows if Wisconsin wasn’t the beginning of the end, but the beginning of something new?

Libya: Arms For “Democracy”
By Farooque Chowdhury

With resorting to arms in Libya, it will be a democracy of the oil, by the oil, for the oil, a “democracy” exported to grab oil, the strategic mineral, and to demolish the Libyan people’s journey to democracy capable to design their own economic and political life

Uranium Enrichment Plant: Focus On Mysore
By S.G.Vombatkere & N.S.Chakravarthy

The nuclear establishment needs to earn public confidence by undoing its reputation of excessive secrecy and self-certification through re-structuring itself and becoming accountable to the public with genuine transparency. As far as Mysore's uranium enrichment installation is concerned, RMP authorities need to hold public hearings to answer questions concerning public safety and health

An Evening Star In A Prison
By Amit Sengupta

Join the three day culture-politics-music-art-ideas festival at Alliance Francaise, April 4 to 6, 2010, New Delhi, from 5pm onwards, organised by the Free Binayak Sen Campaign

Sounds Of Resistance Are Growing Join Americans
Fed Up With Big Finance 

By Kevin Zeese

Americans Across the Country are Joining the Culture of Resistance – You Are Needed! 

30 March , 2011

Reports Indicate Breach In Japanese Nuclear Reactor Containment Vessel
By Patrick O’Connor

The discovery of highly radioactive water in areas outside reactor containment buildings at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility may be due to one or more breaches of the protection vessels

To Fukushima With Love!
By Satya Sagar

Here is an idea, which not too far into the future will rank as perhaps the finest to emerge in the entire 21 st Century. And not just because this is going to be the shortest Century the human species ever enjoyed on this planet, thanks to Fukushima . The idea is to send all the supporters of nuclear power from around the globe to the stricken Japanese nuclear complex to help plug the great leak from the sputtering reactors there?

London Conference Plots Imperialist
Carve-Up Of Libya

By Barry Grey

The conference on Libya held Tuesday at London's Lancaster House was a repulsive exercise in hypocrisy and cynicism. In the name of liberating the Libyan people, the United States and Britain brought together foreign ministers from 40 countries and dignitaries from international organizations such as the United Nations, NATO and the Arab League to sanction an escalation of the air war against the former colony and set the stage for the installation of a stooge regime

On Libya, Who Does Obama Think He Is Fooling?
By Andrew Levine

The answer is: liberals. No surprise there; liberals are as confused about "humanitarian interventions" now as they were in the (Bill) Clinton days. They just don't get it, and the ones who get it least are the ones who are most inclined to cut Obama slack, no matter what the issue is

Prediction: 20 Years Of War In Libya
By David Swanson

Johan Galtung, sometimes called the father of peace studies predicted on Tuesday at the University of Virginia that the war in Libya would last 20 years. If, however, NATO and the opposition were to kill Gadaffi, he said, the fighting could go on for more than 20 years

Obama On Libya: Defending The Indefensible
By Stephen Lendman

Obama's March 28 television address wreaked of hypocrisy, lies and disdain for basic democratic values, making an indefensible case for naked aggression against a non-belligerent country. America's media approved

Perceptions Of Climate Change
By James E. Hansen & Makiko Sato

This past winter, for the second year in a row, seemed pretty extreme in both Europe and the United States. So this is a good time to check quantitatively how seasonal climate change is stacking up against expectations

The Peak Oil Crisis: Edging Towards Recession
By Tom Whipple

As oil prices edge ever higher, more people are expressing concern about what this phenomenon is doing or could do to economic recovery

Garden As If Your Life Depended On It,
Because It Will

By Ellen LaConte

Tremors in food supply chains and pricing will make gardening look like a lot more than a hobby, a seasonal workout, a practical way to fill your pantry with your summer favorites, or a physically, spiritually and mentally healing activity, or all four. Gardening and small-scale and collective farming, especially of staple crops and the ones that could stave off malnutrition, could become as important as bringing home the bacon, both the piggy and the dollar kind

Radioactive Right More Toxic Than Leaky Nukes
By Robert S. Becker

The only good news about toxins, like radiation or acid rain, even massive oil slicks, is they're observable, open to measurement and at times reparation. Nothing trumps the Beck-Palin-Limbaugh anti-science, anti-compassion mayhem like looming mass poisonings from spreading plumes

Notes And Samples Of US - Libyan History
During The Cold War Colledted From
The Foreign Relations Of The United States

By Holger Terp

Some insights from the archives

Are US Soldiers Using Rape, Murder,
And Bombing Of Children As War Strategy?

By Mary Lynn Cramer

Amy Goodman's Take on One Reported Rape Case in Tripoli, Libya: "Pro-Gaddafi Forces Accused of Using Rape as War Strategy" 

Chintalnar Massacre: Fact Finding Report
By 13 Member Fact Finding Team

A 13 member fact finding team visited the Chintalnar Area of Dantewada district in Chhattisgarh to probe into the incidents of atrocities perpetrated by the Salwa Judum and the state forces on the adivasis living in this area between 11th and 16th of March 2011

29 March , 2011

Contaminated Water Leaking From
Japanese Nuclear Plant

By Peter Symonds

Further evidence emerged yesterday that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex was leaking significant quantities of highly radioactive water into areas outside the reactor containment buildings. The water was seriously impeding efforts to bring the situation at the plant under control and threatening to further contaminate the surrounding environment

Japan's Leaking Water Radiation 100,000 Times
Above Normal

By Stephen Lendman

After initial Sunday reports had Unit 2 radiation levels 10 million times normal, Tokyo Electric's Vice President Sakae Muto said a later test found them at 100,000 times, either way too dangerously high

Deconstructing Nuclear Experts
By Chris Busby

Since the Fukushima accident we have seen a stream of experts on radiation telling us not to worry, that the doses are too low, that the accident is nothing like Chernobyl and so forth. What these people have in common is ignorance

Prison For Peacemakers In Tacoma, Washington
By Bill Quigley

Two grandmothers, two priests and a nun were sentenced in federal court in Tacoma, WA Monday March 28, 2011, for confronting hundreds of US nuclear weapons stockpiled for use by the deadly Trident submarines

The Collapse Of Globalization
By Chris Hedges

The uprisings in the Middle East, the unrest that is tearing apart nations such as the Ivory Coast, the bubbling discontent in Greece, Ireland and Britain and the labor disputes in states such as Wisconsin and Ohio presage the collapse of globalization. They presage a world where vital resources, including food and water, jobs and security, are becoming scarcer and harder to obtain

The UN: An Instrument Of Western Aggression
By Ghali Hassan

The UN-sponsored Western aggression against Libya is an illegal act of aggression and must stop to abort the creation of another humanitarian catastrophe. Peoples around the world expect the UN to abide by its neutral Charter and stop being complicit in Western violence against civilians in member nations

Obama On Libya: What Would MLK Say?
By David Swanson

When President Obama speaks on why he needed to unconstitutionally bomb Libya, I keep in the back of my head what Martin Luther King, Jr., would have said - and done

Libya And The Holy Triumvirate
By William Blum

Libya is engaged in a civil war. The United States and the European Union and NATO — The Holy Triumvirate — are intervening, bloodily, in a civil war

Planned Regime Change in Libya
By Stephen Lendman

Allied with junior partners Britain and France, they'll carve up Libya for profit, crushing resistance mercilessly. It's how America operates globally, including at home where democracy is just a figure of speech, not reality

Unpacking For A Disaster
By Rebecca Solnit

The catastrophes were in Japan and remain that country’s tragedy, so we need to keep our own anxieties in check. Or harness them to make constructive changes in preparation for our own future disasters - without losing our compassion for those killed, orphaned, widowed, displaced -- and contaminated -- in northeastern Japan

Climate Change Isn't Going Away
By Bill Henderson

Climate change isn't going away - it's just been pushed out of the news. If anything the developing science suggests our predicament is getting more dire

The Mark Inside: Joseph Beuys And Coyote
Meet "Humanitarian" Bombing Campaigns

By Phil Rockstroh

From the genocidal practices inflicted on Native Americans (my father's people) to the irradiated ashes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to the killing fields of the Philippines, Vietnam, Iraq, South and Central America and Central Asia, the people of the US have refused to acknowledge and take ownership of the collective sins they carry

Are We Hostage To Nuclear Power?
By Sadanand Patwardhan

One may argue with finer details, but certainly it gives a grand vision of how the energy requirements can be met sustainably. So, one need not despair that there is no clean future without accepting the grave dangers in handling, processing, storage, and monitoring of nuclear fuels and wastes that nuclear energy option poses

BBC: Imperial US And UK Tool
By Stephen Lendman

Since founded in 1922, BBC has been as corrupted as its dominant counterparts. Moreover, it's been around longer than all of them, and it now operates for profit besides with UK government funding under its editorial control, firing anyone too critical of state policy

Tsunami In The Mid-East
By William A. Cook

The real terrifying tsunami looms off the Gaza coast and the white beaches of Tel Aviv comes in the form of International Law

Violence: Earth, Humanity And God
By David Sparenberg

Talk objectively about the threat of the violence of the Earth, about the absence of mercy from God, as if the two were truly separate objects outside of who, what and how we are. After all, we have become dominate—dominators and yet pariah

After The American Dream
By Craig K. Comstock

In a country proud of its democracy, how does the top fifth get away with owning 84% of the national wealth? Even more startling, how is the top 1% of people allowed to own nearly 50% of the wealth?

Are These Anti-Naxal Operations
Mr. Chidambaram?

By Gladson Dungdung

Chhattisgarh's Koya commandos, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and CoBRA battalions burnt more than 300 houses and food grains, raped 5 Adivasi women and killed 5 men of Timapuram, Morpalli and Tarmetla villages of Dantewada between March 11 and March 16, 2011 alleging them as the Maoists during the ongoing special police operations against the Maoists in the region

Peace Between Wickets: A Political Game
By Farzana Versey

Sport by its very nature is a means of getting people together. To superimpose peace over it denudes the very intent of sports and shows it up for the battle it has become

27 March , 2011

Fukushima“As Serious As Chernobyl”
By Chris Busby

The International Atomic Energy Agency states that High levels of beta-gamma contamination have been measured between 16-58 km from the plant. Available results show contamination ranging from 0.2-0.9 MBq per square metre. According to IAEA up to 60km from Fukuhima the activity is more than twice the level of radiation during Chernobyl disaster

Updating Japan's Nuclear Disaster
By Stephen Lendman

Radiation keeps leaking and spreading, but it will be years before the real toll is known. Downplaying its gravity is scandalous

Japan And The Marshall Islands
In The Nuclear Age

By Glenn Alcalay

The unleashed isotopes of concern from the damaged Japanese reactors - Iodine-131, Cesium-137 , Strontium-90 and Plutonium-239 - are well known to the Marshall Islanders living downwind of the testing sites at Bikini and Enewetak atolls in the central Pacific, following sixty-seven A- and H-bombs exploded between 1946-58. In fact, it is precisely these isotopes that continue to haunt the 80,000 Marshallese fifty-three years after the last thermonuclear test in the megaton range shook their pristine coral atolls and contaminated their fragile marine ecosystems

US Stores Spent Nuclear Fuel Rods
At 4 Times Pool Capacity

By Rady Ananda

Spent nuclear fuel in the United States comprises the largest concentration of radioactivity on the planet: 71,000 metric tons. Worse, since the Yucca Mountain waste repository has been scrapped due to its proximity to active faults , the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has allowed reactor operators to store four times more waste in the spent fuel pools than they're designed to handle

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant:
A Threat To South India

By VT Padmanabhan

150 million people live in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the peninsular India , 25 million more than that in Japan. A large portion of the land in this Spice Capital of the world will be severely contaminated if a Fukushima type event occurs in one of the eight 1000 MW(e) reactors being built/ planned in Kudankulam near Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu

US-Led Libyan Ground Assault Planned
By Stephen Lendman

A protracted, destructive conflict is likely, including mass casualties so America can solidify its grip on the entire Mediterranean Basin, exploiting its resources and people freely

Imperialist War In Libya: Motives And Dynamics
By Maidul Islam

This war serves the strategic interests of imperialism and has long term strategic implications. When the Obama administration is calling for periodic withdrawal of forces from Iraq, it is at the same time finding a new territory in the Middle-East to maintain its military presence

5 Reasons Why Technology Can Never Be Neutral
By Mickey Z.

Take-home message: Technology can never be neutral and industrial civilization can never be sustainable

Continuing Colonialism: World Bank Funds
Mining in Africa

By Cyril Mychalejko

The private finance sector arm of the World Bank Group announced last month that it would invest $300 million to promote mining in Africa

26 March , 2011

Radioactive Contamination Spreading From Damaged Japanese Nuclear Plant
By Barry Grey

