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Mahasweta Devi

Nurturing a communal situation and religious fanaticism for years have resulted in explosions which the people of West Bengal and the state government have always resisted and been extremely vigilant. This time, too, there has not been an exception.

People have been ringing me up from other parts of the country full of praise for our government. It's nice to hear them say so.Those who are calling me are mainly from Gujarat and its neighbouring states.

I have appealed to the President in an open letter on 2nd March: Today, 4th of March, I want to say that Gujarat has made it clear that they are continuing their affront against the minorities. A few Hindus and Muslims, especially a few Hindus, have sheltered the helpless victims, distributed food to victims of both communities, and done honour to humane ideals.
But the central and the Gujarat government have proven their incompetence beyond doubt.

The Prime Minister himself is paying heed to the demands of the Sangh parivar. Does everything have to wait till the Supreme Court passes it's verdict?Like many of my peace-loving countrymen, I believe:Silence only proves our complicity.Those accused of the inhuman killing of the kar sevaks in Godhra need to be givenexemplary punishment.The same applies for those responsible for communal riots and carnage in Gujarat.

The central and the state governments have largely remained passive. I have already appealed to the President to intervene. I want to tell the union government that there's only one way they can control the shameful situation. Ban all religious institutions which are aggressive, violent, war-like and blood-thirsty.

We, the majority of Indians, do not want a bloodbath in the name of religion. Please ban all such institutions. We have brought enough insult to the name Bharatvarsha by allowing such fundamentalist religious institutions to prosper and turn violent. We Indians do not want such aggressive, malevolent institutions in the name of religion. Say 'No', say 'Ban them

(In context of the communal riots and carnage in Gujarat Mahasweta Devi
wrote this letterwhich has been published in newspapers of
all languages in India.)