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28 December, 2003

The Politics Of Land And The Besieged Lot
By Goldy M. George

land reforms is an unfinished task and land struggle is an ongoing phenomena. A lot of serious effort needs to be put into this

10 December, 2003

Satyendra Dubey-Death Of A Whistleblower
By Sucheta Dalal

The anger against the murder of IIT engineer Satyendra Dubey is growing. But the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), which is guilty of leaking Dubey’s name to the very crooked contractors that he had complained against seems unaware about the groundswell of public anger

29 November, 2003

Extra Judicial Killing Of Women Naxalites in Uduppi
People's Democratic Forum Fact Finding Report

People's Democratic Forum, a human rights group from Karnatak reports that the so called encounter death of two women Naxalites on the 17th November at Bollottu in Karkala taluk of Udupi district was actually a cold blooded extra judicial killing by the police

Presumed Guilty
By Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Although the Malimath committee report on reform of the criminal justice system contains some useful suggestions, the overall thrust of the report is dangerous for the health of the criminal justice system in India

19 November, 2003

Elitism In Higher Education
By P L Vishweshwer Rao

The proposed Private Universities Bill will put ‘emerging areas of study’ beyond the reach of poorer sections of society

29 October, 2003

Human Rights Defenders:Fighting An Uphill Battle

Human rights defenders form the backbone of what might be an energetic and vibrant democratic polity. But the Indian State however does not look upon such activists as partners in the democratic process

25 October, 2003

Trafficking Human Misery
By Richard Tyler

Each year, some 1.2 million children are trafficked worldwide. 200,000 individuals are trafficked annually from eastern Europe, a significant proportion being children

22 October, 2003

And Then They Carved His Eyes Out
By Priya Ganapati

Story of Dhanvir Yadav, 14 , who had his eyes gouged out with a sickle by a group of boys on the reported orders of a sarpanch of a nearby village

08 October, 2003

Right To Education: China Fails
To Make The Grade

UN Special Rapporteur Katarina Tomasevski's two week visit of china destroyed every myth about China's upholding of the right to education. It was failing to provide education to children of migrant workers, barred children from receiving religious education, and covered only 53 percent of school funding

29 September, 2003

Village Of Endless Night
By J Dey

In the tiny village of Mahej in Maharashtra state of India, little girls are trapped into prostitution by their families where they end up doing the job the whole life

21 September, 2003

The Global Hierarchy Of Race
By Martin Jacques

As the only racial group that never suffers systemic racism, whites are in denial about its impact

10 September, 2003

Moments Of Privacy
By V. Gangadhar

At frequent intervals, members of the "moral police" swoop down on lovers relaxing at public parks and gardens in Indian cities.This violation of human rights should be considered as a crime

24 August, 2003

A New Emergency
By Githa Hariharan

How does this obsessive harking back to the two-child norm impinge on human rights? Large numbers of women, Dalits, adivasis, and the poor cannot contest elections to panchayati raj institutions

22 August, 2003

The Right To Strike
By Rajeev Dhavan

Strikes and demonstrations are a democracy's hard-fought weapons against oppression. They cannot be wished away by a Supreme Court

Judiciary -Messiah In Residence
By Ashok Mitra

The much discussed judgment of Indian Supreme Court is
comprehensively asinine: it is awfully lacking in symmetry

09 August, 2003

Supreme Court In Liberalised Times
By Prakash Karat

The Supreme Court of India judgement regarding the dismissal of 170,000 state government employees in Tamilnadu constitutes a severe assault on the rights of the working class

Judiciary Least Honest And Least Accountable
By Udit Raj

There is no law to govern judiciary in this country. In the appointment of judges, no objective procedure can be followed in the present situation to judge the character, capacity and ability of a judge and sycophancy, nepotism and favoritism are the order of the day

07 August, 2003

Remembering Hiroshima & Nagasaki
By David Krieger

"I suggest that every community throughout the globe commemorate the period August 6th through August 9th as Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days. By looking back we can also look forward and remain cognizant of the risks that are before us"

03 August, 2003

Repression In Afghanistan
By James Conachy

The report on Afghanistan issued by Human Rights Watch (HRW) catalogs the systematic violation of human rights by the militias of the Northern Alliance who were placed in power following the US invasion

03 July, 2003

11 Million Forgotten Children
By Peggy Peck

While the world's daily news headlines track the troubles in the Middle East and the latest emerging diseases -- SARS, monkey pox and West Nile virus -- nearly 11 million children are dying quietly, victims of the ancient villains: diarrhea, malaria and measles.

01 July, 2003

The Internet Under Surveilance
By Vinton G. Cerf

Publication of second annual report on cyberspace : "The Internet under Surveillance - Obstacles to the free flow of information online" This report is about attitudes to the Internet by the powerful in 60 countries, between spring 2001 and spring 2003. The preface is by Vinton G. Cerf, who is often called the "father" of the Internet.

