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31 December, 2003

The Reconstruction's Bottom-Line
By Herbert Docena

The US-led reconstruction business in Iraq is faltering because it is less about reconstruction than about business

Samarra: Plenty Of Troops,still No Infrastructure
By Dahr Jamail

If repairing/rebuilding something in Iraq isn't necessary to serve US and British interests, it is left as it is

11 December, 2003

Catching Up
By Jo Wilding

A visit with an Iraqi family provides a reflection on the realities and frustrations that many live with under the occupation

10 December, 2003

US, Israel Prepare Mass Killings In Iraq
By Bill Vann

The Bush administration is about to launch a campaign of wholesale killings in Iraq with the assistance of the Israeli military, according to both US and Israeli sources quoted in several recent news reports

The Privatisation Of War
By Ian Traynor

The private sector is so firmly embedded in combat, occupation and peacekeeping duties in Iraq that the US military would struggle to wage war without it

06 December, 2003

The True Story Of The Battle Of Samarra
By Phil Reeves

A bloody victory or dangerous fantasy? The Samarra story could have been a fabrication which was intended to generate positive headlines for the US, after a disastrous weekend in which guerrilla attacks killed 14 foreigners

Samarra: An Entire City Up In Arms
By May Ying

“All of Samarra is with the resistance. The guerrillas can shoot at the Americans on a sidewalk in the middle of town at noon knowing no one will report them. When they do this, the people clap - men, women and children.”

The BBC And Iraq: Myth And Reality
By John Pilger

The BBC gave just 2 per cent of its Iraq war coverage to opposition views

05 December, 2003

InsideThe Iraqi Resistance
By P. Mitchell Prothero

"If the Americans leave and Saddam comes back, we will fight him too. Maybe if he were elected we'd allow it. But no one in Iraq wants Saddam back. He turned into a thief and a murderer who made too many mistakes. We don't want Saddam, but American cannot occupy us any longer."

Exporting The Islamic RevolutionTo Iraq
By Michael Jansen

George W. Bush may be on the way to transforming Iraq into an Islamic state modelled on the Iranian system of “valayet-e-faqih”, rule of the jurisprudence

04 December, 2003

Human Rights Testimonies From Iraq
By Le Anne Clausen and David Milne

Testimony of an Iraqi Minor Detained and Mistreated by US Forces. The family has asked that the 16 year old youth who gave the testimony not be identified because his relatives are still detained

Perhaps Saddam Read Tolstoy
And Bush’s People Didn’t

By Ben Bagdikian

There is an eerie similarity between Leo Tolstoy's novel, War and Piece, which describes with considerable accuracy Napoleon's 1812 invasion of Russia and George Bush's 2003 invasion of Iraq

03 December, 2003

What Happened At Samarra
By Muhammad Abu Nasr

Eye Witness Report of the "Battle" at Samarra: "After inflicting casualties on the Americans the Resistance fighters withdrew. The American troops, however, continued to shell and rocket residential quarters of Samarra' for hours as if to punish residents and drive a wedge between them and the Iraqi Resistance"

The Battle That Left No Bodies
By Jack Fairweather

Americans say 54 attackers died in the fiercest engagement since the war ended while Iraqis insist that eight civilians were killed by reckless US fire.It was impossible to reconcile the two versions of the battle

02 December, 2003

Samrra Killings An Inside Story
By A Combat Leader

A combat leader gives the inside story of the samrra killings

Buying Up Iraq
By Amal Sedky Winter

The United States cannot tolerate Arab democracy at the national level because of its unilateral support of Israel's occupation of Palestine and no freely elected Arab government will support Israel against the Palestinians. If real democracy means letting people have a real voice in governing themselves then there is little hope of this happening in any Arab state, including Iraq






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