Two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated northeast Japan, there is mounting evidence that the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is emitting radioactivity more widely and at more toxic levels than acknowledged by the Japanese government

Japan Radioactive Iodine Releases May Exceed
Three Mile Island By 100,000 Times

By Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

Institute Calls for More Intensive Contingency Planning by Japanese Authorities; U.S. Should Move as Much Spent Fuel as Possible to Dry Storage to Reduce Most Severe Risks, Suspend Licensing and Relicensing During Review

The Nuclear Nightmare Continues
By Alex Smith

Interview with world-famous anti-nuclear campaigner Dr. Helen Caldicott on the Fukushima Japan nuclear accident

Washington Seeks NATO Cover For
Protracted War Against Libya

By Bill Van Auken

The Obama administration is formally shifting its war in Libya to NATO command as the US-dominated alliance predicts the fighting will go on for at least another three months. The agreement to place the US-led war under NATO cover emerged piecemeal amid acrimonious discussions between Washington and its NATO allies

NATO: America's Imperial Tool
By Stephen Lendman

Operating lawlessly and recklessly as America's "missile," NATO threatens world peace, stability, security and survival. Disbanding it is more important than ever. Besides millions of Iraqi and Afghan victims, how many Libyan deaths are needed to prove it

Resist A Larger War In Libya
By Kevin Zeese

It is time to look at the facts that are starting to show themselves and if you originally supported this attack, time to reconsider your support for this war. It is much more than how it has been sold the American public and the world

Target Israel, Not Libya
By Stephen Lendman

Instead of sanctioning Israel, demanding Gaza's siege end, and imposing no-fly zone protection against regular air and ground attacks, Washington is Israel's paymaster/partner, providing generous funding and arms, supporting its killing machine lawlessly

Libya: Stop The Killing Now!
By Chandra Muzaffar

The peace-loving citizens of the world should regard it as their sacred duty to appeal to the governments of France, Britain, the United States of America and others who are involved in the aerial bombardment of Libya; the Muammar Gaddafi government; and the rebels fighting the Gaddafi government, to cease all military operations immediately

U.S Sets Up Special Prisons For
Muslim/Arab Prisoners

By Sherwood Ross

In its Terre Haute, Ind., facility, the BOP is concentrating Arab/Muslim inmates and limiting them to mailing one six-page letter per week, making one 15-minute phone call per month, and receiving only one 60-minute visit per month

Surviving Collapse
By Peter Goodchild

There is no big plan for adapting to the global decline in the world's resources, and there never will be, but there can be a "small plan," at least in terms of the next decade or so, and my own situation may serve as an example. Like everyone else, I need to make some sense out of the scattered notes of "things to do."

Time For Nassrallah And Obama To Talk?
By Franklin Lamb

“Just maybe!” hints the latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE)

BDS in Australia : Fear And Loathing
In Marrickville

By Samah Sabawi & Sonja Karkar

It appears that once again the pro-Israel apologists have decided to single Israel out by making boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel a leading issue for the Marrickville electorate in the lead-up to the NSW state elections

CANVAS[ing] For The Nonviolent Propaganda
Offensive: Propaganda In The Service Of
Imperial Projects (PDF)

By Michael Barker

The Centre for Applied NonViolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) is “an organization run by young Serbs who had cut their teeth in the late 1990s student uprising against Slobodan Milosevic.” After ousting Milosevic, these determined young Otpor activists, “embarked on the ambitious project of figuring out how to translate their success to other countries,” set their targets on “the world's autocrats” like for instance Venezuela's Hugo Chávez

We Cannot Solve the Environmental Emergency
Under This System, But There Is a Way...
And It Is Communist Revolution

By Raymond Lotta

A transcript of a talk by Raymond Lotta given at the Left Forum in New York City on March 19, 2011

Afghan Killing, Plays With Life And Death
By Farooque Chowdhury

Is it playing with death? Or, with life? Is it a show of arrogance and indifference of a system? Or, show of a system devoured of human senses? And, of brutality?

Solidarity With Pakistan' s Minorities
By Nazia Nazar

Shakespeare says ‘what is in a name’? It seems to be true so far as the name of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is concerned, as there is nothing Islamic in Pakistan - from terrorism to violation of minorities’ rights and from widespread illiteracy to horrible crimes against women

24 March , 2011

Libya War Divides NATO
By Peter Schwarz

The war against Libya has ignited a heated conflict within NATO. After several days of negotiations, the 28 members of the military alliance were unable to agree on the command structure for the action against Libya. On Monday, the conflict escalated to the point where the German and French delegations walked out of a NATO Council meeting on the war

Situation Still Unstable At Crippled
Nuclear Plant In Japan

By Chris Talbot

The events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant are slipping off the front pages, but the situation in is still not under control despite reassuring words from the Japanese and other government agencies. Radioactive contamination has been detected in Tokyo tap water, in vegetables grown outside the evacuation zone and in seawater near the plant

How The “Peaceful Atom” Became A Serial Killer
By Chip Ward

They are serial killers. Stop them before they kill again. Credibility counts and you don’t need a PhD or a Geiger counter to detect it

George Monbiot Is Wrong. Nuclear Power
Is Not The Way To Fight Climate Change

By Jeremy Leggett

A response to George Monbiot's article "Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power"

Dangers Of Nuclear Power Generation (PDF)
By John Scales Avery

Besides feeling sincere sympathy and sending help for Japan's recovery we may perhaps wish that Japan's nuclear threat will cast some doubt on world- wide plans to build new nuclear power plants

Cheerleading For War
By Stephen Lendman

When America goes to war, managed news goes with it spreading rumors, half-truths, misinformation, and willful deception about targeted nations, regimes and leaders, whether despots or democrats

Depleted Uranium And The American War
By Jay Janson

Never much from the Central Intelligence Agency, CNN or the NY Times on the consequences of these wars for the locals, so don't expect to hear much about the effects of depleted uranium on the Libyans now and in the years to come

Revolt Against American Militarism
By Timothy V. Gatto

When will the American people demand accountability from their government? When will Americans realize that there is no “clear and present danger” that could conceivably be used to invoke the war powers act? Where is it written that America is the conscience of the planet and has the right to bomb and kill those that the United States regards as evil?

Palestine And The Egyptian Revolution:
A View From Gaza

By Haidar Eid

Radical change in Egypt should mean radical change in Palestine as well: a pro-Palestine Egypt should mean the end of the siege. But when will we see that? Is it too much to ask?

Natural Flow of History:
Hamas Should Rethink Charter

By Ramzy Baroud

What is happening in Palestine is anti-history. It cannot be sustained for long without exacting an even heavier price from Palestinian people and their internationally recognized rights. The very credibility of any Palestinian leadership, of course, has now been greatly eroded

Land Grabs: What’s In The Contracts?
And An Indian Land Grab In Ethiopia

By Duncan Green

One of the problems with so-called ‘land grabs’ is secrecy. Most of the contracts that seal such deals are hidden from public scrutiny, which makes it very hard to establish what is really going on. The International Institute for Environment and Development, which is rapidly becoming the ‘go to’ thinktank on a whole range of resource and development issues, has managed to dig up 12 such contracts and sent in the lawyers to have a look

“We Wust Address Inequality If We’re
Going To Deal With Climate Change”

By Rob Hopkins

An interview with Naomi Klein, Part Two

India-EU Free Trade Agreement:
Rethinking Banking Services Liberalization

By Kavaljit Singh

The global financial crisis has proved beyond doubt that increased financial integration can transmit financial shocks across countries. Financial innovation in certain unregulated products and markets can also augment financial shocks

Ghettoes Of The Mind
By Khalid Anis Ansari

The recent judgment of the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions (NCMEI), favoring ‘ minority status ' for Jamia Millia Islamia University, has generated vigorous debate. I see this debate as offering yet another opening for democratic transformation within the Muslim community

23 March , 2011

Tokyo Water Unsafe For Babies,
Food Bans Imposed

By Karyn Poupee

Tokyo on Wednesday warned that radioactive iodine over twice the safe level for infants had been detected in its tap water due to the disaster at a quake-hit nuclear plant northeast of Japan's capital

Physicians For Social Responsibility Concerned
About Radioactivity in Food Supply

By Physicians for Social Responsibility

According to the National Academy of Sciences, there are no safe doses of radiation. Decades of research show clearly that any dose of radiation increases an individual’s risk for the development of cancer

US Escalates Military Onslaught Against Libya
By Patrick Martin

The United States and Britain launched another two dozen Tomahawk cruise missiles against targets along the Libyan coast, including several in Tripoli, the capital city. France said its aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle was joining the operation Tuesday, the first such vessel to be deployed in the war zone. Belgian and Spanish warplanes have begun air patrols over Libya, joining the US, Britain, France and the Netherlands

Western Aggression On Libya
By Stephen Lendman

Make no mistake. Another Washington-led resource war targets Libya's riches, besides wanting new US base locations for greater regional dominance

An Open Letter To War Loving
(Democratic/Republican) Frauds

By Cindy Sheehan

Being against the US and its toadies bombing Libyans DOES NOT mean I am for Qaddafi killing Libyans either (or anyone killing Libyans, or others, for that matter)

Terror Attack In Jerusalem, Counter To
Fatah-Hamas Unity

By Feroze Mithiborwala

The terror attack in Jerusalem, follows a set pattern. Israeli's attack Gaza with airstrikes & tanks, kill civilians so as to provoke & incite counter violence & then Mossad cells engineer a false-flag terror attack. This has been recorded & observed by various analysts

Mossad Snatches Gaza’s Power Plant Boss
By Jonathan Cook

Israel admitted this week that it was behind the abduction of a Gazan engineer who went missing more than a month ago while travelling on a train in the Ukraine

Support The Academic Boycott Call
By Susan Koppelman & Nidal Hatim

We call on those concerned with water rights to support the boycott, divestment and sanctions call to hold Israel responsible for its violations of international law

LifeSource Backs Call On University Of Johannesburg To Terminate Cooperation With Israeli Universities
By Life Source

LifeSource wishes to express its support to the call made on the University of Johannesburg to terminate its cooperation with Ben-Gurion University by the University of Johannesburg's Student Representative Council, the Congress of South African Trade Unions, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and more than 300 South African academics

Security Firm That Services European Parliament
Also Provides Services To Israeli Settlements

By Leigh Philips

The security company that services the European Parliament also provides security to Israeli checkpoints and settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories

Five Lessons From A Month In Hell
By Asher Miller

On the surface, the nuclear crisis in Japan and the political crisis in Libya (along with at least five other countries in the region) might seem unrelated. There's one thing that binds them together: our unquenchable need for energy and the price we pay for that addiction

Won’t Innovation, Substitution, And Efficiency
Keep Us Growing?

By Richard Heinberg

This article is the the first part of Chapter 4 from Richard Heinberg's new book 'The End of Growth'

“…That World View Is Killing Us And Needs To Be
Replaced With Another World View…”

By Rob Hopkins

An interview with Naomi Klein. Part One

Should US Law Schools Follow The Medical School
Teaching Model?

By Sherwood Ross

The outstanding record compiled by the trial advocacy teams of the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover(MSLAW) in recent years is directly attributable to the school's innovative teaching methods, the team's coaches believe. Otherwise, how explain the law school's moot court victories over so many formidable law school opponents, including the best of the Ivy League?

