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Humanocide: A New International Crime
And Human Rights Violation

By Mary Hamer

03 January, 2012

Dedicated to the Victims of Hatred & Persecution

LEFT for DEAD: The perpetrators of Humanocide with their intent to harm & destroy their targets -- often leave the victims for dead, by the side of the road. I dedicate this essay to all the people the offenders of Humanocide – have left for dead. I will stop & offer you all a helping hand. I will fight for all the victims society has left for dead – & I will fight for you forever. (1).

*PURPOSE: The purpose of this paper is to define a new Legal term: Humanocide. Humanocide is a new International crime & Human rights violation. Humanocide is a word I created that is derived from the basic Human rights terms: Genocide & Crimes against Humanity and the Psychological concepts of: Zerzetzen Psycho-Terror & Bullying/Mobbing. I define Humanocide simply: as 2 or more People in power who conspire to destroy a targeted person, either mentally &/or physically. I chose the gender neutral term Humanocide as the preferred term -- compared to the alternative gender specific term Manocide. I will use the words Perpetrators/Offenders to describe the people in power who execute the crime of humanocide & Targets/Victims to describe the recipients of the humanocide acts. The Key Sections of this paper are: I. Derivation of Humanocide Principles based on International Law: Genocide & Crimes against Humanity. I. ' Derivation of Humanocide Principles based on Psychological Concepts: Zerzetzen Psycho-Terror & Bullying/Mobbing. II. The Official Definition of Humanocide. III . Application: Joran Van der Sloot.  IV. Conclusion.

I. Derivation of HUMANOCIDE Principles based on INTERNATIONAL LAW Concepts:


The “1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG). … defines Genocide as: "Any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national , ethnical , racial or religious group, as such: Killing members of the group; Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction”. (2)

Genocide includes the: “ Destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity” of targeted people. (3) “For genocide to happen, there must be certain preconditions. Foremost among them is a national culture that does not place a high value on human life. A totalitarian society, with its assumed superior ideology, is also a precondition for genocidal acts. In addition, members of the dominant society must perceive their potential victims as less than fully human: as “pagans,” “savages,” “uncouth barbarians,” “unbelievers,” “effete degenerates,” “ritual outlaws,” “racial inferiors,” “class antagonists,” “counterrevolutionaries,” and so on. In themselves, these conditions are not enough for the perpetrators to commit genocide. To do that—that is, to commit genocide—the perpetrators need a strong, centralized authority and bureaucratic organization as well as pathological individuals and criminals. Also required is a campaign of vilification and dehumanization of the victims by the perpetrators.” (4) Gregory Stanton's 8 Stages of Genocide includes: An “Us –vs- Them” philosophy & Dehumanization including: Hate speech. (5)


*CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: Crimes against Humanity are defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum as “Odious offenses … A serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of … human beings. (Crimes against Humanity) are not isolated or sporadic events, but are part either of a government policy … or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a government”. (6)

*Horton emphasizes the fact that for crimes against humanity, “The level of culpable responsibility can be as low as condoning or tolerating the (crimes)”. Horton also clarifies the fact that intent to commit a crime against humanity includes advertent recklessness. Horton also points out that crimes against humanity are either Systematic (including a political objective or ideology to destroy, persecute, or weaken a community) (repeated & continuous acts) (use of significant resources to carry out the acts) &/or Widespread (including large scale, frequent, collective). (7)

I. ' Derivation of HUMANOCIDE Principles based on PSYCHOLOGICAL Concepts:


*Zerzetzen (8) is a: “'No touch torture' technique developed by the STASI (Former Communist East Germany Secret Police) to persecute dissidents”. (It is) “Being used by (government) intelligence agencies today” – To “break individuals & destroy families”. Zerzetzen as a torture method includes the “Obliteration of the personality of the victim” & methods that diminish the victim's mental & physical capabilities. (9) Zerzetzen is a human rights abuse. Zerzetzen is “'Oppression by systematic decomposition' … (that causes) ‘Severe & prolonged suffering' without leaving marks”. “It's purpose is to poison every aspect of a person's life”. Zerzetzen involves “Character assassination, (Slander), Threats (Indirect threats include: Computer & email interference to disrupt communications), Death threats, Intimidation, Harassment, Illegal Surveillance, Illegal Telephone Tapping, Stalking & a government cover-up denying justice”. “It's about manipulating people” for example with: Hearsay, gossip, lies, spreading rumors, etc.. Zerzetzen includes a “Campaign of slander & defamation … designed to ostracize one from the community & to render the victim unemployable & without funds to live on”. It is a “Gross abuse of power by Government” which includes Bureaucratic Harassment & a “Perversion of … justice”. The perpetrators of Zerzetzen engage in a “Cover-up Conspiracy” to hide their guilt; They “Operate above the law with impunity”; & they ensure that “No honest investigation takes place”; Then the government says “You are Nuts when you complain about the Cover-up”. Civil liberties, the Rule of law & Democratic principles are unimportant according to Zerzetzen perpetrators.


