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Are You About To Nuke Iran?

By Ingmar Lee

17 March, 2006

The ramp-up rhetoric to an Iran attack now issuing from the White House is reaching an all too familiar fever pitch. Can anybody doubt that BushCo. is preparing to attack Iran? From what we've heard before, the White House Neocon cabal is telling us very clearly that they have planned, and are about to execute an attack on Iran any day now. We've all heard this same rhetoric before, which culminated in the unilateral 2003 attack, invasion, victory declaration, subsequent occupation and ongoing torture and masssacre, and now spiralling descent into the morass of the BushCo forces in Iraq. The history of BushCo. tells us that, having lost its case for multilateral action at the UN Security Council, the USA will proceed, once again without UN sanction, to attack. This attack may well include a nuclear component for which they have been preparing. Two weeks ago, British and American physicists detonated a brand new kind of nuclear blast, "Operation Krakatoa" in Nevada.

Do Americans really want to be responsible for another nuclear attack??

A quick comparison of today's swirling current of spin demonstrates clearly that America is, RIGHT NOW, being sucked into the vortex of an imminent, mushrooming maelstrom over Iran.

First, check out what the Neocon architects of the Iraq quagmire, Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Powell, Wolfowitz and and their quisling counterparts, Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman said leading up to the Iraq-attack in this 2003 CounterPunch compilation.

And here's the manufactured consent:

~USA "Bush Stenographer" Today, Poll February 7-9 2003:

POLL QUESTION: Would you favor or oppose invading Iraq with U.S. ground troops in an attempt to remove Saddam Hussein from power?

Yes: 63%

No: 34%

Here's what these same Neocons are saying NOW leading up to an attack on Iran:

~George "Newcuelar" Bush, speaking in Afghanistan, March 1st, 2006:

BUSH: Iran must not have a nuclear weapon. The most destabilizing thing that can happen in this region and in the world is for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.

~Condoleeza "Mushroom Cloud" Rice, US Department of State Briefing, January 12, 2006:

RICE: We're gravely concerned by Iran's long history of hiding sensitive nuclear activities from the IAEA, in violation of its obligations, its refusal to cooperate with the IAEA's investigation, its rejection of diplomatic initiatives offered by the EU and Russia and now its dangerous defiance of the entire international community.

~Dick "Chickenhawk" Cheney AIPEC speech, March 7, 2006:

CHENEY: The Iranian regime needs to know that if it stays on its present course, the international community is prepared to impose meaningful consequences. For our part, the United States is keeping all options on the table in addressing the irresponsible conduct of the regime. And we join other nations in sending that regime a clear message: We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon.

~Donald "Rubberstamp" Rumsfeld at the World Nuclear Panel Security Conference, Munich, February 4 2006

RUMSFELD: The Iranian regime is today the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism.
The world does not want, and must work together to prevent, a nuclear Iran.

~John "Mad Dog" Bolton, UN Security Council debate, March 15, 2006:

BOLTON: "Every day that goes by is a day that permits the Iranians to get closer to a nuclear weapons capability."

~ Joe "Bush Buddy" Lieberman CBS "Face the Nation."January 22, 2006:

LIEBERMAN: The U.S. is prepared to deal with the Iranian nuclear crisis militarily - even if the war in Iraq continues to require a substantial American troop commitment. We have the most powerful military in the history of the world. We are capable, if necessary, of continuing to pursue our aims militarily in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere and, if necessary, conduct a military attack on Iran.

~Hillary "Hawk" Clinton, Princeton, January 23, 2006:

CLINTON: I believe that we lost critical time in dealing with Iran, because the White House chose to downplay the threats, and to outsource the negotiations. I don't believe you face threats like Iran or North Korea by outsourcing it to others, and standing on the sidelines. We cannot, and should not, must not, permit Iran to build or acquire nuclear weapons.

And here's the manufactured consent:

~USA "Bush Spinmeister" Today Poll -February 14, 2006

USA TODAY POLL: Americans not only think Iran will develop nuclear weapons but also use them against the United States. Americans fear the Bush administration will be too quick to order military action against Iran. 8 out of 10 respondents predicted Iran would provide a nuclear weapon to terrorists to attack the United States or Israel. Six out of 10 respondents said Iran itself would deploy nuclear weapons against the United States.

Will someone please ask Bushco these questions??: ... ... ... ... ...


~Time Out~


(Not a Joke)

With America at the brink of unleashing unspeakable violence and terror on the world, and to fully reflect the immense gravity of this situation, Bush's handlers must give him the basic language coaching he needs to discuss this issue.

Here's a basic language training lesson suggestion:

"Mr. President say the word "new." Repeat again, "new." Goooood!! Now Mr. President, say the word "clear." That's right, "clear." Once again, "clear." Gooood! Now put them together, "new+clear." No Mr. President, not "newcuelar," "new+ clear," Goooood!! "new+clear, again, new+clear, once more, new+clear, now try "newclear" again, newclear, again, newclear, great!! You're doing it!!! One more time. -Noooooooooo, NOT NEWCUELAR!!!!, OK, Mr. President, start again...."


~Here's the questions:~

Mr. President, will the USA attack Iran?

Mr. President, will Israel attack Iran?

Mr. President, will the USA or Israel attack Iran's nuclear installations?

Mr. President, will you use nuclear weapons of any kind in an attack on Iran?

Mr. President, will you discuss the use of nuclear weapons on Iran, beforehand, with the American people?

Mr. President, will you warn the people of Iran before attacking them with nuclear weapons?

Ingmar Lee believes that Iran's intention to start selling its oil in Euros next week will precipitate the collapse of the American economy.

Ingmar can be reached at









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