Portland Rising! Rally And March To Demand Jobs,
Not Cuts On April 16th

By Mark Vorpahl

The outpouring of people in Madison Wisconsin in opposition to Governor Walker's anti-union legislation has had a powerful impact on public opinion. On April 16th Portland Rising will build on these inspiring developments and set an example of the resolve that is needed nationally

Attention Mumbaikars: Your City May Be Sitting
On A Volcano

By VT Padmanabhan

The oldest commercial reactors in India are located at Tarapur, about 80 km north of Mumbai. These boiling water reactors designed and built by the General Electrics (Now Hitatchi-GE) were commissioned in 1969 and 1971. The chief of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India has recently reassured that these reactors are safer than the crippled reactors at Fukushima Daiichi. Like the officials of the Japanese TEPCO, NPCIL leaders are also honourable men, who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the welfare of the people. If you believe this, you will not lose your sleep

Koodamkulam Nuclear Power Plant
A Threat To Life

By Various Organizations

The locals living in villages next to Koodamkulam Nuclear Plant have been asked to vacate their homes and stay away for at least 15 days, by the end of March 2011 to conduct its first trial test. What will these tests yield for Trivandrum and other southern districts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu is yet to be revealed by authorities and nor has our Government taken any responsibility to enquire

An Open Letter To Mr. Jairam Ramesh
By Shankar Sharma

I sincerely hope that MoEF will urgently stop its practice of anti–people and anti-environment policies, and take its constitutional obligations objectively and seriously

Rain Water Harvesting
By Marianne de Nazareth

On World Water Day 2011, the undersigned organizations wish to strongly advocate for the use of rainwater: it must be considered as an important tool in efforts to minimize the water related problems that already exist

Bhagat Singh And The Hindu Rashtra
By Mahtab Alam

Communal forces are not letting go of any chance to misuse these heros for furthering their communal agendas

Review of Siddhartha Gigoo's Book,
Garden Of Solitude

By Amit Kumar

It's a narrative of a Kashmiri Pandit longing for his homeland. If you are not aware of what happened in Kashmir in late 1980's and early 1990's, then this book with its emotional appeal and a balanced analysis is definitely going to make you cry

22 March , 2011

Bombing Libya; 1986-2011
By Thomas C. Mountain

The revolt started in Benghazi in eastern Libya. A very important point not mentioned anywhere in the international media is the fact that due to geographic location, being one of the closest point to Europe from the African continent, Benghazi has over the past 15 years or so become the epicenter of African migration to Europe. The human trafficking industry, grew into a billion dollar a year industry in Benghazi. When the first demonstrations took place in Benghazi the loose coalition of terrorist cells and human trafficking gangs immediately took advantage of the turmoil to attack the high security prisons outside of Benghazi where their comrades were locked up

Seeing Libya’s Future In Darfur’s Past
By Peripheral Revision

It just so happens that the faction seeking to break off from the existing Sudanese nation, the side the U.S. has allied with, is territorially located on the vast majority of the country’s oil reserves. The goal is not necessarily to successfully dominate the entirety of the country, but to break off pieces from central control, preferably the areas rich in natural resources. The potential end-game of the conflict in Libya is to establish a new, “independent” (meaning from anyone other than the U.S.) state in the resource concentrated region of the north-east. This is where the “rebel” stronghold city of Benghazi is located

Obama's War On Libya Unconstitutional
By Michael Boldin

With military action taking place in Libya right now, the essential question must be asked: Is it even Constitutional? For those of you who don’t want to read more than a sentence or two, here’s the short answer. Absolutely not

News Porn, Cruise Missiles And Cleavage
By Dave Fryett

As ever, the reporting on the air campaign against Libya has been nothing short of disgraceful. It simply could not be worse. The broadcast media have been executing their mission–gin up support for the assault–by surrendering themselves and their airwaves to the same old specious meditations which have been invoked to justify many of the West's recent acquisitions in the Middle East

Stop Bombing Libya
By Marjorie Cohn

The military action in Libya sets a dangerous precedent of attacking countries where the leadership does not favor the pro-U.S. or pro-European Union countries. What will prevent the United States from stage-managing some protests, magnifying them in the corporate media as mass actions, and then bombing or attacking Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, or North Korea?

Lies, Damn Lies, And Humanitarian Intervention
By Stephen Lendman

March 22 marks day four of a protracted conflict. It's certain to cause widespread deaths, injuries, disabilities and destruction. It's assured when America arrives - on cruise missiles, bombs and shells, not white horses promoting peace and democratic values, what all US administrations disdain

A No-Fly Zone For The US-Nato Airforce
By Feroze Mithiborwala

Actually what we need is a No-Fly Zone for the US-Nato Airforce and their killer drones. And then yes, a No-Lie Zone as well!

Irradiated Zone: Don’t Go There!
By Tom Engelhardt

Missing in the Japan catastrophe -- Thinking the unthinkable

Permaculture: Deconstructing A Definition
By Lisa Fernandes

The question “What is permaculture?” is notoriously difficult to answer in one sentence. It defies the “sound bite” culture we live in

Wind: The Center Of The Plan B Economy
By Lester R. Brown

For many years, a small handful of countries dominated growth in wind power, but this is changing as the industry goes global, with more than 70 countries now developing wind resources. Between 2000 and 2010, world wind electric generating capacity increased at a frenetic pace from 17,000 megawatts to nearly 200,000 megawatts

The Great Technological Wall
By Ugo Bardi

A world based on renewables cannot be the same thing as a world based on fossil fuels or nuclear energy, but it may well be the direction we are heading to, no matter whether we like the idea or not. Wherever we are going, in any case, the transition is unavoidable and we need to understand our limits; otherwise we will crash against them

The Emotional Lives Of Animals
By Marc Bekoff

Grief, friendship, gratitude, wonder, and other things we animals experience

Has US Accepted The Sharia Principle
By Securing Raymond Davis’ Freedom
Under A Controversial Diyat Law?

By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

Tellingly, Washington’s acceptance of the Diyat law came at a time when anti-Shariah legislations are being introduced in a dozen US states to defame and demonize Islam and Muslims

Policies For Privates, Policing For People
By Shalini Bhutani

There should be little surprise at the Government of Rajasthan's various departments, universities and agencies having unabashedly signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with seven big private seed and agri chemical companies in 2010. People would have seen it coming

Muslim And Christian Dalits Victims Of
Religious Apartheid Sanctioned By The State

By Yoginder Sikand

In 1950 a Presidential order specified that no person professing any religion other than Hinduism would be deemed to be a member of a Scheduled Caste. This patently anti-secular and grossly anti-democratic order was stiffly resisted by non-Hindu Dalits. In the face of strong protests, over the years the Indian state was compelled to extend Scheduled Caste status to Sikh and Buddhist Dalits. Yet, it continues to deny the same to Christian and Muslim and Dalits

Living Through The Media, Darkly
By Farzana Versey

The recent India Today Conclave raises the broader questions about the media role in giving a forum to politicians and industrialists to whitewash their image. Also on what basis does the media give honours to people in public office?

21 March , 2011

Libyan War Start On Iraq Invasion 8th Anniversary
By Dr Gideon Polya

The West has marked the 8th anniversary of the war criminal invasion of Iraq by commencing to bomb Libya back to the Stone Age. The examples of Iraq and Afghanistan give an indication of the horrendous avoidable mortality that may come in a FUKUS-devastated bombed Libya and the sham of Western-imposed democracy

France, Racist Butcher Of Haiti, Vietnam,
Syria, Algeria, First To Bomb Libya

By Jay Janson

French fighter bombers fire on Libya. Arabs remember French murderous aircraft bombing Algerians and Syrians, French atrocities in Vietnam, in Haiti

US, France And Britain Launch War Of
Aggression Against Libya

By Patrick Martin

The United States, France and Britain began air strikes and missile attacks on Libyan targets Saturday, initiating a war of aggression that threatens to destabilize North Africa and the entire Middle East. The first two days of bombing have already claimed many lives among the Libyan population that the imperialist powers falsely claim to be protecting

Remember The Cvilian Victims Of Past
'Allied' Bombing Campaigns

By Robert Fisk

People such as Raafat al-Ghosain are often tragically forgotten in the fog of air attacks

Imperial War On Libya
By Stephen Lendman

Targets attacked included Al-Tajura and Saladin hospitals as well as a clinic near Tripoli, unrelated to military necessity, distant from combat areas. Moreover, civilian air facilities were struck as well as "all Libyan military bases" - air, naval and ground. In addition, "a vast naval blockade around Libya has now been imposed," America the lead belligerent

The Quest To Dominate The Arab World
By Brenda Heard

‘Shock and Awe’—the phrase is back in the headlines. As we have watched the bombs bursting onto Libya over the past two days, we cannot help but recall the ‘Shock and Awe’ bombing of Iraq eight years ago this week.

Workers Flee Japan Nuclear Plant As Smoke Rises
By The Independent

Gray smoke rose from two reactor units Monday, temporarily stalling critical work to reconnect power lines and restore cooling systems to stabilize Japan's radiation-leaking nuclear complex

Beyond Fukishima: A World In Denial
About Nuclear Risks

By Danny Schechter

What will it take for our world to recognize the dangers that nuclear scientists and even Albert Einstein were warning about at the “dawn” of the nuclear age?

Fukushima : A Protest Monologue
By David Sparenberg

Fukushima is another crossroads in human history. It is yet to be seen if Fukushima will be a turning point

The Body Baggers Of Iraq
By Chris Hedges

Jess Goodell's job, for eight months, was to collect and catalog the bodies and personal effects of dead Marines. She put the remains of young Marines in body bags and placed the bags in metal boxes. Before being shipped to Dover Air Force Base, the boxes were stored, often for days, in a refrigerated unit known as a “reefer.”The work she did was called “processing.”

A Look Back At 8 Years Of War In Iraq
By Medea Benjamin & Charles Davis

Eight years after the US entered Iraq to topple Saddam and liberate the people, conditions are worse than ever

One More War And Another Collective Silence
By Pablo Ouziel

So with Afghanistan flattened, with Iraq completely destroyed, with Pakistan being hit by drones, and with the people of Gaza forced to live in their open-air prison as millions of refugees from these war torn countries suffer the consequences of previous Western humanitarian missions, it would serve the western critical thinker well, to oppose any kind of military intervention, and to show serious scepticism towards the humanitarian and caring words stemming from the mouth of current Western government representatives

Women Empowerment: A Different Perspective
By Shahidur Rashid Talukdar

Here is the paradox. In one hand, we have ladies leading our countries and on the other hand, we are not even letting others see the face of the earth. Based on the declining sex ratio, a recent study has predicted that by 2020 India will experience twenty percent more males than females! This is the worst possible discrimination that we can inflict on women. We are denying them their right to be born!

Fatehpur's Balmikis Fight For Life
With Dignity And Honor

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Today nearly 6 villages voluntarily left the work of manual scavenging in Fatehpur and the campaign is growing

What Does It Mean To Be A Muslim In India Today?
By Mahtab Alam

To be a Muslim in India today is to be encounter-able, to be constantly suspected of being a terrorist, to be illegally detainable and severely tortured, to have the possibility of being killed without being questioned, no matter if one is a believer, agnostic or an atheist. Carrying a Muslim name deserves and qualifies for the above treatment!

Political Machinations Of Hindutva
By Ram Puniyani

Film Review - Saffron War by Rajiv Yadav, Shahanawaz Alam and Lakshman Prashad

Why Hindi Pulp Is Not Literature?
By Gagan Rism

When English pulp fiction, be it, Mills & Boon’s Romances, Silhouettes and Temptations; Sidney Sheldon, Agatha Christie, James Headly Chase, etc. can be assimilated as ‘popular fiction’ genre in English literature, it is a matter of concern that Hindi pulp is left to curl behind the tag of ‘cheap and trash’ and thus banished out of the umbrella of mainstream literature

20 March , 2011

Radioactive Material Found In Tokyo Water
Agency Reports

The Japanese government has reported that trace amounts of radioactive iodine have been detected in tap water in Tokyo and five other areas, amid concerns about leaks from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power station

Libyan Hospitals Attacked:
Three French Jets Downed

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Hours after the attacks, sources in Libya have reported that three medical facilities were bombarded. Two were hospitals and one a medical clinic.[4] These were civilian facilities

Iran: Prison Massacre: Hundreds of Prisoners
Dead or Injured

By John Cornford

Its not just in Libya that civilians are being slaughtered, its also happening in Iran. At least 150 prisoners are dead or injured after bloody clashes erupted in Karaj's Ghezel Hesar prison on the night of March 15th. Thousands of prisoners from units 2 and 3 launched a protest after hearing the news of plans to execute ten inmates

Bad To Worse In Japan
By Stephen Lendman

It bears repeating. Government, industry, and major media reports downplay and deny Japan's unprecedented nuclear disaster, potentially able to kill millions now living and in future generations painfully

Japan's Horror Reveals How Thin Is The Edge
We Live On

By Bill McKibben

Climate change may not be responsible for the tsunami, but it is shrinking our margin of safety. It is time to shrink back ourselves

The Butterfly And The Boiling Point:
Charting The Wild Winds Of Change In 2011

By Rebecca Solnit

Hard times are in store for most people on Earth, and those may be times of boldness. Or not. The butterflies are out there, but when their flight stirs the winds of insurrection no one knows beforehand

Gas Dirtier Than Coal
By Dr Gideon Polya

The current global Gas Boom, Gas Rush and Gasland perversion is enabled by corporate greed, lobbying and the lie that “gas is clean”. Methane (CH4) is a major greenhouse gas (GHG) that on a 100 year time scale has a relative global warming potential (GWP) that is 25 times that of carbon dioxide (CO2). However a re-assessment by US scientists that takes atmospheric aerosol responses to CH4 into account has found that on a 20 year time scale CH4 is 105 times worse than CO2 as a GHG

Empire's New "Democratic" Plan For
The Middle East

By Behzad Majdian

In the age of the Internet and satellite TV, it is becoming increasingly hard for the Empire to rely on old-style dictatorship systems in developing countries to protect its interests

