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Proxy Wars Iin The 21 st Century-The New Imperialism

By Timothy V. Gatto

17 November, 2012

This is an expose of what is really happening in the Middle-East and North Africa. Some of this might actually open your eyes to what our country is doing in the rest of the World in the name of “Democracy”.

When the Arab Spring started, the United States was unprepared for the consequences. First in Tunisia, the Arab spring swept into Algeria and Egypt. By the time it was rife in Egypt and the government of Mubarak was about to fall, the United States and its Western allies formulated a plan to hijack the Arab Spring.

In concert with most of NATO, Oman, Qatar and the UAE and Turkey, the United States brought foreign fighters into Libya. These fighters were not Libyan; they were Salafis, and mercenaries and other fighters that had spent time in the Jihad in Afghanistan. The small Democracy movement in Libya morphed in a well-trained, Western equipped fighting machine.

During the so-called “Revolution” in Libya, the Western backed foreign fighters in Libya met their match in the Libyan Army and Air Force, completely loyal to Gadhafi. The foreign “rebels” and mercenaries were getting severely beaten by those forces. They had no protection against air attacks and the Libyan tanks were tearing them up.

First of all, before I go on, how did you ever think that a small group of protesters that were calling for a more Democratic Libya could suddenly morph into a powerful Army that could defeat the best equipped military machine in Northern Africa? Ponder that.

Then the U.S. and NATO (the ones that usurped the small band of protesters),  had the Provisional Government come in, led by a small Deli owner from Virginia that had left Libya over 20 years ago. Even though the US kept this simple fact down, it is important for Americans to know that Libya wasn't just a small oil producer that produced light sweet crude that was easily refined, it was the 18 th largest oil producer in the World.

Most of this oil was being bought by China in Yuan or in Gold. The Libyan government took any kind of payment unlike Saudi Arabia that signed an agreement with the US that all oil dealings would be paid in Petro Dollars and that the money earned would be funneled back into the US via Treasury bonds and US investments. Gadhafi wanted no part of that, he was quietly happy to take any currency. This infuriated Washington that they weren't dealing in Dollars, the World's Reserve currency. This, by the way, was something that Saddam Hussein started to do before Iraq was invaded.

Back to the “Revolution” in Libya, now that the “Revolutionaries” were stymied, NATO was in a quandary. Their attempt to overthrow Gadhafi was disintegrating. A novel idea was proposed, put in a No-Fly zone which in reality meant air support for the rebels. Now Gadhafi couldn't put his planes in the air, lest they be shot down by the superior NATO warplanes. His tanks were getting pummeled as well. This was an all-out air war against the Libyan Air Force and Army. It worked. The No-Fly zone was touted to the American citizens as a “humanitarian mission” with no consent from Congress, only an Executive order in violation of Article 1, Section 8 of The United States Constitution that requires consent of Congress in order to wage War. No such authorization was given. The President callously disregarded the law of the land and the US and NATO Air Forces devastated The Libyan Air Force and Army.

Dennis Kucinich made a motion in Congress to stop the air war but he was disregarded by a complacent Congress.

Now the insurgents had free reign to go after Gadhafi. The continuity of government quickly broke down as its infrastructure was being devastated from the air. The insurgents captured Benghazi and headed to Tripoli. They were mired down halfway to Tripoli in enormous battles with the Libyan Army still loyal to their country and government. The fighting was fierce and lasted for months. The Libyan Army fiercely tried to defend Tripoli. The devastated Army with no Air Force support or heavy armor that was being blasted from the sky was slowly pushed towards Tripoli.

Eventually Tripoli fell. Soldiers loyal to the Libyan leader still refused to give up . The Western Press reported that the NTC had been set up and an interim government had been set up in Tripoli even though there were still loyalist forces resisting in Tripoli. In fact, the Western Press made the take-over by mercenaries, Salafi jihadists, and help from MI-6 and U.S. Army Intelligence along with material help from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Arab States look like a Libyan insurrection.

Muammar Gadhafi was eventually found, reportedly suffering wounds as the result of an air attack. He was beaten and suffered having a machete shoved up his rectum; all while being videotaped by his captors. He died from his treatment instead of being tried in the International Crimes Commission. Hillary Clinton swiftly arrived and gave his eulogy: “We Came, We saw and he died”.