*DEFINITION: Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior performed by a bully aimed at the victim or target of bullying. (10) (11) “Bullying consists of 3 basic types of abuse: emotional, verbal & physical.” (12 “Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt another person, physically or mentally. Bullying is characterized by an individual behaving in a certain way to gain power over another person.” (13)

*WEAPONS of BULLIES: Violent language is a key weapon of bullies. Verbal abuse includes: Defaming, Discounting, trivializing, harassing, interrogating, accusing, blaming, insulting, lying, berating, taunting, putting down, threatening, name-calling, yelling & raging. (14)

*CHARACTERISTICS of BULLIES & BULLY ACCOMPLICES include: “Research indicates that adults who bully have personalities that are authoritarian, combined with a strong need to control or dominate” (15) “Further studies have shown that envy & resentment may be motives for bullying”. (16) “Some bullies are arrogant & narcissistic”; “Bullies are also adept at manipulation (especially of people's emotions), deception, and evasion of accountability.” (17) “Others can use bullying as a tool to conceal shame or anxiety or to boost self esteem; By demeaning others, the abuser him/herself feels empowered”. (18) “Researchers have identified other risk factors (for bullying) such as depression” (19) & “”Personality disorders” (20) Other risk factors for bullying include; “Quickness to anger” & “Addiction to aggressive behaviors”. (21)

*MARKERS of BULLYING: #1. Imbalance of Power: The bully can be older, bigger, stronger, more verbally adept, higher up on the social ladder, … of the opposite sex. #2. Intent to Harm: The bully means to inflict emotional &/or physical pain, expects the action to hurt & takes pleasure in witnessing the hurt. #3. Threat of further Aggression: including the statement: “I am not going away”. #4. Terror: Bullying is systematic violence used to intimidate & maintain dominance. Also, Bullies have the following traits in common: They like to dominate other people; They are concerned only with their own wants & pleasures & not those of others; They use blame, criticism & false allegations to project their own inadequacies onto their target; They refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. (22)

*SOCIAL AGGRESSION: One form of bullying called “Social aggression … is characterized by threatening the victim into social isolation. This isolation is achieved through a wide variety of techniques”, including: Spreading gossip, criticizing, name calling, the silent treatment, arguing into submission, manipulation, lies, rumors, staring, giggling, laughing at the victim, saying certain words that trigger a reaction from a past event & mocking. (23)


*SUICIDE: “There is a strong link between bullying & suicide”. (24)

*PTSD: Bullying “In the long term can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”. (25) Bullying can cause loneliness, depression, anxiety, lead to low self-esteem & increased susceptibility to illness”. (26)

*VIOLENCE: “The link between bullying & school violence has attracted increasing attention since the 1999 rampage at Colorado's Columbine High School.” “Analysis by officials of the U.S. Secret Service of … school shootings found that bullying, which some of the shooters described ‘In terms that approached torment', played a major role in more than 2/3's of the attacks”. “ More than two-thirds of academically talented eighth-graders say they have been bullied at school and nearly one-third harboured violent thoughts as a result.” (of bullying). (27)