Why Do We Hate Them?
By Anis Hamadeh

So why do we hate them? Because, without an enemy we hardly have an identity. It is an expression of decadence by societies that persistently refuse to learn from history

An Open Letter To Mr. Jairam Ramesh
By Saraswati Kavula

An open letter to minister Jairam Ramesh regarding India's nuclear programme

India Has Abandoned Aung Sun Suu kyi,
Indians Have Not

By Syed Ali Mujtaba

India has abandoned the Aung Sun Suu kyi, the democratic icon of Myanmar is the startling revelation that WikiLeaks has made with regards to Myanmar, courtesy, “The Hindu”

19 March , 2011

Military Action Launched Against Libyan Forces
By Andrew Woodcock, Geoff Meade & Liam Creedon

Military action against Libyan forces was under way today as British Prime Minister David Cameron declared that "the time for action has come". French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced that "as of now" his country's air force was operating in the skies over Libya, while further French jets stood ready to target Gaddafi's tanks and armoured vehicles

Nuclear Nightmare
By Ralph Nader

The people in northern Japan may lose their land, homes, relatives, and friends as a result of a dangerous technology designed simply to boil water. There are better ways to generate steam

Australia: Thousands Turn Out In Support Of
WikiLeaks, Assange And Manning

By James Cogan

Close to 2,000 people attended a public meeting at the Sydney Town Hall on Wednesday in support of WikiLeaks’ editor and Australian citizen Julian Assange and alleged American whistleblower, Private Bradley Manning

Bombs Away Over Libya
By Mary Lynn Cramer

In anticipation of an even more intense campaign to win the hearts and wipe out the memories of US citizens, I am recording here some recent memorable efforts, by the corporate and “alternative” news programs, of both waving and warnings

Pakistan, America And Bloodied Money
By Farzana Versey

One needs to know about the Pakistani establishment’s use of the Islamic laws. Will it pardon the killers of prominent politicians if they pay blood money to the families? Does the government of Pakistan not owe its citizens proof of evidence regarding the receipt of the money as well as the nature of US involvement in the issue?

Once, This Was My Party Too
By Annapoorna Karthika

A kerala youth's letter to comrades of Communist Party of India - Marxist, in Kerala and Delhi

18 March , 2011

UN Vote Clears Way For
US-NATO Attack On Libya

By Bill Van Auken

The resolution, sponsored by the US, France, Britain and Lebanon, goes far beyond earlier proposals for a no-fly zone, authorizing the use of military force including “all necessary measures … to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack.”

Japan Contemplates 'Chernobyl Solution'
For Nuclear Disaster

By The Journal

That solution would involve effectively burying the plant with sand and concrete to seal it off from the outside world – a tactic which, as the name suggests, was used at the Chernobyl power plant in the Ukraine after its explosion in 1986

A Nuclear Warning From Japan We Cannot Ignore
By Christian Parenti

Only governments in places like China and India—unconcerned about making a profit on investments—build new nuclear plants

Learning From Disaster After Sendai
By Richard Falk

Is it possible that the nuclear meltdown in Japan is linked to a Faustian bargain with the West?

Torturing Bradley Manning
By Stephen Lendman

Manning is being emotionally destroyed, assuring his inability to defend himself properly at trial. The Pentagon plans it, besides extracting vengeance and warning other whistleblowers what they'll face if they dare emulate him. Obama very much concurs, showing he's as lawless as Bush

Aristide Is Back In #Haiti
By Sharif Kouddous

This post is collated from the tweets of Democracy Now's Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous, who was at the reception

Aristide Heading Home
By Stephen Lendman

For millions of Haitians who love him, they've awaited this moment for over seven years. A joyous welcome is planned

Nukes, Wikileaks And Corruption :
PM Must Reveal Truth To Nation


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement after the nuclear disaster in Japan that there is no need to be panicky as India will take all safety measures is not only amateurish but also lacks wisdom

Google Takes On Climate Change Skeptics
With New Technology Effort

By Maria Gallucci

Google has brought together a team of 21 climate researchers to improve the way the science of global warming is communicated using new media

Fukushima: The Nuclear Martingale
By Ugo Bardi

Maybe this is exactly what we are doing with civilisation: playing the martingale. We are hedging small risks by developing technologies, regulations, laws, and controls, all in order to keep society together. But the risk is the improbable, but eventually unavoidable, total collapse. The biggest black swan of all

Earth's Limits: Why Growth Won't Return -
Climate Change, Pollution, Accidents,
Environmental Decline, And Natural Disasters

By Richard Heinberg

The current tragic events in Japan bring an extra poignancy to this, the final excerpt from Chapter 3 of Richard Heinberg's new book 'The End of Growth'. In this section Richard discusses the role of Climate Change, Pollution, Accidents, Environmental Decline, and Natural Disasters as a limitation to economic growth

American And British Arms Used To Kill
Peaceful Bahrainis

By Bahrain Freedom Movement

The use of the American-made and supplied Apache helicopter gunships, the British-made and supplied tear gas canisters and guns and various other weapons has exposed the catastrophic moral and ethical downfall of all involved in the attack on the unarmed civilians of Bahrain

U.S. Love Affair with Murderous Dictators
And Hate For Democracy

By Ghali Hassan

Millions of people around the world are overwhelmed and encouraged by the popular uprisings against U.S.-imposed dictatorship regimes in the Arab world. Yet what is lacking is any serious examination of the complicity of the U.S. government and its allies in supporting murderous regimes. Far from promoting stability and democracy, the U.S. is the source of instability and an enemy of democracy

Dear Yanni, Please Write A New Earth Ethic
By Mary Hamer, M.D.

I appeal to you & your wisdom to write a New Earth Ethic. Please compose a collection of songs in a concert format with a full orchestra, written in a grand epic style -- dedicated to the planet Earth

“One Blue Sky Above Us”
By Kathy Kelly

A movement for peace in Afghanistan

Pursuing Peace In Afghanistan
By Pat Kennelly

Last week, General Petraeus testified before Congress that the war in Afghanistan is making progress. While Petraeus may believe his comments, the situation on the ground contradicts his statements

An Uncomfortable Read: The Story of
Dr Binayak Sen

By Diana Mavroleon & Agrotosh Mookerjee

The plight of Dr Binayak Sen is of such an extreme nature that even the most abstract and vivid of imaginations is stretched to its absolute limit

Human Security And Protection Of Rights Of Kashmiri People Under Pakistani Administration
By Dr Shabir Choudhry

Speech of Dr Shabir Choudhry in Geneva on 17th March 2011, in a Seminar arranged by Interfaith International

Is Bhoomi Puja By State A Secular Act?
By Ram Puniyani

Last few decades identification of Hindu religious practices has been accepted as the state norms and this needs to be given a rethinking

Indian Muslim Middle-Class Must Play
A More Active Leadership Role: Asghar Ali Engineer

By Yoginder Sikand

Noted Islamic scholar and social activist Asghar Ali Engineer heads the Mumbai-based Institute of Islamic Studies and the Centre for the Study of Secularism and Society. In this interview with Yoginder Sikand, he reflects on various aspects of the Indian Muslim leadership

17 March , 2011

Armageddon Scenario In Japan
By Stephen Lendman

Japan's deepening disaster affects everyone. Atmospheric radiation will spread globally, mostly affecting the northern hemisphere. Everyone to some extent will be affected, those in Japan and nearby the most. An unprecedented catastrophe is unfolding

Japan Nuclear Emergency Deepens
By Chris Talbot

It is clear that the situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant is deteriorating rapidly and that reports from the government and the Tokyo Electricity Company (TEPCO) have been seriously misleading about the scale of the disaster that is unfolding. Even now, as radiation rises to harmful levels in the immediate vicinity of the plant and elevated levels are detected in Tokyo 240 kilometres away, reports are incomplete and contradictory

Japan's Unprecedented Nuclear Disaster
Refuels Longstanding Controversy In Europe

By Dr. Peter Custers

The nuclear disaster which is unwinding in Japan has quickly refueled debate in Europe over the risks associated with production of nuclear energy

Nuclear Power: Real Risks, Real Costs
By S.G.Vombatkere

In view of the renewed focus on the nuclear industry following the earthquake-tsunami double-whammy in Japan, India's nuclear industry and its proponents are in overdrive to assure the public that nuclear safety issues are well in hand, but are nevertheless being reviewed

From Hiroshima To Fukushima:
Rethinking Atomic Energy

By Jonathan Schell

The combined devastation of Japan's earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant explosion begs the question: Doesn't Mother Nature provide enough forces of destruction without humans adding one of our own?

Tsunami Survivors Endure Freezing Conditions
And Food Shortages

By Patrick O’Connor

Of the estimated 700,000 people made homeless or evacuated in Japan after last Friday’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, about 430,000 are in makeshift emergency shelters. Many remain without basic necessities, including food, electricity, heat and fuel. It has been snowing in the affected areas in the country’s north-east, with overnight temperatures plunging to –5 degrees Celsius (23 Fahrenheit). The situation poses grave dangers to the lives and health of survivors, especially the elderly

Climate Change Denial And Our Future -
How The US Votes

By Bill Henderson

The US House of Representatives energy committee has just voted to deny that climate change exists. The Upton-Inhofe bill, which would reverse EPA's scientific finding of endangerment for greenhouse gases -- and thereby permanently block EPA from addressing climate pollution -- sailed through the House Energy Committee on Tuesday and will go to a full House vote some time in the next few weeks, where it is expected to pass easily

The Peak Oil Crisis: Protests,
Tsunamis And Deficits

By Tom Whipple

The real threat to Saudi stability may come from a succession crisis and not from protesters in the street

Flowers Of Arab Spring Will Bloom In The Desert
By Gul Jammas Hussein

Saudi Arabia’s decision to send troops to Bahrain to put down an uprising in the neighboring country is not going to prevent the Arab spring of 2011 from blooming in the dessert kingdom. The Saudi invasion, made on the “invitation” of Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and after the visit of U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, will most probably backfire

President Obama Step InTo Protect
The Constitutional Rights Of Veterans And Citizens

By Kevin Zeese

The Quantico Command Has Shown It Does Not Respect the Constitution Now They Are Denying Our Freedom of Speech

Whither Farmers Movement?
By Devinder Sharma

A 24-year-old vegetable seller's self immolation in Tunisia sparked off a revolution throughout the Arab world. More than 2, 500,00 farmers have committed suicide in India during the last 15 years, not a whimper being raised!

Will Anna Get Justice?
By Gladson Dungdung

Anna was a domestic worker, who had been working in the house of Jharkhand High Court Lawyer Vikram Sinha in Ranchi for the last five years. She died on March 5, 2011 falling from the balcony of Vikram Sinha's house

Reservations, Minorityism And The UID Threat
By Farzana Versey

Do not expect the UID (Unique Identity) scheme to track absconders and the corrupt. It will see to it that the backward remain where they are with a mid-day meal and an occasional trip to the local Disneyland ensured. India’s economic policy is a showcase, not an internal buffering system. It is about Forbes not welfare

16 March , 2011

Deadly Crackdown In Bahrain
By Al Jazeera

At least six people are reported dead and hundreds injured after security forces in Bahrain drove out pro-democracy protesters from the Pearl Roundabout in the capital, Manama

Japanese Nuclear Crisis Escalates
As Emergency Workers Withdrawn

By Patrick O’Connor

Several nuclear reactors in Japan’s stricken Fukushima nuclear facility remain at risk of total meltdown, following a series of explosions and fires. On Wednesday afternoon, the Japanese government suspended operations at the facility due to a surge in radiation. This temporarily halted the desperate attempts of workers to contain the disaster

Red Alert In Japan: An Unfolding
Nuclear Catastrophe

By Stephen Lendman

Even without a full meltdown (perhaps ongoing), today's emergency will last a year or longer because of problems cooling the affected cores. As a result, long-term evacuations will be necessary. Already, nearly 500,000 people are affected, a total likely to grow

Too Cheap To Meter: The Top 10 Myths Of
Nuclear Power

By Michael Rose

To arm the public with some mental shielding from the thought rays likely to be beamed by the misconstruers of fact and swayers of emotion here are 10 myths of nuclear power you need to know

Safety Of Nuclear Power And Death Of
The Nuclear Renaissance

By Euan Mearns

Yesterday I believe will go down in history as one of the most significant for mankind. Whilst most citizens of the developed and developing world’s do not realise this yet, the future course of the human global energy system has just changed course with potentially far reaching consequences for human civilisation

From Celebrities To Tsunamis
By Phil Rockstroh

Even before the floodwaters of the tsunami that inundated western Japan receded (and a threat of a global-wide disaster, engendered by the core breach of multiple nuclear reactors, loomed) in the US, Godzilla jokes began trending on Twitter

“The Oil Of The Arctic Is Not Worth The Risks”
By Kjell Aleklett

“The oil of the Arctic is not worth the risks”. The oil companys’ assert that it is necessary to drill for oil in deep water, including in the Arctic. But the oil reserves concerned are not greater than could be provided by a number of simple savings, writes Kjell Aleklett, Professor of Physics at Uppsala University, Sweden

Why World Food Prices May Keep Climbing
By Lester Brown

In February, world food prices reached the highest level on record. Soaring food prices are already a source of spreading hunger and political unrest, and it appears likely that they will climb further in the months ahead

The Coming Global Food Fight
By John Cavanagh & Robin Broad

As aggression mounts with the rise of food prices worldwide, small-scale farms rooted in local markets could avert international disaster—and lead the way to "food democracy."

