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What On Earth.....?

By Dr. Lorraine Hurley

24 September, 2010

I just got off the phone with Mike Murphy. Author of What in the World Are They Spraying? www.countercurrent.org March 3, 2010 and co-producer with G. Edward Griffin of a documentary, soon to be released, by that same name. Mike shared with me how he came to create this film. He said he asked  himself the simple question: What in the world are they spraying?, and then he set about to answer it. The initial result of his investigation was the aforementioned article. The video project was birthed from the hundreds of responses he received to his article from around the globe.

When Mike set out to produce this film, he requested an interview with Clifford Carnicom. I am involved with The Carnicom Institute ( www.carnicominstitute.com ) and their objective to host an international webinar on bio/geo engineering ( www.biogeoengineering.org ) in the next few months. Schedules and funds prevented a face to face meeting between Mike and Clifford before the film completed production but the invitation initiated a welcomed conversation between Mike and myself. We discussed our respective intentions and motivations for raising public awareness on the issues surrounding illegal aerosol spraying.  

Mike shared that as he was producing this documentary he frequently encountered criticism for not exposing more, for not addressing more than just the issue of the aerosol spraying itself. Truthfully, that was my initial reaction--why don't you expose more? 
Aerosol spraying is but a thread, albeit large thread, of a vast and complex web of covert operations on our planet. As we talked, I realized that he had made a wise decision in limiting the scope of this film. He has not forgotten what it is like to first grasp the implications of what is going on without our knowledge or consent. If we want to feed people truth and have them digest it, it is important to feed them what they can reasonably chew and swallow. Try to force feed them the whole buffet all at once and we make them sick.

The last thing I want to do in exposing the bio/geo engineering threats that are a very real and present danger to us all, is send people to that Bermuda triangle of stress;  fight, flight or freeze. The last thing I want to do is deter lucid, creative or effective responses to our circumstances. I want to educate and activate us. I want to help protect and empower us. That being said, I will acknowledge it is hard to seriously examine the realities of bio/geo/political manipulation and not come away, blown away.

My conversation with Mike got me to thinking about the questions that initiated an irrevocable shift in my world view. Many years ago I began to have experiences as a physician and parent that left me with a “What on Earth...?” type of confusion. “What...., medicine doesn't actually provide ‘health care'?” and “Wait a minute...., education is designed to meet the agenda of global corporatism?”  I decided to answer these challenges to my reality for myself. Little did I know then they were only the tip of an iceberg I would later find myself sitting on. They were the catalyst questions for a chain reaction of events that has brought me here today. 

In response to what I discerned to be true I left medicine and became a holistic practitioner and educator. I home schooled my daughter. I encountered frequent criticism and skepticism from people I thought respected my intelligence and values. But I couldn't pretend to not know what I knew, and I now understood I knew far less than I thought I did about a lot of things.

  “What on earth.....?” became an involuntary mantra for me. My ‘open mindedness' led me along ever longer roads, into ever deeper tunnels, and through out ever expanding webs of reality. Then some months ago I felt as though I was forced to swallow the entire buffet. I experienced a moment of finally connecting that dot that reveals the hidden picture. What was inferred was mind bending. I wouldn't wish the experience on anyone but I cannot stay silent because what I say might be difficult to digest. Especially when I believe with all my heart that we can create a different reality;  a sane, compassionate, healthy reality for all life on the planet. But we can only do that if we understand what is being created against us because we lack critical awareness of it.

Aerosol spraying has been in operation around the world for over a decade. It is well documented elsewhere (see Aerosol Crimes by Carnicom) and well studied by independent researchers around the globe. It is illegal, immoral and is disseminating far more than just toxic chemicals. The bio-engineered constituents of the spray and the effects the spraying is having on weather and sunlight, oxygen and water availability are already undermining our health and ultimately threaten the very survivability of all life on the planet and possibly within a matter of years and not decades. These strong assertions are backed up by credible scientific evidence. 

The conference mentioned above, www.geobioenginnering.org , is The Carnicom Institute's effort to help create the critical mass of educated awareness that is needed in order to stop malevolent agendas from overtaking us. Scientists, teachers, independent researchers and all manner of knowledgeable persons from around the world are being recruited to this task. We have also invited TPTB to join us (though we don't know yet that they will). It is our belief that when truth and deception stand together each is easily recognized for what it is. 

There is nothing ‘out there' that is going to stop what is going on. We must stop it. We are the solution. We are the rightful stewards of our world and the architects of our own destiny. What's on earth in the coming years depends entirely on what's with in us to enact change today.

Dr. Lorraine Hurley received her medical degree from the Boston  University School of Medicine in 1997. Presently, she works as a free- lance writer, educator and consultant promoting health recovery  through natural and progressive therapies. She is an activist 
concerned with raising public awareness of the global agendas that  currently threaten all life on the planet. She can be reached at drlorrainehurley@gmail.com