29 June, 2003

Human Wrongs
By Ram Narayan Kumar And Tanu Thomas K

The Committee for Coordination on Disappearances in Punjab (CCDP) released a report, titled " Reduced to Ashes: The Insurgency and Human Rights in Punjab." The report analyses alleged cases of torture and extra-judicial killings in Punjab in the 1980s and early 1990s. An interview with one of its authors

29 May, 2003

Unsafe World
By Gideon Long

Amnesty International Anual report says that US 'War on Terror' Has Made World An Unsafe Place

26 May, 2003

Death Of Criminal Justice System?
Asian Human Rights Commission

Reforms Committee recommendations will throw the Indian criminal justice system back into the dark ages

18 May,2003

Surviving The Streets
By Harsh Mander

For the homeless on the streets of Delhi who battle against poverty, police highhandedness and perverse intrusions, the kinships they forge among themselves and the helping hand some organisations extend offer solace

09 May,2003

The Nowhere People
By Ranabir Samaddar

On the historical pattern of migration,South Asia have added another factor: that of communal politics predicating the movements of populations

08 May,2003

The Beacon Of Hypocrisy
By Ra Ravishankar

Anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant hysteria has skyrocketed in America since September 11

Thailand Human Rights Commission-
A Promise Not Kept

Two years into its existence, theThe National Human Rights Commission of Thailand has yet to develop the capacity to address the human rights situation in Thailand

28 April, 2003

Honoring Peace And Justice
By Susan Sontag

To Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero. To Rachel Corrie. And to Ishai Menuchin and his comrades.

25 April, 2003

Judgement Day
By Anand Patwardhan

The judgement on the WAR AND PEACE (JANG AUR AMAN) Vs Censorship case is a shot in the arm for the fight for freedom of expression

POTA: Handy Weapon to Settle Political Scores in TN

The draconian law POTA is being used in Tamil Nadu to settle political scores. Even juveniles are arrested under POTA

Children's rights infringed at Muthanga
By Roy Mathew

Police hit children on the head with lathis during the operation to evict the tribals from the Muthanga forests.

Muthanga Police Firing:
The Unthinkable Is Happening In Kerala

By V. Muhammad Sharif

"Police surrounded the camp and started to fire at the unsupecting Adivasis without warning." Eye witness account of the police firing in the Muthanga forest on striking adivasis.

Road To Muthanga - Sabotaging The Tribal Act
By G. Prabhakaran

What happened in Muthanga on February 19, 2003 was the culmination of the continuous sabotaging of The Kerala Scheduled Tribes (Restriction on Transfer of Land and Restoration of Alienated Lands) Act, 1975 by the successive governments and political parties.

The Tribal Blood - Muthanga: A Struggle for Survival
By Mukundan C. Menon

Mukundan C. Menon gives a historical perspective of the adivasi land struggle in Kerala which led to the Muthanga police atrocity

You have blood on your hands, sir.
You need to make amends

Arundhati Roy's letter to the Chief Minister of Kerala, after visiting Muthanga where police opened fire on hundreds of adivasis in which one adivasi died, and the death of many more feared and the brutal reprisal of the whole adivasi community is still going on.

Child Slaves In India’s Silk Industry

Human Rights Watch report reveals that the Indian government is failing to protect the rights of hundreds of thousands of children who toil as virtual slaves in the country’s silk industry

Plastic Identity: Dividing line between
Chosen People and Illegal Aliens

By John Dayal

The NDA governments move to give dual citizenship to non resident Indians of selected countries raises questions of public morality and human rights. While the rich NRIs of the western countries are given a redcarpeted welcome, millions of Bangladeshis who are living in India for years are given deportation orders

Treat Them Humanely

Kerala High Courts Order to the Criminal Courts to Treat The Accused/Witness/Complainant Humanely

Human Rights Week 2002
By Noam Chomsky

Prof. Noam Chomsky reviews Human Rights Week 2002 in the light of the war on Iraq

U.S. Cluster Bombs Killed Civilians in Afghanistan
Human Rights Watch Report

United States used cluster bombs in or near populated areas. U.S. cluster bombs also left an estimated 12,400 explosive duds—de facto antipersonnel landmines—that continue to take civilian lives to this day.

Afghanistan: Women Still Not “Liberated”

Human Rights Watch Report - Police Abuse, Forced Chastity Tests, and Taliban-Era Restrictions in Herat

Celebrating Human Rights Day, West Bengal Way

The West Bengal left front government celebrates human rights day and its silver jubilee by evicting more than 25000 bustee dwellers, lathicharging them and burning down their shanties. Association of Protection of Democratic Rights (APDR) leaders and others arrested for organising protests.

The T.N. anti-conversion ordinance and Article 25
By Valson Thampu

With the anti-conversion ordinance the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, is doing her best to espouse the Hindutva cause.
Tamil Nadu Ordinance on Religious Conversions
is a Hindu Fatwa
By Rajeev Dhavan

The Tamil Nadu Ordinance is not a simple statute for "truth, justice and the Hindu way of life". It is a kind of Hindu fatwa exhorting Hindus not to convert to any faith on pain of imprisonment.

Curb on personal freedom
By Anita Joshua.

The Catholic Church is itself against forced conversion. But the fear is that the Tamil Nadu Ordinance could lend itself to abuse in an environment that is hostile to minorities

When their gods failed them
By Neena Vyas.

Social justice has provided the strongest impulse for religious conversion among the most oppressed, the Dalits

Stifling dissent
By Radha Venkatesan

Tamil Nadu has a history of conversion as form of protest.

Epidemic of Abuse:Police Harassment of HIV/AIDS Outreach Workers in India
Human Rights Watch Report

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