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The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Bombs Yemen To Save 'Democracy'!

By Anthony Mathew Jacob

06 April, 2015

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is determined against all odds to protect "democracy" and the "legitimate" government of Abd-Rabbuh Mansour Al-Hadi who escaped from Sana'a following popular unrest and takeover of power by the Ansarullah Movement and their allies, both Shias and Sunnis. Apart from the Saudi Kingdom's concern, the other democracy loving regimes concerned about democracy in Yemen are the Kingdoms of Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Morocco and the military regime of Egypt.

As the Saudi Kingdom's Ambassador to Washongton, Adel Al- Jubeir said: The kingdom “will do anything necessary” to protect the people of Yemen and “the legitimate government of Yemen.” (Al-Arabiya News, 26 March 2015).

These stalwarts of democracy and Human Rights in the Middle East are not alone in their struggle, there is US, France, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan and Sudan who have expressed their support.

The United States; the biggest exporter of democracy in the Post-Cold War era will provide "intelligence and logistical support" in this invasion. France which is credited to having given "democracy" and "wealth " to most of the African nations has also expressed support to Riyadh, Turkey and Israel, who are currently busy bringing democracy in Syria and Iraq are also with the Saudis and their allies. Even Pakistan, famous for its Human Rights record and treatment of minorities has sent its army to be at the service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

What is really happening in Yemen?

The wave of popular uprisings in the Arab world in 2011 had severely affected Yemen. Yemeni society witnessed many crucial events following these uprisings. Different sects, tribes and groups throughout the nation united against the ruling elite and their foreign masters. The uprising had reached such a level that Ali Abdullah Saleh, the then President of Yemen presented a power sharing agreement but still controlled the government through his proxies. However, to avoid a complete loss of control over Yemen's affairs, the ruling elite and their foreign puppeteers came up with a UN backed solution where Saleh completely ceded power to his Vice President Abd-Rabbuh Mansur Al-Hadi. Thus in 2012, Hadi became the President of Yemen through an election where he was the only contender. Many considered this UN backed solution as a sell out and a mere hogwash and the resentment only grew among the population. The doubling of fuel prices in July 2014 and the following protests became a turning point in the chain of events since 2011.

Many tribes and sects united once again under the leadership of the Ansarullah Movement. The members of the Ansarullah group along with popular support lead large scale protests and occupied major government buildings and power centers thereby bringing Hadi's government to a standstill. Witnessing these events, Hadi sacked all his cabinet members and rolled back fuel prices and offered a power sharing deal with members of the Ansarullah movement. However, the members of Ansarullah movement and their supporters rejected Hadi's offer accusing him of being morally corrupt and not keeping up to his earlier commitments to the people of Yemen. Thus, the Ansarullah and their allies armed with popular support put Hadi under house arrest. In January 2015, when the Ansarullah forces limited Hadi's power to his presidential palace, Hadi's cabinet announced his resignation following which he escaped to the port city of Aden, and declared his resignation revoked. Hadi then announced Aden as the new capital of Yemen and declared a government in exile. Immediately, the US, France, Turkey, and their Western European allies and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates closed their embassies in Sana'a and relocated to Aden. When the Ansarullah members had complete control over Sana'a, they then moved in to gain control over Aden along with their allied tribes and sections of Yemeni military forces. Thus Hadi was forced to run away from Yemen and take shelter in Riyadh.

Hadi's ouster from Yemen was a major setback to Al-Saud and their CIA puppet masters, Washington had to withdraw all its military and intelligence operatives from Yemen after the Ansarullah gained access to numerous secret documents from the Yemeni National Security Bureau that worked closely with the CIA.

Why is Yemen so important?

The western hegemonic powers and their regional allies fear the loss of another nation to a real uprising as against the false uprisings they created by unleashing their ISIS hordes on Libya, Syria and Iraq. The U.S, Saudi, Israel, Turkey and their allies' plans to overthrow Assad of Syria and destroy Iraq has failed miserably. Also, Iran has emerged as a regional power posing a huge threat to American dominance and Saudi petrodollar sponsored divisions and sectarian onslaughts. The resistance bloc comprising of Tehran, Baghdad, Damascus and Hizbullah have shaken the very roots of U.S imperialism in the Middle East.

Tehran's sincere fight against ISIS as against the lip service and backdoor support by Saudi, Qatar, Jordan, Israel, Turkey and their western masters have lead to the soaring of Tehran's popularity among the Muslims and the non-Muslims alike. The continuous victory of the Resistance Bloc against the ISIS and their supporters in Syria and Iraq has led to the widespread frustration for those funding them, training them, treating their injured, providing supply routes and those dropping weapons and food supply "by mistake" to them.

This very desperation and anxiety has led to the formation of a military alliance against the people of Yemen to avoid another free nation from joining the 'Resistance Bloc'

Furthermore, the seaport of Aden, the Bab Al-Mandab and the Socotra Islands are Yemen's strategic assets. The Bab Al-Mandeb is an important strategic chokepoint for international maritime trade and energy shipments that connects the Persian Gulf via the Indian Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea via the Red Sea. Apart from being an important trade route, it is strategically important in case of a military confrontation and thus the democracy-loving Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wants to keep Yemen under its sphere of Influence. Washington also fears a foothold for Tehran, Moscow and Beijing in Yemen with the rise of Ansarullah.

The alliance against Yemen stands exposed

It is good to know that Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other Arab sheikdoms have a functional military and air force, but where was it when the innocent Muslims of Palestine were inhumanly massacred by Israeli warplanes last July? How come the very regime that is shedding innocent blood in Palestine is your ally in Yemen? How many times have you lobbied against Israel at the Security Council? Why not for a change, bring democracy to Bahrain or at least to your own respective countries?

Why not for a change stop funding the ISIS and stop dancing to the tunes of your puppeteers?

Why not.....for a change, change your own selves before changing the world....?

It is extremely depressing to see that the very one claiming to be the custodian of the two most holiest sites of the Muslims is joining hands with those involved in their bloodshed.

The Muslims of the world are realizing as to who really is fighting for them and who is destroying them under the garb of Islam, and no amount of petrodollars and long white gowns can hide this reality...

Anthony Mathew Jacob is a scriptwriter for India based Channel WIN. He writes on the Middle East, his articles have been published in Press TV and Tehran Times among others.






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