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23 July, 2005

Illegal War - Final World War?
Iraq, America And China

By Bill Henderson

Humanity's Bottleneck condition promises fierce competition for resources. In this context the Bush Administration sent a signal to the world in invading Iraq. The world is a much more dangerous place for everybody because the Bush Administration chose a resource war path, a path for all of us toward a nuclear World War Three

Al Qaeda or Al Fayda- Roots of Global Terror
By Ram Puniyani

Lured by the oil wealth of the region US-UK axis has violated every possible international law and have removed all roadblocks to its pursuits for profit (Fayda). This axis also attacked Afghanistan and Iraq telling the World that this is the only way to make their countries safer for themselves

22 July, 2005

Orwellian Media Won't Report
UK-US State Terrorism

By Gideon Polya

In relation to "terrorism" there is a huge gulf between mainstream media reportage and actual reality - a huge media lie encapsulated in the dishonest and semantically absurd phrase "War on Terror"

Understanding Suicide Attacks
By Subhash Gatade

It is high time that the ‘civilised world’ while mourning for the 50 plus innocents who died on 7/7 also gets ready to mourn the innocents who are getting killed daily on the streets of Iraq, Afghanistan or for that matter Palestine

Resort To Fear
By Noam Chomsky

The resort to fear by systems of power to discipline the domestic population has left a long and terrible trail of bloodshed and suffering which we ignore at our peril. Recent history provides many shocking illustrations

London: Another Casualty Of The "War on Terror"
By William Blum

In the period leading up to the US invasion of Iraq, from many quarters came the warnings of the great chaos and violence this would lead to in various parts of the world, the many new anti-Americans -- terrorists and otherwise -- who would be produced. But I think it can be said now that the consequences have been even worse than predicted

21July, 2005

The Cost Of Israel And US Wars
By Gideon Polya

In the post-war era the US has economically and militarily dominated the people and resource utilization of the World and is accordingly complicit in the associated horrendous global avoidable mortality (currently about 20 million per year). The post-1950 avoidable mortality (excess mortality) has been 1.3 billion (for the World)

Predicting The Inevitable
By Brita Rose

How many more predictable and inevitable revenge attacks do we have to witness or suffer before our politicians are either voted out, or get the message that this foreign policy is not working and there needs to be a drastic change of strategy? Too many more, I fear

01June, 2005

Seymour M Hersh — From My Lai To Abu Ghraib
By Seymour M Hersh, Andrew Burgin & Matthew Cookson

I read the transcripts of the Pentagon’s briefings. The first year of Rumsfeld was a real love-in. Someone would say, “Sy Hersh is at it again” and there would be laughter.It troubles me that there’s not a bigger anti-war movement in the US. People in the US are just sleeping, for whatever reason. But I’m doing stuff. I’ve got more stuff to do

19 May, 2005

Newsweek Retracts Guantánamo Abuse Story
By Bill Van Auken

Caving in to pressure from the Pentagon and the White House, Newsweek magazine Monday retracted a story on anti-Muslim abuse of detainees held in the Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, detention camp.The article sparked anti-US upheavals that swept Afghanistan last week claiming at least 17 lives and spreading to other parts of the Muslim world

Newsweek Probably Got it Right
By Calgacus

White House campaign to manage the news may win the day, but charges of Koran desecration appear in numerous previous reports

An Open Letter To The Troops:
"Fight For True Freedom Now!"

By Chuck Richardson

I am writing to let you know I support you, as a human being, with all my heart; but can’t support your military service to the United States because it is enabling a criminal enterprise. Mafia hit men are never acquitted because they’re “just following orders.”

15 May, 2005

The True Purpose Of Torture
By Naomi Klein

Guantánamo is there to terrorise - both inmates and the wider world

29 April, 2005

Arrogant Nation
By Doug Soderstrom

A psycho-social analysis of United States

26 April, 2005

Indo - US Military To Military Relations:
Who Will Benefit?

By Admiral vishnu Bhagwat

We now have a situation where the US Armed forces , a hitherto highly professional institution has turned itself deliberately and openly into a killing machine to impress the world with diabolical cruelty. What must be squarely faced , is whether military to military relations, will generate a similar psyche in the Indian Armed Forces?

