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30 April, 2003

Anger Mounts After U.S. Troops Kill 13 Iraqi Protesters
By Edmund Blair

U.S. soldiers killed at least 13 Iraqi civilians who marched on a school west of Baghdad to demand the troops leave the building and get out of Iraq

29 April, 2003

Robbing Iraq Of Its History
By Dr Mubarak Ali

This is a common phenomenon of history that imperial powers, after defeating their adversaries militarily, make systematic efforts to root out their historical heritage and thus reduce them to a state of intellectual and cultural powerlessness.

Fighting Is Over But the Deaths Go On
By Michael Howard

Guardian investigation reveals mines have killed up to 80 civilians since the conflict ended

After Costly War, Iraqis Quickly Organize
By Wade Hudson and Scott Harris

An Interview With Wade Hudson of The Iraqi Peace Team

28 April, 2003

Rise of Political Islam in Iraq?
By Dr Iftikhar H. Malik

Seeing multitudes of impassioned, chest beating yet totally orderly Shia pilgrims converging in Karbala so soon after the demise of Saddam Hussein's regime have sent shivering messages to different sections of global populace.

Missing: A Vase, a Book, a Bird and
10,000 Years of History

By Adam Goodheart

Scholars reacts like mourners struggling with an overwhelming loss at the theft and destruction of Baghdad museum

27 April, 2003

Anger MountsAfter Iraqi Arms Dump Carnage
By Peter Ford

Residents blame the US military for the deadly barrage that rained on their village.

American to Oversee Iraqi Oil Industry
By David Teather

The administration is planning to structure the potentially vast Iraqi oil industry like a US corporation

26 April, 2003

by John Pilger

There is something deeply corrupt about journalism. It is not a recent phenomenon. What makes the difference today is the technology that produces an avalanche of repetitive information

Obscuring The Reality
By Kalpana Sharma

A full two weeks after the so-called "victory" of the "coalition" forces in Iraq, we have yet to hear about the numbers of Iraqi civilians or soldiers killed or injured.

25 April, 2003

Pilgrims Threaten Jihad Against American Forces
By Kim Sengupta in Karbala

The Shia pilgrimage to Karbala, took on a strident political and martial note with demands for the establishment of an Islamic state and threats of a jihad against the "American occupiers".

Baptising In Troubled Waters
By Andrew Gumbel

Evangelical Crusaders Prepare to Fight Islam with Aid and a Bible

24 April, 2003

Prosecute US Corporate Media Whores For War Crimes
By Davi Walsh

US corporate media should be prosecuted for presentating the illegal invasion of a foreign country as a preventive war

Shia Clerics To Foment Civil War
By David Warren

Once ruled by a minority, Shiites now want their own 'Islamic democracy

U.S. Planners Surprised by Strength of Iraqi Shiites
By Glenn Kessler and Dana Priest

As Iraqi Shiite demands for a dominant role in Iraq's future mount, Bush administration officials say they underestimated the Shiites' organizational strength and are unprepared to prevent the rise of an anti-American, Islamic fundamentalist government in the country.

23 April, 2003

Many Faces of Donald Rumsfeld
By Linda Diebel

Yesterday's Pentagon briefing was, even by the surreal standards of the Iraqi war, a high-water mark for "Rummy" watchers, truly an out-of-body experience.

22 April, 2003

Where is Democracy?
By Hamsa Mohammed in Baghdad

A Baghdad resident recounts her experiences of living in an occupied city

The US Must Leave - and Fast
By Jonathan Steele

The gratitude for removing Saddam Hussein on which Washington mistakenly expected to bank for years is almost exhausted.

21 April, 2003

Do not forget the horror
By John Pilger

The saving of one little boy must not be a cover for the crime of this war

CIA Brought Bathists To Power
By David Morgan

CIA offers no comment on Iraq coup allegations

20 April, 2003

The New Dark Age
By Ben Okri

The looting and burning of Iraq's museums and libraries has left us all losers

Anti-Colonial War
By Robert Fisk

America's war of "liberation" is over. Iraq's war of liberation from the Americans is about to begin.

17 April, 2003

The Deal
By Walid Rabah

The deal includes, granting American citizenship and residency in the United States to some of the first echelon commanders (Republican Guards) and their families, depending on their wishes.

The Shia of Najaf fear the yoke of US occupation
By Phil Reeves in Najaf

The Shias will not accept an Iraqi government run by anyone they see as a stooge of the occupying Americans.

16 April, 2003

Final Chapter: Burning Books
By Robert Fisk

Library Books, Letters and Priceless Documents are Set Ablaze in Final Chapter of the Sacking of Baghdad

US Troops Kill 10 Injure 100 As they fire on protesters
Agence France-Presse

US troops opened fire on a crowd hostile to the new pro-US governor in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul , killing at least 10 people and injuring as many as 100

Deadly fruits of Baghdad
By Peter Ford and Scott Peterson

Hundreds of unexploded cluster bombs lie scattered in Baghdad, threatening the lives of its citizens

Baghdad Did Not Fall - It Was Handed Over
By Jalal Ghazi

Arabic media are speculating that a secret deal was arranged between the United States and the Baath regime to hand over Baghdad.