On The 8th Anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s
Stand in Gaza

A Message from Craig and Cindy Corrie

Civil Society And Palestine: The Growing Power Of
The Ordinary

By Ramzy Baroud

Now civil society has been incorporated into the overall political equation as a leading factor in the Palestinian struggle for rights and freedom. The society is also increasingly filling the vacuum created by the PA’s localization of the Palestinian struggle, and Israel’s constant attempt at downgrading any genuine alternative to the PA’s leadership

Abusing Asylum Seekers In The Sinai
By Stephen Lendman

A new Physicians for Human Rights - Israel (PHR-I) report discusses atrocities committed against sub-Saharan Africans seeking refugee status in Israel. Titled "Hostages, Torture, and Rape," it explains the ordeal experienced by 284 victims

Why Would Monsanto Uproots Its Own
Bt Maize Trial In Bihar?

By Devinder Sharma

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar deserves all kudos for laying bare the fraudulent ways of GM research in India. In a letter addressed to the Environment & Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh, Nitish Kumar has accused the multinational seed corporation Monsanto, the GEAC and ICAR of conniving to begin trials of GM maize in his State even before it had got clearance from the environment ministry and without informing the state government either

Generating Rights Awareness : Kashmir
By Naveed Qazi

In Kashmir, due to increasing record of abuses and absence of an United Nations Truth Commission, respectable international humanitarian organizations like Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch has been a halting consequence in the field of human rights protectionism and education

15 March , 2011

Mounting Human Toll And Nuclear
Emergency In Japan

By Mike Head

Japan’s nuclear emergency worsened today, highlighting the dangers to the lives and health of perhaps millions of people, even as the full horror of the death and destruction left by Friday’s earthquake and tsunami continued to emerge

Daiichi Disaster And The Implications For India
By VT Padmanabhan

People in the Indian subcontinent are in one way little safer than the Japanese, the installed nuclear capacity of the subcontinent is less than 4,000 MW, which is less than one percent of the total electricity (3%, in India). The nation should be grateful for the first generation leadership of the nuclear science establishment in India for delaying the ambitious nuclear agenda of the Central government

Coverup And Denial In Japan
By Stephen Lendman

Of any magnitude, meltdowns aren't minor, and no structures are earthquake or tsunami-proof. When most intense, Mother Nature prevails. Images of affected Japanese areas and damaged reactor facilities offer proof, besides the potentially massive, widespread human toll

Japan's Tragedy Provides Us All An Opportunity
To Show That We Have A Heart

By Brian McAfee

As the tragic discoveries of bodies along the beaches of Japan continue and ongoing searches by survivors for their loved ones continue, the Japanese people will continue to need our love and material support

Note From The US Navy To The people Of Japan:
Just Wash Up With Soap And Water

By Timbre Wolf

The press release goes on to say, "three helicopter aircrews returning to the ship, after conducting disaster relief missions near Sendai, identified low levels of radioactivity on 17 air crew members." And in the very next sentence they cleverly add, "The low-level radioactivity was easily removed from affected personnel by washing with soap and water."

Warnings Of Nuclear Plant Dangers
Have Been Dismissed By Authorities

By Sherwood Ross

A radioactive plume escaping from a nuclear-powered generating plant...could “march across the countryside like the angel of death,” author Howard Morland warned in the October, 1979, issue of Harper's magazine. Given the earthquake-triggered calamities at several of Japan's nuclear plants over the past few days, Morland's article takes on added significance

The Arab Lobby
By Nick Turse

How the tiny kingdom of Bahrain strong-armed the president of the United States

People Power In Egypt:
Defusing A Revolution?
By Michael Barker

It is sad but true that elite "democracy promoters" have insinuated their way into influential parts of the Egyptian activist community, but despite this major set-back, there is nothing to stop such activists from disowning their imperial handlers, and choosing to ally themselves with any emergent grassroots revolution for genuine social change. Indeed, one can hope that this was their intention all along. But unfortunately such US-backed activists are unlikely to take such action of their own volition, and, as always, the revolutionary task to force such change -- to demand an end to US interference -- must be left to the people of Egypt themselves

Visitor And Correspondence List For
Bradley Manning & Contributing To
Bradley Manning's Legal Defense

By David E. Coombs

How you can support Bradley Manning

The Abusive Detention Of Bradley Manning
By Kevin Zeese

The Appeal of His Virtual Solitary Confinement Makes the Case of Inhuman Treatment by the Quantico Brig

Detailed Document Exposing Pro-gas
Australia Climate Change Inaction

By Dr Gideon Polya

The pro-coal, pro-gas Australian Labor Government has proposed a Carbon Tax-ETS-Ignore Agriculture (CTETSIA) policy that means climate change inaction by Australia , a world-leading per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) polluter. This disastrous policy promotes a pointless conversion from coal burning to gas burning that is just as dirty GHG-wise because of methane leakage

The Morphing Of Obama
By William T. Hathaway

Obama's morphing into a war president makes it clear that expecting "change you can believe in" from the Democratic Party is a delusion

Pay Up Now, Corporations
By Paul Buchheit

PayUpNow.org is an online effort to 'uncut' the cutbacks by promoting boycotts of corporations who pay little or no federal income tax. According to a U.S. Senate subcommittee report, eliminating tax havens could save $100 billion a year

Our Man In Havana
By Stephen Lendman

Against the backdrop of US - Cuban relations, the Havana Times broke the news, headlining on March 12, - Cuba Finds Alan Gross Guilty, Gets 15-Years

A Good Look At The Countries
America Loves To Hate

By Timothy V. Gatto

Recently I heard President Obama say that Gadhafi of Libya “Is on the wrong side of history”. The truth is that Obama is on the wrong side of history

Journalism And Democracy In A Dead Culture
An interview with Robert Jensen

Greek journalist CJ Polychroniou interviewed Robert Jensen about recent trends in media and politics. The interview appeared in Epsilon, the Sunday magazine of Eleftherotypia, Greece's premier progressive newspaper

Harassment In Newsroom
By Prabhat Sharan

Recently, a national newspaper published from Mumbai suspended two persons- an associate editor and a principal correspondent- on charges of alleged sexual harassment. The duo had reportedly made life miserable for a young female sub-editor. The allegations were that apart from hurling sexually charged abuses at her, the duo apparently used to hound her even after duty hours making her wait outside a dimly-lit beer bar in the middle of the night on the pretext of sharing the night drop vehicle provided by the office

Moammar Gaddafi, Socialist Revolutionary
Or Charlatan?

By Dave Fryett

Was Gaddafi defeated? Or has he been on the winning team all along? His career is mixed, with self-interest being its dominant theme. Never was this more manifest than in his squalid defense of Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak. Nothing could be more definitive. When the Dark Ages finally come to an end, and the history of universal human suffrage can at long last be written, Moammar Gaddafi will have no place in it

14 March , 2011

Fuel Rods Exposed At Fukushima Reactor
By NHK World

Tokyo Electric Power Company is battling to cool a reactor to prevent another explosion at its nuclear power plant in quake-hit Fukushima Prefecture. The utility firm said on Monday afternoon that fuel rods are exposed at the Number Two reactor of its Fukushima Number One plant after the level of coolant water dropped

Saudi Arabia Sends Troops To Bahrain
By Robin Wigglesworth in Manama, Simeon Kerr in Dubai and Reuters

About 1,000 Saudi soldiers entered Bahrain early on Monday to protect government facilities following recent unrest by the country’s Shia Muslim majority, a Saudi official source said

Bahrain’s Revolution Reaches What Could Become
Decisive Phase

By Bahrain Freedom Movement

The people’s revolution is on its track; calling for the removal of the regime and performing various activities on the road to victory. In the past week several remarakable activities were undertaken with resounding success

No Review Of AFSPA In Jammu & Kashmir
By Syed Junaid Hashmi

In blatant rebuttal to Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s repeated assertion of revoking Armed Forces Special Powers Act-1990 from certain districts in Jammu and Kashmir, Commission on centre-state relations has recommended against reviewing the continuation of AFSPA in J&K

Farmers Too Should Be Hauled Up
For Soaking Veggies/Fruits In Pesticides

By Devinder Sharma

A Delhi-based NGO Consumer Voice had on the basis of a study concluded that fruits and vegetables contain 750 times more pesticides residues and hormones than what is permissible in European Union

Congressman Peter King's Great Muslim Scare
By Franklin Lamb

Kings, ‘Muslim Terrorism” hearings are the first and hopefully the last of its kind to focus on a single religious group. His false assumptions are being roundly rejected across America and Europe. Counterterrorism experts, veteran’s organizations, interfaith leaders, local leaders and editorial boards, and most importantly the American public are rejecting King's racist calumny

Appalling Hypocrisy of Congressman Peter King
By Dr. Habib Siddiqui

In the post-9/11 era, bigotry and xenophobia against Islam and Muslims have become a rewarding profession for some people. Peter King, the New York Congressman who now chairs the powerful Homeland Security Committee, is a hawkish card-carrying member of that dastardly group of zealots, xenophobes, intellectually disadvantaged retards and low-lives who have been using the bogeyman of Islam to make a filthy living

State Sponsored Crimes Against Adivasis In Assam
By Gladson Dungdung

The Adivasis of Assam, whose ancestors had settled down in the land ‘around 150 years ago’ after they were forcefully brought from the states of Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, West Bengal and Orissa, have been facing state sponsored crimes since independence of India. They had been enjoying their rights and privileges before there were states called ‘India’ or ‘Assam’

A Palestinian Wrong Way To Peace
By Nicola Nasser

You cannot have negotiations without resistance, just as you cannot have democracy without fighting for it. We've always known that, and we have the Intifada to prove it. We cannot be united until we're willing to struggle against occupation together. And we cannot be democratic until we've learned how to share. So far, the PLO is neither sharing nor struggling, and its quest for peace is therefore doomed

Libya Lumbers
By Farooque Chowdhury

Naked Imperialism is making Libya lumber. Intervention by petro-imperialism is poised to send Libya’s democratic struggle with seldom shown monarchist flag to limbo. France’s overt intervention and the Empire’s covert maneuvers under the shadow of an imperialism fuelled civil war are making Libya’s move to democracy difficult

Waiting For Binayak Sen
By Radha Surya

A new phase has begun. The struggle for justice of Dr. Binayak Sen, his wife Dr. Ilina Sen and others who are closest to him could be approaching its culmination. Over the years many have campaigned on Binayak Sen's behalf and made his name and his shining work known to a steadily increasing national and international public. This public has swelled to formidable proportions and will not be silenced or denied

Libya: Is A No-Fly Zone The Solution?
By Chandra Muzaffar

If the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) discusses the imposition of a No-Fly Zone (NFZ) over Libya in the next few days it should give serious attention to the situation on the ground and the evolving military and political dynamics in the country

13 March , 2011

Chernobyl-Like Crisis For Japan ‎

US nuclear experts warned Saturday that pumping sea water to cool a quake-hit Japanese nuclear reactor was an "act of desperation" that may foreshadow a Chernobyl-like disaster

The Tragedy Of Fukushima Is
A Tragedy For All Mankind

By Peter Chamberlin

The tragedy of Fukushima is a tragedy for all mankind. We do not yet see it, but this event will be remembered as a turning point in the development of humanity. From this point forward, if nothing else, Fukushima will give pause to every politician, or technocrat in the future who holds up the torch of “nuclear power” as the great hope for our energy-starved planet

Fukushima Neclear Accident: Sobering Reflections
By S.G.Vombatkere

The tsunami-triggered accident in Fukushima (Japan) Daiichi plant's Unit 1 brings safety issues into question regarding the operation of nuclear power plants

Nuclear Meltdown In Japan
By Stephen Lendman

In 1946, Einstein said :"Our world faces a crisis as yet unperceived by those possessing the power to make great decisions for good and evil. The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking, and thus we drift toward unparalleled catastrophe."