23 April, 2005

The Dumbing Down Of The American Mind
By Doug Soderstrom

There is a very dangerous phenomenon that seems to be occurring in the United States of America; something that I refer to as “the dumbing-down of the American mind,” a nearly willful tendency for Americans to forgo reality in favor of believing what they want to believe

12 April, 2005

Imperial Reach
By Michael T. Klare

Of the dozen or so locations mentioned in Pentagon or media accounts of new basing locations, a majority--including Algeria, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Gabon, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Qatar, Romania, São Tomé and Príncipe, Tunisia--either possess oil themselves or abut major pipelines and supply routes

11 April, 2005

"The Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian"
By Owatica

If the human race is to survive at all, we absolutely must understand how we, the people of the world, are being manipulated into war by others who wish to enrich themselves through our blood. They prey on our fears and prejudices to manipulate us

09 April, 2005

Oil For Dollars, And Dollars For US Deficit
By Richard Benson

As the price of oil goes up, extra money floods into the Gulf kingdoms. With the US secretary of defense putting troops all over the ground in the Middle East, and those nimble aircraft carriers nearby and ready to deliver the "shock and awe of sudden democracy" to the Gulf monarchs, it's a sure bet that America's OPEC buddies will stash their newly found Asian lucky bucks into good old American Treasury notes

06 April, 2005

Oil-For-Food Scandal: Washington’s
Preemptive Strike On The UN

By Peter Symonds

The stench of hypocrisy and cynicism that surrounds the oil-for-food inquiry underscores the fact that it has little to do with allegations of corruption against Annan and other UN officials. Like other multilateral international institutions, the UN has become a battleground where the US is seeking to assert its unchallenged supremacy over its imperialist rivals

05 April, 2005

USA, Whose Hostage?
By Ghali Hassan

There is little doubt that the current US Government and its ideologues will continue to inflict harms not only on defenceless people outside the US, but also on the US and on the Americans people for the next few decades. The challenge is not whether the US will decline as an imperial power but whether the American people can prevent their country from becoming a permanent hostage of a foreign power and slow its decline

02 April, 2005

Whitewashing War Based On Lies
By Bill Van Auken

Like those earlier investigations, the WMD panel’s document serves up recommendations promoting an intensification of militarism abroad and police-state measures at home

01 April, 2005

Despots, East And West
By Satya Sagar

Western Despots(WDs) kill because they love people, Eastern Despots kill (EDs) because they hate them: A comparative analysis between WDs and EDs

30 March, 2005

Sleepwalking To Disaster In Iran
By Scott Ritter

Based upon history, precedent, and personalities, the intent of the United States regarding Iran is crystal clear: the Bush administration intends to bomb Iran. Whether this attack takes place in June 2005, when the Pentagon has been instructed to be ready, or at a later date, once all other preparations have been made, is really the only question that remains to be answered

US Scatters Bases To Control Eurasia
By Ramtanu Maitra

The United States is beefing up its military presence in Afghanistan, at the same time encircling Iran. Washington will set up nine new bases in Afghanistan in the provinces of Helmand, Herat, Nimrouz, Balkh, Khost and Paktia

23 March, 2005

Schiavo Case Quantitates Genocidal US Racism
By Gideon Polya

The Schiavo Case continues to excite the US and indeed the World. The US Congress, Senate and President are setting a new, radical, high level of respect for human life, but only if this new respect were to be applied to everyone! But in the US-conquered Afghanistan a life is at about 20,000 times cheaper than that of a brain-damaged, white American woman

Cuba And Venezuela Face The US And Colombia
By James Petras

The US strategy against Cuba involves a joint US-Colombian attack of Venezuela backed by internal terrorists and the ruling class

11 March, 2005

Democracy In The Middle East? Where?
By Ted Bohne

There certainly isn't one in Afghanistan. Karzai might be president in his house depending on his wife's mood, but past that, it's business as usual. What about Iraq? Why there's still a shooting war going on there. Threatening Syria makes little sense

By Richard Oxman

By any standard of measurement, the numbers of unnecessary, unconscionable deaths we have caused --through bombing, banking and betrayal-- far exceeds Hitler’s wildest dreams of devastation

06 March, 2005

Promoting Democracy In Middle East
By Noam Chomsky

'Where democracy appears to fit in well with US security and economic interests, the United States promotes democracy. Where democracy clashes with other significant interests, it is downplayed or even ignored.'

