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Attacks On Christians And Indian Government

By Abdur Rab Khan

22 April, 2015

Instead of stopping, the cycle of attacks on and vandalism against churches is only spreading. Recently, subversive elements carried out a despicable act at a church in a historical city Agra as well. Incidents of attacks on Christian places of worship and targeting them have occurred one after the other in the past few months. The Agra incident is the new link in this chain. A 71-year-old nun was raped in West Bengal's Nadia District in March. The cycle of protests against that incident had not even stopped when the incident of demolishing an under-construction church came to light in Haryana's Hisar. After that, reports of stone-pelting on a church in Navi Mumbai were received. Members of Hindu Dharma Sena and Bajrang Dal reportedly desecrated a church in Madhya Pradesh's Jabalpur. Those praying in the church were even mistreated. Before leaving, they even issued a threat that if religious prayers are conducted in the church in future, they will have to face terrible consequences. Earlier, churches were attacked in Delhi one after the other. These incidents, which have been continuing for the past few months, cannot be just called a coincidence. It appears that such conspiracies are being hatched in an organized manner to terrorize minorities.

Despite all this, the government is not ready to take any action on its part. The impression that the BJP government at center is busy backing all these organizations directly or indirectly is becoming common. Although the prime minister and the home minister are busy reiterating the slogan of together with all, development for all and are also expressing the commitment of strictly following the Indian Constitution, they are refraining from taking any action against those tearing the Indian Constitution to shreds. The designs of such people are getting bolstered because of the government's silence. The government has limited itself to merely paying lip service when it comes to assuring the minorities. It is certainly being claimed that the followers of all the religions will be treated equally in this country, but the actual situation is exactly the opposite of this.

If the prime minister is serious with regard to his message, why is he not able to stop his people from giving hateful statements and inciting attacks on the minorities? Is he afraid that if he is strict, he will lose the support of these people? These elements might have worked for him in the elections, but the people in the country have given the mandate against corruption and for development. IPS (Indian Police Service) officer Julio Ribeiro, who is known for his efforts to curb terrorist activities, says that the public has given so much power to Narendra Modi that he can rein in such incidents within a day if he wishes to. However, either lack of willpower comes in the way or the fear of upsetting other leaders of the party hampers the path.

India is a country having a unique example of unity in diversity. People following different religions, speaking different languages, and observing different traditions live here. Together, all these make India a bouquet whose example no other country of the world can present. It is the central government's responsibility to maintain this unique example of India. No organization or circle or people with specific outlook should be allowed to affect this bouquet. The government needs to act with determination and courage to stop the incidents of attacks on Christians that are coming to light. Nothing can be achieved by mere lip service and the government's silence will further bolster the designs of these communal forces. The fears that this would affect the country's secular framework cannot be denied.
Er Abdur Rab Khan,Chamunda Gate, Circular Road, Kasganj-Uttar Pradesh


Attacks On Christians






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