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29 July, 2003

"Who’s Next"
By Robert Fisk

Two months ago, one American soldier died a week. Three weeks ago, it was one a day. Now it’s often two or three a day

25 July, 2003

American Barbarism
By Barry Grey

By releasing the photographs of Saddam Hussein's son’s America exposes its own barbarism

Gangsta' Movie In Iraq
By David Walsh

The killing of Saddam Hussein’s sons: The Nuremberg Precedent And The Criminalization Of The US Ruling Elite

Violence Of Night Yields Grim Crop Of Bodies
By James Hider

Night is the deadliest time in Baghdad and there is always a morning crop of bodies

24 July, 2003

The Sons Are Dead, But Resistance Will Grow
By Robert Fisk

If Saddam and his sons are dead, the chances are that the opposition to the American-led occupation will grow rather than diminish--on the grounds that with Saddam gone, Iraqis will have nothing to lose by fighting the Americans

23 July, 2003

Honesty Killed David Kelly
By Tam Dalyell

What we can be sure of is that this man died because of his honest belief in service to his country

The Ugly Truth Of Camp Cropper
By Robert Fisk

Just like Saddam days, the occupation troops in Iraq run torture camps. Here is one ugly story about Camp Cropper

22 July, 2003

Climate of Fear
Human Rights Watch

Rising fear of sexual violence and abduction in Baghdad is keeping women and girls in their homes, out of schools, and away from work and looking for employment. A Human Rights Watch Report

17 July, 2003

Get Us Out Of Here

U.S. Soldiers Talk About The Occupation Of Iraq

Halliburton Unit Expands War-Repair Role
By Stephen J. Glain and Robert Schlesinger

Officials from Kellogg, Brown & Root Services are using a broadly worded contract to evaluate and repair Iraq's petroleum infrastructure, ''as directed'' by the US government, to gain a huge head start over potential competitors

16 July, 2003

"Bring 'Em On?"
By Stan Goff

The American troops in Iraq are feel betrayed by their president-two letters, one from a Vietnam veteran and another from a young soldier in Iraq show the level of desperation soldiers feel on the battlefield

Refugees - Iraq's Forgotten People

There are 130,000 displaced people living in Iraq. But the shocking fact about this is that they are not recognized by the occupation force

13 July, 2003

Pipe Dreams Of Iraqi Oil
By Faisal Islam and Oliver Morgan

The oil has started to flow at last from Iraq. Millions of barrels must flow soon to pay for reconstruction contracts

12 July, 2003

Anatomy Of A Quack-Mire
By Jim Lobe

The 'Q' word--for quagmire--not to mention the 'V' word, for Vietnam--is back in mainstream discourse as each day appears to bring the killing of at least one more U.S. or British soldier

09 July, 2003

The Rat In The Grain- The Looting Of Iraqi Agriculture
By Jeffrey St. Clair

The situation in the fields of Iraq continues to rapidly deteriorate. The banks, which provide credit and cash, have been looted, irrigation systems destroyed, road travel restricted, markets closed, warehouses and grain silos pillaged

08 July, 2003

The Phoney War
By Andrew Grice and Ben Russell

Tony finds himself in a tough spot after an inquiry by the Foreign Affairs Select Committee concluded that "the jury is still out" on the accuracy of the Government's dossier on Iraq's weapons, issued last September

Murdered At The Museum
By Libby Brooks

Richard Wild was shot dead outside Baghdad museum on saturdya morning. He is the 17th journalist to be killed in Iraq since the conflict began, and the first to die since US forces entered the capital in April

06 July, 2003

Iraq Human Toll - The Untold Story
By Ed Vulliamy

As news reporters tracked troops on the road to Baghdad, much of the suffering and loss of ordinary Iraqi civilians was left untold. Until now. Here, in a compelling dispatch, The Observer foreign correspondent Ed Vulliamy goes in search of their stories

05 July, 2003

Iraqis Wait For US Troops To Leave
By Jonathan Steele

"I'm an Arab and I will not accept disrespect. Tell them please. The American people must know that Iraqis no longer trust America"

04 July, 2003

Imperial History Repeats Itself
By Randeep Ramesh

Once again, Indians are being asked to fight Iraqis for empire's sake

Don't Send Indian Troops To Iraq

Any decision to agree to the American request to send Indian soldiers to serve on the so-called stabilisation force in occupied Iraq will be illegal and unacceptable

03 July, 2003

How 'liberation' has brought anarchy to Kabul,
and now history is repeated in Baghdad

By Robert Fisk

For Fallujah, read Kandahar. For Baghdad, read Kabul






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