The Next Crusades
By Uri Avnery

The US government's posturings to bring democracy and freedom to Lebanon , disregarding its complexities and history can only push that country into civil war and with it the whole of Middle East

Target: Al Jazeera
By Christopher Brauchli

It's easy to get crosswise with the United States. Just ask Qatar. In 1988 it was Stinger missiles-today it's Al Jazeera

03 March, 2005

The Oil Factor In Bush's 'War On Tyranny'
By F William Engdahl

A world oil price of US$150 a barrel or more in the next few years would be joined by chokepoint control of the supply by one power if Washington has its way

23 February, 2005

End Of Empire, End Of Civilization?
By Kirkpatrick Sale

All empires collapse eventually! The present American empire also will end for sure, but will that be the end of civilization too?

19 February, 2005

Negroponte Becomes The Spy Chief
By Bill Van Auken

Bush names John Negroponte, a veteran of US subversion and dirty wars, as national intelligence director

Learning Lies
By John Pilger

How many more innocent people have to die before those who filter the past and the present wake up to their moral responsibility to protect our memory and the lives of human beings?

16 February, 2005

The Republican War
By Am Johal

George W. Bush and his Republican administration should have to wear the war in Iraq when it's all over. He has divided the nation and the world in a way that has not been seen since Vietnam

Halliburton Contracts Illegal -
Bush & Cheney Say So What

By Evelyn Pringle

After millions of tax dollars were spent investigating how Halliburton ended up being awarded billions of dollar worth of no-bid contracts in Iraq, the Government Accounting Office determined that the company should never have been awarded the contracts in the first place. In response to those findings, Cheney and Bush both, as much as thumbed their noses at tax payers as if to say "so what, what are you going to do about it?"

02 February, 2005

The Violence Of Hypocrisy
By T. Patrick Donovan

If we are to ever move beyond the violence that permeates America, and with which America is attempting to recreate the world in its own image, then we must take a long, hard look at the sticky web of hypocrisy that holds this country in thrall

The US And Iran: Questions That
Still Need To Be Answered

By Am Johl

With the Bush Administration's penchant for unilateralism, there will no doubt be an escalation of tensions between the US and Iran over the next eighteen months

19 January, 2005

Condy Rice Names 'Outposts Of Tyranny'

Condoleezza Rice, President George W Bush's nominee as secretary of state, has identified "outposts of tyranny" where the US must help bring freedom. They are Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Burma and Belarus

18 January, 2005

US 'Making Secret Plans To Attack Iran'
By Rupert Cornwell

Seymour Hersh, the journalist who uncovered the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, reports in The New Yorker magazine that the Pentagon has been conducting secret reconnaissance of potential target sites inside Iran

14 January, 2005

A global Gulag For You
By Jonathan Steele

Bush is now thinking of building jails abroad to hold suspects for life

07 December, 2004

Nader Attacks The Liberals
By Julian Borger

"We called them viral liberals - liberals whose brain closes down to any kind of tactics, strategies and alternative ways of defeating Bush other than letting the Democrats decide. It was an absolute brain-closing - a state of being a political zombie."

06 December, 2004

America's Imperial Wizard Visits Canada
By John Chuckman

In Ottawa, thousands of demonstrators outside were kept away from Bush's sight, a practice followed wherever the Imperial Wizard travels

23 November, 2004

By Ted Bohne

How many more BILLIONS of dollars will we give to a feckless thug and his mob before we SHOUT OUT, "NO MORE!" Or will we continue to mumble and write because we want someone else to do it

19 November, 2004

The Sanitation Of War
By Frank Thomas

The language of technology, the action movie campaign names like ‘Shock and Awe’, are used to set the terrain to conceive warfare as a smooth business-like transaction, a routine project with few casualties and little destruction.One of the big lies to have gone down is this sanitation of war

US Profits From Jihadist Terrorism
By Gideon Polya

The post-9/11 "extra" profits to the US War Economy total some US$400 billion - the sum of extra US military budget funding of $250 billion since 9/11 and additional funding for the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars of about $150 billion

America's Radioactive War
By Brita May Rose

There has been virtually no mention of the use of depleted uranium (DU) in this latest Gulf War, yet the US military has scattered this radioactive substance all over the desert in even larger quantities than it did in the Gulf War of 1991

