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30 April, 2004

Interview With A Mujahideen
By Dahr Jamail

“This is not a rebellion, this is a resistance against the occupation.” An interview with a resistance fighter

Ahmed Chalabi And The “Liberation” Of Iraq
By Rick Kelly

The fraudulent nature of this “independence” and “freedom” is embodied in the figure of Ahmed Chalabi, one of the nine rotating presidents on the so-called Iraqi Governing Council

29 April, 2004

Stop The Slaughter In Iraq

Before the eyes of millions of people around the world, the US military has begun a systematic and deliberate slaughter in the Iraqi city of Fallujah. President Bush publicly lifted all restraints on the conduct of the US troops. American forces, Bush declared, “will take whatever action is necessary” to subjugate the city

Heavy Handed Raid Backfires
By Dahr Jamail

The 26 April explosions at a chemical warehouse being raided by the U.S. military constitute yet another example of heavy-handed tactics gone awry

27 April, 2004

Attacks Halt Rebuilding Of Iraq
By Jamie Wilson

Essential work on the electricity network will not be complete before the extreme heat of the summer arrives, raising the prospect of months of power cuts similar to those that led to riots and widespread discontent last year

25 April, 2004

Report From Fallujah
By Dahr Jamail

Estimates of total refugees vary, but most reports suggest at least 60,000 Fallujans -- or about a quarter of the city’s population -- have fled Fallujah for Baghdad and other cities

Two More Bullets
By Donna Mulhearn

"I had been shot at, not once, but twice by American soldiers after politely asking permission to transport aid to a hospital." Personal account of an Australian peace activist who was in Fallujah to deliver aid to hospitals

24 April, 2004

Uneasy Truce In Falluja
By Rory McCarthy

Rory McCarthy talks to survivors of the US forces' assault on Falluja, the bloodiest battle of the uprising, which doctors say killed up to 600 Iraqis

The image Turning America Against Bush
By Andrew Buncombe

The photographs that President George Bush does not want the American public to see show the flag-draped coffins containing the bodies of American servicemen and women

22 April, 2004

Iraq Power Handover 'A Fraud'
By Robert Fisk & Tony Jones

When you build a war on illusions and fantasies and you don't get international mandate to run it, then your occupation will fail

21 April, 2004

Fallujah Cannot Even Bury Its Dead
By Aaron Glantz

So many Fallujahans have been killed by the U.S. marines that residents have had to dig mass graves. The city's football stadium now holds more than 200 bodies

20 April, 2004

Hospitals Are Closing Down In Iraq
By Rahul Mahajan

The occupation forces are targeting hospitals and ambulances across Iraq and fearing for the safety of the staff and patients the hospitals are being closed down

Dahr Jamail Blog From Baghdad
By Dahr Jamail

For those of us here, it has, needless to say, travel has become increasing difficult because of the deteriorating security situation

17 April, 2004

Iraq Is A War Of National Liberation
By John Pilger

A nationalist uprising has been under way in Iraq for more than a year, uniting at least 15 major groups, most of them opposed to the old regime

16 April, 2004

Fear And Gunmen Rule Najaf
By Rory McCarthy

Najaf is a city at the centre of a stand-off that could define the future of Iraq. If US troops carry out their threat to launch an offensive against Mr Sadr's militia, the fight would be bloody and could unleash an unprecedented wave of violence and uprisings across the south that could imperil the American occupation

13 April, 2004

Destroying Fallujah To "Save" It
By Rahul Mahajan

We were in Fallujah during the "ceasefire." This is what we saw and heard

Americans Slaughtering Civilians In Falluja
By Dahr Jamail

The city itself was virtually empty, aside from groups of mujahedeen standing on every other street corner. It was a city at war

US Press Justifies Slaughter In Iraq
By Bill Van Auken

The uprising sweeping Iraq has shaken the confidence of ruling circles in the US, and this has found unmistakable expression in the press

08 April, 2004

Battles Rage Across Iraq

Almost 300 people have died in clashes and attacks during the last three days in battles between occupation forces and resistance fighters including supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr across Iraq

Muqtada al-Sadr – A profile

Muqtada al-Sadr is seen by many Shia and politicians as a zealous leader who has chosen the wrong time for this escalation of protests

07 April, 2004

Iraq On The Brink Of Anarchy
By Robert Fisk

"Things are getting very bad and they're going to get worse," a special forces officer said close to the airport yesterday. "But no one is saying that - either because they don't know or because they don't want you to know."