Iraqis Say Lynch Raid Faced No Resistance
By Keith B. Richburg

Gizzy and other doctors said no Iraqi soldiers or militiamen were at the Saddam Hospital in Nassariya that night, April 1, when the U.S. Special Operations forces came in helicopters to carry out the midnight rescue.

15 April, 2003

Why Syria Is in America’s Gunsights
By Robert Fisk

Syria, Israel’s second most powerful enemy is now in America’s gunsights

US' New Found Syria-fixation Draws Ire
By Chidanand Rajghatta

Washington's new-found Syria-fixation amid its military swagger in Iraq is drawing sharp criticism both in the US and abroad

"US Forces Encourage Looting"
By Ole Rothenborg

An eye witness says, he saw american soldiers encouraging people in Baghdad to loot

RSS Supports Americas War on Iraq
By Ram Puniyani

RSS chief Sudarhan is embarrassing the BJP Government by defending the US aggression on Iraq

14 April, 2003

Noam Chomsky Interviewed
By Noam Chomsky and MIchael Albert

Noam Chomsky talks about the invasion and occupation of Iraq

Americans Knew What to Defend
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

If the Americans looked on as looters plundered and vandalized Baghdad musuem, tanks and armoured personnel carriers were positioned to defend the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Oil

The Rape of Mesopotamia
By Paul Street

American soldiers encouraged the looters to vandalize Baghdad museum.

13 April, 2003

Vandalization of Iraq's History
By Robert Fisk, In Baghdad

In Baghdad's most important museum, something truly terrible has taken place, while the occupation looked on

The Realignment of the World
By Stanley Kober

As USA goes ahead with its programme of Empire building other nations around the world are building coalitions to confront the empire

12 April, 2003

Image-Making, Lies and the "Liberation" of Iraq
By Patrick Martin

The Images of the toppling of a statue of Saddam Hussein in Firdos Square was stage managed to give the false impression that the vast majority of the Iraqi people are joyfully welcoming the invasion and occupation of their country by US and British troops.

Revealing Photographs

Here are the photographs from Information Clearing House

'Embedded Dancers?' Was That Another PR Masterpiece?
Cathy Breen, Iraq Peace Team

Is it true that the revelers who danced to welcome the occupation forces 'embedded dancers' the American military brought with them to Baghdad?

11 April, 2003

Spoils of War
By Bob Herbert

The Pentagon and its allies are close to achieving what they wanted all along, control of the nation of Iraq and its bounty, which is the wealth and myriad forms of power that flow from control of the world's second-largest oil reserves.

Crime Against Humanity
By John Pilger

Nothing Bush and Blair, their cluster-bombing boys and their media court do now will change the truth of their great crime in Iraq.

Israel Eyes Iraqi Pipeline Project
By Atul Aneja

As the Anglo-American forces consolidate the occupation of Iraq Israel is exploring the possibility of revivvin the oil pipeline from Mosul in northern Iraq to the Israeli Mediterranean port of Haifa

10 April, 2003

Iraq Liberated? The Real Story Begins Now
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

Winning a war is one thing. Succeeding in the ideological and economic project that lies behind this whole war is quite another. The "real" story for America's mastery over the Arab world starts now.

Possible Scenarios in Mideast After Iraq War
By Bill Straub

With the campaign in Iraq all but wrapped up, the US army is training their gun on Iran and Syria

My Oscar "Backlash": "Stupid White Men" Back At #1,
"Bowling" Breaks New Records

By Michael Moore

Michael Moore's criticism of president Bush in the Oscar night increased his popularity.

9 April, 2003

Does The US Military Want To Kill Journalists
By Robert Fisk

Was it possible to believe this was an accident? Or was it possible that the right word for these killings was murder?

Reporters or Snipers? Journalists Murdered in Baghdad
By Robert Fisk

As the American invaders are on a killing spree in Baghdad, even the journalists reporting the war are being targeted. Three journalists lose their life on day 20.

The Outline Of the Beast
By Arundhati Roy and Anthony Arnove

An Interview With Arundhati Roy

Morality, Religion And an Illegitimate War
By Konrad Raiser

"It can be disastrous to translate moral imperatives into political action without submitting them to critical judgment as to the possible consequences of such action."

A Letter to America
By Margaret Atwood

"This is a difficult letter to write, because I'm no longer sure who you are."

"Exciting times" for "embedded" journalists
By Peter Mackler

The Head of the Agence France-Presse office in Kuwait, describes daily life for journalists "embedded" in US military units and raises some questions.