Religion, The Election, And The Politics Of Fear
By Todd May

Those who argue about whether it is terrorism or gay marriage that sunk the Kerry campaign miss the point. They are two aspects of the same consciousness. And they are at the heart of the Bush administration's politics of fear

13 November, 2004

God Bless America
By John Chuckman

Some have characterized the Bush victory as marking the beginning of a third Great Awakening. America's fundamentalists want to escape the social consequences of such inevitable developments as gay marriage, abortion, and scientific research that begins to peel back the mysteries of Creation

12 November, 2004

Suspicions Stir Belief That
US Presidential Election Was Hijacked

By Greg Guma

Could sophisticated CIA-style "cyber-warfare" have helped George W. Bush change a three percent defeat, as measured by exit polls, into a victory of about the same margin? Yes, at least in theory

11 November, 2004

Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man
By John Perkins & Amy Goodman

"This empire, unlike any other in the history of the world, has been built primarily through economic manipulation, through cheating, through fraud, through seducing people into our way of life, through the economic hit men. I was very much a part of that"

08 November, 2004

Electronic Prophets
By Greg Guma

Religious Right broadcasters long ago learned an important lesson: Repeat almost anything often enough and many people will believe you -- even if it leads them to act against their own interests. A 1996 article which is even more relevant now

07 November, 2004

How Bush Tapped Into A Well Of Faith
By Paul Harris

There has been a new dawn in America's politics and it is shining on a political landscape shaped - not by war or jobs or healthcare - but by the role of faith in government and so-called cultural values on abortion and gay marriage. It is this landscape that will shape the United States in the next four years

04 November, 2004

The Nightmare Goes On
By Jonathan Freedland

Once it looked like an aberration. Now it is an era. George W Bush's tenure seemed to be the accidental presidency, one that would stand out in the history books as a freak event. Yesterday that changed, changed utterly

Bad News For Fallujah
By Paul McGeough

As Republicans prepare for a second term, the world is braced for more violence

Sleep Tight America!
By Am Johal

It was a big, giant "fuck you all" to the critics of America. It was an affirmation of the Bush White House and his handling of the wars, the economy, his leadership and his cabal of right wing ideologues

02 November, 2004

The World Is Counting On The USA
By Norman Solomon

"Should Bush be punished for going to war or not? If you say ‘yes,’ then you have to punish him, and the best way to punish him is to remove him from office.”

My Vote - My Gamble
By Andrea Dworkin

Given the choice between two dud candidates, Andrea Dworkin doesn't usually bother to vote. But this time, with a heavy heart, she's going for Kerry

The New Black Tokenism And American Empire
By Dennis Childs

If we do not want more re-runs of Vietnam, progressives and radicals will have to work to dismantle structural white supremacy even while struggling against corporate globalization, patriarchy, environmental destruction, and homophobia

01 November, 2004

Osama's Endorsement
By John Chuckman

Osama and the boys chose a critical moment to endorse Bush because they know four more years of his violent, incompetent arrogance does more damage to western interests than any attack they could hope to mount

29 October, 2004

Will There Be A War Against The World?
By John Pilger

What will happen if the nightmare in Iraq goes on? Perhaps those millions of worried Americans, who are currently paralysed by wanting to get rid of Bush at any price, will shake off their ambivalence, regardless of who wins on 2 November

27 October, 2004

Three Weddings And Lots Of Funerals
By Brian Clougley

"Three Weddings and Lots of Funerals" is different. The story line in what I write here is strong enough, but there are no laughs whatever. It concerns the willful massacre of over a hundred innocent people by US aircraft at two wedding gatherings in Iraq and one in Afghanistan in the past 15 months

26 October, 2004

Our War On Terrorism
By Howard Zinn

I am calling it "our" war on terrorism because I want to distinguish it from Bush's war on terrorism, and from Sharon's, and from Putin's

24 October, 2004

The Government You Deserve
By John Chuckman

There is no national debate in America on almost anything of genuine importance. The most narrow self-interest continues relentlessly under all the superficial noise and cheap tricks that pass for politics, and, so long as that remains the case, America will continue to kill and maim and overthrow

