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Israel Is Alone

By Angela Corrias

28 May, 2010

In this very moment eight ships are making their way from Europe's main ports to the Gaza Strip, under siege by the Zionist regime since December 2007. European activists are bringing medicaments and all sorts of humanitarian aids to the population that is increasingly suffering from this illegal blockade.

Over the past days, on the social network Twitter, the organisers of the so-called Gaza Flotilla are covering every aspect of their journey, providing the readers with photos, interviews with the activists and their plans once reached the destination.

On the same Twitter, recently, users have been witnessing an unprecedented presence of the zionist propaganda trying to convince the worldwide public mind that they are constantly "providing medical care, food and humanitarian aid to the Gaza population". One might wonder why they don't just lift the illegal siege.

Zionist lobbies control much of the US and European press, but their recent invasion of Twitter, and social networks in general, reveals an uncomfortable sentiment of growing isolation.

Israel, in fact, is alone. Always more governments worldwide are publicly condemning its crimes against humanity, always less countries are putting up with their arrogance and political representatives are not afraid anymore of expelling Israel's diplomats from their embassies. More importantly, the public doesn't buy anymore the zionist propaganda as offered by mainstream media.

Truth be said, always more frequently, also mainstream media have been exposing Israel's criminal activities, and by now everybody knows they are illegally occupying Palestine. Despite what their tinpot intellectuals say, in fact, the Zionist leaders have been carrying out the systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestine since 1948, year of the Nakba, term used by the Palestinians to remember the beginning of their tragedy.

In 1948, the Zionists brought about their Plan D:

"... more than half of Palestine's native population, close to 800,000 people, had been uprooted, 531 villages had been destroyed, and eleven urban neighbourhoods emptied of their inhabitants." [1]

The methods used for such criminal acts were diverse:

"large-scale intimidation; laying siege to and bombarding villages and population centres; setting fire to homes, properties and goods; expulsion; demolition; and, finally planting mines among the rubble to prevent any of the expelled inhabitants from returning." [2]

For too long time, the so-called international community, the US and European countries have tried to cover Israel's crimes, and the Zionist leaders could rely on the collusion of most governments. Things are changing, and Israel's unlawful establishment knows it. Hence, their aggressive strategy on the main social networks aimed, once again, at fooling the worldwide public mind.

Since the traditional propaganda is not working anymore, and people trust mainstream media always less, zionist lobbies prove increasingly unnerved.

The truth is that the signs of the progressive diplomatic and economic isolation that Israel is facing are increasing by the day.

Following to the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel, carried out by a huge Mossad team, the arrogance of Israel's government is less and less tolerated. A while ago, the British government had expelled the Israeli diplomat due to the use by the Mossad of fake British passports to enter the UAE; three days ago the Australian government has ordered the expulsion of an Israeli diplomat again over the use of fake passports for the same murder of the senior Hamas exponent.

After Israel's threat to stop the Freedom Flotilla on its way to Gaza, two days ago, Turkey has urged Israel to lift its blockade and allow a Turkish-led convoy of ships carrying humanitarian aid to enter the Gaza Strip.

Moreover, in its annual report, Amnesty International has complained that the US and European Union have obstructed international justice to shield Israel from accountability for war crimes committed during last year's Gaza war. The reputation of the United States is plummeting at light speed due to its wars in the Middle East and its crimes all over the world, so keeping defending a terrorist State might not be a very sound political move.

On the economic side, the BDS movement is gaining an always wider support, and it's very recent news that two major Italian supermarket chains, COOP and Nordiconad, have officially suspended the sales of products coming from the illegal Israeli settlements.

On May 24th, fifteen members of the European Parliament's foreign affairs, development and humanitarian aid committees arrived in Israel and were meant to go to Gaza from Egypt, causing the anger of Israel's establishment that, in retaliation, cancelled all their pre-arranged meetings. Maybe they didn't want EU MPs to experience first-hand how Palestinians are forced to live in blockaded Gaza, situation made inevitably worse by Israel air raids carried out the following morning.

The arrogance of Zionist leaders is not tolerated anymore, and Israel is revealing itself as it is, a geopolitical fraud that doesn't waste any occasion to show its disrespect towards the most basic human rights, and whose leaders have abused in the most disgusting way of the suffering of the Jewish community during the Holocaust for propaganda purposes to claim their being above the law whatever crimes they carry out.

These victimhood tactics are obsolete and inefficient, as much as their brainwashing machine.

[1] Ilan Pappe, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Oneworld Publication Limited, 2006, p. xiii

[2] Ilan Pappe, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Oneworld Publication Limited, 2006, p. xii