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The State of Israel: Unimportant To The NWO

By Sean Fenley

01 February, 2013

“…transnational relations, [are] where power is widely dispersed and essentially beyond government control. This is the realm of nonstate actors— from multinational companies and money managers to terrorist organizations and crime syndicates to nongovernmental organizations and the international media.”
Joseph Nye, Current Member of the Council on Foreign Relations

“We are all internationalists now.” Tony Blair, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

It is without question incorrect, in my opinion, to state that, it is the nation of Israel that controls the United States. Although I do think; however, that there are people high in the US government who have the interest of Israel above that of the United States. Archglobal uber-manipulator Zbigniew Brzezinski, for one, has criticized the Israel lobby, additionally George Soros has lambasted it too — and furthermore declared that he is not a Zionist. The no-nonsense NWO (New World Order) people, I don’t think, have a great particular interest in the state of Israel. And for that matter, they don’t have a particular interest in any state. Their supreme interest is in corporatist “capitalism” and streamlining, and regularizing ways for the global oligopolies — if not monopolies, if not cartels — to execute their agenda (unfettered) on a global scale. [1]

A lot of foreign policy analysts/”experts” are still speaking about America, as if it is pursuing “US interests”. I think that we are at a point in history where that is; unequivocally, a wholly anachronistic determination/outlook/method of approach. The overall standard of living has been declining in America since the early 1970s — and with the end of the Soviet Union/Cold War — military spending has not been significantly decreasing however. (There has been no peace dividend.) The money has not been put into domestic production, and used for the general welfare, education, and creating an egalitarian situation for the great masses of folks. [2] This type of situation bodes extremely unwell for democracy, which is why a very significant case can be made that the United States no longer has one. [3]

And so I think that the interests of the New World Order, if not Israel’s interests, are more likely what US foreign policy elites; generally, are scheming for and working in pursuit of. Some may quibble, perhaps, with the imperfect term: the New World Order, but it’s become so omnipresent, that I think that any attempts to overtake it, at this point, are essentially impossible to broach. It’s basically the death of the nation-state, and the attempt to eliminate (or at least greatly tamp down) redistributive social reforms, that came into the West during the 20th century.

Outside of the West, a neoliberal straight-jacket is the ideal goal — an economic policy prescription — to be implemented upon all non-Western folks. Nationalistic and socialist leaders are, of course, the greatest persona non grata in this dystopian neo-peerage driven world. Nasserist, Nkrumahist, Sukarno-esque, and Allendian leaders, at all costs, are to be a thing relegated to the past. Latin America may perhaps be the quintessential example in this case, as US/Western supported coups d’etat/destabilizations have been attempted in such varied places as: Venezuela, Paraguay, Haiti, Bolivia, Honduras and Ecuador. Though, Latin America is certainly a true — if not presently the greatest testament — to benevolent human potential/capacity, as it vehemently struggles to repel the wholly malevolent and fully contemptible NWO.

The New World Order is greatly inspired by the rapacious end of history theory — neocon prattle — and doing this kind of thing (eg Iraq), block by block, until there are no more sovereign, independent, and/or developmentalist states. [4] And this is where imperialism comes in. The agenda is not necessarily imperialism, in and of itself, out a great love for hegemony/paternalism, it’s necessitated because of the endgame of the aforementioned overarching metatheoretical goal. Limit the role of civil society, and advocates of the public interest, in every corner of the globe; the multi-nationals and their servile governmental technocrats will rule in every sector of the world. In failed states where chaos reigns — if this is not too disruptive to resource extraction than that is just perfectly fine, in so far as, and just so long as “the virus” can be contained. Viruses can even be promoted, as an NWO aim also, if this is beneficial to resource extraction, and/or wrecking the gains of nationalist/socialist/developmentalist states. Burn the village in order to “save” it, in other words!

Another NWO plan is to corrupt civil society with big money people, such as George Soros, to put ostensible human rights, social reform, and “champion of the little guy” organizations at the trough — and at the service — of the NWO agenda/goals. To water down the agenda of civil society and public interest groups, if not make the groups work on behalf of exactly opposing impetuses/aims! I think that there’s a wide array of ballyhoo, and bluster floating around about the New World Order, and so I just thought that — I wanted to make a simple lucid exegesis, about the particulars of how it; in fact, it exercises its diffuse tentacles all around the world. Of course, we are not fully there yet, in other words, it is a messianic uber-elitist goal.

Under George W. Bush its tactics were more bare-knuckled, savage, antediluvian, barbarous, revolting and puerile indeed. Whilst under the more “refined”, “debonair”, and “sophisticated” Barack H. Obama we’re seeing proxy forces, color revolutions, intelligence agency machinations, duplicitous and underhanded chicanery, in the pursuit of the NWO, by every perceptible, capable and achievable — surreptitious and wily — means. [5] But as I’ve said the end goal is the elimination of the independent nation-state; politicians servile to (globe-ruling) multi-nationals; and police state methods that will invariably escalate — due to the social economic redistributive measures, no longer being avenues that governments are able or willing (because of their domineering string-pullers) to partake. And this will be so, if the power of the people, in other words, mass organization; cannot rebuff/cast off, all or most, of the acute repellent aims of the disreputable NWO.

Those who locate the Zionists at the center of the New World Order are absolutely, essentially, irrevocably, and incontrovertibly incorrect! The Zionists, in some sense, are not really clued into as to what is really going on. The more sophisticated of them, I’d think, clearly are; however, I’ve personally not seen much production/hue and cry from them. It’s unclear to me, as to the fate of Israel, should the NWO agenda ever fully become complete. But with people of the Jewish faith and cultural identification being of such a minority in the largely Arab Middle East, I think that it’s safe to say that — tunnel-vision-for-Israel vehement Zionists — won’t be having the last laugh.

In summation, I’d venture to say that our dear George Soros must be apoplectic, at present — in a hail storm of rage, indubitably — about Putin’s nascent Eurasian Union. [6] Zbig along with him no doubt! Who hates Russia and its people, thirstily! Down to his microviscera; in fact, and moreover with the fire of a thousand suns! Lord Soros is probably like Susan Rice, whilst at the UN China/Russia veto. Deliriously Raving! [7] Verily, maybe even carpets are being chewed! One’s imagination can only run wild, of what must be the present unseemly vituperations of the old vulture capitalist, uber-manipulator, and “man who broke the Bank of England” George.


[1] http://www.georgesoros.com/articles-essays/entry/on_israel_america_and_aipac
[2] http://www.tikkun.org/article.php/jan10_depressions
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[7] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPVDuTbdKT0

Sean Fenley is an independent progressive, who would like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current and future, US military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. He has been published by a number of websites, and publications throughout the alternative media.




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