15 October, 2004

Political Roots Of American Insecurity
By Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti

"Understanding and resolving differences between Americans and Muslims" is one of the challenging issues facing the US policymakers today

11 October, 2004

Paradise Cleansed
By John Pilger

To understand the catastrophe of Iraq, and all the other Iraqs along imperial history's trail of blood and tears, one need look no further than Diego Garcia

If You Had Seen What I Have Seen
By Scott Ritter

The inspection process was rigged to create uncertainty over WMD to bolster the US and UK's case for war

10 October, 2004

Speak Now Or ......?
By Jeff Berg

"If we all do not start bailing with all of our collective might right now civilization’s ship will surely capsize and we all will remember back upon this and many other 'I told you so's' with despair when we look into the questioning eyes of your children and grandchildren"

30 September, 2004

Even To Empire Rules Apply
By Jeff Berg

The unilateral invasion of Iraq marks a turning point in America's place in the world. It has brought to the fore in a way that not even the death of millions in Indo-China could the fact of U.S. financial and ecological mismanagement of the planets limited resources

Huntington's Paranoia
By Zawahir Siddique

Book review of Samuel P. Huntington's book "Who Are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity" in which Huntington trains his guns on the Hispanics and African Americans

24 September, 2004

The Hypocrisy Over Beslan
By Joe Lauria

Terrorists who attack Russia have a reason grounded in political grievances while those who strike the United States do not

22 September, 2004

Still No Votes In Leipzig
By Jonathan Freedland

US policy now affects every citizen on the planet. So we should all have a say in who gets to the White House

18 September, 2004

The Resort To Force
By Noam Chomsky

Clinton's 1998 bombings of Sudan and Afghanistan created bin Laden as a symbol, forged close relations between him and the Taliban, and led to a sharp increase in support, recruitment, and financing for Al Qaeda, which until then was virtually unknown

17 September, 2004

Enough Already
By Dr. Trudy Bond

Enough already. I’ve decided there are no new editorials for me to read. Nothing to help me understand why the American people are standing by and watching the total chaos and destruction of the American government

12 September, 2004

We Should Not Have Allowed 19 Murderers
To Change Our World

By Robert Fisk

Any cop, confronted by any crime, looks for a motive. But confronted by an international crime against humanity, we were not to be allowed to seek the motive

09 September, 2004

The Bush Crusade
By James Carroll

"Crusade. I remember a momentary feeling of vertigo at the President's use of that word, the outrageous ineptitude of it. The vertigo lifted, and what I felt then was fear, sensing not ineptitude but exactitude. "

02 September, 2004

Bush Reloaded
By Satya Sagar

“Weep, buddy, weep. I’m gonna vote Bush and I hope he comes and bombs your ass”

01 September, 2004

Jewish Voters: Bush's Secret Weapon?
By Ciro Scotti

George Bush's strong Israel tilt has won him surprising support from a small but significant bloc. It could even be the margin in Florida

Imperial America
By Gore Vidal

This article is excerpted from Gore Vidal's latest book, Imperial America

24 August, 2004

The Warlords Of America
By John Pilger

Most of the US's recent wars were launched by Democratic presidents. Why expect better of Kerry? The debate between US liberals and conservatives is a fake; Bush may be the lesser evil

Public Power In The Age Of Empire
By Arundhati Roy

Transcript of full speech by Arundhati Roy in San Francisco, California on August 16th, 2004

21 August, 2004

The Trouble With Electing Caesar
By John Chuckman

America's campaign for Emperor is becoming nasty

18 August, 2004

Dehumanisation Of The “Other ”
By Ghali Hassan

Whether in the US, Britain or in Australia, the common “enemy” is the same kind of human who must be despised and excluded. Today it is the “Arabs”; at other times it is the Vietnamese. Negative images of the “others” are fuel for Western colonial war machine

17 August, 2004

The Bad or The Terrible?
By George Monbiot

Those who insist Nader supporters should vote Kerry are holding back US democratisation

11 August, 2004

Hiroshima Cover-up
By Amy Goodman and David Goodman

Or how the War Department's Timesman Won a Pulitzer

10 August, 2004

Oil Profits Behind West's Tears For Darfur
By Norm Dixon

While US and European governments' goal is renewed access by their countries oil corporations to Sudan's oil wealth, Washington's latest threats against Sudan are part of a “carrot and stick” approach that it has pursued with Khartoum since the 9/11 attacks