Chaos, Collapse, And Survival
By Peter Goodchild

Systemic collapse, the coming dark age, the coming crash, overshoot, the die-off, the tribulation, the coming anarchy, resource wars -- there are many names, and they do not all correspond to exactly the same thing, but there is a widespread belief that something immense is happening

11 March , 2011

Massive Earthquake Tsunami Devastates Japan
By AlJazeera

Hundreds of people are dead after one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded struck Japan, triggering a devastating 10-metre-high tsunami along parts of the country's northeastern coastline

France Recognises Libyan Opposition Leadership
By Patrick O’Connor

The French government of President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday extended official diplomatic recognition to the so-called Libyan Interim Transitional National Council, the first outside government to do so

Kicking The Intervention Habit
By Richard Falk

Should talks of intervention in Libya turn into action, it would be illegal, immoral and hypocritical

A Pep Rally For Libya? Waiting For The Left
By Mary Lynn Cramer

Most of what is left of the American left appear to be cautious liberals, who nevertheless do speak up and stand out for the causes they believe in. Many came out as boisterous and visible opponents of Greedy Capitalists destroying public unions in Wisconsin, but have not organized anti-Imperialist rallies against the destruction of Libya thus far

Bradley Manning Tells Of Prison Ordeal
By Ed Pilkington

Bradley Manning speaks out for first time about his experience in prison

The Abusive Detention Of Bradley Manning
By Kevin Zeese

Bradley Manning's appeal of the refusal to relax his conditions of confinement makes a strong case that he has been a model prisoner who is being unjustly abused. His inhumane treatment violates his due process rights and is cruel and unusual punishment

Demanding Cheaper Oil Is Disastrous
By Johann Hari

The most popular cry in politics today is a pledge to deny reality and cut petrol prices. Give us our fix! Make it cheap! Make it now!

The J Street Scam
By Philip Giraldi

J Street really only differs from AIPAC in tone, not in substance. It advocates continued and unlimited United States support for Israel, militarily, economically, and politically. J Street wants Israel to have an overwhelming military advantage over its Arab neighbors and it wants that margin to be provided by Washington

Tim DeChristopher Is Convicted:
We’re Blowing This Moment, Too

By Subhankar Banerjee

Exactly a week ago on March 3, young climate change activist Tim DeChristopher was convicted for disrupting oil and gas lease sales on public lands in southern Utah. He is an international celebrity right now

Greenland-Antarctica Ice Melt: Earth Climate
Entering Uncharted Territory

By Dr Andrew Glikson

With the exception of massive volcanic events and asteroid impacts, no geological record exists for rises of greenhouse gases at rates as high as the rate of 1 to 2 ppm CO2/year since the second half of the 20th century

Middle East Unrest And Its Economic Impact
By Richard Heinberg, David Fridley, David Hughes,
Tom Whipple & Colin J. Campbell

Six energy experts address the economic impact of Middle East unrest

Joseph Tainter: Talking About Collapse
By Ugo Bardi

Joseph Tainter speaks at the conference “Advances in Energy studies” in Barcelona

General Strike: Because Wisconsin Needs
More Than A Recall

By Billy Wharton

Wisconsin can draw on a long history of socialist and other radical organizing and become the place where a new left-wing movement for the 21st century is born. The time to act is now!

Corporate Coup d'Etat In Wisconsin
By Stephen Lendman

Mobilized, committed, unified mass action is essential as quickly as possible. On Wisconsin! Then take the campaign nationwide, especially to ground zero in Washington, the heart of corrupted power

They'd Kill Those Vietnamese etc., All Over Again
Without Blinking An Eyelash

By Jay Janson

Sixty years of the messy butchering of designed ‘bad guys’ in poor countries is a proud part of the American Way of Life

Protest Against Bal Ganga Dam Project
By Vikram Jadav

The Congress-NCP alliance government in Maharashtra came under public ire once again when nearly 8,,000 villagers from Nidholi in Konkan region are opposing CIDCO's Rs 350-crore Bal Ganga Dam project, which they feel disrupt their day-to-day living

10 March , 2011

Wisconsin Senate Rams Through Anti-Worker Bill
By Tom Eley

The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Senate on Wednesday evening passed a bill stripping government workers of collective bargaining rights and forcing them to pay much more for health insurance and pensions

"This Is Not Democracy" — Wisconsin's
Anti-Union Bill Passes

By Brooke Jarvis

In a controversial move, Republicans maneuvered the passage of Wisconsin's assault on collective bargaining after three weeks of protests. How'd they do it, and what happens next?

Washington To Escalate Military Moves
Against Gaddafi

By Barry Grey

The United States and its allies continue to prepare more expansive and direct military actions to topple the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

How The So-Called Guardians Of Free Speech
Are Silencing The Messenger

By John Pilger

It is difficult to describe, let alone imagine, the sense of isolation and state of siege of Julian Assange, who in one form or another is paying for tearing aside the façade of rapacious power. The canker here is not the far right but the paper-thin liberalism of those who guard the limits of free speech

Pentagon Torture Of Manning Recalls
Soviets Under Stalin

By Sherwood Ross

The United States of America is in the process of slowly and deliberately destroying a human being before the eyes of the world. All of President Obama's posturing about the conduct of dictator Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya will not expunge his own calculated cruelty in allowing his Pentagon to continue the degrading and dehumanizing punishments being inflicted on PFC Bradley Manning

The Gordian Knot
By Dave Lannen

If the situation in Afghanistan and Iraq were not tragic enough, now there are voices calling for the U.S. to intervene in Libya. Before we embark on another noble crusade further into the Arab world, it is helpful to consider what our actions since October 2001 have brought

A Neoconservative ‘Shock And Awe’:
The Rise Of The Arabs

By Ramzy Baroud

A pervading sense of awe seems to be engulfing Arab societies everywhere. What is underway in the Arab world is greater than simply revolution in a political or economic sense– it is, in fact, shifting the very self-definition of what it means to be Arab, both individually and collectively

Earth's Limits: Why Growth Won't Return - Food
By Richard Heinberg

This article is the fourth excerpt from Chapter 3 of Richard Heinberg's new book 'The End of Growth', which is set for publication by New Society Publishers in September 2011. In the previous installment, Richard discusses water as one of the various factors external to financial and monetary systems that is effectively choking off efforts to restart growth. Here, Richard discusses the role of FOOD as a limitation to economic growth

The Need To Disturb Ourselves
By Shiba Desor

Are we living in a hoax world? Shiba Desor asks some disturbing questions

Pack Journalism Promotes War On Libya
By Stephen Lendman

Despite Washington already bogged down in two losing ones, Obama's heading for another on Libya, the media pack in the lead clamoring for it, perhaps by "shock and awe," supplemented by special forces death squads on the ground recruiting, inciting, and arming opposition elements

Why So Many Americans Hate Obama
By Joel S. Hirschhorn

I can explain why so many Americans are angry about President Obama and dislike or hate him with passion, and why it has little to do with his actions and policies. But first I must examine the confluence of two historical inflection points that explains so much resentment and opposition to Obama

09 March , 2011

US, Britain Step Up Plans For Military
Intervention In Libya

By Ann Talbot

The United States and Britain took another step towards direct military intervention against Libya Tuesday, as President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron discussed coordination of an international campaign to bring down long-time Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi

Libya: WikiLeaks Cables Warn Of Extremist Beliefs
By Heidi Blake

Leaked diplomatic cables obtained by the WikiLeaks website and passed to The Daily Telegraph disclose fears that eastern Libya is being overrun by extremists intent on overthrowing Colonel Gaddafi's regime

Libya: Is This Kosovo All Over Again?
By Diana Johnstone

Less than a dozen years after NATO bombed Yugoslavia into pieces, detaching the province of Kosovo from Serbia, there are signs that the military alliance is gearing up for another victorious little “humanitarian war”, this time against Libya. The differences are, of course, enormous. But let’s look at some of the disturbing similarities

Libya And The Return Of
Humanitarian Imperialism

By Jean Bricmont

Twelve years later, it is Kosovo all over again. Hundred of thousands of Iraqis dead, NATO stranded in an impossible position in Afghanistan, and they have learned nothing!

What Will You Do, If Libya Repeats Itself In USA?
By Frank Scott

Imagine This: Armed Tea Party militias attack government facilities in several American cities, threaten to deport the president and abolish congress, and claim a new day for democracy. What would be the reaction from our corporate government and media? Great praise for the second amendment and the right of the people to bear arms and overthrow the government?

Listening To Life, Before It's Too Late
By Robert Jensen

An interview with Ellen LaConte, author of "Life Rules- Why so much is going wrong everywhere at once and how Life teaches us to fix it ". LaConte offers an unflinching assessment of the problems and an honest path to sensible action

The First 9/11: Kissinger Operación Cóndor,
Pinochet (PDF)

By George Venturini

The first 9/11 occurred in 1973 in Santiago, Chile and places nearby. President Richard Milhous Nixon and Dr. Henry Alfred Kissinger were the instigators, General Augusto Pinochet simply the executioner

Zionist-Inflicted Crisis In Gaza
By Javier Sethness

A review of "Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on Israel’s War Against the Palestinians" by Noam Chomky and Ilan Pappé

Netanyahu’s Illusory Peace Plan
By Jonathan Cook

After refusing last year to continue a partial freeze on settlement-building, a Palestinian pre-requisite for talks, he is reportedly preparing to lay out an initiative for the phased creation of a Palestinian state. Such a move would reflect the Israeli prime minister’s belated recognition that Israel is facing trouble on almost every front

Why Reject Concessions In Wisconsin
By Ann Robertson & Bill Leumer

If the rich paid their fair share in taxes and if corporate loopholes were closed, the Wisconsin deficit would disappear overnight. The rich and the corporations have consistently lobbied to keep their taxes low. And by providing generous political contributions to both Democrats and Republicans, they have succeeded

The Events in Libya in Historical Perspective...Muammar Qaddafi in Class Perspective... The Question of Leadership in Communist Perspective

An interview with Raymond Lotta

Muammar Al Gaddafi Meets His Own Rebels
By Dan Lieberman

The man needs retirement and his people need democracy. But that’s not the entire lesson from the latest Arab march to freedom

Costly Contradictions Over Breast-feeding --
A New Rightwing Low?

By Robert S. Becker

That rightwingers dare attack breast milk education for young, needy, often minority mothers only reinforces my fear no subject is now taboo -- even motherhood is grist for the extremist mill

African Society In A Neocolonial Framework
By Sachin Kumar Jain

Africa is now becoming a colony of newly developed countries like India and China . Walter Fernandes, a well-known social scientist from the continent and an expert on the subject of displacement caused by development, reports that the rich capitalist class and their governments are currently in the process of usurping 40 million hectares from the Saharan nations

WSF 2011: Searching For Direction
In People's Movements

By Sachin Kumar Jain

This year's WSF organized in Senegal was significant for two reasons. First, it was organized on African soil. Second, the people's movements and activist groups who assembled in Dakar sought to understand how they could strengthen themselves for their struggle to change the political contours of the world

Where Governments Refuse To Act,
People Must: Roger Waters

By Roger Waters

Letter from Roger Waters , founder member of Pink Floyd and supporter of the rights of the Palestinian people, in support of the call for the implementation of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS)

Status Of Muslim Women In Islamic Societies –
Past And Present

By Dr. M.I.H. Farooqi

I slam brought about liberation of women from bondage and gave her equal rights and recognized her individuality as a human being. Islam improved the status of women by instituting rights of property ownership, inheritance, education, marriage (as a contract) and divorce

Obama's Lawless Authorization Of
Military Commissions Injustice

By Stephen Lendman

Detaining innocent men indefinitely and consigning others to military commissions further unmasks a rogue administration pretending to be democratic

It Is “March Madness” Time In The USA
By Danny Schechter

This is a month known in the USA for the “March madness” college basketball finals, but the madness seems now to be oozing from sports arenas to political capitols

American Buddhists Fail To Stand Up
To Islamophobia

By Dr. Lawrence P. Rockwood

This article intended only to describe, not necessarily criticize, a specific, tragic, and ironic episode in this link of interdependence. I am not telling American Buddhists to divest, boycott, or to self-flagellate, just awaken them to the reality that they are stakeholders in fights of which they are likely not even aware. Such awareness can only but empower, rather than impede, those sincerely dedicated to skillful peace and reconciliation

War, Prisons, And Torture In The US & UK
By Angola 3 News

An interview with Richard Haley

The Curious Case Of Commercial Surrogacy
By Sneha Banerjee

The curious case of commercial gestational surrogacy emerging as another kind of remunerated work that some disadvantaged women in globalised India are engaging in compels feminists and women’s rights activists to grapple with the dilemma of commodification of reproductive labour on the one hand and economic agency on the other

