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Education Culture Congress : Call For Papers


Education Culture Congress

World Education - Arts, Sciences and Education Culture

12th 15th January 2011
New Delhi, India

Call for Papers

Dear Friends,

It is with much pleasure that I extend to you on behalf of the Executive Committee of The WE-ASC Education Culture Congress, an invitation to participate in this congress being held in New Delhi on January 12-15, 2011 .

The WE-ASC Congress series revisits educational philosophy, methodology and content development and draws special attention to course and curriculum development as well as evaluation and accreditation systems in primary, secondary and in particular, higher education. It further explores how education can help develop mental, emotional and physical skills to help facilitate personal excellence as well as psychological and socio-economic wellbeing as well as evolving integral and holistic attitudes and formats in education pedagogy, in the challenging times the world faces today. 

The World Education Congress WE-ASC 2011 adopts a two-pronged approach:

a)To examine, evaluate and influence the evolving culture of education and education design by refocusing and reengineering educational pedagogy as well as educational and cultural policy, with the ultimate objective of deep systemic change.

b)To revisit representation, application and infusion of cultural knowledge and cultural dissemination systems in modern education, and indeed their symbiotic relations in the development of practical solutions for training and application, sustainable development as well as individual and collective human empowerment.

 WE-ASC also explores sensory, artistic, scientific, psychological, cultural and spiritual approaches for imparting education and transmission of knowledge. The movement examines modern as well as traditional knowledge systems, literate and non-literate, within both tangible and intangible systems and formats. It seeks to evolve fresh formats in skills training with traditional and modern knowledge for socio- economic empowerment and sustainable development. It focuses on cultural connections and participatory research in arts and the evolving culture of education, through arts and artistic sciences in education as well as health-care. 

We invite papers addressing the following topics (Presentation Themes) :-

The Evolution of Educational Psychology and Education Culture.
Cultural inclusions and influences in Education
Education Systems and Forms through History
Education and Awareness through the Arts- Media, Music, Design, Fine Arts and other Artistic technologies.
Training of Skills and Sustainable development
Training of Educators and Educational Pedagogy
Education and disadvantaged groups
Gender issues in Education
Wellness and Health-Care education in and through the Arts
Education and Entrepreneurial attitude
Education and Character development
Traditional Knowledge Systems and their contemporary relevance
Education in Design
Spirituality and Wisdom in Education
Religious influences in Education
Education and the Internet
Multi-Levelled Transformation and Learning in Education
New paradigms and models for Education
Curriculum and Course development.
Forms and Systems of Evaluation and Accreditation
Educational Accreditation of the Arts

The abstract guidelines are available on our website http://www.we-asc.org/abstract-submission

Followings are the Deadlines for abstract submission and review

Deadline to submit abstracts and panel proposals :  August 15, 2010
Notification of acceptance :                                       September 15, 2010
Deadline to submit full papers :                                  November 15, 2010
Early bird Registration :                                              June 30, 2010 

WE-ASC 2011 will work towards conclusions and resolutions on collaborations, ethics, evaluation and accreditation in Education and Cultural knowledge systems, which will be drafted by the concluding day of the Congress for follow up with research and policy making institutions, educational institutions and government bodies internationally. The participants will include educators and educationists, parliamentarians and other government representatives, artists and cultural institutions, thinkers, policy makers, and administrators with special inputs by youth and women from various countries and cultures. 

Conference Venue: New Delhi, Delhi's Culture is all about the tradition of Delhi. Culture of Delhi includes festivals, art, paintings, embroidery, jewelry, handicrafts, cuisine, religion and sports. Delhi, is the capital of India, is the land of festivals and celebrations. The most important festivals include in the Cultural tradition of Delhi, are the Holi, Diwali, Lohri, Dussera, Basant Panchami, Baisakhi, Maha Shivaratri and a many more. Due to commonwealth games, Delhi is being glorified and the new infrastructure will be presented during and after the games.

I have known and worked with members of the Host Committee for many years and can assure you that this group will spare no effort in assuring you a warm welcome and a fabulous Indian experience.

I look forward to welcoming you to WE-ASC Congress and to working with you as we bring this congress to new heights.

For any query you may write to us at - lady.shruti.rana@gmail.com / we.asc.congress@gmail.com

 Warm Wishes

Lady Shruti Rana
WE-ASC Congress
U.K. Address:
Andras House, 60 Great Victoria Street, Belfast BT2 7BB

India address:
Shruti Foundation,
206 Southex Plaza, 389 Masjid Moth, South Extension Part II, New Delhi 110049
Phone: +91 11 26252532/ +91 11 26259209

Sanjay Goel

Secretariat Office-
The WE-ASC Education Culture Congress
( Accommodation / Logistics )

Moblie : +91-9958781912

Email : we.asc.congress@gmail.com

Website : www.we-asc.org

Shreshtha Saraswat
Academic Coordinator
The WE-ASC Education Culture Congress
Mobile: +91-9818121493
Email : we.asc.congress@gmail.com