07 August, 2004

Fear, Not Fortitude, Propels American Empire
By Franz Schurmann

Why is democracy failing? A simple explanation is that Jews, Christians and Muslims used to have only one primary fear, and that was fear of God. Instead, all three now fear each other, or fear their own peoples. To work, democracy has to be optimistic. But fear is the antithesis of optimism

06 August, 2004

Israel The Real Winner
By Mohamed Elmasry

If we rank those countries which have benefited most, and are still benefiting, from the U.S.-led invasion and occupation of Iraq, Israel heads the list

04 August, 2004

The Oil War Moves To Sudan
By Doug Lorimer

In July 1998 the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported that a Chevron representative estimated “Sudan had more oil than Iran and Saudi Arabia together”

More Stories From Guantánamo Bay
By Vikram Dodd and Tania Branigan

Questioned at gunpoint, shackled, forced to pose naked. British detainees tell their stories of Guantánamo Bay

01 August, 2004

An Empire Of Torture
By Pelayo Mella

The pictures of American soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners made me relive what I, and many thousands of other Chileans suffered under the Pinochet’s dictatorship. What they did and do with Iraqis is exactly the same as they did with Chileans, Argentineans, and its is the same that occupying Zionists do with the Palestinians

31 July, 2004

The Pathology Of George Bush
By Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro answers President Bush's accusation that Cuba promotes sexual tourism and child pornography

30 July, 2004

Wither The Empire: The Rise
Of Global Resistance

By Omar Barghouti

The rest of the world truly hopes that Americans may themselves rise up to the occasion and renounce the empire from within; that they may opt for the status of relatively less privileged citizens of a more just and peaceful world, rather than the loathed masters of a bludgeoned, bullied, and oppressed world

Oil And Gas In Abundance In Washington
By Eli Clifton

According to a recent report by a Washington-based group, the Center for Public Integrity, the oil and gas industry has spent more than 440 million dollars since 1998 on campaign contributions and lobbying

29 July, 2004

Bush Floats War Against Iran
By Ted Rall

Failing to stamp passports is commonplace. Yet the Bush Administration, operating on the assumption that most Americans don't know that, is floating the possibility of war against Iran based on that innocuous practice

26 July, 2004

Torture Gets The Silence Treatment
By James A. Lucas

The torture revelations in Iraq is not an isolated occurrence. This report shows that for many years the U.S. government has had a pattern of using torture against people in other nations

Iran New U.S. Whipping Boy
By Eric Margolis

Those who deceived America into attacking Iraq may be at it again

25 July, 2004

What's At Stake In Venezuela
By Claudia Jardim and Jonah Gindin

An Interview with Tariq Ali

24 July, 2004

Two Sides Of The Same Coin
By Roger H. Lieberman

The imposition of a pro-American client regime in Baghdad through direct foreign aggression was an act as illegitimate as the Soviet take-over of Afghanistan in 1979

21 July, 2004

This Empire Too Will Fall
By Ali Al-Saeed

Just like the Romans before them and the Ottomans, the Americans are now busy with their empire-building, both in the territorial and power accumulating sense. But this empire too will fall

08 July, 2004

Privatizing War
By Greg Guma

The use of mercenaries was once a dirty, little secret most governments were loath to acknowledge. But today they're called private military contractors and perform almost every function essential to military operations

06 July, 2004

Nuke Nightmare: Bush's Drive To Armageddon
By Joel Wendland

A reelected Bush administration will try to push the NPT into extinction. The only feasible alternative scenario is replacing the Bush administration with an administration that is committed to NPT's original goals

29 June, 2004

US Supreme Court For Human Rights
By James Vicini

In one ruling the US Supreme Court court said the hundreds of foreign terror suspects at the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba could turn to American courts to challenge their confinement. In another ruling it said an American held in his nation is entitled to procedural protections to contest his detention

28 June, 2004

'Fahrenheit 9/11' a No. 1 Hit Across America
By Dean Goodman

Bush-bashing became America's favorite spectator sport over the weekend as Michael Moore's red-hot documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" earned more in its first three days of release across North America than his previous record-breaking movie did in its entire run