Operation Iraqi Bloodbath
By James Conachy

The prospect is looming in Iraq for an orgy of killing by US troops, in desperate and murderous efforts to carry out the orders of the Bush administration that they bring the situation under control

06 April, 2004

Iraq On The Brink Of Anarchy
By Julian Borger and Jonathan Steele

The Bush administration is facing a nightmare scenario in Iraq, fighting on two fronts against Sunni and Shia militants less than three months before it is due to hand over power to an Iraqi government

Najaf Bloodbath A Bad Omen For Coalition Forces
By Robert Fisk

That the latest bloodbath should have occurred in Najaf - one of the holiest shrines in Islam - was as dangerous as it was painfully symbolic

Entering The Inferno
By Dahr Jamail

Dahr Jamail returns to Iraq and what he sees is a city on fire and the flames are only growing higher as the outrage toward the occupiers has drawn the militant Al-Sadr and his huge following into the battle against the Americans

05 April, 2004

Fallujah Atrocity And The Genesis Of Hate
By Robert Fisk

The Brutal murder of the four Americans in Fallujah is not inexplicable. This can be traced to the brutal atrocities committed by the occupied forces there

04 April, 2004

The Mentality Of The Colonized:
Why Fallujah's Lynching Occurred

By Rene L. Gonzalez Berrios M.A.

It is clear that the people who lynched the Americans were not the "insurgents" who left the Americans at the mercy of the mob. It was regular Iraqis, representing the Iraqi national mood of hatred and humiliation

02 April, 2004

Atrocity In Fallujah
By Robert Fisk

These were the horrors of Iraq, pictures which would have reminded the world of the American debacle in Somalia had they been shown outside the Middle East

Occupiers Spend Millions On Private
Army Of Security Men

By Robert Fisk and Severin Carrell

An army of thousands of mercenaries has appeared in Iraq's major cities, many of them former British and American soldiers hired by the occupying Anglo-American authorities and by dozens of companies who fear for the lives of their employees

01 April, 2004

Who Counts The Civilian Casualties?
By Brad Knickerbocker

How many civilian casualties - "collateral damage," to use the antiseptic phrase - have resulted from the war, and the subsequent occupation in which people are killed and wounded nearly every day? It's an impossible question to answer with sure accuracy

Dead Americans Mutilated And Dragged
Through Fallujah Streets

By James Conachy

In ugly scenes captured by television cameras, crowds of Iraqi men hacked apart and lynched the bodies of four Americans killed yesterday in the restive city of Fallujah

23 March, 2004

Iraq: Hotel Lebanon - A Doctor's Story
By Felicity Arbuthnot

A doctor's account of the Hotel Lebanon blast in Iraq. A story of American arrogance,impoliteness,racism and absolute want of basic medical necessities

22 March, 2004

Our Son's Life Wasted, We Are Leaving
By Severin Carrell

Ann Lawrence and her husband George are planning to emigrate. Almost exactly a year ago, they lost their only son during the Iraq war. They believe they have now given Britain enough

21 March, 2004

New Iraq? Hooded Protest
And Masked Statistics

By Robert Fisk

The US military searches of Iraqi Sunni villages, the Israeli-style battering down of doors and houses, the constant American killing of innocents is embittering a new generation of Iraqis. And soon we will have "democracy" in Iraq

19 March, 2004

Iraq One year On - Human Rights
Situation Eemains Dire

A Comprehensive Report By Amnesty International

Spanish Soldiers Pepare To Return Home
By Robert Fisk

"We used to think of 'us' here and 'them' - our Spanish people - 'there'," Colonel Benito says. "Now we think much more that 'here' is also Spain."

18 March, 2004

Iraq: A Year Of War
By Robert Fisk

The invasion of Iraq would, we were told, rid the world of mortal danger. One year on, the only people who feel safer are those who prefer not to think for themselves

It's Worse Than You Thought:
Pro-Israel Influence On US Policy

By Ali Abunimah

A former defense ministry insider reveals How the pro Israeli lobby brought about the war on Iraq

15 March, 2004

Happy First Birthday, War On Iraq
By Robert Fisk

It was almost year ago, on March 20, when the first bombs struck 30km from Baghdad. And what followed are better not said

13 March, 2004

Iraq’s Illegitimate Interim Constitution
By James Conachy

The signing of the Iraqi interim constituion was conceived as a propaganda coup for the White House, conjuring up images of the benevolent liberator bringing democratic rights to a long-suffering people

11 March, 2004

More Interested In Electricity Than Constitutions
By Robert Fisk

Veiled ladies and tribal sheikhs, some good men and true but also a convicted fraudster, Ahmed Chalabi, scribbled their signatures on the new Iraq constitution in front of the US proconsul Paul Bremer on Monday

09 March, 2004

'It's the same old Iraq"
By Robert Fisk

Each time I return to Iraq, it's the same, like finding a razor blade in a bar of chocolate. The moment you start to believe that "New Iraq" might work - just - you get the proof that it's the same old Iraq, just a little tiny bit worse than it was last month

03 March, 2004

Karbala And Baghdad Massacre -
Shia's 11 September

By Justin Huggler

Independent's Justin Huggler who was just 100 meters away when the first explosion occured writes of extraordinary scenes he witnessed at the holy city of Karbala







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