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30 October, 2003

Up To 15,000 People Killed In Iraq Invasion
By Suzanne Goldenberg

The report, by Project on Defence Alternatives, a research institute from Cambridge, Massachussets, offers the most comprehensive account so far of how many Iraqis died

“This is a Resistance Movement,
Whether We Like It or Not”

By Robert Fisk

Robert Talks to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

29 October, 2003

The Two Brides Of Baghdad
By Gerard Wright

Love blooms in the time of war. The slogan, "Lets make love, Not War", which echoed across the globe in every antiwar demonstration comes true in Baghdad. Two American GIs are under friendly fire for marrying Iraqis

Iraq's Guerrillas Learn The American Lesson
By Robert Fisk

The Iraqi guerilla's have learnt a lesson from America's "war on terror". Kill the leadership.

Sunnis Wait For Their Moment
By Nir Rosen

What we see now in Iraq may not be organized sunni resistance

28 October, 2003

Slaughter In The Rush Hour
By Patrick Cockburn

Suicide bombers struck four times yesterday, slaughtering at least 35 and injuring 224 in the bloodiest day in the Iraqi capital since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein

Living On Lies
By Robert Fisk

All American soldiers are supposed to believe that Osama bin Laden's "al-Qa'ida" guerrillas, pouring over Iraq's borders from Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia are assaulting United States forces as part of the "war on terror"

25 October, 2003

Post-war Civilian Deaths In Baghdad
By Human Rights Watch

The U.S. military keeps no statistics on civilian casualties. Such an attitude suggests that civilian casualties are not a paramount concern. The Human Rights Watch report has several startling findings

22 October, 2003

The Return Of Arabophobia
By Neil Clark

Arabophobia has been part of western culture since the Crusades, with Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden only the latest in a long line of Arab bogeymen

16 October, 2003

The Quartet 'Party' In Iraq
By Hazem Saghieh

Is it possible to say that George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Moqtada Al Sadr are affiliated to one 'party' whose objective is, regardless of the rhetoric, to fragment Iraq?

14 October, 2003

Inside The Iraqi Resistance
By Zaki Chehab

Popular anger is forging an alliance between diverse strands of Iraq's guerrilla movement

13 October, 2003

Iraq's Hidden War
By Rory McCarthy

Almost every day brings news of another US death in Iraq, but we hear almost nothing of the hundreds - maybe thousands - wounded by Saddam loyalists. In a rare visit to an army hospital, Rory McCarthy glimpses the victims of a hidden war

US Soldiers Bulldoze Farmers' Crops
By Patrick Cockburn

Americans soldiers are resorting to brutal 'punishment' tactics against villagers in central Iraq as part of a new policy of collective punishment of farmers who do not give information about guerrillas attacking US troops

10 October, 2003

Iraq, Six Months On

A survey of the good, the bad and the uncertain

No Money, No Play:US On The Brink In Iraq
By Herbert Docena

The US is now forced to turn to the creditor countries, including war opponents France and Germany, and international financial institutions because it has nowhere else to go

09 October, 2003

Turkish Troops In Iraq:Recipe For A Civil War
By Pepe Escobar

If the Turks are allowed to go mobile in Iraq, nothing could prevent Iranians from doing the same in the Shi'ite-dominated south. This would be the recipe for a sectarian civil war

08 October, 2003

Over 1,500 Violent Civilian Deaths
In Occupied Baghdad

From April 14th to 31st August, 2,846 violent deaths were recorded by the Baghdad city morgue. When corrected for pre-war death rates in the city a total of at least 1,519 excess violent deaths in Baghdad emerges from reports based on the morgue's records

06 October, 2003

WMD Report: More Proof Iraq War Was Based On Lies
By Bill Vann

The interim report delivered by Washington’s handpicked chief weapons inspector has confirmed yet again that the Bush administration’s war against Iraq was an unprovoked act of aggression that was based on lies

02 October, 2003

Oil, War And A Growing Sense Of Panic In The US
By Robert Fisk

The USA occupied Iraq but it can't make the oil flow. The cost of making it flow could produce an economic crisis in the US. And it is this - rather than the daily killing of young American soldiers - that lies behind the Bush administration's growing panic

01 October, 2003

The Changing Face of Occupation
By Eman Ahmed Khammas

Baghdad today is another city. Everything has changed - the most significant change is on Iraqi faces that articulate mounting bewilderment and shock. Occupation Watch's Eman Ahmed Khammas on the First Six Months of the Occupation

Veiled And Worried in Baghdad
By Lauren Sandler

A single word is on the tight, pencil-lined lips of women here. The word is "himaya," or security. Women fear the abduction, rape and murder that have become rampant here since Saddam's regime fell






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