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31 August, 2003

Iraq Into A Civil War?
By Robert Fisk

For what is happening is not just the back-draft of an invasion or even a growing guerrilla war against occupation. It is the start of a civil war in Iraq that will consume the entire nation

29 August, 2003

Needed: An Inquiry Into A Slaughter
By John Pilger

In Iraq an estimated 10,000 civilians and 30,000 Iraqi soldiers were killed during the attacked on Iraq. These people were killed by weapons designed to reduce human beings to charcoal or to shred them. Why not an enquiry into this massacre?

Fisherman By Day "Terrorist" By Night
By Niko Price

An interview with an Iraqi resistance fighter. His account, which mixes verifiable facts with extravagant claims, gives a rare insight into the secret world of Iraq's anti-American resistance

28 August, 2003

The UN, de Mello And The US Occupation Of Iraq
By Peter Symonds

Throughout his time in Iraq, de Mello openly functioned as a political emissary for Washington’s proconsul in Baghdad, Paul Bremer III—sounding out Iraqi leaders, soliciting support and acting as a go-between

Beware The Bluewash
By George Monbiot

The UN should not become the dustbin for America’s failed adventures

25 August, 2003

A War Without End
By Justin Huggler

Any illusion that the occupation might be working lies in the ruins of the UN's HQ

22 August, 2003

A Privatized Occupation
By Ceara Donnelley and William D. Hartung

The Price of Freedom in Iraq and Power in Washington

21 August, 2003

America's Crumbling Authority
By Robert Fisk

UN Attack Underlines America's Crumbling Authority And Shows It Can Not Guarantee The Safety Of Any One

20 August, 2003

Why Us?
By Jamie Wilson

They came to bring relief from war. Now they are asking: why us?

17 August, 2003

'No War': A Full Throated Cry
By Robert Jensen

The U.S. `liberation' of Iraq has given way to a guerilla war against an `occupation army' that grows increasingly unpopular at home, while at the same time the `distortions and disinformation' that were used to justify going to war are beginning to unrave

15 August, 2003

Occupied Injustice
By Jonathan Steele

Hundreds of Iraqis civilians are being held in makeshift jails run by US troops - many without being charged or even questioned. And in these prisons are children whose parents have no way of locating them

13 August, 2003

The Occupation’s Hidden Victims - Innocent Iraqis
By Medea Benjamin

It is estimated that some 7,000 Iraqi civilians died during the war. We have no idea how many innocent Iraqis have died since the major fighting was officially declared over on May 1

11 August, 2003

A Closed Circle of Collaborators
By by E.A. Khammas

Reactions to the Iraqi Governing Council

The Reluctant Warrior
By Medea Benjamin

Open Arms May Turn into Fire Arms, Says Iraqi Soldier Turned Taxi Driver

10 August, 2003

Another Family Shot Dead In Baghdad
By Justin Huggler

Firing blindly during a power cut, soldiers kill a father and three children in their car

08 August, 2003

20,000 Civilians Injured in Iraq War
By Hamit Dardagan, John Sloboda and Kay Williams

Extraction of media-reported civilian injuries from the Iraq Body Count database and archive of war reports provides evidence of at least 20,000 civilian injuries on top of the maximum reported 7798 deaths

06 August, 2003

Prisoners Brutalized In Baghdad Gulag Prison
By Gordon Thomas

Former prisoners and aid workers provide insight into the brutal living conditions of those held in makeshift prison camps in Iraq

02 August, 2003

US Moves To Close Down Al-Jazeera TV
By Robert Fisk

The US administration appears to be laying the ground work to close down Al-Jazeera's operations in Iraq --along with those of the Arabia channel --for alleged "incitement to violence"

01 August, 2003

The War On Truth
By John Pilger

The war on Iraq went on with the silent collusion of a pliant media, and the casualty was Truth

Iraq Isn't Working
By Robert Fisk

There is a veneer of normality about life in the new Iraq. But America's failure to deliver on its promises has triggered a spiral of murderous anarchy that threatens to become an epic tragedy







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