24 June, 2004

Prisoner Abuse: US Backs Down
Over Immunity For Soldiers

By Rupert Cornwell

The US has bowed to international outrage over prisoner abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan by abandoning its bid to secure a United Nations exemption for its soldiers from prosecution by the new International Criminal Court

23 June, 2004

Flurry Of Suicide Attempts At Guantanamo
By Associated Press

There was a flurry of Suicide Attempts at Guantanamo after Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller took over as commander in November 2002. Miller is now in charge of all military-run U.S. prisons in Iraq

US Tortured Afghanistan Detainees
By Duncan Campbell and Suzanne Goldenberg

Detainees held in Afghanistan by US troops have been routinely tortured and humiliated and five detainees have died in custody, three of them in suspicious circumstances, and survivors have told stories of beatings, strippings, hoodings and sleep deprivation

22 June, 2004

A Crusade Of Torture
By Joel Wendland

The pattern of abuse at Abu Ghraib did not result from the acts of individual soldiers who broke the rules. It resulted from decisions made by the Bush administration to bend, ignore, or cast rules aside. Administration policies created the climate for Abu Ghraib

20 June, 2004

Passion Of The Christ In Abu Ghraib
By Walter A. Davis

The past year has witnessed two important Events. (1) a film, The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson; (2) a body of photographs from Abu Ghraib. The two events are united by the secret they share: that of their psychological identity and what that fact reveals about what has happened to the American Psyche since 9-11

18 June, 2004

Agent Blue And The Business Of Killing Rice
By Gerard Greenfield

Companies that were involved in the US military's rice-killing operations are now telling us that they hold in their hands the future of rice. 'Rice is Life' -- that is why the US government dedicated so much money and military power to killing it in Vietnam. And that is why US corporations are targeting rice today, because taking over rice means taking over life

17 June, 2004

9/11 Commission: No Link Between
Al-Qaida And Saddam

By Andrew Buncombe

The Bush administration's credibility was dealt a devastating blow when the commission investigating the attacks of 11 September said there was no credible evidence that Saddam Hussein's regime had assisted al-Qa'ida - something repeatedly suggested by the President and his senior officials and held up as a reason for the invasion of Iraq

13 June, 2004

The Fallacy of Righteous America
By Ghali Hassan

My advice to Americans is to take a hard look in the mirror, and ask yourselves why your country is committing horrendous terrorist acts on the soils of other countries

10 June, 2004

Bush Still Screwing Iraq And America
By Sam Hamod

Not only did Bush succeed in putting his puppets back into the governance of Iraq, he also stabbed Brahimi and the UN in the back—all to the detriment of Iraq

09 June, 2004

America's Ignorance Is A Threat To Humanity
By Jeffrey D. Sachs

In the case of a superpower, ignorance is not bliss; it is a threat to Americans and to humanity

08 June, 2004

Who Is To Run The World, And How?
By Noam Chomsky

We have just passed the first anniversary of the President's declaration of victory in Iraq. I won't speak about what is happening on the ground. There is more than enough information about that, and we can draw our own conclusions. I will just mention one aspect of it: What has happened to Iraqis?

06 June, 2004

Scouting For Foot Soldiers In Dhaka
By Anu Muhammad

US Defense Secretary, Donald H Rumsfeld, arrived in Dhaka in search of foot soldiers for the US war machine in either Iraq or Afghanistan

05 June, 2004

Pope Lectures Bush On America's Duties
By Peter Popham

Pope John Paul II read President George Bush a stiff public lecture on America's duties in the world during an audience at the Vatican. Mr Bush listened to the Pope's words with eyebrows raised and an expression of frozen geniality on his face

The Price Of Failure In Iraq
By David Hirst

The US Iraqi enterprise was meant to transform the entire Middle East to the benefit of the Americans. Ironically, it is the US failure now that threatens to spread elsewhere

03 June, 2004

Neo-Con Collapse In Washington And Baghdad
By Jim Lobe

Fourteen months after reaching the zenith of their influence on U.S. foreign policy with the invasion of Iraq, neo-conservatives appear to have fallen entirely out of favor, both within the administration of President George W Bush and in Baghdad itself

01 June, 2004

USA: An Empire Of Denial
By George Monbiot

"Many parts of the world," he claims, "would benefit from a period of American rule." The US should stop messing about with "informal empire", and assert "direct rule" over countries which "require the imposition of some kind of external authority". But it is held back by "the absence of a will to power".

