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Gaddafi’s Son Grandchildren Murdered

By Jay Janson

01 May, 2011

NATO has murdered the son and grandchildren of the leader of Socialist Libya, a former colony of imperialist nations that are now bombing a Libya that had risen to giving its citizens a higher standard than nine European nations including Russia - far and away #1 in Africa with free health care and free higher education.(1)

Why target Gaddafi?

Gaddafi is the foremost leader of the movement for a United Africa to free the continent of European economic exploitation.

Gaddafi has worried the private investment financial capital magnates with his minting of gold dinars to use instead of dollars and euros, undermining the central banking system that corporatocracy uses it to plunder the planet. Libya’s bank is 100% state owned and is estimated by the IMF to have 144 tons of gold in its vaults.(2)

Gaddafi is seen as blocking the penetrating efforts of the US Africa Command, praised this month by members of congress for leading the opening days of the Libyan military campaign.

Gaddafi had been favoring China as a customer for Libya's vast oil reserves.

Gaddafi is also the most prominent critic of US use of the Security Council to approve and aid its wars and foreign policy against multiple Muslim nations. Gaddafi, addressing the UN General Assembly said it should be called the “Terror Council”

Is Gaddafi targeted for assassination in order to protect the Libyan citizenry?
The reader can decide.

After all the corporate owned media cartel decades of war propaganda, preposterous lies, disinformation, blackouts of news unfavorable to the U.S before, during and after past U.S. invasions and bombings of Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lebanon, Dominican Republic, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Iran, Cuba and Grenada, any TV viewer who believes CNN and the rest of the corporate owned media, that these wild heavily armed men (CNN newscasters standing beside their pickup trucks with mounted cannons cheering the rebels for democracy on) were ever peaceful protesters and democrats, and have never killed anyone except the government soldiers and militias who are targeting civilians, should have his or her head examined.

The murder of the children of Libya’s revolutionary leader was bracketed in time by the Royal Wedding the day before and White House Correspondents Dinner the evening of the afternoon of the sudden forced departure of Gaddafi’s son and grandchildren from the living (most assuredly along with quite a few of their countrymen who died in the cross fire or in the cross hairs of other warplanes on the same day during a civil war surely well orchestrated by agents covertly operating for overseas interests.

The Royal Wedding showed off pomp and pride in the military style of the British Empire. This viewer couldn’t find a single nonwhite face in the crowd or participants in the hours long ceremony. Yet the brutally conquered and exploited subjects of the English Kings and Queens (one in six of all people on Earth at the time of this author ‘s birth) were almost entirely nonwhite subjects.

Was it a missile fired from a Royal Air Force plane that was meant to kill Gaddafi? Or was it a French plane taking of from and Italian air field? What’s the difference? All three imperialist nations had once militarily occupied what is today Libya.

At the festive White House Correspondents Dinner as the TV camera panned the prestigious guests reminded of the British event as flags paraded in to the hall to the sound of martial music and marching feet.

The Anglo-American empire that replaced the British one in dominating the world is also part if not boss of NATO. Could it have been an American pilot with orders to target Gaddafi as Ronald Reagan once ordered in 1953, killing instead a hundred Libyans and Gaddafi’s little daughter. Is it possible that this time, the targeting of Gaddafi was agreed to by a half-black American President, who for not being white continues to fool the nonwhite majority of humanity living in the formerly occupied third world into hoping Obama will be able opt for less killing and stealing than his white predecessors.

In any case the result of both failed assassination attempts was the same: Gaddafi family death, among others.


In last year's 2010 United Nation Human Development Yearly Index of all Nations,
Libya is ranked 53rd in the world, well above nine European nations, for example, Russia, which is ranked 65th.

High human development: Libya 53rd in world (#1 in Africa) Neighbors Tunisia 81st, Algeria 84th

Medium human development (developing countries) Egypt 101, Morocco 114 , Gabon 93,

Low human development (developing countries)
Yemen 133, Sudan 154

(The Human Development Index (HDI) is a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, education and standards of living for countries worldwide

Life Expectancy Index
Education Index
Mean Years of Schooling Index ] Expected Years of Schooling
Income Index

Very high human development (developed countries)
Bahrain 39 having braced by Qatar 38 and Portugal 40
(Bahrain has a very unequal income and services range)

The Library of Congress Federal Research Division Libya country profile of Libya, April 2005 reads, " Basic health care is provided to all citizens. Health, training, rehabilitation, education, housing, family issues, and disability and old-age benefits are all regulated by ... the Social Care Fund . The health care system is not purely state-run but rather a mixed system of public and private care. In comparison to other states in the Middle East, the health status of the population is relatively good. Childhood immunization is almost universal. The clean water supply has increased, and sanitation has been improved. The country's major hospitals are in Tripoli and Benghazi, and private health clinics and diagnostic centers, offering newer equipment and better service, compete with the public sector. The number of medical doctors and dentists reportedly increased sevenfold between 1970 and 1985, producing a ratio of one doctor per 673 citizens. In 1985 about one-third of the doctors in the Libya were native-born, with the remainder being primarily expatriate foreigners. The number of hospital beds tripled in this same time period. Malaria has been eradicated, and significant progress has been made against trachoma and leprosy. In 1985 the infant mortality rate was 84 per 1,000; by 2004, the U.S. Agency for International Development estimated that the infant mortality rate had dropped to 25.7 per 1,000. ... estimates report an infant mortality rate of less than 20 per 1,000.

Having control of their own oil wealth has enabled Libyans, along with neighboring Algerians to provide their citizens with a relatively high income. South Africa is higher but unevenly distributed between white and non-white.


Libya: It’s Not About Oil, It’s About Currency and Loans
By John Perkins
, April 27, 2011

Jay Janson is an archival research peoples historian activist, musician and writer, who has lived and worked on all the continents and whose articles on media have been published in China, Italy, England, India and the US, and now resides in New York City. Howard Zinn lent his name to various projects of his. GlobalReserch, InformationClearingHouse, CounterCurrents, DissidentVoice, HistoryNewsNetwork, are among those who have republished his articles


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