Imperialists, Hands Off Libya!
By Mazdoor Ekta Lehar

The people of Libya will have the wisdom to sort out their internal problems while consistently opposing and blocking outside imperialist interference. The proletariat and people of our country, like those of other countries, support the struggle of the Libyan people. We therefore unequivocally oppose all foreign imperialist intervention in Libya, by the Anglo American imperialists as well as others, no matter under what guise it is carried out

08 March , 2011

US Intensifies Military Operations In Libya
By Mike Head

Officially, the Obama administration and Washington’s allies are still drawing up “contingency plans” to intervene in the Libyan crisis. In reality, intensive military and intelligence operations are underway within and around the oil-rich country

Darkness At Noon: Bradley Manning
And Julain Assange

By Tony Kevin

Even a false and forced confession, that could be later disavowed by Manning in court, could be enough in the US judicial system to trigger a valid US secret grand jury arrest warrant for Assange’s extradition to the US. Such a warrant could be served either on the UK or Swedish governments, depending on where Assange was at the time

Bradley Manning Is Punished For Seeking
A More Perfect Union

By Kevin Zeese

Reports that Bradley Manning is being held nude every night at the Quantico Brig, then forced to stand naked in the hallway while he waits for his clothes, shows the inconsistency of the treatment of Manning with basic American values of due process, fair trial and human dignity

The War is Killing Afghanistan's Children. Enough!
By Afghans for Peace

Afghan civilians intentionally targeted by NATO/ISAF Forces

What Punctured The North-African Balloon?
Crude Oil And Social Unrest

By Ugo Bardi

Oil prices are not a "cause" of the unrest - just a trigger for something that needed to happened for other reasons. But, even with these caveats, we know that oil - as our main source of energy - plays a role in the recent unrest in North Africa and will continue to do so in the future -. and not just in North Africa

The Future Is Organic: But It's More Than Organic!
By Dr. E. Ann Clark

The future, which is coming faster than most of us appreciate, will be organic.The sooner that academics and government policymakers acknowledge the implications of post-oil for the structure and function of agriculture - and education in agriculture - the easier it will be to design and educate for the future

'Eco-Farming Can Double Food Production'
By Devinder Sharma

Olivier de Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, has submitted a report, "Agro-ecology and Right to Food" , to the UN Human Rights Council at Geneva on Tuesday. The report states, “today’s scientific evidence demonstrates that agroecological methods outperform the use of chemical fertilizers in boosting food production where the hungry live -- especially in unfavorable environments”

State Of The Planetary Life Support System
By Dr Andrew Glikson

In contrast to the impression of gradual climate projections which may be obtained by IPCC projections (Figure 1), the spate of heat waves/fire, hurricanes and floods around the world, which doubled in frequency between 1980 and 2009 , manifests the response of the atmosphere-ocean system to increased radiative forcing by anthropogenic greenhouse gas, namely the over 320 billion tons carbon (GtC) emitted since the 18th century, more than 50 percent the original inventory of the atmosphere

Dalit Socialists Via Dalit Capitalists:
A Response To Anand Teltumbde

By Karthick RM

Dalit capitalism needn’t be glorified the way its protagonists have for it is not an end in itself. Yet, it needn’t be denounced the way Mr. Teltumbde does

A March To Gaza: A March For Freedom
By Leila Saleh

An interview with Feroze Mithiborwala, the head of the Asia to Gaza convoy

Wisconsin Democrats Plan Capitulation
By Stephen Lendman

What's ongoing in Wisconsin can spread anywhere, perhaps even in states with no laws permitting them if enough residents demand they be enacted. It's high time they did, rousting lawmakers everywhere for betraying their constituents - especially corrupted Washington Democrats and Republicans, serving America's aristocracy, not popular interests they disdain

Codemning The Killing Of Niyamat Ansari

The involvement of the CPI (Maoist) party in the brutal killing is most horrifying. The press statement by that party gives flimsy grounds to justify the attack. It is expected from any organisation that claims to struggle for a more just society to have a greater respect for life

07 March , 2011

America's Secret Plan To Arm Libya's Rebels
By Robert Fisk

Desperate to avoid US military involvement in Libya in the event of a prolonged struggle between the Gaddafi regime and its opponents, the Americans have asked Saudi Arabia if it can supply weapons to the rebels in Benghazi

US And Allies Step Up Military And
Intelligence Operations In Libya

By Ann Talbot

The report that eight members of the UK’s Special Air Service (SAS) were briefly detained in Benghazi provides confirmation that the US and its European allies are stepping up their efforts to establish firm links with elements of the opposition to the regime of President Muammar Gaddafi and secure control of Libya’s oil resources

This Time We’re Taking The Whole Planet With Us
By Chris Hedges

This time when we go down it will be global. There are no new lands to pillage, no new peoples to exploit. Technology, which has obliterated the constraints of time and space, has turned our global village into a global death trap. The fate of Easter Island will be writ large across the broad expanse of planet Earth

Gloomy Malthus Provides Food For Thought
As World's Appetite Builds

By Liam Halligan

The world population has surged 18pc since 2000. Meanwhile, except during the global financial crisis of late 2008 and early 2009, the cost of food has steadily risen. The suggestion is that, just like the market for oil and metals, food and other “soft commodities” have become locked in a “super cycle”, the implications of which are only just beginning to be understood

The Rice With Human Genes
By Sean Poulter

The first GM food crop containing human genes is set to be approved for commercial production. The laboratory-created rice produces some of the human proteins found in breast milk and saliva

Ice-Cream Made With Human Breast Milk.
Isn't This Repulsive?

By Devinder Sharma

Ice-cream being made from human breast milk. To me this is so disgusting, and of course deplorable. Still worse, the first batch of the ice-cream made from human breast milk, branded 'Baby Gaga', was sold within days of the launch last week in London

America Is Not Broke
By Michael Moore

Just 400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans combined

How I Got To Madison, Wisconsin
By Michael Moore

What I saw in Madison is not what most mainstream media is showing

Could Pariah Status Spell The End For Zionism?
By Alan Hart

Israel is already a pariah state. And the fact that all the members of the UN Security Council minus only the U.S. voted for the resolution condemning continued, illegal Israeli settlement activities on the occupied West Bank is surely an indication that governments might be catching up with their peoples

Dalit Capitalism And Pseudo Dalitism
By Anand Teltumbde

Let Dalit individuals become big bureaucrats, big bourgeoisie or any big gun, he or she cannot count much in the emancipation project of Dalit community, which lies only in thoroughgoing social transformation

Can Nudity Make A Political Statement?
By Farzana Versey

A painting that will be displayed at the Lalit Kala Akademy. It is a nude of Arundhati Roy, but has political connotations. There are several questions to be raised

India Must Free Binayak Sen Immediately
By Subhankar Banerjee

India must unconditionally release Binayak Sen immediately and put an end to the great suffering that he and his wife have already endured since May 2007. Binayak Sen deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, not lifetime imprisonment as an enemy of India

Extrajudicial Assassinations: Official Israeli Policy
By Stephen Lendman

Israel's July 22, 2002 Al-Daraj massacre is discussed here. Belatedly, its Special Investigatory Commission (SIC) whitewash followed, exonerating 16 murders, including eight children

Out-of-Control Human Rights Abuses in Iraq
By Stephen Lendman

Ranked or not, eight years under US occupation made the once cradle of civilization a dystopian nightmare

05 March , 2011

Western Powers Exploit Libyan Crisis To Step Up Intervention Plans
By Mike Head

Under the cynical cover of addressing a humanitarian crisis in Libya, the US and its European allies are intensifying military operations and economic measures directed against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi

The Truth Behind Quantico Brig's Decision
To Strip PFC Manning

By David E. Coombs

The decision to strip PFC Manning of his clothing every night for an indefinite period of time is clearly punitive in nature. There is no mental health justification for the decision. There is no basis in logic for this decision

Bradley Manning's Forced Nudity To Occur Daily
By Glenn Greenwald

Brig officials now confirm to The New York Times that Manning will be forced to be nude every night from now on for the indefinite future -- not only when he sleeps, but also when he stands outside his cell for morning inspection along with the other brig detainees. They claim that it is being done "as a 'precautionary measure' to prevent him from injuring himself."

Criminalizing The Truth Tellers
By Dr. Lawrence Davidson

There is no doubt that Julian Assange, the head of the Wikileaks organization, and Bradley Manning are being singled out and made examples of by the Obama administration. Their suffering constitutes a message which goes like this: if you inform the public of what the United States government is doing, no matter how illegal and disgusting it might be, our police and intelligence agencies will track you down and turn your life into hell

Wrong Side
By Uri Avnery

Netanyahu called to rebuke Angela Merkel for Germany’s vote in favor of the Security Council resolution condemning the settlements – the resolution blocked by the scandalous US veto. I don’t know if our Prime Minister mentioned the Holocaust, but he certainly expressed his annoyance about Germany daring to vote against the “Jewish State”. He was shocked by the answer. Instead of a contrite Frau Merkel apologizing abjectly, his ear was filled by a schoolmistress scolding him in no uncertain terms

Climate Activists Support Australian Government
CTETSIA Climate Change Inaction Plan

By Dr Gideon Polya

Pro-environment Australians are witnessing Australian climate activism organizations going "soft" by lending support to the pro-gas Gillard Labor Australian Government's Carbon Tax-ETS-Ignore Agriculture (CTETSIA) Plan that can be seen as a plan for continued climate change inaction by the World's leading per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) polluter

Western Journalists Fail To Report
The Facts About Libya Objectively

By Timothy V. Gatto

I have decided to write on the information presented to me and let the readers of this article make their own judgment on the information presented

No To An Imperialist Attack On Libya
By Antonio E. Paris

The popular masses of the Libyan people are demanding civil rights and democratic freedoms (including workers’ rights), an open system of laws not merely based on Sharia (Islamic law), a political system that would enhance the role of trade unions and other organizations of the working masses, and immediate measures for the amelioration of declining living standards

This Is No American Jasmine
By Harsh Dobhal

Uprisings against tyrants are not always in support of a pro-western, pro-market paradigm -- the picture that the western media is once again manipulating in West Asia

Waging War On Working Americans
By Stephen Lendman

Battle lines remain drawn. Thursday night, Dane County Circuit Judge John Albert ordered protesters out of the Capitol. Most remained at first because his ruling said the state violated the public's free speech and assembly rights by restricting access to the building. Later they left. No arrests were made. Resolution remains nowhere in sight, but sustained protester courage demands universal support for their rights. Their struggle is ours

Has The Lebanon Tribunal Drama Become Farce?
By Franklin Lamb

It is clear proceedings get a bit wild in the Zahle Courthouse. They also appear to be getting out of control at the Special Tribunal of Lebanon, suggesting that dialogue and a political solution from within Lebanon may be the best solution for all those directly concerned with Justice and not political hegemony in Lebanon

Advani And Modi - The Real Culprits
Escaping The Law

By Asghar Ali Engineer

To fulfill his ambition for power, Advani, raised the slogan ‘mandir wahin banayenge’ and played with the religious sentiments of common Hindus and our secular state looked the other way. Narendra Modi exploited burning of S-6 in Godhra to retain his power which otherwise he was sure to loose. And both these worthies of BJP brought utter shame to our secular tradition and secular philosophy

04 March , 2011

Military Planning Continues As Divisions Mount Over Libyan Intervention
By Ann Talbot

Sharp divisions within ruling circles have not halted the military preparations for an attack on Libya. This is despite very public disputes over the advisability of military intervention within the Obama administration, in European governments and between European Union member states, on the UN Security Council and among the Arab regimes

Libya, Getting It Right: A Revolutionary
Pan-African Perspective

By Gerald A. Perreira

The conflict in Libya is not a revolution, but a counter-revolution. The struggle “is fundamentally a battle between Pan-African forces on the one hand, who are dedicated to the realization of Qaddafi's vision of a united Africa, and reactionary racist Libyan Arab forces who reject Qaddafi's vision of Libya as part of a united Africa.” The so-called Black African “mercenaries” are misnamed. “As a result of Libya's support for liberation movements throughout Africa and the world, international battalions were formed” which are part of the Libyan armed forces

Bradley Manning Stripped Naked Again
By David E. Coombs

PFC Manning was forced to strip naked in his cell again last night. As with the previous evening, Quantico Brig guards required him to surrender all of his clothing. PFC Manning then walked back to his bed, and spent the next seven hours in humiliation

Is Bradley Manning Being Treated Like
A Guantanamo Detainee?