A fitting end for a U.S. backed war of aggression on a nation that was once the richest and well-developed country in North Africa, the head of the African Union, a nation that shared its oil wealth with its people under Gadhafi's “Green” type of socialism.

Now Libya is devastated. Salafi extremists run willy-nilly across the country. Different militia's run different parts of the country. The nation is virtually divided between East and West. The infrastructure is devastated and Libya is still in ruins. Still, the country is producing oil for the West using “Petrodollars”.

Now we head for Syria, the nation run by the supposedly demonic dictator Bashir Al Assad. This supposedly dictatorial State had a few protests during the Arab Spring. Still, let me tell you what Syria was really like.

During the Iraq War, over 1.2 million refugees , both Sunni and Shia, fled to Syria. Syria graciously let them in.

The UNHCR is trying hard to prevent Syria's better healthcare from drawing ‘medical tourism' from Iraq. The UN supports Syrian healthcare and education by building new schools, for instance, and introducing new educational methods. “It is important to continue this assistance,” Dakhlallah said, “so Damascus won't suddenly decide it has had enough. So far, Syria has been more than generous.” Still, the UNHCR expects that international financial contributions will dwindle as the world's attention shifts away from Iraq and its refugees. “Iraq is no longer the world's biggest problem, but this would be exactly the wrong moment to pull out. A lot of refugees can't return,” Dakhlallah said.

Syria has been a generous host to Iraqi refugees . More than 70 percent of the Iraqi refugees currently registered in Syria have lived there for over four years. Although many Iraqi refugees left Iraq with some savings, after years of exile, these savings have run out. As a result, refugees rely on food and financial assistance from UNHCR.

So what has one of the most modern, cosmopolitan, and the most tolerant society in the Middle-East get subject to? The second great “Proxy War” courtesy of the United States, Turkey, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Israel. Heavy weapons, logistical material, Night Vision goggles, material support, R&R Areas to recuperate from paid warfare in Syria, all the goodies that make up a great “Proxy War”.

The Jihadists, extremists, mercenaries and Soldiers of Fortune drift into the country's borders, plant car bombs to go off in crowded cities, slit civilian's throats, grab prisoners of war from the Syrian Army and execute them. These people are not Syrians. They are paid “Proxy soldiers”. All of the so-called “atrocities” that Bashir Al Assad's Army was supposed to have committed have been found to be the work of the foreign mercenaries.

The Syrian Army has not deserted their President, a London-Trained Ophthalmologist, and a man who never thought he would enter politics.

Al-Assad graduated from the medical school of the University of Damascus in 1988, and started to work as a physician in the army. Four years later, he attended postgraduate studies at the Western Eye Hospital, in London, specializing in ophthalmology. In 1994, after his elder brother Bassel, the heir apparent to their father, was killed in a car crash, Bashar was hastily recalled to Syria to take over Bassel's role. He entered the military academy and in 1998, Al-Assad took charge of the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. In December 2000, Assad married Asma Assad, née Akhras. Al-Assad was elected as President of Syria in 2000 and 2007, unopposed each time

This is what is happening in Syria. This is no “Freedom movement”, this is an orchestrated “proxy war”. Syria will be smashed to smithereens, its infrastructure destroyed and its progress pushed back decades. It will be ruled by fundamentalist Islamists that have no regard for any other sect of Islam. The country will be led by the nose by Saudi Arabia and company, subjecting women to a horrible fate.

Now we are claiming that Northern Mali is being taken over by a shadowy force known as Al Qaida in the Maghreb.  Don't you believe it. This is a Taureg rebel succession and it's been going on for years. France, who used to be the colonial power in the region, is pushing to get back in there.

Reach out to your Representatives in Washington. Tell them to stop the Obama Administration from running this “Proxy War”. Tell your friends neighbors and families about this horrible crime we are committing on Syria. Do it now

Tim Gatto is former Chairman of the Liberal Party of America, Tim is a retired Army Sergeant. He currently lives in South Carolina. He is the author of "Complicity to Contempt" and "Kimchee Days" available at Oliver Arts and Open Press. Tim Gatto's new book "Contempt to Outrage" will be available soon from Oliver Arts and Open



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