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Fukushima's Secret Radionuclides

By Mary Hamer M.D

16 May, 2011

*PURPOSE: The purpose of this paper is to appeal to the Japanese & U.S. authorities to release information about the Fukushima radionuclides released as a result of the Major level #7 nuclear power accident that began in March 2011. (1)

*SECRETS: Secrets are dangerous. Secrets imply God-given divine knowledge. Secrets endow those who are in power with a position of Superiority over Other inferior entities. Secrets are about Power & control. Secrets are about Domination by a select, privileged few people over the masses. Secrets are a feature of the Human ego. People with secrets often do not share this information, but rather covet this knowledge. Those people who have secrets often do not live by the highest moral principle of doing the right thing – Rather people with secrets often have hidden agendas that fulfill Narcissistic values – often at the expense of the masses, including the ignorant & the innocent. This paper is a request to government, corporate & military-industrial complex officials for full disclosure of information regarding the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

* KEY SECTIONS: The key Sections of this article are:

I. The Secret 8 Radionuclide List? Confidential Information, Concealment & Denial of Data.

II. Letter to TEPCO, the Japanese Government & the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

III . Radionuclide Inventory.

IV. Deeper Philosophical Questions & Comments.


*CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: “The … claim from authorities is that 2 fission products have been emitted into the biosphere by the Fukushima event. This is most odd, given that the fission product inventory (from nuclear reactions) consists of over 250 radio-nuclides. There is more than Cesium-137 & Iodine-131 being emitted.” “The New York Times, on acquiring a confidential copy of a US NRC report on Fukushima , reported that 8 fission radio-nuclides had been identified in the environment of Japan outside of (the) Fukushima reactor (site)”. (2) What are these 8 secret Fukushima radionuclides? Specifically, what radionuclides are in the Fukushima fires & smoke, explosions, clouds (3) & the leaking nuclear reactor waters? The international community & the Japanese people have a Right to know about the Fukushima radionuclides, the radiation exposure & radioactive contamination from the Fukushima nuclear accident.

*CONCEALMENT of INFORMATION: An example of the secretive nature of this nuclear disaster includes: the Moscow/London Interview with Professor Chris Busby who was asked: Would the nuclear industry conceal a nuclear reaction in the Fukushima Unit #3 reactor in March 2011?; Professor Busby responded: Yes, it's possible that the nuclear industry would conceal a nuclear explosion. (4)

*DEADLY SILENCE: Norris writes about the Deadly silence of the Fukushima nuclear accident including: “People need answers, data & honest information to help them deal with what is going on.” & discusses the: “Media blackouts, propaganda & greedy self-interested industries” involved in this nuclear disaster. (5) Overall, what types of radionuclides are being released at Fukushima in addition to I-131 & Cesium-137? Uranium, Plutonium, Technetium, Ruthenium, Strontium, Niobium?

*GREENPEACE REQUEST DENIED: “The Greenpeace ship Rainbow water has requested the Japanese government to test the waters (of) Japan ; Japan has refused this independent data request”. (6)

* FUKUSHIMA RADIONUCLIDES: The published Fukushima radionuclide inventory includes: Iodine-131, Cesium-137, Plutonium, Strontium, Lanthanum, Tellurium & Xenon. (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)

*II. LETTER to TEPCO, The JAPANESE Government & the U.S. NRC:

*Dear Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) (12) & the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) (13)  Please publish & make a full disclosure of a list of all the radionuclides, their concentrations & the locations of the radioisotopes detected as a result of the Fukushima nuclear accident. The International community #1. Has a Right to know this information. #2. These facts are vital for public Safety reasons to predict acute radiation sickness & long-term consequences such as thyroid cancer & leukemia risk. #3. This data is important in determining Exclusion zones. #4. These statistics will help the world community determine future Nuclear power policies. #5. This information will help confirm or deny whether or not a nuclear weapons program was being conducted at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. (14)


*Nuclear power plant activity, uranium processing, nuclear bomb manufacturing & other nuclear technology – each have their own radionuclide by-product signatures called inventories. The radioisotope inventories of a sample can suggest a specific source of such radioactivity.

*Here are some Samples of Radionuclide inventories given different types of Nuclear technologies:

*NUCLEAR POWER PLANT RADIOCHEMISTRY: The Radionuclides in a Nuclear Reactor core with fresh nuclear fuels includes the U-235 decay chain: U-235, Th-234, Pa-231, Ac-227, Th-227, Ra-223, Rn-219, Po-215, Pb-211, Bi-211, Tl-207, Pb-207. (15)

*RADIONUCLIDE AIR RELEASES from (a) URANIUM-ENRICHMENT PLANT includes: U-234, U-235, U-236, U-238, Tc-99, Ru-106 & Zn/Nb-95. (16) Note: “The International Atomic Energy Agency attempts to monitor & control enriched uranium supplies & processes in it's efforts to ensure nuclear power generation safety & (to) curb nuclear weapons proliferation”. Note: Highly enriched Uranium of weapons grade is about 90% U-235 & 10% U-238/Depleted Uranium – Whereas Natural Uranium contains >99.2% U-238 & .72% U-235.. (17)

*RADIONUCLIDE AIR RELEASES from (a) FUEL REPROCESSING PLANT includes: H-3, C-14, Kr-85, I-129, I-131, Ru-106, Sr90, Cs-134, Cs-137, Eu-154, Pu-238, Pu-240, Pu-241. (18)

*RADIONUCLIDE AIR RELEASES from the MINING of URANIUM includes: U-238, Th-232 & Rn-222. The Radionuclide air releases from the Milling of Uranium includes: U-234, U-235, U-238, Ra-226, Th-230, Th-234, Pb-210, Po-210, Bi-210 & Rn-222. (19)

*RADIONUCLIDES in the SOIL in the CHERNOBYL EXCLUSION ZONE : includes: Cs-137, Cs-134, Sb-125, Co-60, Eu -154, Nb-94, Pu-239/240, Pu-238, Sr-90 & Am-241.


