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28 September, 2003

Patriots and invaders
By Sami Ramadani

Iraqi resistance to foreign occupation enjoys great popular support

27 September, 2003

America Sinking in The Quicksand of Iraq
Dr. Marwan Asmar

With attacks on American troops carried out on a daily basis, the US is struggling for international support to get out of the "Iraqi quagmire". A review of what the Arabic press has to say

26 September, 2003

Brutal Reality That Fans The Flames Of Hatred In Iraq
By Robert Fisk

If anyone wants to know why Iraqis set bombs for American soldiers, they had only to sit in the two-storey villa in this little farming village of Saqlawiyah and look at the frozen face of Ahmed al-Ham and his angry friends yesterday

24 September, 2003

Breaking The Silence
By John Pilger

An investigation of files and archive film for my TV documentary Breaking The Silence, together with interviews with former intelligence officers and senior Bush officials have revealed that Bush and Blair knew all along that Saddam Hussein was effectively disarmed

23 September, 2003

Iraq For Sale
By Philip Thornton and Andrew Gumbel

In an unexpected move unveiled at the meeting in Dubai of the Group of Seven rich nations, the Iraqi Governing Council announced sweeping reforms to allow total foreign ownership without the need for prior approval

21 September, 2003

Iraq's Occupiers Lose Touch With Reality
By Robert Fisk

A culture of secrecy has descended upon the Anglo-American occupation authorities in Iraq. They will give no tally of the Iraqi civilian lives lost each day

17 September, 2003

Baghdad's Packed Morgue Marks
A City's Descent Into Lawlessness

By Jeffrey Fleishman

The number of reported gun-related killings in Baghdad has increased 25-fold since President Bush declared an end to major combat May 1

16 September, 2003

Secret Slaughter By Night, Lies And Blind Eyes By Day
By Robert Fisk

Almost 1,000 Iraqi civilians are being killed every week - and that may well be a conservative figure

13 September, 2003

Iraq's Epic Suffering Is Made Invisible
By John Pilger

If the great crime in Iraq was represented not by the poignant moment of a dead squaddie's flag-draped coffin returning, but by the unrelenting horror I have watched on unseen videotape, the cover would crack. And the illusion presented by the Hutton inquiry would be revealed

10 September, 2003

Meet the New Iraqi Strongman:Paul Bremer
By Robert Fisk

Today Bremer is the strongman, and under his rule US troops are losing hearts and minds by the bucketful with each new, blundering and often useless raid against the civilians of Iraq

09 September, 2003

Letter from Baghdad: The Progress of Disaster
By Christian Parenti

Here the criminal is king. Saddam emptied the prisons and the United States disbanded the police, while 60 percent of people are unemployed. As a result, carjacking, robbery, looting, and murder are rife. Marauding men in “misery gangs” kidnap and rape women and girls at will

05 September, 2003

Baghdad's Frightening Freedom
By Mario Vargas Llosa

There are no police stations or banks, the American troops are scared and hated and anything that isn't guarded is stolen or destroyed. Is there hope for the people of Baghdad? Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa reports from Iraq

03 September, 2003

The war is lost
By James Carroll

The war is lost. By most measures of what the Bush administration forecast for its adventure in Iraq, it is already a failure

02 September, 2003

Iraq's 10 million unemployed: The forgotten issue
By E.A.Khammas

There are about 10 million unemployed in Iraq. They cannot afford to pay rent or to support their families. Their families are disintegrating, and many of their wives are asking for divorce or deserting their houses






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