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29 November, 2003

Bush’s PR Stunt In Baghdad Underscores US Crisis
By Patrick Martin

President Bush’s Thanksgiving Day visit to US troops in Baghdad, organized by the White House to shore up crumbling public support for the occupation of Iraq, only confirms the deepening crisis of the administration

28 November, 2003

A Thanks Giving Soap Opera
By Phil Reeves and David Usborne

George Bush cooks up a a secret mission to give thanks to his troops in Iraq in a clearly calculated move to burnish Mr Bush's image as he prepares for a re-election campaign

What Has Failed In Palestine, Will Fail In Iraq
By Ali Abunimah

Faced with mounting resistance to its occupation of Iraq, the United States is deliberately copying the repressive tactics of the Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza -- including home demolitions, large-scale destruction of trees, barriers and roadblocks, and a careless disregard for the life of civilians

27 November, 2003

No Regrets or Culprits, Just Cash
For Series of Random Killings

By Rory McCarthy

American officers are quietly paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to relatives of those killed or injured in arbitrary shootings by troops

23 November, 2003

A War That Can Never Be Won
By Jonathan Steele

Terrorism is a technique, not an enemy state that can be defeated

21 November, 2003

Who Are The Terrorists?
By Muslehuddin Ahmad

The occupying power is terming the Iraqi resistance forces as terrorists, but these resistance forces obviously see the American forces as terrorists on their soil

Press Freedom Falls Short In Iraq
By Robert Fisk

Freedom of the press is beginning to smell a little rotten in the new Iraq

20 November, 2003

Tired, Terrified, Trigger-Happy
By Andrew M. Cockburn

Among the less publicized incentives propelling Iraq overseer Paul Bremer's urgent dash to Washington last week was the concern in various quarters of the administration that the U.S. expeditionary force in Iraq was in a dangerously unstable state

19 November, 2003

Tikrit - Iraq's Own West Bank
By Phil Reeves

It is the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but transported to Iraq. A town is imprisoned by razor wire. The entrance is guarded by soldiers, protected by sand bags, concrete barricades and a machine-gun nest

17 November, 2003

U.S. Casualties From Iraq War Top 9,000
By Mark Benjamin

The number of U.S. casualties from Operation Iraqi Freedom -- troops killed, wounded or evacuated due to injury or illness -- has passed 9,000, according to new Pentagon data

13 November, 2003

War Killed 55,000 Iraqi Civilians
By Shaista Aziz

The invasion, war and occupation of Iraq has cost up to 55,000 civilian lives, according to a shocking new report published by a UK-based charity

03 November, 2003

Resistence In Iraq
By Tariq Ali

This is the classic initial stage of guerrilla warfare against a colonial occupation

02 November, 2003

Losing Intelligence, Losing War
By Peter Beaumont and Patrick Graham

After eight days in which Iraqi fighters have scored a series of major blows to the coalition and its Iraqi allies, intelligence and military officials in Iraq and on both sides of the Atlantic are at odds over whether they are fighting a Saddam-led movement or a series of disparate partisan groups

31 October, 2003

Military Conflict Becoming A Private Enterprise

In Iraq the war is fought not just by the soldiers.It is subcontracted to private companies with close connections to powers that be in Washington






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