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Goa College Girl Raped By Classmates

By Rupesh Sawant
28 May 2003

In a shocking incident, an 18-year-old girl studying at the College
of Art in Panjim, was raped by her own classmates during a college party. The accused—five students and a canteen contractor—have been arrested and are presently in police custody.

The victim says she was offered a cigarette by a few senior students, which unknown to her was laced with drugs. When she lost consciousness they took her to a nearby toilet and raped her.

"Students came in to drink tea and she was sitting here with fellow students, smoking a cigarette," said Pushpa Dabolkar, a worker at the college canteen.

The incident has come as a shock to people in the state, which has always enjoyed a reputation of being a safe place, especially for women.

There is also outrage at the police's behaviour as it was initially
reluctant to register the victim's complaint. But the police have
denied any lapse on its part and claims it will take strong action.

"We have already put our best officers on this case, we will do our
best," said Kernal Singh, DIG Police, Goa.

In recent months, the number of crimes reported against women in Goa has been on the rise. But this is the first time such a crime has been reported from within the so-called safe confines of a college. And it is clearly an indication of the growing need for vigilance in this state.