Meet The New Zionist's
By Matthew Engel

The members of the Christian Coalition of America are some of the most passionate defenders of Israel in the United States. There's just one catch: they want to convert all Jews to Christianity

25 May, 2004

America's Brutal Culture Of Unseen Oppression
By Robert Chesshyre

The maltreatment of Iraqi detainees and Muslim "terrorists" dehumanises not just those who man the cages and take the callous photos, but also the society in whose name the cages were built and the guards recruited

15 May, 2004

The Crash Of Civilizations
By Satya Sagar

Between the torture, rape, murder of Iraqi prisoners by the US army and the gruesome beheading of an American hostage by Al Qaeda what we have is the very CRASH of Civilizations

13 May, 2004

Addicted To Oil And Violence
By Kurt Vonnegut

Here’s what I think the truth is: We are all addicts of fossil fuels in a state of denial, about to face cold turkey. And like so many addicts about to face cold turkey, our leaders are now committing violent crimes to get what little is left of what we’re hooked on

29 April, 2004

The Military-Academic Complex
By Nicholas Turse

In 2003 Pentagon's prime contract awards to just two schools, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Johns Hopkins University which, together, raked in a combined total of $842,437,294

28 April, 2004

US: Procuring The World's Oil
By Michael Klare

In its pursuit of petroleum, the US is intruding in the affairs of the oil-supplying nations.This reality has already influenced US relations with the major oil-producing nations and is sure to have an even greater impact in the future

21 April, 2004

Waiting For The Apocalypse
By George Monbiot

US policy towards the Middle East is driven by a rarefied form of madness. It’s time we took it seriously

19 April, 2004

Dangerous Times
By Nick Pretzlik

“The world is too terrible a place to live in, not because of the bad things that happen, but because of the good people who stand by and do nothing.” -- Albert Einstein

02 April, 2004

Africa, Oil, & US Military
By Ritt Goldstein

Over the past several months, the US has been in the process of dispatching Special Forces troops to the countries of Africa's Sahel - Mauritania, Chad, Mali and Niger

30 March, 2004

'He Is Not Guilty And He Is Not Innocent'
By Oliver Burkeman

Captain James Yee, the only muslim chaplain at Guantánamo was arrested allegedly with secret documents about the prison, he was threatened with execution and branded a traitor. So why after 200 days in jail was he only charged with adultery and quietly released?

26 March, 2004

The Intelligence Business
By Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat

It is the politics of the decision to invade Iraq and execute a regime change, through use of military force that needs to be justified. The indiscriminate and disastrous use of 'Depleted Uranium munitions', the 'Silent WMDs' in Afghanistan and Iraq has not evoked the opposition that its use deserves, yet

19 March, 2004

Shifting American Strategy In The Gulf
By Yoginder Sikand

America is reconsidering its close alliance with the Saudi regime, and look for other partners in the region

18 March, 2004

The Burden of Empire
By Laurence M. Vance

According to the Department of Defense, the United States has troops in 135 countries. Here is the list

16 March, 2004

The American Elections,
And The Lessons Of Spain

By Gabriel Kolko

We are now experiencing fundamental changes in the international system whose implications and consequences may ultimately be as far-reaching as the dissolution of the Soviet bloc

15 March, 2004

'Public Diplomacy' In The Islamic World:
America's Propaganda Offensive

By Yoginder Sikand

In the absence of any meaningful and fundamental changes in American foreign policy, the much-touted American 'public diplomacy' exercise in the Muslim world will continue to resonate as hypocritical, insincere propaganda

13 March, 2004

My Hell In Camp X-Ray
By Rosa Prince and Gary Jones

A British captive freed from Guantanamo Bay today tells the world of its full horror - and reveals how prostitutes were taken into the camp to degrade Muslim inmates

03 March, 2004

The Accomplished Destruction Of Aristide,
The Planned Destruction Of Hugo Chavez

By Heinz Dieterich

The drama of Haiti and of the Aristide administration implies many dangers for Cuba and Venezuela. It is the final outcome of Washington’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) against popular governments in Latin America: namely, subversion-destruction










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