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Deprecate Lynching Of A Muslim Youth At Dimapur Of Nagaland

By Lateef Mohammed Khan

11 March, 2015

It is Crime against Humanity based upon political motivation – Judiciary, State and Central Government are culpable

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee expresses shock over this grievous act of planned murder. Words are not enough to condemn this inhuman act. But this committee can say that this is an exact example of crime against humanity as well as the mindset of people which is filled with hatred extended up to turning equal to beasts. On one side majoritarian people in the country were celebrating holi with colours and in other part of India people were playing holi with the blood of a Muslim youth.

Civil Liberties want to clear that it is not a sudden incident but a planned conspiracy by anti-Muslim private gangs as well as state officials. By examining this episode one is reminded of Gujarat genocide, there it was the whole Muslim community target of Hindutva forces, here it was the whole anti-Muslim gangs targeting one Muslim youth and in both the incidents the state seems to be the perpetrator. This target killing sends a signal to whole Muslim community of the country that Muslims are not safe even in the judicial custody.

The facts of this case are that Syed Farid Khan also known as Syed Sarif aged 28 years was native of Karimganj district of Assam and presently was residing in Dimapur city of Nagaland. His father served in Indian Air Force for 20 years and one of his brothers was killed in the Kargil war in 1999 and two others are presently serving in the Indian Army.

Four years back he married a Naga woman and lived happily along with his wife and three years old daughter. His younger brother Nasiruddin also lived with him. He was running flourishing scarp car business. He went to a party along with his wife’s cousin and her friend to a hotel on 23rd February. Next day morning police came to his house and took him away, saying that they are arresting him because his wife’s cousin has filed FIR of rape on him. It also came to know that second day that woman came to Farid’s house and demanded Rs. 2 lakhs from his wife and said that she will take back the complaint of rape. Farid’ wife denied paying the amount to her. After, that Farid was taken away to Dimapur police station and then shifted to Dimapur central jail. He was in the judicial custody since 24th February. The arrest and detention of Farid was reported by a local newspaper on its front page a week after the incident and also false stories of IBI and rapist spread by using social media.

On 4th March, Naga people belonging to racist group of Nagaland met the district officials and demanded accused to be handed over to them. On March 5, a mob of about 6000 to 7000 marched towards jail, broke into the jail, dragged him out, stripped him naked, beat him up, pelted him with stones and dragged him by tying him to the motor bikes towards the centre of Dimapur town, seven kilometers away. He died from his injuries on the way after which the mob displayed his body from a clock tower. It should be noted that Dimapur central jail is under CRPF security and those personnel did not take any measures to protect the life of this youth by using the minimum power.

According to the SP of the city who was later suspended, the allegation of rape was false and it was a case of blackmailing by the girl. The medical report also did not confirm the rape. Moreover, when the mob reached the jail, they pre-planned targeted only this youth because of two reasons one he was a Muslim, moreover a Bengali speaking Muslim and another he was alleged to be illegal Bangladeshi immigrant; the mob did not touch the other person on whom also the charges of rape were alleged because he was neither a Muslim nor a Bengali, in fact he is a Naga. This shows that this was not a handiwork of a single woman, but it was a politically motivated and pre-planned target killing of a Muslim youth.

It should be noted that Nagaland is a North-East state of India; though it is largely Christian populated area but due to the national and international scenario, anti-Muslim and racial feelings are growing among majority community in north-eastern states. Earlier it was in Assam where Muslims were massacred now it is Nagaland people who lynched a Muslim youth. On this brutal killing so many facts are exposed: first that the Muslims are soft targets both for the state as well as fascist groups whoever it may be; Muslims are not safe even in the judicial custody; Judiciary, state and central government are totally responsible for the brutal killing of Farid Khan.

Therefore, this committee holds the judiciary responsible as he was in judicial custody and administratively the state government of Nagaland and central government of India are responsible for the brutal killing of Farid Khan. We demand the Chief Justice of India to intervene into the matter and self introspect as to why this youth was killed while under the judicial custody; the chief justice should take suo moto and take action accordingly. We also demand resignation of Nagaland chief minister and central home minister, Rajnath Singh as both are responsible for administration and law & order of Nagaland.

Lateef Mohammed Khan
General Secretary, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee. India
Amberpet, Hyderabad, A.P, India - 500013
Phone: 09391051586, 09347853843Fax: 040-27427860
Email: clmci@hotmail.com Website: www.civillibertiesindia.org






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