*MOBBING: Let's now investigate the cousin of Bullying: Mobbing. In the book MOBBING: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace , the authors identify mobbing as a particular type of Bullying that is: "...an Emotional assault. It begins when an individual becomes the target of Disrespectful and harmful behavior. Through innuendo, rumors, and public discrediting, a hostile environment is created in which one individual gathers others to willingly, or unwillingly, participate in continuous malevolent actions to force a person out of the workplace.” Mobbing victims are usually "Exceptional individuals who demonstrated intelligence, competence, creativity, integrity, accomplishment and dedication". (28) *Mobbing “Is an impassioned, collective campaign by co-workers to exclude, punish & humiliate a targeted worker. Initiated most often by a person in a position of power or influence, mobbing is a desperate urge to crush & eliminate the target. The urge travels through the workplace like a Virus, infecting one person after another. The target comes to be viewed a absolutely abhorrent, with no redeeming qualities … deserving only of contempt. As the campaign proceeds, a steadily larger range of hostile ploys & communications comes to be seen as legitimate.” (29) Another definition of Mobbing states: “ Workplace mobbing can be considered as a ‘Virus' or a ‘Cancer' that spreads throughout the workplace via gossip , rumour and unfounded accusations. It is a deliberate attempt to force a person out of their workplace by humiliation , general harassment , emotional abuse and/or terror . Mobbing can be described as being ‘Ganged up on'. Mobbing is executed by a leader (who can be a manager, a co-worker, or a subordinate). The leader then rallies others into a systematic and frequent ‘mob-like' behaviour toward the victim.” (30) Victims of workplace mobbing frequently suffer from: adjustment disorders , somatic symptoms (e.g., headaches or irritable bowel syndrome ), psychological trauma , post-traumatic stress disorder and major depression . In mobbing targets with PTSD, Leymann notes that the mental effects were fully comparable with PTSD from war or prison camp experiences. Some patients may develop alcoholism or other substance abuse disorders. Family relationships routinely suffer. Some targets may even develop brief psychotic episodes, generally with paranoid symptoms. Leymann estimated that 15% of suicides in Sweden could be directly attributed to workplace mobbing.” (31)


Humanocide shares many of the principles of Genocide, Crimes against humanity, Zerzetzen & Bullying as described below:

*GOAL: Overall, The perpetrator's goal in humanocide is: To harm, to hurt, to annihilate, to humiliate, to shame, to mutilate the soul of, to disintegrate, to obliterate the self-esteem of, to oppress, to destroy, to kill the spirit/body of the target victim. The perpetrators of humanocide do not believe in Jesus', Gandhi, the Honorable Dalai Lama's or Martin Luther King's Non-Violence principles – quite the opposite – the offenders of humanocide believe strongly in Violence, but favor the more subtle, softer & more socially acceptable acts of violence such as verbal violence – compared to harder, physical acts of violence. In extreme instances, the perpetrators may terrorize the victim to such an extent as to cause a complete disintegration of the target's psyche resulting in complete loss of self-esteem, severe depression, complete mental breakdown, violence & suicide.

*PERPETRATORS, CONSPIRACY: Humanocide is 2 or more people in Power who form a conspiracy, perceive themselves as being Superior & who try to destroy a single weaker person of a perceived inferior group. The goal of the people in power is to kill the spirit/self-esteem &/or physically kill the targeted person. The perpetrators of humanocide go beyond the desire of bullies to dominate the victim; The perpetrators of humanocide want to destroy the target. The people in power include any of the following combinations of people: Government officials, the media, corporations, banking institutions & private citizens. The people in power act by deliberately inflicting conditions calculated to bring about the mental or physical destruction of the targeted person. In other words, the offenders kill the target not with a gun -- but in denying the victim the basic resources to conduct a normal daily life. The perpetrators destroy the security, liberty, health, wealth &/or dignity of the victim. The people in power kill by multiple repeated & continuous direct, intentional, active acts -- or by covert, passive intentional acts such as: Tolerating failure, turning a blind eye to self-destruction, negligence, recklessness or depraved indifference regarding the disintegration of the targeted person. The perpetrators also encourage corruption & anti-social behavior in the victim, for example by entrapping the target in sting operations.

*PERPETRATORS, Examples: Anyone including: Teachers, TV personalities, attorneys, investigators, medical staff, Presidents, FBI agents, businessmen, poker players, motivational speakers, etc. – can execute humanocide.

*PRECONDITIONS: The preconditions of humanocide include a philosophy of Us –vs- Them, separation & exclusion, whereby the offenders see themselves as Superior forces, on a Mission to destroy the victim who is inferior & less than human. Unity, equality & inclusiveness do not exist in the perpetrator's philosophy. Having a quote: Enemy is a core, critical feature of humanocide– which entitles the people in power to dehumanize & destroy the target – without remorse. While the offenders of humanocide may justify their cruel actions based on their vigilante justice philosophy, vigilante justice does not justify humanocide. In general, the offenders of humanocide abandon the Rule of law for their own Narcissistic objectives.

