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India's Inhuman Gunmen

By Gladson Dungdung

11 January, 2010

When the people of the entire world were greeting to each other, bursting crackers and enjoying delicious food on the occasion of the new year 2010, the police of Chhatarpur, Town and Sadar police stations of Palamu district, (which is the most Maoist infested area according to the government and the media reports) in Jharkhand, were engaged in humiliating, torturing and beating to death Rajendra Yadav of Telaria village (Chhatarpur) alleging him as a Naxalite. He had been illegally detained in the police custody for more than 60 hours. The police justified it saying, “Since the Maoists had planted landmines on the road therefore Rajendra Yadav was not taken to the court.” Interestingly, the police did not recover any landmine from the spot therefore one can see it as an attempt to bury the inhuman acts of the Indian’s inhuman gunmen.

According to Dashrath Yadad, the father of Rajendra Yada, his son was taken under the custody by the police of Chhatarpur police station in the morning on December 30, 2009. On the next day, he went to Chhatarpur police station for inquiring about his son and the police told him that his son was sent to the office of the Superintendent of Police (SP). Thereafter, he immediately rushed to the SP’s office where he did not find his son and returned home with the empty hand. On 1st January, Dashrath Yadav came to know about the detention of his son in Town Police station and subsequently, he reached to the police station at 3’O clock in the afternoon. He was shocked to see Rajendra, who was suffering from terrible pain and not even able to speak clearly. Dashrath Yadav went back to home after painful experience. In the early morning on January 2, the police informed him about the death of his son, which was not unexpected.

The inhuman acts of the police did not end here. The next step of the police was to destroy the evidence of their inhuman acts. The police conducted post-mortem in absence of family members of the deceased. The medical officer of Daltenganj Sadar Hospital, Dr. Ajay Kumar Pathak was either bribed or influenced by the police for preparing a false post-mortem report, which states the cause of death as long illness of Rajendra Yadav rather than torture, beating on ill-treatment in the police stations, which created anger among the people. Since, the villagers were very upset on inhuman acts of the police therefore there was a public outrage against the police. After getting support of the people, the deceased’s family demanded for the re-post-mortem of the dead body, a high level inquiry on the matter and compensation to them.

Consequently, the Jharkhand government accepted couple of their demands. A team of doctors was constituted for conducting the re-post-mortem. The second post-mortem was conducted in Ranchi. The doctors found injuries in inside and outside of the dead body and reasoned the heavy bleeding as the cause of death. Finally, a criminal case was filed against the police of all the three police stations, who were involved in the inhuman treatment of Rajendra Yadav. The government also constituted a team of inquiry consisting of IAS officer A.N. Pandey and IPS officer Murarilal Meena. Ironically, they did not visit to the village of Rajendra Yadav and returned from the office of Chhatarpur SDO. The reason told was ‘security’. Question is why are these officers paid the public money if they are only concerned about their security?

Obviously, Rajendra Yadav is not the only one, who has undergone through such inhuman treatments of the India’s legal gunmen but there are hundreds of people undergo through the same kinds of inhuman treatments all most everyday across the country. There are thousands of painful testimonies of rape after rape, torture after torture and killing after killing by the police and security forces, whose role is to protect us, that’s what our legal texts describe. The fact is our legal gunmen are very much indulged in the inhuman acts of rape, torture, killing, bribery, threatening and the list goes on. In fact, the FIRs are not registered easily, fake encounters are organized for self interest and the impunity is always enjoyed by them. One has to bribe to the police in every check post and the police station. Now, the police stations have become the place of ill-treatment, torture, killing, bribery and manipulation. What kind of the national security is this?

Indeed, the top copes are not different from the small gunmen. We have heard the story of how IG Natrajan repeatedly raped Sushma Baraik an Adivasis women in Ranchi by luring her for a job. We know how the IPS officer Sumit Singh Sani exploited her women colleague and of course we are fully aware about the heartbreaking inhuman acts of former Haryana DGP, SPS Rathore. In fact, everyone is aware about the inhuman acts of the former DIG of Rajasthan Madhukar Tondon, Narendra Modi’s top cope Banjara and there is a long list of our top copes, who are very much indulged in the inhuman acts. Many reports suggest that the women were raped, innocent were tortured and many lost their lives due to inhuman acts of the India’s legal gunmen, which is much more than the people who lost their lives in the Naxal violence. Of course, one should not justify the Naxal violence. However, our text books teach us that the police are to protect us and maintain law and order, which is partly true therefore our children should be also taught about the inhuman acts of the police and security forces so that they would be always prepared to face them.

Needless to say that the women are raped, poor are tortured and many innocent people are killed in the name of the national security. Therefore, the corporate home minister P. Chidambaram must respond us before going for the second phase of the operation green hunt in the state of Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhatisgarh that why his gunmen are so inhuman? Can he give us the guarantee of security by these inhuman legal gunmen? Do the training procedures destroy humanity of these gunmen? Why doesn’t he go for a debate in the Indian parliament to find out the procedures to make these inhuman gunmen to human ones? And will he start operation red hunt against his inhuman gunmen to right their wrongs or will he allow them to enjoy the impunity as they have been enjoying for the decades? Perhaps, if we don’t respond these questions now, the humiliation, ill-treatment, torture, rape and killing of thousands of Rajendras by these inhuman gunmen of India will continue in the name of the national security.

Gladson Dungdung is a Human Rights Activist and Writer from Jharkhand. He can be reached at


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