Grozny And Baghdad: Disturbing Parallels
By Tristan Ewins

As Baghdad is threatened by the possibility of a protracted urban warfare Tristan Ewins draws a parallel between Grozny and Baghdad

Chemical Hypocrites
By George Monbiot

As It Struggles to Justify Its Invasion, The US is Getting Ready to Use Banned Weapons in Iraq

8 April, 2003

Amid Allied jubilation, a Child Lies in Agony,
Clothes Soaked in Blood

By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

The innocent are bleeding and screaming with pain to bring us our exciting television pictures

American Thrust Into Baghdad Had Neither
Humility nor Honour

By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

It seemed as if Baghdad would fall within hours. But the day was characterised by crazed normality, high farce and death

The U.S. Betrays Its Core Values
By Gunter Grass

"we are witnessing the moral decline of the world's only superpower"

Iraq's Bread Basket Stands to Be Ruined by War
By The Environment News Service

The war in Iraq could be devastating for the country's rural economy with consequences on farmers' capacity to produce food

7 April, 2003

The Allied Grip Tightens on Baghdad
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

On the streets, grim evidence of a bloody battle

Army Chaplain Offers Baptisms, Baths
By Meg Laughlin

Baptism in the times of war. An offensive story from Iraq.

TheTwisted Language of War
That is Used to Justify the Unjustifiable

By Robert Fisk

Why do we aid and abet the lies and propaganda of this filthy war?

A morally hollow victory
By Mary Riddell

No amount of PR will disguise the fact that this war is an outrage against humanity.

This Is Not The Time To Ask Questions

CNN's Aaron Brown on the network's coverage of the anti-war movement, the media's sanitization of the invasion of Iraq and why he believes this is an inappropriate time for reporters to ask questions about war

6 April, 2003

The Battle of Baghdad
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

'Ever so slowly, the suburbs were turned into battlefields'

Bush Aide Says US, not UN, Will Rebuild Iraq
By David E Sanger with John Tagliabuet

President Bush's national security adviser Condoleezza Rice declare that the UN would have a secondary role in reconstructing Iraq

We See Too Much, We Know Too Much.
That's Our Best Defense

By John Pilger

"a deep and unconscious racism imbues every aspect of Western policy towards Iraq."

5 April, 2003

The War's Economic Motives Are Obvious
By Joseph E. Mulligan

Studying world history helps us to suspect that the current military intervention in Iraq, dubbed Operation Iraqi Freedom, is powered by the long-standing U.S. policy of enhancing the freedom of large U.S.-based multinational corporations and banks to do unrestricted business at will.

Turf War Rages in Washington Over Who Will Rule Iraq
By Rupert Cornwell

As the Anglo-American forces are making their final push towards Baghdad, a war is raging in Washington over dividing up the booty.

Doublespeak: Islam and the media
By Fuad Nahdi

A western news agenda dominated by hostile, careless coverage of Islam distorts reality and destroys trust. This makes a dynamic, relevant, and professional Muslim media all the more necessary.

4 April, 2003

Turkey and The US War On Iraq

An Interview With Noam Chomsky

Embed With The Military
By David Miller

Embedded journalists are the greatest PR coup of this war.They are almost completely controlled by the military

3 April, 2003

Wailing Children, the Wounded, the Dead: Victims of the Day Cluster Combs Rained on Babylon
By Robert Fisk, in Baghdad

They fell like "small grapefruit". But they exploded and took many lives with it. The day that Cluster bombs rain down on Babylon.

Mesopotamia. Babylon. The Tigris and Euphrates
By Arundhati Roy

How many children, in how many classrooms, over how many centuries, have hang-glided through the past, transported on the wings of these words? And now the bombs are falling, incinerating and humiliating that ancient civilisation

Detecting Disinformation, Without Radar
By Gregory Sinaisky

The war in Iraq provides us plenty of interesting samples for a study of disinformation techniques. Here is one such example

US Marines Turn Fire on Civilians
at the Bridge of Death

By Mark Franchetti

Horror stories from Iraq. How war turns men into beast

2 April, 2003

Is Bush Nuts?
By William Thomas

President George W Bush, a reformed alcoholic, could be suffering from personality disorders.A Psychiatric assessment of GWB

Cows and Armed Guards on a College Campus.
Where is the Truth Amid All This Subterfuge?

By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

Are we getting all the truth from Baghdad?

No Way Out
By George Monbiot

Every likely outcome of this war is a disaster. Monbiot explores ways to get out of this war and save the world from disaster

Emperor George
By Jonathan Freedland

What has become of American values and idealism? All swept away in this thoroughly un-American war

“Don’t Mess With My Soldiers.They Are Trained Like Dogs to Kill. And They Will kill You...”

U.S. military detains, beats and threatens to kill four foreign journalists in Iraq. A Democracy Now! interview with Israeli reporter Dan Scemama

1 April, 2003

The Monster of Baghdad is Now the Hero of Arabia
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

This is now a nationalist war against the most obvious kind of imperial power

Forging Their Way to War
By Seymour M.Hersh

Veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reports that the intelligence report that Iraq had bought five hundred tons of uranium oxide from Niger, which helped the US government to obtain a congressional mandate for a military assault on Iraq, were based on forged documents.

The Cheney Connection
By Ruben Navarrette Jr

Did the vice president of the United States use his influence to help make his wealthy friends at his old company wealthier?