*WEAPONS of HUMANOCIDE: The people in power achieve their goal of annihilating the targeted person using: Money, the media, corporate power, denial of banking opportunities & political influence to destroy the mental health or physical body of the targeted person. Overall, there is a gross Imbalance of power between the perpetrators of humanocide & the victims. The offenders are often older, more financially secure, have strong media connections, are more verbally adept & are higher on the social ladder – targeting a younger victim who is less financially secure, who has no media connections, who may be less verbally confident due to the younger age & who is lower on the social hierarchy.

*BULLYING, MOBBING & GANG Behavior: The perpetrators use bullying, mobbing & gang methods to terrorize & psychologically destroy the victim. Humanocide goes beyond Bullying, Mobbing, ganging & the emotional abuse of an individual by a group; With humanocide the goal is to not to just force someone out of a social sphere such as a workplace -- through rumor, innuendo, intimidation, humiliation, discrediting, isolation & other forms of malicious harassment; The goal of humanocide is to force someone out of society entirely, to ostracize them, to destroy the basic conditions for basic survival & to bring about the victim's complete destruction.

*VERBAL VIOLENCE: Violent language aired by the media is a key weapon used by offenders to attack the victim. Hatred is the key motivating emotion driving this human rights violation & crime. The perpetrators of humanocide have malice: i.e. The “Desire to inflict injury, harm or suffering on another”. (32) – similar to one of the core characteristics of Bullying – The intent to harm. The offenders of humanocide may also have Schadenfreude: i.e. “Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others” -- who take comfort in a target's suffering & life of hell. (33) Slander, Name Calling, Fighting words, Death threats & Hate speech are specific examples of verbal weapons used by the perpetrators of humanocide. Examples of Name calling include: Psychopath, homicidal maniac, time bomb, Satan, terrorist. Other types of verbal abuse used by offenders (similar to methods used by bullies) include: Harrassing, accusing, lying, trivializing, interrogating, blaming, insulting, berating, taunting, putting down. Gandhi Non-Violence principles do not exist in the perpetrator's philosophy; Rather violence especially verbal violence is the moral code of the offenders.

*PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE of the PERPETRATORS: The perpetrators of humanocide have serious mental health issues, psychiatric conditions & anger issues that allow them to act without compassion toward the victim. The perpetrators are just sane enough to meet society's minimum standards of mental health that allow them to walk the streets freely. The offenders of humanocide (similar to bullies) make false allegations, blame & criticize targets – to project their inadequacies onto victims. Perpetrators (similar to bullies) don't take responsibility for their actions. By demeaning, shaming & disrespecting victims, offenders feel empowered.

*TARGETED VICTIM: The targeted victim of humanocide is of a perceived inferior group – such as a young person, a foreigner, etc.. The perpetrators of humanocide prey on the weakness & vulnerabilities of the target, including a victim who is experiencing Major Life Stresses such as: The death of a family member, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, a college drop out, drug/alcohol use, gambling addiction, etc.. (34) Multiple, repeated acts of humanocide by the perpetrators including criticism & gossip against the victim often drive the victim into a state of alienation & isolation from society including: Unemployment, homelessness & pandering for money. Ultimately, the targeted person mentally disintegrates by becoming depressed, developing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), turning to drug abuse & other self-destructive behaviors including suicide. While the perpetrators of human degradation walk the streets freely, the victims often end up in prisons or mental institutions. (35)

*ENTRAPMENT: The perpetrators of humanocide may try to corrupt the target & encourage anti-social behavior; For example the offenders may entrap the victim in a situation to make the victim commit a crime he/she ordinarily would not do – as part of their overall goal to destroy the target. “In criminal law, entrapment is conduct by a law enforcement agent inducing a person to commit an offense that the person would otherwise have been unlikely to commit.” (36) The perpetrators of humanocide may then engage in a Cover-up or Obstruction of justice regarding these sting operations – disavowing themselves of any responsibility for the entrapment.

