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The Crime And Advertisement

By Sorit Gupto

07 September, 2005

To create an awareness in the citizens of Delhi against eve teasers, Delhi Police has come up with an advertisement in the news papers, which goes like this, There is a scene of a bus stop where two young persons are teasing a young lady. In that frame, five persons are also there but they are just mute spectators of the event, in which one of them is an elderly lady.

The copy of the advertisement says,' There are no Men in this Picture.'

At the bottom of the main visual the copy continues as, 'Or this would not happen'.

It again says, Surly you can't let a women be teased in front of you?

You are a real Man.

You know how humiliating and embarrassing it is for her.

So protect her. And help her.

Escort her away from the scene. Or inform the nearest PCR van.

Save her from shame and hurt.

Help some one in need.

Protect women from eve teaser.

Now by going through this advertisement, one can have a clear idea that the city is not safe for women, and by now it is an established fact. The other thing, which comes out through this ad, is rather the new angle of the problem and for this, the credit goes to none other than Delhi Police dept.

After failing completely to curb the menace of the growing incidence of eve teasing, Delhi Police challenges the male inside you. In fact Delhi Police wants to awake the ' Mard' inside you, the 'Mard' who is savior of the female from the time immortal, the Mard who fights with the more that one bad persons at a time to save the 'ijjat' and 'ismat' of a lady, the mard who is undisputed king , from folk lore to Bollywood masala films.

But, bad luck of the Delhi Police that there is no any word in English Dictionary for 'Mard' and that is why they have to satisfy themselves by replacing ' Mard' by Men.

In this advertisement.

Delhi police is asking 'you' to protect 'her', asking 'you' to be a 'real man', asking 'you' to 'protect her', asking 'you' to 'escort her', 'to save her' from save 'her' from shame and hurt.

Now who is this 'you' in this ad?

None other than a male, and who is 'her' in this ad? A female.

So in other words the females are so hapless and weak creatures that if they are being teased by a male , they have to seek help from another male!!!

They do not have ability to defend themselves, neither they have any protection of law against eve teasers.

According to Delhi Police ad. , there are two kind of males, The ordinary male or a male who used to tease ladies here and there. For Delhi Police they are not man, as far as copy of the ad. Says so. The other kind of males are 'man' and Delhi Police has pointed out the specialty of the second category as , they help a hapless women, they do not allow any male to tease a woman, they escort women, help them and so on…

In- between the lines of this copy one can read the writing on the wall that mentality wise we are not very indifferent from other back ward societies who advocates openly that women has to be escorted by the male members.

The ad. clearly reflects the macho mentality of the state which has taken for granted that eve teasing is a common phenomena and to save the women from this evil we need macho men.

The state should realize that contrary to their belief , we do not need any macho man , but what we need much is a responsible and aware citizen and above and all an answerable state.











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