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Journalists Are Killers Too...!

By Henk Ruyssenaars

Foreign Press Foundation
First Published 26/04/2002

The international journalist organization CPJ's research indicates, that at least 37 journalists were killed in 2001 because of their work as journalists. They either died in the line of duty or were deliberately targeted for assassination - even with "friendly fire" by their governments - because of their reporting or their affiliation with a news organization.

A question which needs an answer is however the following : are journalists killers too...? And the answer is an unequivocal YES. Journalists kill when keeping silent about crimes by their governments and others. Or help fabricate propaganda supporting wars.

They make killing possible when they obey orders to withhold information from the public or publish false material. They help killing when they use their job as a "cover" and cooperate with the CIA-Mossad or other intelligence agencies.

Another disgusting example is the infamous British "D-Notice" in "time of emergency". When the government c.q. military see it fit to order and censor for instance all journalists in the "British Empire". Meaning that the BBC is only half as reliable as people think. I've sometimes worked for them and refused for weeks working for the BBC during the Gulf War period. Because of the Oxford accent the BBC propaganda is noticed less.

But the air waves are filled with lies. I refuse sitting outside doors waiting to be lied to.

Contrary to many of my colleagues all over the world, I refuse to take part in the immense and disgraceful stream of small lies, bigger lies and publicity companies "War on Terrorism"-US-Press handouts. By conforming to the wishes of the global US-propaganda-machine, the journalists and correspondents are now an active part of the killing.

Publication of made observations can in many cases prevent bigger disasters, like President John F. Kennedy told some New York Times editors : "If you had published what you knew in advance, the whole Bay of Pigs disaster would never have taken place", he afterwards told them. Whom - contrary to good journalistic manners and style - had given in to the wishes of the White House not to publish the material they had.

Worse is happening now when anyone in the White House, the NSA/CIA or the Pentagon wants to attack another energy-rich country. The main part of the worlds journalists then actively takes part in the war by "preparing" American, and "massaging" socalled Western public opinion. And to acquire also that way the support of the US-Congress for an attack on whatever they feel like. Journalists will cooperate and as such are collaborators in the "War on Terrorism" -Killing Fields.

Mossad False Flag Operation :

A good example is given by Uri Avnery - well known writer and journalist - who lives in Israel. He has written extensively about the life and career of Ariel Sharon, and some days ago gave this example about "Iran, the media and the war preparation". Concerning Iran and the Mossad False Flag Operation with the arms ship the Karina A, Avnery wrote :

"- For this, Israel's good services are needed. It has an enormous influence in the US Congress and the media. It works like this: Israeli generals declare every day that Iran is producing weapons of mass destruction and threatens the Jewish State with a second Holocaust. Sharon announces that the capture of the Iranian arms ship proves Arafat is a part of the Iranian conspiracy. Peres tells everybody that Iranian missiles threaten the whole world.

- Every day some newspaper tells its readers that Bin Laden is in Iran or with the Hizbullah in Lebanon. (see also NY-Times-fake : on Arafat/Iran).

- President Bush knows how to reward those who serve him well. Sharon got a free hand to oppress the Palestinians, imprison Arafat, assassinate militants and enlarge the settlements. It's a simple deal: You (Israel) deliver the support of the US Congress and the media, I deliver the Palestinians on a platter."

And - for nearly everybody to see everyday in the socalled "News"-papers : the main part of the journalists tag along and as such are guilty by association. By not telling the truth about what they know.

So, yes, journalists that do not use the information they have about crimes against humanity in whatever form and whatever place, concerning whatever government - including the worst sinners right now - the United States and Israel : if those journalists don't speak up they are an active part of the killing and guilty as such. Guilty also of not being able to understand that tomorrow it may well be their turn.

Journalists that do not speak up, but do take part in the present global killing spree called "War on Terrorism" do not deserve to be called journalists. They are their Master's Voices, and as such a disgrace to our profession. Those "journalists" are propagandists and collaborators; making our world a still worse place to live in.

Those are the ones that do not publish this article ....


"In Germany first they came for the Communists; I wasn't a Communist so I didn't speak up.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists; I wasn't in a Union so I didn't speak up.

Then they came for the Jews; but I was a Christian, so I didn't speak up.

Then they came for the Catholics; I was a Protestant, so I didn't speak up.

Then they came for me; and there was no one left to speak up".

-Pastor Martin Niemöller.

He died in the concentration camp.