*BYSTANDERS: Bystanders are a common feature of humanocide whereby people witness a crime & do nothing for various reasons: Pleasure, ignorance, apathy, etc.. But as William Burroughs said: There are no innocent bystanders. (37)

III . APPLICATION. JORAN VAN der SLOOT. The evidence shows that 2 or more people in power have committed Humanocide against Joran Van der Sloot, including the Media, private citizens, financial institutions & possible governments.

*MEDIA: For example, A U.S. citizen & a Peruvian translator have slandered Mr. Van der Sloot in the media with the false claim of Psychopath -- that has harmed Joran's reputation. (38) (39). Joran has shown me many examples of empathy for the Flores family & Beth Holloway -- which refutes the claim of psychopath.

*PLEASURE in SUFFERING: One claim made in the media regarding Mr. Van der Sloot is: “I think that what I do take comfort in, his life is a living hell” Taking pleasure in a person's suffering is a feature of Humanocide & Bullying. For the record, I Mary Hamer will never take pleasure or comfort in anyone's life a living hell, including Joran's life. (40)

*BOOK: A book titled: Portrait of a Monster is an example of Name calling that harms Mr. Van der Sloot's dignity, shows him disrespect & hurts his reputation. (41) Sigmund “Freud provided an important insight that we construct monsters … They represent our fears … or they represent our own monstrosity, our capacity for destructive evil intent”. (42) To the authors of Portrait of a Monster I ask you: Have you as Freud says: Constructed a monster based on Your fears, your own monstrosity & your capacity for destructive evil intent?

*BANKING: In the spring of 2011, one of the top 5 banks in the U.S. refused to wire money to Joran Van der Sloot's attorney stating the Patriot Act as the reason for this denial; I argue that Mr. Van der Sloot is Not a terrorist, he does Not have weapons of mass destruction & he is Not a drug smuggler; Then this major bank said that they Googled Joran's attorney & they do not like what they have discovered about him; I ask is a Google search a valid method of doing a background search for a person?; Also, doesn't a person have a right to legal counsel? What right does a bank have to deny a person an attorney? Finally, this major bank said that they do not like Mr. Van der Sloot. In a final analysis, this major bank is discriminating against a person based on a Google search & a personal bias. This major bank played god with a human being's life & did not give this person an equal opportunity. When a bank denies a person banking services it deprives a person of the basic needs of daily life; In my opinion, this bank committed Genocide & a Crime against Humanity against Joran Van der Sloot. (43)

*FINANACIAL INSTITUTION #2: A financial institution rejected my Money transfer of $2,900 MTCN # 982-602-1566 to Mr. Van der Sloot's attorney Mr. Z on 9/29/11 ; I asked this financial organization for a reason for this denial & I was told on 1/2/12 that they do not have any information on this claim number. (44) Question: Why doesn't this financial institution have any information on my complaint? Is this complaint unimportant or is it lost?

*FREEDOM of INFORMATION REQUEST: #1. On September 18, 2011 I filed a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request with the FBI for information on Elton Garcia & his role in the alleged FBI sting operation in Lima , Peru – that lead to the death of Stephany Flores & the imprisonment of Joran Van der Sloot. This FOIA request was denied. #2. I then appealed to the U.S. Dept. of Justice for information on Elton Garcia which was also denied. #3. I have now asked the U.S. Office of Information Services (OGIS) to Mediate my request for information on Elton Garcia before Joran Van der Sloot's trial in Lima , Peru on Friday January 6, 2011 . I asked the OGIS to expedite my claim before 12/31/11 . It is now January the 2 nd & I still have not heard from the FBI, the U.S. Dept. of Justice nor the OGIS. Question: Is there a U.S. government Cover-up & Obstruction of justice going on? I have also asked President Obama, the FBI, the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Senator Patrick Leahy and Senator Grassley & Congressman Issa to subpoena all of Elton Garcia's & Attorney X's emails from March 2010 to May 2010 & the surveillance Video tape – for Psychiatric & Legal analysis to determine if these people Entrapped Mr. Van der Sloot in Hotel Tac Room #309 on May 30, 2010. (45)

