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Jaipur Serial Terror Attack:
A Political Analysis

By Feroze Mithiborwala & Kishore Jagtap

21 May, 2008

Once again the common Indians have become the victims of terror attacks and we condemn the apathy as well as complicity of the Indian state from protecting the masses. Our organization is committed to exposing the politics of terror and in our analysis, the strategy of terrorism has replaced the politics of communal riots in dividing, weakening and communalising the masses.

In our estimation the reprehensible terror attacks that occured in the streets of Jaipur today need to be analysed in the political context.

They have occurred on the eve of major global demonstrations against the Zionist Apartheid State of Israel. Thus the news on the global media channels will be dominated by one more instance of "Muslim Terrorism" and far worse. The news regarding global opposition to Zionist Israel will be relegated to the inside pages. The breaking news on CNN, BBC etc will be "more Islamic terror in Jaipur.....". If it was not for the tragic earthquake in China, Jaipur would have been the lead story.

Interestingly the Mumbai train terror attacks of July 11, 2006 occured on the very same day that Israel launched its war on Lebanon. So this is the second time that a terror attack in India has served the cause of Israel.

The other major reason is the Indo-Pak Foreign Ministers meeting scheduled for May 20-22, 2008. This is the first meeting after the newly elected dispensation in Pakistan has taken over and they were to review of the composite dialogue and confidence building measures. It is amply clearly to all that the US-Israeli gameplan is to keep the fires stoking and they stand in alliance with the Musharraf and the Army. Very clearly in our country as well, it is the RSS-BJP Pariwar that stands to gain the most with the continuing tensions with Pakistan. The recent firing on the Indo-Pak border was the way of the Pakistan military to create roadblocks for the emerging detente.

As we all our aware that Rajasthan has the potential of being the next Gujarat and these blasts have only strenghtened the Sangh Pariwar and their communal rhetoric has only become shriller.

The BJP will stand to gain in the ensuing Vidhan Sabha in Karnataka.

It is basically the political timing and the beneficiaries that gives us the clues to the perpetrators of the attack.

Also consider the following terror attacks:

The terror attack on the Sankat Mochan Mandir in Varanasi (7th March 2006) occurred only 5 days after the largest demonstrations and protests against the visit of President Bush to India on May 2, 2006. The level of protests by the Indian masses and the unity of the Hindu and Muslim masses that came out in their lakhs across the country was unprecedented in post-Independence India. It is extremely naive for anyone to believe that the attack on the Mandir was perpetrated by any Muslim organization. The mother of the suppossed terrrorist who was killed in the subsequent encounter in Kanpur, stated that her son had been in Police custody since a year and she had no clue as to when her son was let out.

The terror attacks in the park in Hyderabad (2007) were basically to counter the tense situation on the entire issue of the Indo-US Nuclear Deal, where the very longevity of the government itself was at stake.

The Nanded (April 8, 2006) incident where RSS-Bajrang Dal activists died whilst making bombs has been swept under the carpet by the government of Maharashtra as well as the media.
Even the fake attack on the RSS HQ in Nagpur has been dealt with in a similar manner.
Recently the attack on the RSS HQ at Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu is also a case in point. The Tamil Nadu police arrested RSS activists for enginnering the blasts.

Of course, all this news barely makes it to the channels and even if they do, they disappear in a day or two. This is in stark contrast to the coverage given otherwise. One can go on and on. The pity and the hypocricy of it all, is the duplicity and connivance of sections of the Indian State, the ruling dispensation at the Centre, the RSS and its affliates, the allies of the US-Israeli lobby, the police, our security apparatus and sections of the Media. This is very similar to the situation that prevails within the USA, but it needs to be stated that we are still far away from being reduced to a dumbed down version that the US is. We are on our way there, but not if the anti-Imperialist Indian masses can help it and I know that we will finally defeat the forces that are the allies of the US-Zionist Empire.

The impact of the terror attacks are the following:

Every terror attack only serves to futher communalise the people. Hindus grow more and more wary and fear and thus detest the Muslims.

It leads to further ghettoization and marginalization of the Muslim community. The Muslim community becomes an increasingly easy target for the police apparatus and the Hindutva forces.

Pushes the Indian people into the waiting arms of George Bush and Ehud Olmert, who thrive in promoting terror, wars and the Neoconservative oxymoron of "controlled chaos".

The Global War on Terror is an instrument for global US-Israeli hegemony, it is basically an instrument of foreign policy. "A war without borders and time against shadowy organizations with no central structure but spread in cells across the world" is the Neocon philosophy. Therefore the world is now in a state of perpetual warfare.

The bogey of Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden is used with a dual purpose. Bin Laden is meant to be the false hero for Muslims and a figure to fear for the Hindus.

Basically Bin Laden has been dead since December 2001. Bin Laden was in the US Military hospital in Dubai in July 2001 and at the Rawalpindi Military hospital on September 10, 2001, only a day prior to the 9/11-WTC terror attacks!!. On both occassions he was visited by top official of the CIA and the ISI. These reports have appeared in the French and German media. On November 2, 2007, Benazir Bhutto in an interview with David Frost on Al-Jazeera stated that Bin Laden had been murdered by Omar Sheikh in December 2001. Interestingly the media totally neglected this remarkable statement by a world figure and moreover the BBC edited this line from the interview when they aired it! The French DGSE also released a report in 2006 stating that Bin Laden was dead.

Al-Qaeda is nothing more than a covert US-Israeli-Saudi-Pakistani joint operation. Al Qaeda is basically the outsourcing of terror by the CIA-MOSSAD-MI6-ISI, the true axis of evil. Again Turkish intelligence, (a key NATO ally) has commented that Al Qaeda is a secret American operation.

More and more American people are realising that the 9/11-WTC attacks were planned, financed and executed by the US-Neoconservatives and by the Israelis. They are basically demanding an independent commission of inquiry to reopen the investigation and the Bush regime is refusing to do so.

The lies of the Bush junta are common knowledge, especially with the case of Iraq and now again on Iran. Why then is not the Indian media refusing to even begin questioning the absurdities of the 9/11-WTC attack. There are enough facts to prove the complicity the Bush-Israeli junta in the execution of the WTC terror attacks. David Ray Griffin and other scholars have written extensively on this issue and there is a growing 9/11 Truth Movement in America.

Our Basic demand is that the Government of India should insitute an Independent Commission of inquiry to investigate the terror attacks that are devouring the Indian people. The commission should comprise personalities of an impeccable and honest track record and we believe that we do have people with such credentials.

Our plea to the people is the following. The Indian people need to awaken to the scourge of terrorism. It has become the political and social challenge of our times. It is the new system of control of the Indian masses by the elite and we will have to stand together and fight this menace unitedly. None of the political leaders seem to be victims of the terror attacks, not even when the Parliament was attacked! But we continue to die in Temples, Masjids, Churches, Gurdwaras and Buddhavihars. We continue to die in buses, trains and taxis. We know that they lie, the media lies and so do our police. We need to find the answers, but for that we need to start asking basic questions and challenge the paradigm within which our minds are forced to think or rather "not think".

We the members of the Awami Bharat and the Dalit-OBC Intellectual Forum have found the answers because we began to question and seek the truth independently of the politicians, the police and the media. All of the Indian people need to do the same.

This is in solidarity with all the ordinary Indian people who have been victims of communal riots and terror attacks.

Feroze Mithiborwala / Kishore Jagtap
00-91-98208-97517 / 00-91-93245-14101
Convenors - Awami Bharat
[email protected]


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