By WikiLeaks

Since being put in the brig, the military has sought to break the spirit of Manning. David House, a close friend and frequent visitor at Quantico, described visiting Manning and how in the last months he has gone from someone who could carry a conversation to a person who is in an utterly catatonic state

Tim DeChristopher: Taking A Leap
And Pointing The Way

By Bill McKibben

So far, no bankers have been charged, despite the unmitigated greed that nearly brought the world economy down. No coal or oil execs have been charged, despite fouling the entire atmosphere and putting civilization as we know it at risk. But engage in creative protest that mildly disrupts the efficient sell-off of our landscape to oil and gas barons? As Tim DeChristopher found out on Thursday, that'll get you not just a week in court, but potentially a long stretch in the pen

The Beacon That Is Israel:
Self-serving By Delay And Denial

By William A. Cook

This beacon that is Israel sheds its light on the mid-east as a nation that accepts no sister nations ruled by a religion except Israel; rules by defiance of International Law while hypocritically demanding all sister nations abide by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Mixed Messages: Arabs Challenge Israeli Hasbara
By Ramzy Baroud

If a multi-million dollar campaign to hide or ‘explain’ the bloodbath wrought by Israel in Gaza in 2008-09 have largely failed, Israel cannot possibly succeed in hiding the fact that it is no longer the ‘only democracy in the Arab world’ - or that it was ever a true democracy to begin with

Reactionary Extremism In Wisconsin And Ohio
By Stephen Lendman

It's spreading nationally under Republican and Democrat administrations, but Wisconsin and Ohio are key battleground states. Wisconsin especially - ground zero to save organized labor, on the chopping block to be weakened ahead of eliminating it altogether, returning America to 19th century harshness

Our Man In Pakistan
By Stephen Lendman

Washington officials are so certain they can pressure Pakistan to release Davis that they won't agree to exchange Dr. Aafia Siddiqui for him. Imperial arrogance knows no bounds. America demands and expects obedience

Is India's GDP Growth For Real?
By Devinder Sharma

I don't understand how can the fluctuation in foodgrain production resulting from weather aberration be construed as growth? More importantly, why are the distinguished economists, and there are a dime a dozen of them, point out this serious flaw in the estimates of farm growth?

Police State
By Prabhat Sharan

Going by the statements made by Indian political leaders regarding an agitation against a nuclear power plant in Jaitapur, Maharashtra, it seems that people’s voice, aspirations, livelihoods and shared memories does not matter much to the rulers. Nobody in the region has any faith in the Indian state and that is why we are seeking an
independent committee to look into the issue

Truth Suppression Tactics
By Vikram Jadav

Villagers and activists are arrested for mustering their protest against nuclear project in Jaitapur, Maharashtra

Censorship At Many Levels
By Robert Glenn Ketchum

I appreciate newspress concerns about David Wojnarowicz's censorship, yet there is a history of this behavior at the Smithsonian for which the public needs to be made more aware. Censorship is a threat to all forms of artistic expression and I do not want to think that it is only considered significant at certain museums and about certain artists but irrelevant at "other" museums, and artists the authors may think less of

03 March , 2011

World Food Prices Hit Record Highs
Amid Oil Jitters


World food prices have hit record highs and oil price spikes could push them even higher, the UN food agency warned on Thursday. The Food Price Index, which monitors average monthly price changes for a variety of key staples, rose to 236 points in February from 231 points in January, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said

US, European Officials Debate
Military Intervention In Libya

By Patrick O’Connor & Patrick Martin

At congressional hearings Tuesday and Wednesday and in statements to the media, top officials of the Obama administration and Congress are publicly debating the prospects for American military intervention in Libya, as the Pentagon moves ships and warplanes towards the North African country. The same debate is going on across the Atlantic among the European powers that have deployed their own military assets to the region

US Army Charges Bradley Manning
With Capital Offense

By Barry Grey

The United States Army late Wednesday notified Bradley Manning that it was filing an additional 22 charges against him. The new charges in Manning’s court martial process include “aiding the enemy,” a capital offense

Bradley Manning Could Face Death: For What?
By Glenn Greenwald

American political leaders responsible for grave atrocities are treated like peace-loving statesmen and honored dignitaries, while those who heroically risk their lives to expose and end that wrongdoing (Manning, and Ellsberg before him) are thrown into a cage, threatened with death, and scorned by All Decent People

Will Sweden Bring Back Death Penalty
After Over A Century?

By David Swanson

Now, Sweden has an opportunity to punish the speech of a Nobel Peace Prize nominee with the death penalty by extraditing Julian Assange to the United States to be put on trial

The Collapse Of The Old Oil Order :
How The Petroleum Age Will End

By Michael T. Klare

Whatever the outcome of the protests, uprisings, and rebellions now sweeping the Middle East, one thing is guaranteed: the world of oil will be permanently transformed. Consider everything that’s now happening as just the first tremor of an oilquake that will shake our world to its core

What If...We Stopped Using Money?
By Keith Farnish

The route to even a 50% reduction in our use of money is via enormous changes in the way we treat each other and ourselves; the way we look at the value of all things; the scorn we will inevitably cast upon the tireless system of birth-school-work-retire-die, that forgets to include the word “live” in its lineup

The Time Machine Of The 1960s
By Ugo Bardi

Things are starting to collapse - maybe not exactly collapsing - but surely there are all those ominous creaks that you hear when a structure is near collapse. The economy, the prices, all those things that happen

Libya: I Smell A Rat
By William Bowles

Fertile ground for turning fiction into 'fact' and, as it has transpired, much of the current hysteria in the Western media rests on two, key rumours that surfaced almost concurrently with the uprising itself: 1. The 'African mercenaries' 2. Libyan Airforce bombing civilians. Both claims are unsubstantiated

Libya After Gaddafi, A "People's Capture" Of History?
By Dave Fryett

Agents of international capital are already afoot in Libya while the media and governments they control gin up support for a military intervention. Fear of all that money falling into the hands of people willing to use it in the service of permanent, global, revolution is more than enough for the Lords of Capital to do their worst. And they will, they always do

Messing With American Democracy
By Mike Ghouse

David Yerushalmi, an Arizona-based white supremacist has called for a war on Islam and is behind the racist legislation in Tennessee. He has opened new expressions for bigots as they have been shut out from their deeply seated Anti-Semitic attitudes. These attitudes pitch one American against the other and that is not good for America, it will take the country from the path of cohesion to division

Hate Comes To Orange County

The Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) today released a video of a rally organized by anti-Muslim bigots to protest a February fundraising event held by an American Muslim relief group for relief work and charity in the U.S

Budget 2011-12 Analysis: Times Of 'Tough Love'
By Devinder Sharma

In 2010-11, Rs 5.02 lakh crore was provided by way of tax exemptions to industry. This is nothing but a subsidy for the rich

Godhra Verdict: Whither Justice?
Need For A CBI Investigation

By Ram Puniyani

In this case the nature of shoddy, biased investigation done by police is very obvious. We do need an impartial investigation; a CBI inquiry into the whole thing is called for

Wetlands Are Not Wastelands!
By Marianne de Nazareth

With industrialization land use patterns are changing and wet and marshy lands which are considered wasteland by the common man are being dredged and built over. It is in the hands of environmentalists and the media to educate policy and decision makers about the importance of these wetlands and the need to preserve them

Activist Murdered In Jharkhand
By Twocircles.net

Murder of activist Niyamat Ali condemned, judicial probe demanded

02 March , 2011

Materiel And personnel In Place For
Military Intervention In Libya

By Julie Hyland

The United States, Britain and the European powers are deepening their preparations for intervention in Libya, including military action. They hope to exploit the popular revolt against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi to take control of Libya’s oil fields and establish a crucial base for further operations in the region under conditions where dictatorships on which they have relied for years are under siege

Peace And Justice Movement Should Oppose
U.S.-Led Intervention In Libya

By Horace Campbell

As talk of potential Western military intervention grows, Democracy Now! speak to Horace Campbell, a professor of African American studies and political science at Syracuse University

Major Media Promote War On Libya
By Stephen Lendman

When imperial America wants war, peace advocates are shut out by official rhetoric and hawkish media reports supporting militarism, not diplomatic efforts to achieve peace. Same thing is happening in the case of Libya too

Unverified Misreporting On Libya
By Stephen Lendman

America's media, Britain's state-controlled BBC, other Western sources, and Al Jazeera are spreading unverified or false reports on Libya's uprising

Another Corporate-Inspired War?
By Timothy V. Gatto

The news we are hearing about the situation in Libya is conflicted to say the least. In general, the facts presented to us by the mainstream media are sketchy. Reports of Libyan Air Force attacks on protestors are not substantiated in any of the news articles that I have had the opportunity to see, yet the U.S., the UK and NATO member States are calling for a No-Fly zone over Libya

Protests Spread Throughout Arabian Peninsula
By Alex Lantier

Renewed popular protests hit Yemen, Oman and Bahrain yesterday. In addition to the increasing instability of regimes already facing mass opposition, there are signs that the protests that spread from Tunisia and Egypt to the Arabian Peninsula may also overtake Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

Police Defy Order To Clear Protesters
From Wisconsin Capitol

By Lindsay Beyerstein

On Monday afternoon, the Capitol Police in Madison, Wisconsin refused to enforce an order to clear the Capitol building of hundreds of peaceful protesters who have been occupying the site to protest Governor Scott Walker's plan to eliminate the collective bargaining rights of public employees

Should Public Workers Make Concessions?
By Shamus Cooke

As workers all over the U.S. become inspired by the massive demonstrations in Wisconsin, a dangerous idea is being voiced by some working-class allies that could unravel it all. The threat lies in the following argument: to protect the bargaining rights of unions, state and city workers must be prepared to make concessions over wages, benefits, etc. This line of reasoning is not only false to the core, it's suicidal

Confinement Conditions Persist For
Bradley Manning

By David E. Coombs

Despite a change in command at the Quantico Brig, PFC Manning remains in maximum custody and under prevention of injury watch

Can You Pass The Saudi Arabia Quiz?
By Jeffrey Rudolph

This quiz is an attempt to supplement the rather shallow coverage of Saudi Arabia provided in the mainstream media

The Enduring Mystique Of The Marshall Plan
By William Blum

Amidst all the stirring political upheavals in North Africa and the Middle East the name "Marshall Plan" keeps being repeated by political figures and media around the world as the key to rebuilding the economies of those societies to complement the political advances, which hopefully will be somewhat progressive. But caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware

$1.2 Trillion A Year: The Real
U.S. National Security Budget

By Chris Hellman

If Americans were ever presented with the real bill for the total U.S. national security budget, it would actually add up to more than $1.2 trillion a year

Five Ways You Can Fight Citizens United
By Annie Leonard & Allison Cook

The Story of Citizens United v FEC: How we the people can reclaim our democracy

Supporting America's Ambassador of Peace
By Cathy Garger

Cindy Sheehan has spent the last six years of her life as the face of the peace movement, living quite sparsely and making great sacrifices most of us will never even know. Now it’s our turn not merely to say thank you, but to show our gratitude in a tangible way and support Cindy Sheehan in terms of dollars and cents

Caught In The Food Pirates’ Trap
By Devinder Sharma

Egypt paid the price, so will we if we ignore the Mahatma’s prescription: production by the masses, not for the masses

Democracy In A Full World
By Srestha Banerjee

Thus, as much as we remain cheerful about “people's power”, I wonder how long the cheer can be continued in face of such challenges of a full world! Will the joy of liberty in certain nations translate into woes of suffering of some others, where riot only means people's struggle to secure means for everyday sustenance!

A Perfect Storm: Tipping Points, Critical Mass,
And Dynamics Of The Egyptian Revolution

By Paula Cerni

The Egyptian revolution might still suffer setbacks, but it cannot be undone. It will forever be a landmark in the struggle for freedom and democracy in Egypt, in Libya, and beyond

My Life As A Communist
By Bill McKibben

My life as a communist actually began without me knowing it, on Friday evening, when Glenn Beck spent his program explaining about a “communistic” conspiracy that included 10 groups in America. One was 350.org, a global campaign to fight climate change that I helped found three years ago. He even put our logo up on his whiteboard – and next to it a hammer and sickle

Hyderabad Muslim Youth - Enforced Ghettoization
By Raoof Mir

A major issue thus afflicting Muslim youth in Hyderabad is that of enforced ghettoization. Muslim youth in Hyderabad see discrimination in social, religious, and political spheres of life. The lack of education in particular hurts these Muslims youth most. Most of these Muslim youth feel that Muslims are being singled out for discrimination and held to a different standard than other religions because of deep rooted prejudice and the growing ideology of majoritarianism.

Census 2011: A Few Questions
By Shahidur Rashid Talukdar

The second point is the exercise of filling in these census forms by a pencil. It is supposed to be filled in with a ball point pen in front of the respondent so that it can't be changed later. However, this is again a widely shared discontent among many sections of people





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