*LEGAL COUNSEL: As a Medical Doctor, I have diagnosed Mr. Van der Sloot as having untreated PTSD; Also, Mr. Van der Sloot suffers from many life stressors including the death of Joran's father in February 2010. Question: Should Attorney X have offered Mr. Van der Sloot with his Diminished mental capacity legal counsel prior to the Aruba sting operation of May 10, 2010 ? (46) *TRIAL PUBLICITY: Attorney X allegedly made multiple extra-judicial statements to the media about the Aruba sting operation of May 2010 -- that will be disseminated by means of public communication & will have a substantial likelihood of prejudicing an adjudicative proceeding in the matter; These claims will likely prejudice the judge & jury in Mr. Van der Sloot's Extortion & Wire Fraud case in the U.S. Alabama District Court. Mr. Van der Sloot's character, credibility & reputation in court will be negatively affected by this media event. (47)

*CASTRO PRISON INVASTION: In September 2010 Ms. XYZ entered the Castro Prison in Lima , Peru & invaded Joran Van der Sloot's privacy & forced him to meet with her; Ms. XYZ had a hidden camera & filmed him without her consent & aired this video in the international media. Ms. XYZ's reason for the Castro visit was: “If you thought you'd been pestered before, you ain't seen nothing yet” She wanted (Mr. Van der Sloot) to know She wasn't going away. Question: Is this a case of not only of: Stalking, harassment, invasion of privacy, coercion & the illegal filming of a person without informed consent – But also of a gross violation of Mr. Van der Sloot's right to be treated with dignity & respect? (48)

            IV. CONCLUSION:

*SUMMARY: Humanocide is a new International crime committed by 2 or more people, who conspire to destroy a targeted victim either mentally or physically. Humanocide is derived from basic concepts of International law & Psychology including: Genocide, Crimes against humanity, Zerzetzen psycho-terror & Bullying/Mobbing. Humanocide is a collective campaign of hatred & terror aimed at a victim that causes PTSD -- similar to war or prison camp experiences. The perpetrators of humanocide intend to harm the victim; The offenders act the opposite of Gandhi, Jesus & Martin Luther King's principles of Non-violence – in an attempt to destroy a targeted person. A Key weapon used by perpetrators of humanocide is Violent Language (49) Verbal violence is the silent crime being committed every day by offenders who walk the streets freely, But whose victims often end up in prisons or mental institutions. The crime of verbal violence is especially tragic when an adult offender targets a child In an example, I have shown how the middle-aged world society has committed Humanocide against young Mr. Joran Van der Sloot.

*INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE on HUMAN DIGNITY & RESPECT: UNITED NATIONS Anti-Defamation Law: *“Article 17 of the United Nations International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights states: #1. No one shall be subjected to … Unlawful attacks on his honor & reputation. (50)

*RIGHT SPEECH & ENLIGHTENMENT: If the human race was enlightened, then it would participate in Right Speech & help people rather than hurt them – Rather than participate in the Hate speech of Humanocide.. Right speech is one of the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Paths & a way that leads to the “Cessation of suffering & the achievement of self-awakening”. (51) The key features of Right Speech include: #1. Abstain from false speech; Do not tell lies or deceive. #2. Do not slander others or speak maliciously in a way that causes disharmony or ill-will. #3. Abstain from rude, impolite or abusive language – that offends or hurts others. #4. Do not indulge in idle talk or gossip. (52) (53)

*MONSTERS & EVIL: The quote Monsters & Evil that the perpetrators of Humanocide create – are the monsters & evil that are within the perpetrators themselves – that the offenders try to project onto the targeted victim. For -- Monsters & Evil are in the eyes of the beholder. Cole explains: “Freud provided an important insight that we construct monsters … They represent our fears … or they represent our own monstrosity, our capacity for destructive evil intent”. (54) The monsters & evil that the offenders of humanocide create -- are the irrational fears of the perpetrators themselves. May we all be aware that Monsters & Evil live in the cages of our own minds – & not in the target victims.

*LADY DIANA & MOTHER TERESA:  May we all follow in the footsteps of Lady Diana & Mother Teresa in our daily lives.  Rather than committing acts of Humanocide, hatred & persecution -- May we all offer random acts of kindness to others, especially when another human being is dying by the side of the road. 

LEFT for DEAD: The perpetrators of Humanocide with their intent to harm & destroy their targets -- often leave the victims for dead, by the side of the road. I dedicate this essay to all the people the offenders of Humanocide – have left for dead. I will stop & offer you all a helping hand. I will fight for all the victims society has left for dead – & I will fight for you forever

*Namaste. Thank you. Respectfully & Humbly, Mary Hamer, M.D.  U.S.A.


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