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Be Wary Of Who You Follow

By Norm Lowry

04 February, 2009

Let me first say a heart-felt "Thank You" to Abdul Basit, for his "Global Financial Crises And Hugo Chavez". Over the last short period of time, it has been my honor to begin some meaningful dialog with Mr. Basit. For those not familiar with his writings, I would suggest his: "Manifesto To Counter Global Warming And Climate Change", "Climate Change Solutions: Beyond Science And Above Confines", "Wars and climate change: national interests versus global emergency", "Humanity At crossroads: Attitudes and Climate Change", and "Mr President, We Too Have A Dream". As you read these grand articles, you will come to more fully appreciate the passion & wisdom behind his offerings. Especially enlightening is his grasp of our deep need for "promoting sustainable development (at individual, social & national, & international levels)".

My piece of the debate on "Global Financial Meltdown" is simple: *Stop looking to my country (the USA) for much of anything related to "Integrity" or "Moral leadership"*. Our combined selfishness has created & seeks to exacerbate the woes, for purposes of "World Domination". Sure, our leaders hatched the schemes (financial bubbles) but our citizenry has selfishly & blindly followed suit, thinking mostly of "what is in it for me?". Sure, the world systems tended to jump on the "bandwagon", often for selfish gain. But here's the is my country which has held the biggest gun to everyone's head & will continue to do so...if allowed.

Contrary to the popularly publicized traditions, the USA was not formed with "freedom for the masses" in mind. Our Declaration of Independence covered only about 15% of our population (the so-called "elites" & did not cover minorities, including women, or white males who owned less than $300 in real property). From our inception, we have exterminated those who got in our way. The extermination of 50.000.000+ Native Americans began at the hands of the Puritans (Pequot tribe) & continued with the extermination of 50,000,000+ African slaves. Today, our economic, political, & military policies cause 70,000,000+ deaths annually (that's 200,000+ deaths per day). As the world watches in horror, US "elites" rape & pillage our planet & it's societies (for their benefit). All the while our general citizenry sits at home in "SILENCE", turning a deaf ear to the truth (which makes us complicit). And the saddest part is that the bulk of the "church people", who preach & teach that there is a Creator who is all about Love & Hope, either back the Hegemony & Kleptocracy that is the US or sit quietly & refuse to "confront" (saying, "we cannot be judgmental"). By the way, my deepest Joy is found in my relationship with this Loving, Hope-filled Creator, who asks me not to be silent. Simply put, my country remains the most racist & violent land in existence & I will not be silent about it.

At this present juncture, the US is a flat-broke, unrepentant, sociopathic, desperate, wounded & cornered wild animal, poise to strike out at anyone who even dares hint at our improprieties. By "elite" design, we will seek to muscle our way out of our debacle & continue to blame it on someone else. The larger world, in order to more amicably survive must discard most of what we have to offer. You must quit acquiescing to our political overtures & threats. You must give up the hyped-up perceptions that our new leadership is anything but a "bought-and-paid-for fall guy". You must quit listening to our new administration's fiscal team, many of whom have been the originators of our mutual crises. You must quit believing the "lie" that the world's prime terrorists are anyone but the US & our so-called Intelligence communities. You must quit financing our debt, which only perpetuates our ability to oppress & to aid others who would oppress. You must release yourselves from the evil clutches of the IMF, World Bank & related financial rapists.

For those interested in some excellent perspective from some of my fellow citizens & an enlightening Canadian who will not sell out, please check out the writings of:

* Craig Paul Roberts (former US Assistant Treasury Secretary) at
* David M Walker (former US Comptroller General & head of the GAO)
* Mike Ruppert (author of Crossing the Rubicon--a must read) at &
* Professor Michel Chossudovsky (Director & Editor of the Centre for
Research on Globalization / Centre de recherche sur la
mondialisation) at

We have a big world, filled with precious & wonderful people, just waiting for a better life. Together, we can make this happen!

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