*RADIONUCLIDES from Atmospheric NUCLEAR WEAPON TESTS: includes: Pu-238/Pu-239 & 240, Cs-137/Pu-239 & 240, Am-241/Pu-239 & 240. (21)

*RADIONUCLIDE INVENTORY from Various SOURCES: Here is a sample of I-129 Radioactivity given different Sources: Natural hydrosphere: .52 TBq, Atmospheric testing: .52 TBq, Chernobyl : .04 TBq, Hanford Site: 1.7 TBq, Spent Fuel Reprocessing: 26 TBq. (22)

*QUESTION to TEPCO & the NRC: What is the Radionuclide inventory of the Fukushima nuclear accident including Reactor Units 1-6?



*NUCLEAR REACTOR #4: Yoichi Shimatsu states: “The size of the (Unit 4) fire indicates that this reactor was running hot for some purpose other than electricity generation. It's omission from the list of electricity-generating operations raises the question of whether Unit 4 was being used to enrich uranium, the first step of the process leading to extraction of weapons-grade fissionable material.” (23)


*The Tokyo Electric Power Company's (TEPCO) website states: “I would like to extend my sincerest condolences & prayers for the precious loss of life due to the devastating (Japanese) Earthquake that struck our nation on March 11 (2011). Our deepest sorrows go to those people & their families who are suffering from the damage. … I deeply apologize for the distress caused due to the extensive damage that Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station sustained resulting in the leakage of radioactive materials to the surrounding areas of the power station”. (24) Questions: Does this TEPCO apology blame the Earthquake & tsunami for the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster or does TEPCO take responsibility for the Fukushima nuclear accident? Does TEPCO claim responsibility for building a nuclear power plant in a tectonically unstable geographic zone? (25) Does TEPCO admit responsibility for violating the Precautionary principle? (26) Will TEPCO apologize to future generations for radiation-induced DNA mutations & birth defects? Will TEPCO apologize to the world community for radioactive contamination of the Earth's air, land & ocean ecosystems?


*The “Former Fukushima Governor Eisako Sato, a supporter of nuclear power turned critic, explained that 21 problems at the Fukushima Dai-ichi (nuclear) plant had been reported to his office between 2002 & 2006. … Sato was forced to step down in 2006 over bribery allegations, which he claimed were politically motivated. ‘Those who say nuclear power is dangerous … are treated as state enemies', (Sato) told Tokyo 's Foreign Journalist's Club.” (27)


“A Russian nuclear scientist who took part in emergency responses to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster finds one thing in common between what Japanese & former Soviet Union authorities … say – (They state) their nuclear power plants were absolutely safe”. (28)


The American Progress website publishes 10 Reasons Not to invest in Nuclear energy, including: High & escalating capital costs; Unresolved problems including the security of (nuclear) waste & storage; Other clean energy technologies are cheaper, cleaner & faster to build. (29)

* WIND POWER: Why hasn't Northern Japan invested in Wind Power? Yoichi Shimatsu states: “The Siberian high-pressure zone ensures a strong & steady wind flow over northern Japan , but the region's utility companies have not taken advantage of this natural energy resource. The reason is that TEPCO … acts much as a shogun over the 9 regional power companies & the national grid. It's deep pockets influence high bureaucrats, publishers & politicians … while nuclear ambitions keep the defense contractors & generals on it's side.” (30)


*The Human race is choosing to defile & desecrate the Earth with radioactive waste & radiation exposure to humans, animals, ecosystems & the Earth. Some of these radioactive isotopes & their radioactivity & toxic effects are severe, long-term & widespread.  For example, U-238 or Depleted uranium (DU) has a half-life of 4.5 billion years – which is about the age of the Solar system. (31) (32) (33) Reported Health effects of DU include: Chemical toxicity to the brain, DNA , kidneys & immune system and DU's Radiologic effects if inhaled or ingested or if there is embedded shrapnel containing Depleted uranium. (34) Also, weather & geographic conditions including air & ocean currents can disperse these radionuclides in fallout patterns long distances throughout the world.  The Homo Sapien masses have given their consent to governments, the corporate world & the military industrial complex: To mutate & deform children with radiation, to cause radiation-induced cancers such as leukemia & thyroid cancer, to cause acute radiation sickness to humans and to poison animals & the environment. May the human race in it's wisdom ban all nuclear technology.

Namaste. Thank you. Respectfully, Mary Hamer, M.D. U.S.A.

Mary Hamer is a medical doctor by profession. She is a regular columnist for Countercurrents


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