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05 December, 2005

Cobra's (or call them tigers) Are Back
By subhash gatade

The state police department of Andhra Pradesh has engaged a criminal mafia gang called ‘Black Cobra’ . This gang has been issuing ‘death lists’ in media and brutally hacking those on the lists.' And this gang has already killed two intellectuals

26 August, 2005

Fifty-four Years In Jail Without Trial:
The Plight Of Prison Inmates In India

By Parwini Zora

The state of India’s penal and justice systems speaks volumes about the true nature of human rights and social equality in a country routinely held up by the Western media as the “world’s largest democracy.”

13 August, 2005

Caste Discrimination Root Cause Of Conflict in Nepal
By Center for Human Rights and Global Justice

Caste discrimination is a root cause and an insidious consequence of the civil war in Nepal, the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice charged in a new report

12 August, 2005

The Vanished Of Punjab
By Rajesh Ramachandran

From 1984 to 1994, the Punjab Police was at its brutal best. A decade later, NHRC is still to administer justice

11 August, 2005

The Ugly Case: NHRC Of Nepal
By ACHR Review

The National Human Rights Commission of Nepal which played a crucial role to monitor human rights violations both by the security forces and the Maoists since its inception today stands as the most discredited National Human Rights Institution in the Asia Pacific region

20 July, 2005

For A Free Press
By Nuiman

New Delhi based Malayalam magazine Free Press has been forced to stop its publication for having written against state-sponsored terrorism. The journalists at Free Press have been under constant attack from the establishment ever since the magazine boldly covered the wrongs done to Abdurahman Geelani who was falsely implicated in the Parliament attack case

01 June, 2005

White Australia Abusing Asian Mothers And Children
By Gideon Polya

Have you got your passport?" is set to become a standard semi-serious comment within the "visible minorities" in racist White Australia

22 May, 2005

Joint Letter to Prachanda
By Human Rights Organisations

A joint letter by international humanrights organisations to CPN (Maoist) to establish mechanisms for cooperation with the UN human rights monitoring mission, including mechanisms to allow transparent and independent investigations by the UN teams in areas under (CPN) Maoist control

Australian Academics Advocate Legalized Torture
By Gideon Polya

Two Australian law academics have caused a storm in Australia by their advocacy of legalised torture

17 March, 2005

The Dark Side Of Australia's Palm Island
By Andrew Boe

Tensions between police and locals continue to run high on the troubled indigenous settlement of Palm Islan, Queensland, Australia following last November's death in custody of Cameron (Mulrunji) Doomadgee. It also raises questions about Australia's racial prejudices

09 March, 2005

Reign Of Terror In Kasipur
By Statesman News Service

The People's Union of Civil Liberties (PUCL) which went on a fact finding mission to the Kasipur area of Raygada district in the Indian state of Orissa where the Utkal Alumina International Limited (UAIL) plans to establish an alumina plant reports of a "reign of terror"

02 March, 2005

Australia: Palm Island’s Dark History
Of Aboriginal Repression

By Erika Zimmer

Conditions on Palm Island have steadily worsened. The disaster that has been created by a succession of governments, state and federal, is now being used to justify further inroads into the social position of Aborigines

20 February, 2005

Who Pulled The Trigger... Didn't We All?
By Arundhati Roy

Must we in our hypernationalism take a man who has already suffered enough and reduce him to fish bait? Can we-and our media-stop judging S.A.R. Geelani

16 February, 2005

White Australia Imprisons Refugees
By Gideon Polya

White Australia has been imprisoning thousands of innocent, non-European refugee men, women and children behind razor wire in privately-run detention camps in remote deserts and on remote Pacific islands

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